EVO 2019 Attendees Possibly Exposed to Measles


While the fan-term "Convention Flu" is pretty common, a more severe disease was brought to the Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel this year: Measles.

Late Thursday night, the Southern Nevada Health District released a report that a visitor with measles was at the Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel for the duration of August 1st to August 6th. Evo 2019 was held during August 2nd through August 4th, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, but meetups and warmups were both arranged in the Luxor Hotel.

Nobody knows if the person with measles was an Evo attendee, competitor, or someone at the hotel having nothing to do with the event. While the Mandalay Bay Convention Center was not listed in the SNHD report, it’s possible that Evo attendees were exposed.

Anyone who has had the measles vaccine is unlikely to contract any illness from contact with the virus. Symptoms of measles, however, don’t show until around 10 to 21 days after exposure to the virus.

There are currently no reports of any attendees affected by this outbreak. Stay on the lookout on our front page for any possible updates; we’ll keep you posted!
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here's hoping everyone there that could be vaccinated, were vaccinated. But more importantly....here's hoping that no body there came in contact with whoever the infected person(s) were.

Hate to be "that" guy, but.....well.....people unless you have a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine, seriously get yourself vaccinated, make sure your children are vaccinated. Don't buy any of that garbage that "vaccines" cause autism, Because they don't, and until this whole anti-vaccine charade started happening, diseases like measles were nearly wiped out here, and others like polio WERE wiped out. These types of diseases are no joke.
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First there's how they made BBTag drag on, the Snake stunt they pulled, there's the unprofessional stuff involving Infiltration, the incosistency with their 'core values' rule, the many claims of abuse happening at the after party and now this? Christ
Can you share what happened with some of these events? The only one I've heard about was the stunt they did with Snake.
Can you share what happened with some of these events? The only one I've heard about was the stunt they did with Snake.
BBTag is a VERY fast game so they kept taking breaks between matches to stall time, ruining the pacing, Infiltration is a convicted wifebeater who pleaded guilty in court yet Mr Wiz, the organizer, praised him and his 'glorious return' while blocking people concerned about glorifying someone who's had a history of being violent to people, Dead Or Alive got banned from EVO entirely a while ago because of the sexualization but despite that they promoted porn themed controllers and shirts on their twitter and many, MANY people claim they were sexually harassed and/or roofied at the after party, there's even names and I believe Cinnpie was one of the people who has these allegations against them
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