EVO 2015 - Smash Bros Hub (Check-In, Schedule, Brackets)

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Aug 18, 2013

Evolution 2015 is coming soon! Smash 4 and Melee will both have record attendance numbers for tournaments, both nearly having two thousand entrants!


After the tournament ends, the Rankings Staff here on Smashboards will be going over the results to upload them into our Rankings System. With the massive amount of entrants, this is a daunting task. However, with this thread, we plan to alleviate that.
If you're going to be attending EVO 2015, we ask that you let us know the tag you'll be utilizing for the tournament, and which events you will be entering. This allows the Rankings Staff to not only tie your results to your account, but also save you the trouble of having to sift through the lists of results to claim!
Note: Tags with a | will be entered as a / to not trip up formatting.
Tag Smashboards Username In Melee In Smash 4
LoCal/Sway @PsychoDM No Yes
Artemis @Artemis No Yes
VS / NickRiddle @ NickRiddle NickRiddle No Yes
TROZZ @ Trozz Trozz Yes Yes
EH / Saiblade @ 20YY SS </td>
						<td> Saiblade 20YY SS Saiblade Yes No
Ember/ESC_Artiste @ ESC Artiste ESC Artiste No Yes
Arikie_4B @ Arikie Arikie No Yes
Coffemug @ Coffeemug Coffeemug Yes No
Incenetum @ Incenetum Incenetum Yes Yes
Charey @ Charey Charey Yes Yes
SiSu @ SiSu SiSu No Yes
fireflyHI @ FireFly FireFly Yes No
Brult / GSM VoiD @ gsmVoiD gsmVoiD No Yes
floss @ floss floss Yes No
MrDrJacob @ MrDrJacob MrDrJacob Yes Yes
SFA 2Scoops Zan @ Zan- Zan- No Yes
Tweek @ Tweek Tweek Yes Yes
SFA Smiley @ SFA Smiley SFA Smiley Yes Yes
MGFC / Str8Wu @ Str8Wu Str8Wu Yes No
Gangly @ TallandGangly TallandGangly Yes No
Jehtt @ Jehtt Jehtt No Yes
Brult / GSM K0rean @ K K0rean No Yes
Citricide @ Citricide Citricide Yes No
chu12ch @ C chu12ch Yes No
Dox @ Dox Dox Yes No
Andymosity @ Andymosity Andymosity Yes No
Gem @ goateeguy goateeguy Yes No
Yams @ FIreyams FIreyams No Yes
MIOM/Dark Dragoon @ DarkDragoon DarkDragoon Yes Yes
Yink @ yink059 yink059 Yes No
Birdman @ TheBirdman TheBirdman Yes No
softie @ Soft Serve Soft Serve Yes No
Bazooka Joe @ Bazooka Joe Bazooka Joe Yes No
Berk @ Berkk Berkk Yes No
Seel @ Seel Seel No Yes
Iceninja @ Ice Ninja Ice Ninja Yes Yes
shrooby @shrooby No Yes
Jim Jam Flim Flam @SmashProJJFF Yes No
Seshy @"black mamba" Yes No
Quaff @Quaff Yes No
kennypu @kennypu No Yes
PH Caravan.AdmiralPopi @PopiPenguin Yes Yes
Obscurica @obscurica No Yes
EMG / Toronto Joe @Toronto Joe Yes Yes
Daouzin @Daouzin Yes No
Tichinde925 @Tichinde925 Yes No
yardsale @Yardsale Yes No
TRNP_Dapuffster @Jigglymaster No Yes
MIOM / C_Naught @CosmoNaughtilus Yes No
Jace @Jace08 Yes No
dmac @dmac Yes Yes
AvariceX @AvariceX Yes Yes
Zanguzen @Zanguzen Yes No
Soupliss @Soupliss No Yes
Gibsonzero @SwiftBass Yes No
Jellyman64 @Jellyman64 No Yes
TEG / Kuraudo @Kuraudo No Yes
Alex @WhiteMarthAlex Yes No
Urban @Hi I'm Urban Yes No
BourbonJr @BourbonJr Yes Yes
Big D @/ Big D / Yes Yes
Vypex @vypex Yes Yes
Theis @Theis No Yes
Gzlrgzlr @the butt pirate Yes No
P2W/SUGOI/Smooth Criminal @Smooth Criminal Yes Yes
TokyoKami @TokyoKami No Yes
AufWiedersehen @AufWiedersehen Yes Yes
EpicEPC16 @EpicEPC16 Yes Yes
766 @Mario766 No Yes
Snows @Snows Yes No
Ninten @Okaydesuka No Yes
TheReflexWonder @TheReflexWonder No Yes
Camalange @Camalange No Yes
SuperMrJMT @SuperMrJMT Yes Yes
iiGGY @iiGGYxD No Yes
ChronoMK @ChronoMK No Yes
Kmaster64 @Electrichu300 No Yes
Raziek @Raziek No Yes
brentos @brentosfreshness Yes Yes
15 @15 [イチゴ] No Yes
Shonic @Shonic Yes Yes
falln @falln No Yes
NCJacobT @JTTLogic No Yes
Tony T @Tony T No Yes
EFB / Cyro Izarak @zCyRo No Yes
Team Nick @Team_Nick Yes No
Magik @Magik0722 Yes Yes
The Cave / Faty @Faty Yes No
Locuan @ Locuan Locuan No Yes
Scourge @Scourge The Hedgehog No Yes
Prioritized @Prioritized Yes No
Hadoukat @Hadoukat No Yes
T.b. Player @T.B. Player No Yes

