EVO Japan Announced

During Evolution 2016's third day, EVO staff member Mark "MarkMan" Julio, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada took to the stage after a handful of new announcements for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution to make a special announcement; EVO Japan is coming!

EVO Japan was first announced back in 2010, and was going to happen in May 2011; the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that happened in Spring 2011 unfortunately delayed the event indefinitely. It's good to see that the event will finally be happening.

According to the trio, more details will be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016, which will be in September. How big will the event be, in scope? What games will be in the main lineup? Hopefully these questions and more will be answered come TGS 2016.​
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Interesting. More majors tournaments are always a good thing.

Now if they could not treat Smash 4 like a second class game this time...
What makes you say that the Vegas one was garbage? I thought the sets from Melee were some of the best sets I have ever seen.
The tournament is great to view, don't get me wrong on that aspect!

For Smash 4 players though, it's one of the worst majors you can go to. In 2015 they completely removed set ups after the first day to use that space for other games, which I assume was repeated this year. That leaves players to bring a console to the BYOC room where you're lucky to wait only a half hour just to hop onto a set up and play one match. You can hope that you can find a room to play via social media, or play games with the dudes that you've roomed with, but you most likely know those guys and already play all the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of being at a major. If you're just going to play your friends you might as well stay home y'know?

To a certain extent, majors suck for Low to Mid tier players in general. They don't do well enough in bracket to play throughout the weekend and no one cares about them to meet up via social media. However, I had a much better experience at CEO, Combo Breaker, Genesis III and the Big House V than EVO. They had set ups available for more than just bracket and the scheduled play times were generally better. I imagine Smash Con is a pretty good one to attend as well.

TLDR; Compared to other majors, EVO is garbage for players.
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