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EVO 2022 Lineup Revealed

evo 2022.jpg

EVO has just revealed the full lineup of fighting games that will be featured at EVO 2022 in August. You can check out the official announcement below:

The following games will be featured titles at EVO 2022:
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Guilty Gear -STRIVE-
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
  • Tekken 7
  • King of Fighters XV
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore
In addition to the above featured games, EVO general manager Rick Thiher has stated on Twitter that Marvel vs Capcom 2 has not been forgotten. MvC2 is one of the most popular games in EVO's history and was even going to get its own 20th anniversary event at EVO 2020 (which got cancelled), so we'll have to see what is in store for it this year.

As reported a few weeks back, Super Smash Bros. will not be appearing at EVO due to a decision made by Nintendo. This incidentally means that there will be no platform fighters in the main lineup this year, with EVO 2012 being the last time this occurred during an in-person EVO. Fans of platform fighters can hopefully look forward to some entries of the genre appearing at EVO as side events, as has been the case for games like Rivals of Aether.

EVO 2022 will happen from August 5th-7th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Writing/Editing: Sari Sari
Social Media: @Zerp

Author's Note: Outside of Smash being a no-show, this lineup rocks! What is your favorite game in the lineup? What games would you have liked to see be featured? Let us know in the comments below!
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