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Aug 18, 2013
EVO 2015 Schedule
Want to watch EVO? Trying to know when Pools are? EVO's complete schedule (and times for Smashers to know) has been included here for your convenience, as well a which stream it is on.

Smash 4 Times:
Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM: Pools (SRKEVO 4)
Friday, 6 - 10 PM: Quarterfinals (SRKEVO 4)
Saturday, 8 AM - Noon: Semifinals (SRKEVO 1)
Saturday, Noon - 2 PM: Finals (SRK EVO 1)

Melee Times:
Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM: Pools (SRKEVO 2)
Friday, 8 - 10 PM: Quarterfinals (SRKEVO 2)
Saturday, 2 - 6 PM: Semifinals (SRKEVO 2 will have Winners, 3 will have Losers)
Sunday, 1 - 4 PM: Finals (SRKEVO 1)

EVO's Stream schedule is listed here for your convenience. Want to catch some Persona 4 Ultimax? Maybe some Marvel? Whatever your tastes, find the corresponding Twitch Channel, and viola!

Want to watch all of Smash 4? You'll need to pay attention to SRKEVO 1 and 4.
Want to watch Melee in it's entirety? You'll need to pay attention to SRKEVO 1, 2 and 3.
All official Streams can be located here.

Side Events

In addition to EVO's main events, a variety of side events, such as Salty Suites, Doubles Tournaments and more, can be found on alternative streams.
Want to watch Project M, or any Smash Doubles Event? Go to www.twitch.tv/AZProjectMelee. Please note that Smash 4's and Melee's Doubles are at the same time.
Want to catch the Salty Suite? Head to www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp on Saturday Night.​

Just want to find a player's bracket, or maybe your own? Use the Player Locator.
Want to see all the Pools? Use the Tournament Index.
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Tag: Artemis
Username: Artemis (Not sure I understand this part since you can see our usernames when we post)
Entering Smash 4 singles.


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Aug 20, 2005
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Tag: Artemis
Username: Artemis (Not sure I understand this part since you can see our usernames when we post)
Entering Smash 4 singles.
People enter tournaments with tags different to their smashboards usernames all the time. This is why we ask.
Is this thread really going to be useful? I imagine 1% of entrants will post in this thread when this exists: http://evo.shoryuken.com/checkin/

On the off chance this thread actually does help anyone... I'll be in both melee and sm4sh singles using the tag TROZZ.
As mentioned in the original post, this is done to help us with tying results to player accounts here on smashboards once the tournament is uploaded to our system. In case you are not aware, here on Smashboards we have our own ranking system with all smash games in it: http://smashboards.com/rankings/

Tournament Organizers, or Rankings Staff, upload the tournaments into our system, which is then used to give players points and tally them on the ladder. We also tie characters to those results and we can see character usage % throughout all games. There are a lot of other stuff I could go through this is just a minor part of an overall larger system.
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20YY SS | Saiblade

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Jul 1, 2014
This is subject to change as I might not be able to, but odds are I will.

Tag: Saiblade
Username: EH | Saiblade
Entering Melee Singles.

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Feb 10, 2015
Camden, DE
Considering I am new to this, I may not be able to, but I will see how my schedule is in the future. Nonetheless, I will prepare myself.
Tag: Ember|ESC_Artiste
Username: @ ESC Artiste ESC Artiste
Entering Smash 4 SIngles.
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