Falcon Low % Chrom Gimp (Extremely EZ)


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May 23, 2007
Crofton, MD
I don't think this needs its own thread, but no one is here anyway so WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?!

Rapid jab at the ledge makes it almost impossible for Chrom to recover.

Why does this silly **** work? Chrom's upB does not have a hit box on the way up. Because of this, he can be gimped by well timed attacks at the ledge (key words being well timed). Down tilt and low angle f tilt are popular choices. BUT just mashing A and holding the button down once rapid jabs starts is the truth. This beats upB and all but the most perfect air dodge recoveries, often even hitting the 2 frame ledge snap.

One of three things will happen:
- 1. rapid jab will knock Chrom out of his up B and he'll fall, forcing him to try again. Pathetic.

- 2. rapid jab will suck Chrom in, then letting go of A will proc the final hit which knocks back at a low angle. In this case, Chrom is without his jump, far off stage and in the exact same awful position and he'll try to upB again. From here, feel free to gimp him with soft knee's lingering hit box or start your rapid jab again for maximum bm. He may try to suicide and take you with him, but he'll probably be so confused about what's happening that he'll let you end his miserable existence.

- And C. Chrom will trade and successfully recover. This only happens when Falcon is positioned too far back from the edge when jabbing. Anyway, just chuck him off the edge and do it again. 9-1 match-up.