Event Preview: Tipped Off 11

November 7th is looking to be quite the weekend for Smash Bros. Many Melee, Project M and Smash 4 players will travel down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Tipped Off 11! This long running tournament series returns, once again being organized by Flow and FullMetal. Tipped Off’s history is all about the grassroots; it’s all about Smash and the community that plays it, proudly featuring Melee for 9 years. This is the South’s largest tournament (having over 650 attendees), with Melee Singles having 332 entrants, and Wii U having 243. This will be the 16th largest Melee event of all time, a feat that is definitely one to be proud of.

Earlier this month, Tipped Off started a donation drive on Smash.gg to help fund the event. Some of the rewards included T-shirts, controller stickers, waistbands and more; with the assistance of the community, the donation drive managed to raise over 4000 dollars (reaching 4 out of their 5 levels) and get some special competition in, including Nintendude, Overtriforce and N0ne. the route of using donation drives to help tournaments grow big has proven to be a very successful tool with the Smash community.


One of the most notable things about this event is the absence of any of the “big six” for Melee. With Smash Summit being scheduled for this weekend, many potential entrants dropped out to attend it. However, there is quite the pool of talent in Melee. With players like Wobbles, Colbol, Ice, Javi, The Moon, DJ Nintendo, n0ne, Drugged Fox, Professor Pro, and Fly Amanita attending, the talent pool is still strong. In fact, it’s interesting to note that this will be the largest Melee tournament of all time where none of the big six are present.

Last year’s winner, Hungrybox, will not be present at this event. This leaves many guessing who might go and take the event on the Melee Singles side. Many think that Ice will be the one to take the event, or potentially Wobbles. This will be Wobbles’s first major since he announced his return to the Smash scene earlier this week, alongside his new sponsorship. That being said, however, a few of last year's high placing players are also returning. Colbol, Wizzrobe, s0ft and more will be back this year to all compete for that coveted 1st place.

On the doubles side, 51 teams have emerged and a few are poised to take the event. A few big names are participating in this event; Colbol will be teaming up with Wizzrobe, while ESAM will be teaming up with Junebug. With many of these players having new doubles partners from last year, some interesting results will follow.

Alongside the Melee events, Tipped Off will also have a returning side event to help raise funds for charity. For this event, the only selectable stage is Mushroom Kingdom II, with all funds going to the Shelley Little Memorial Fund; players can enter with any amount they choose, though the minimum is $1.

Project M

Project M will be appearing at the event as a returning game. With nearly 200 entrants, the amount of players has almost doubled from last year. Talented players such as Professor Pro, Fatality, MVD, Nintendude, ESAM, TheReflexWonder and more will be competing in this event. Last year, COG | Wizzrobe won the event with his Sonic back in Tipped Off 10, emerging over Master Raven, Mew2King and others. However, with a handful of the top players not present, and Wizzrobe not entering Project M, a shift is likely to occur in results. With the change of Project M’s presence in the past year and Project M 3.6 being in play, there will definitely be a shakeup.

Of past attendees, the highest placing one that is entering PM is ESAM, with the other players being at other events, not attending Tipped Off 11, or not entering Project M. However, he is joined by Fatality from Tipped Off 10's Top 8. Will one of these players take it? Or will someone else swoop in to take the glory?

45 teams will be present for Project M’s doubles. With the absence of last year’s major winners, some new teams have appeared. Some big names include Nintendude partnering with Junebug, S0ft teaming with Fraggle, and even Strong Bad and TheReflexWonder teaming together. Much like Project M Singles, many of the top placing players from last year are not present or entering in Project M, shaking up the potential results.

Smash 4

For the first time in Tipped Off’s history, Smash for Wii U will be present at Tipped Off. Last year, for Tipped Off 10, Smash 3DS was present as a side event, as the Wii U version was not out. However, with the game now out and a having a very strong competitive presence, it joins the previous two games for its first year in the series. The competition is quite high and there’s some major talent present. With names like ZeRo, ESAM, Vinnie, MVD, Wizzrobe, 6WX and more entering, it's certainly newsworthy.

Tipped Off 11 marks the first major event that TSM | ZeRo has attended since MLG World Finals since his long streak was broken. With lots of the pressure off of his shoulders but still holding that definite spot of the world's finest Smash 4 player, he is poised to take the event. However, PG | ESAM has brought him quite close in a few instances to losing a set. Will this be the event that ESAM is able to accomplish this? Time will tell.

Wii U has the highest amount of teams, being a single team above Melee's 51. Some of the major teamups include 6WX and ZeRo, Wizzrobe and Mr. E, and TheReflexWonder with Day. With this being the very first Tipped Off event to have Wii U, history will be made. At the current time, many expect that ZeRo and 6WX will take the victory, but with some power players in the mix, it's a potential tossup.

College Smash
Before the final brackets of each game, on Day 2 (November 8th), the Smash 4 Collegiate and The Melee Games will run. The Melee Games acts as a collegiate, nation-wide tournament between colleges. Players compete in crew battles with their teams to emerge victorious. Tipped Off will be featuring this event, where qualified teams will compete in a Regional bracket. It's surely something to not miss.

On the Smash 4 side, we have the Smash 4 Collegiate that will be running. The Southeast division will have their Regional event running as well at Tipped Off, with 5 teams being present. The winner of this will move on to the Divisional Round, where they'll compete against the winner from the other section of their division. Quite a bit is on the line; it makes for some intense competition and something definitely worth watching.

Getting Involved
Even if you aren't attending Tipped Off 11, there's plenty of ways to connect with the event and get involved. Be it streams, fantasy brackets, or tournament information, you can find plenty of things online about the event!

This year's Tipped Off has a fantasy draft. You can use this program to predict placements and occurences for Melee Singles. Making smart predictions and correct guesses can even lead to potential prizes, such as a Smash.gg shirt! If you'd like to participate in the Tipped Off 11 Fantasy Smash draft, then you can do so here.

If you'd like to find more information, such as streams, times, locations and spectator passes, head over to the tournament thread here on Smashboards.
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Pretty obvious that the writer doesn't know the pm scene anymore mentioning mvd, esam, AND nintedude
"For the first time in Tipped Off’s history, Smash for Wii U will be present at Tipped Off. " That is worded very odd. Sounds like Smash WiiU has been out for years and TO just didn't allow it. It's the first year obviously because WiiU wasn't out last year. lol :025:
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