Falco vs charizard


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Jul 4, 2015
Hi. I'm a melee falco main. I got in a PM tournament, was awsome, and I know I'll come back. PM is amazing.

I got bopped by a few characters I know nothing about, namely ivysaur, lucario, and most of all : charizard. The first two I know I can handle, with my usual falco stuff like annoying lasers, nair-shine / AC bair, fishing for the death combos.

But that charizard main double 3 stocked me like nothing, I barely even could play the game.
He took the lasers for the most part, acting right out of hitstun with huge punishes. He knew what aerials to crouch cancel - grab/punish, and the ones to DI / SDI not to get shined. I just couldn't pop him up in the air, and when I finally did, I struggled way way too hard to follow up with a strong hit to get him offstage. And when I somehow managed that, I didn't have a clue about the way I should try and edgeguard him.

On the other hand he wiped off my stocks blitzkrieg style. Grab-tech chase BS, corner pressure, super strong hits on reaction to send me flying far offstage, perfect coverage on the edgeguard. (plus that one disrespect dunk when he saw I was a joke)

Now I want blood, I want my revenge. I want him to see that I came prepared next time.

So I'd love all and any advice I can get on how to make charizard's life harder. What he can't handle, how to approach and how not to, how to finish him and to edgeguard him. What to watch out for, what is he looking for in neutral typically.

Where should I take him to (I'm a PM rookie so I'm not very familiar with non-melee stages yet). What stages hurt his game (big, small, platforms ?).

Most of this stuff, I probably could find it out by myself eventually, but I figured you PM bros could help me get the charizard MU straight 10.000x faster. So halp plz :)


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Sep 28, 2014
Bay area, California
I've never thought this matchup was hard, just bully him lol. He shouldnt be taking lasers THAT well (super big so cant jump over them,air mobility isn't the best from what I've noticed) and he is incredibly easy to combo. His upsmash oos is really good so you have to watch out for that when you are pressuring him, but iirc that hitbox starts from behind him so you should be able to punish him really well.

edge guarding should be really easy. his up b must go up so you can kind of treat it like marth's, except it moves slower so its easier to hit him out of it. his down b that lets him glide can only be used once per air time, so once you hit him out of it hes forced to upb. if hes knocked high just laser him to hopefully kill his downb and then its easy, if hes coming from full hop height you can try to bair him, just recognize he can do his attack out of the down b so you have to space around that (bair still wins you just have to space it from what i remember). if hes coming towards the ledge invinicble bair or dair always wins, and im fairly certain you can dsmash / downward angled ftilt.

as for his side of the matchup I honestly cannot remember it. I don't think any stage in this matchup would be particularly bad for falco so I think its just on your preference. I like larger stages to move around and harass him with lasers to let me in more, but I know on a stage like ghz you can actually just not give him space and he should struggle


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Aug 3, 2014
Whirl Islands
Sorry to say this, but a lot of big body match ups for falco are gonna revolve heavily on you controlling space with the gun, then getting comfortable with stacking on damage with pillar combos. He has some decent reach on you, but that's the main benefit of the gun. Remember to strike the shield low, L-cancel properly, and mix in shine-grabs. A lot of it may either go from zoning, to comboing, to potential hit and run strats. Then its just learning when to time the edge guards/ ledge grabs.
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