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Fatality Signs With True AmBition

Another Smash player has joined True AmBition! This time, it's Georgia native and Smash 4 Captain Falcon pro Griffin "Fatality" Miller; who is best known for being the #1 Smash 4 Captain Falcon main with high placements at tournaments such as Genesis 3 and Super Smash Con. Here's what the co-owner/CFO of True AmBition had to say about this new sponsorship: "Picking up Fatality is huge for us since he is such a phenomenal player. His results at various nationals speak for themselves, and he's also done it with such an underutilized character as well."

Be sure to keep up with Fatality on Twitter @FatalityFalcon.
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Still,it's awesome the recognition on fatality's skill. Congrats!
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Funny how most top players like ally,anti or ranai don't have sponsors. Congratulations tho
For a second I thought I read "True Ambition signs with Fatality" and I was like "wow a player I never heard of signs with one of the biggest esports teams in existence."

Then I read it properly and it made more sense, since I know Fatality as a player and True Ambition as a esports team lmao.

Good job to Fatality tho.
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