Favorite Music Tracks in Ultimate?


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Mar 19, 2019
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With so many tracks in Smash Ultimate there are so many gems that I could honestly just listen to all day. And I guess it doesn't really help that I'm a big music nerd but the music is just so good and I love all of the additions from the different franchises. So what are some of your favorite tracks in the game? Personally some of my favorites include Obstacle Course-Yoshi's Island, Stickerbush Symphony, Onett Theme/Winter's Theme, and Battle! (Dialga/Palkia)/Spear Pillar. I'm just usually a sucker for the super upbeat tracks that are just very colorful and happy for the most part. But feel free to discuss and share your favorites!
Aug 27, 2018
Into Sandy's City
Iron Blue Intention
Crocodile Cacophony
Battle against Light and Dark
Hyrule Castle Outside
Elite Four
Map and Bonus Stage
Calamity Ganon
Destroyed Skyworld
Acid Hues
Tetris Type A
Duel Zone
Fountain of Dreams
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Staff Credits - Kirby's Dream Land/Kirby Super Star
0² Battle
Meta Knights Revenge
Bein' Friends
Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise
Break Free! (Lead the Way)
Delfino Plaza
Rosalina in the Observatory / Luma's Theme
Bomb Rush Blush
Calamari Inkantation
Route 209
N's Castle Melody
Kass's Theme
Midna's Lament
Central Highway
X Vs. Zero
Dwelling of Doom
Underworld (Kid Icarus)
You Will Know Our Names
Title Theme (Wild World)
Fire Emblem Theme
Brinstar Depths


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Sep 21, 2018
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Imma just copy and paste what I wrote in a previous thread as I don't think my views have significantly changed since then:

25. Stage Select - Pikmin 2 - I like this one. Nuff said.
24. Gritzy Desert - Quite close to the original, but that's not a bad thing at all.
23. Snakey Chantey - I have promised to myself that this list won't be too DK-centric.
22. Electroplantkon - Almost makes up for how awful the stage is. Almost.
21. Waluigi Pinball - Mario Kart DS - waaaaaaaaa
19. Gritzy Desert - Quite close to the original, but that's not a bad thing at all.
18. Stage Clear / Title Theme - Pikmin - Pikmin admittedly has a somewhat limited music selection (Environmental Noises anyone?) but this is amazing.
17. King Dedede's Theme (Brawl) - Kirby characters have great themes I guess, and good remixes to boot.
16. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM - Not entirely sold on the guitars. But the rest is fantastic.
15. Molgera - Is this the best Molgera remix? Probably not. But you could do the theme with a ****ing kazoo and it'd still sound great, such is the power of this song.
14. Circuit - Mario Kart 7 - When it peaks, it really peaks.
13. Underworld - Something about this one sits well with me even if I hate the stage it's associated with.
12. Bloody Tears / Monster Dance - Tbh I haven't listened to all of the Castlevania remixes, so I feel I may slightly be doing the series a disservice. This one's banging though.
11. Mario Tennis / Mario Golf - Can't really explain but I just like this remix.
10. Meta Knight's Revenge - All rise for Brawl's unofficial anthem.
9. Gang-Plank Galleon - Okay so I might have listened to this one a bit too much, but I love it nonetheless. It's not the best K-Rool related remix though...
8. Battle! (Dialga/Palkia) / Spear Pillar - One of the most underrated legendary battle themes in Pokemon. The remix blends both themes together well and is one of the reasons why, despite the stage's gimmicks, I have fond memories of Spear Pillar.
7. Title Theme- Animal Crossing - I know we had a bit of it in the form of Villager's victory theme, but I really wanted this song in it's entirety as Animal Crossing for the GameCube really pushes my nostalgia buttons. Was very happy with the remix we got here.
6. Corneria - Starwing - All rise for Brawl's other unofficial anthem. I remember this being all over the place round the time of Brawl and it was glorious.
5. Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2 - You don't have to go out of the way for a remix to be good. Sometimes it's enough to capture the spirit of the original. Which this does. Very, very well.
4. Pokemon Red/Pokemon Blue Medley - We may not have got Poke Floats back, but we got this. This pretty much sums up what Pokemon sounds like.
3. The Map Page/ Bonus Level - I promised my list wouldn't be too DK-centric, but promises are made to be broken. This is just too funky to function.
2. Battle! (Elite Four)/ Battle! (Solgaleo/Lunala) - The Solgaleo/Lunala theme is one of my favourite tracks from Gen 7, so I was really excited when I heard it was being remixed. I was slightly less excited when I found out it was being paired with the Elite Four theme, which I'm not a big fan of. Yet this remix makes them both sound so good and work so, so well together. I don't wanna be all cliche and say this is hype as **** ... but this remix really is HYPE AS ****.
1. Crocodile Cacophony - Holy ****.
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Mar 6, 2019
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I’ll note a couple from each game

Hyrule Castle
Final Destination
Meta Crystal
Character Select

Icicle Mountain
Poke Floats (My favorite overall)
Brinstar Depths
Mute City
Mother 2
Super Mario Bros 3 Theme
Fountain of Dreams
Rainbow Cruise
Both Multi-Man Melee Themes
Metal Mario Battle
Fire Emblem Theme

