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[Feb 7, 2015] GV Grand Prix 4 Melee and PM Singles (Allendale, MI)

T r a n

Smash Cadet
Apr 16, 2014
Holland, MI

GV Grand Prix 4 - February 7, 2015 - Allendale, Michigan
The Grand Valley State University Super Smash Bros. Club is hosting another Melee and PM tourney this winter semester with the aide of ZeroToDeath as our streaming crew.

- 1110 Kirkhof Center, 1 Campus Drive, Allendale, MI 49401. (Grand Valley State University)
- Room 2215/2216 (same as last event)
- Parking in Most GVSU lots by Kirkhof Center is free on weekends

- February 7, 2015

Tentative Schedule (Subject to change for now):
10 AM - Venue Opens
11:20 AM - PM singles registration ends
11:30 AM - PM singles pools start
12:50 PM - Melee singles registration ends
1:00 PM - Melee singles pools begin
2:30 PM - Food break
3:00 PM - Melee singles bracket begins
6:00 PM - PM singles bracket begins
10 PM - Venue Closes

General Information:
$5 Venue Fee (will be refunded if you bring a full Melee/Project M 3.5 setup we use until Brackets reach top 8)
$5 Melee Singles (with pools)
$5 Project M Singles (with pools)
What constitutes a set up? Either Gamecube or Wii w/Melee disc or a Wii w/Project M and a CRT TV
Note: We will take 20xx setups and other USB loaded Melee or Project Ms so long as the hacks or textures are not deemed excessive and they are turned off if possible. However, any player has the right to request before their match to play on a setup that uses a Melee disc or Brawl disc instead .

Payouts for Both Events:
Less than 32 entrants = 60/30/10
32-47 entrants = 50/25/15/10
48+ entrants = 48/25/11/8/4(x2)

[collapse="General Rules"] - Players who fail to report to their match within 5 minutes of it being announced will lose their first game of the match. After 10 minutes without reporting to their match, players will be disqualified from the tournament.
- Coaching is only allowed between tournament matches. Excessive coaching will not be tolerated.
- Bracket matches take priority over friendlies and money matches. The TO reserves the right to prematurely end any match.
- Non-first party controllers must be inspected by TO staff before use in tourney.
- Wireless controllers are discouraged due to interference and unreliability.
- Pause can be requested off and that request cannot be denied. If one pauses mid-match, the person who initiated the pause loses their current stock. If the pause causes the opponent to lose their stock (such as interfering with recovery), the person who initiated the pause loses two stocks. If there is any doubt in the ruling of a pausing incident, stop what you are doing and CALL ONE OF THE TOs TO YOUR MATCH.
- The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.
- Any hacks or mods applied to a setup may be inspected by a TO, who reserves the right to have those hacks disabled if they are deemed inappropriate for tournament play.[/collapse]

[collapse="Project M and Melee Rules:"]
Project M and Melee Rules:
- Items set to OFF and NONE.
- 4 stock, 8:00 timer
- Friendly Fire ON (doubles).
- Sets are played best two out of three games, with Loser's Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals matches being played best three of five.
- Dave's Stupid Rule - Players may not counterpick any stage that they won on. Winners may choose not to invoke DSR.
- Gentleman's Clause - Players may play on any stage if agreed on by all players.
- If a game times out, the winner is determined by stock, and then percentage. If both stock and percentage are the same, the game should be replayed in full.
- If Sudden Death occurs at the end of the game, play a one stock, three minute game with the same characters and stage.
- Giga Bowser, Master Hand, etc. are banned.

Playing a Set
1. Best of one Rock Paper Scissors for port priority if requested.
2. Double Blind character selection if requested.
3. Highest port priority strikes first. (Gentleman Rule)
4. Strike order (number refers to which player is striking):
Melee: 1-2-1
Project M: 1-2-1
[Play Game]
5. Winner bans stages. Bans may be reapplied per game.
6. Loser selects stage.
7. (Optional) Winner selects character.
8. Loser selects character.
9. Repeat steps 5-8 until set is complete.

Melee Specific Rules
- Wobbling is allowed.
- Bans: Winner may ban one stage per game.

Project M Specific Rules
- Input assist OFF.
- Bans: Winner may ban 2 stages per game

Stages (Subject to change):
[collapse="Melee Stages "]
- Battlefield
- Final Destination
- Yoshi's Story
- Dreamland 64
- Fountain of Dreams
- Pokemon Stadium (singles counterpick only)

[collapse="Project M Singles Stages "]
- Battlefield
- Dreamland
- Green Hill Zone
- Pokémon Stadium 2
- Smashville

- Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
- WarioWare
- Yoshi's Island (Melee)
- Final Destination
- Fountain of Dreams

Near the area? Join our Facebook group:
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