Evo 2016: The Mii Force

Jan 2, 2014
Lake elsinore
You all know that Evo is gonna happen sometime over the summer next year(so hyped!) "But Wii Twerk Trainer! Smash 4 hasn't been confirmed yet!?" I know it hasn't, but it's a given at this point. Smash 4 had the second largest number(only behind Street Fighter 4). And Melee was the 3rd. They will not give up on either Smash at this point. Anywho, let's move on to the actual topic at hand. Last year, they allowed customs into Evo and many tournamnets adopted the custom setting to get ready for Evo. There's a chance that customs may not be happening again. What does that mean for us? It means Mii's may be entirely banned or forced to use 1111... Again. What can we do? If customs aren't approved by Mr. Wizard, we can try to convince him that Mii's should be allowed, for being actual characters in smash, who happen to have the gimmick to use a variety of moves. Mii's are the only characters who have this gimmick. Mii's don't have a "default" since that are "create" characters. Let's try to get The Amazing Ampharos(person who got customs legalized for Evo 2015) to help us with this Mii movement. He can easily convince Mr. Wizard again. I personally don't know Ampharos, but if any of you do. Please tell him about this. Evo 2016 could be our big break and finally get Mii's fully legalized if this goes through. Without customs and Mii's being legal with their gimmick, people will see that Mii's are fine and may keep them afterwards in all nationals and not discard them like they did to customs(after Evo2015 ended).


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Sep 20, 2005
It's a poor stance to try to convince someone that a character should be "allowed" to be used.
It's a stronger stance to bring it to the attention that antiquated rulings that have been used by some events are a blight to our competitive scene and no ruling against the Mii should be enforced less we look like scrubs.

Mii should either be banned or used in a fashion best suited for the tournament, but arbitrary rulings that are scrubby in nature should be avoided.


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Nov 28, 2015
A problem with allowing customs is that nobody wants to give characters like Rosaluma or Pikachu more tools than they already have. I know I personally don't think anyone in A tier (sorry Luigi) should get any stronger than they are now.
I was thinking maybe a hybrid approach could help, using customs as a means to breathe life into currently very weak characters, allowing them to compete or get a niche at higher level play. (Think characters currently in D or even B- tiers)

I've been throwing this idea around as it's something I think could improve the metagame while making it more varied and I would very much like the opinion of Mii Mains on this subject.
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