Main theme Starfox
Ending- Yoshi’s Story
Ending- Metroid
Shin Onigashima
Final Destination
The Menu Theme
Battlefield Version 2
Squeak Squad Theme
Victory Road
Angel Island Zone
Fire Field

Smash 4 (Pretty Underrated Soundtrack IMO):
Lost Levels Medley
Jungle Level Jazz Style
N’s Castle
Star Wolf / Sector Z medley
Battlefield (Favorite Version is Battlefield)
Final Destination Version 2
Wrath of Reset Bomb
Mario Paint Medley
Ground theme / Underground theme
Super Mario Bros 3 Medley
Xenoblade Chronicles Medley
Cut Man Theme
Ryu’s Stage
Pac-Man’s Park / Block Town
Credits after Beating Classic Mode
Kapp’n’s Song

Smash Bros Ultimate:
Menu Theme (Seriously, this menu theme is godlike)
City Trial
Pokémon Trainer Sun and Moon
Pokémon Elite Four Battle / Solgaleo and Lunala Battle
Staff Credits (Kirby Super Star)
Vs. Ridley
Galaga Remix (This medley is amazing!)
ID Purpose Remix
Main Theme - Luigi’s Mansion
Galeem’s Theme (Favorite Boss Battle Theme)
Snake Man
Bloody Tears / Monster Dance
Divine Bloodlines
Beginning (Castlevania 3 remix)

Tracks from their original games:
Boss Battle (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Dark Pit’s Theme
Minor Circuit (Punch Out!)
Rhythm Boxing (Wii Fit)
Windy Hill (Sonic)
City Escape
Let’s Dance Boys (Bayonetta)
Vampire Killer (Castlevania Judgement)
Let the Battle’s Begin (Final Fantasy)

That’s all for now, but if I think of more I will add them in.

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Jan 11, 2019
Fountain of Dreams
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Pretty much anything Kirby related

But the one that cakes the cake is Melee Gourmet Race. Playing that gem on FoD is absolutely awesome and is the only track I’ll use when I play in that stage.

Also melee training/home menu
lifelight piano reprise
Reach for the stars
Delfina plaza
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Feb 16, 2019
I have a lot of choices

64: Meta Crystal, Final Destination, Pokémon main theme (64) and Bonus Stage theme
Melee: Pokémon Gold/Silver Melody, Fourside, Story 5 Meeting, Jungle Level (Melee) and Battlefield Theme
Brawl: Final Destination, Gourmet Race (Brawl), vs Ridley (Brawl), Airship Theme, Victory Road, Ice Climber (Brawl), Jungle Level (Brawl), Battle Scene/Final Boss (Golden Sun), King Dedede's Theme (Brawl) and Title (Legend of Zelda)
4: Battle Trainer (X/Y), Battlefield Theme (Melee (for 3ds and Wii U)), Megaman 2 theme, Rainbow Road, Ballad of the Goddess and Ground Theme/Underground Theme
Ultimate: Bloody Tears/Monster Dance, Brinstar Depths, vs Ridley (Ultimate), King Bowser, Gangplank Galleon, Battle Elite Four/Battle (Solgaleo/Lunala), Main Theme (Pikmin), Flash Man, Guile Stage and Main Theme (Breath of the Wild)
Tracks that debuted in other games: Tough Guy Alert, Sonic Boom, Dark Pit Theme, Sonic Heroes, Splattack, Dragon Driftway, Battle for Storm Hill and Calamari Inkantation (last one is a guilty pleasure)


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Dec 26, 2018
Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise
Aria of the Soul
Battle Hymn of the Soul
Let’s Dance Boys
Tomorrow is Mine
Mysterious Destiny
Last Surprise
Pokémon Elite Four Battle / Solgaleo and Lunala Battle
Temple (Melee)
Let's Hit the Climax
Minor Circuit (Remix)
Dhalsim Stage
Dee Jay Stage
M.Bison Stage
Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley
Delfino Plaza (Remix)
Underwater Theme - Super Mario 3D Land
F Zero Medley
Bathtime Theme (Vocal Mix) (for 3DS / Wii U)
Dharkon's Theme

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Jan 26, 2019
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My Top 10 in SSBU

1. Engage the Enemy - Xenoblade Chronicles
2. Battle!! - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
3. Final Destination
4. You will know our names - Xenoblade Chronicles
5. Story 5 Meeting - Fire Emblem
6. Gerudo Valley (both)
7. Mute City - Melee
8. Battlefield - Melee
9. Mario Bros Medley.
10. Gaur Plain - Xenoblade Chronicles


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Jul 24, 2018
I will never understand why I can't choose to play the Smash Bros Brawl Theme on Battlefield or Final Destination stages on this game, only on the main menu. The most epic song of the game is just avaiable while pressing buttons on menus.
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Dec 15, 2018
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"Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" is my favorite song in the game. It is the greatest song ever recorded for a video game.
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