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Fair utility and usage discussion thread


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Jul 13, 2008
I have been thinking of ways to implement Pikachu's Fair into my gameplay as to me it seems to be an underestimated and underused tool Pikachu has for shield pressure and to set up and extend combo's.

Fair Shieldpressure
- SHFFL Fair-->Land behind-->instant Uair seems to cover quite some OoS options and seems relatively safe. This can set up for a grab or (platform) techchase.

Fair to extend combo's
- In my experience it can lead into Uair on aerial opponents, especially when edgecanceled it has combo extending potential.

These points are merely to spark (:pikachumelee:) the discussion. What are your experiences with these and other uses of Fair? Do you think it is a good move in neutral? I'd like to hear you guys' ideas and experiences.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 31, 2017
ur mom
I messed around with Pikachu for a while. I found that fair is best to be used like Falcon's fair: close to the ground as possible. It's like a quick jab which can lead to an U-smash, grab or SH-instant Nair, seeing as how little lag it has and the amount of hitstun the other player has. It is also really good at covering above the ledge against Fox, Falco and Falcon who didn't sweetspot the ledge. They all fall straight down and some players don't act immediately. However, F-air's hitbox is, of course, only on Pikachu's head and is horizontal, so you have to time it, or do it while FF to cover the most space.

I personally never used it as a combo extender. Maybe to add more percent while spacing, but if I hit the other player mid air and don't land, I usually get hit hard; especially against Marth.

I'd say D-tilt is a much better neutral option, as well as N-air in many cases. F-air isn't a good OOS option either. Most of his aerials aren't good OOS because they have such short range and his aerial drift after jumping OOS isn't good. I usually just U-Smash OOS, WD or just roll away.
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Smash Cadet
Mar 19, 2015
It's basically a DI mixup. If you (as a high-% opponent) DI Pika nair downwards you're probably gonna die, but if you DI fair upwards you're vulnerable.

Fair also has a huge hitbox and so can deflect turnips and stop spacie up-Bs but it also "flickers" so usually using fair to stuff things is a 2/3 shot even with perfect timing. It can also in some cases put an offstage fastfaller in a bad position.


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Apr 5, 2016
Accord, NY
In my experience, fair can be useful in setting up tail spikes. If you position yourself so when the move ends you’re slightly below your opponent when the move ends, you can immediately up air and get the spike hitbox. Usually do it against foxes who recover low
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