Europe: A Contintent Of Threats At Genesis 3

With so many other countries like Mexico, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and Japan attending Genesis 3 with some of their finest players, it can come as no surprise that Europe is doing so as well. Spanning across many countries and regions they bring a special depth to Genesis 3 no other region can and some serious talent to boot. Meet the threats from Europe at Genesis 3!


It comes as a surprise to no one that Europe has produced some of the greatest Smash players of all time. While unfortunately Leffen will be unable to attend due to issues with his visa, Armada will be coming back to Genesis series like so many years ago hoping once again to take home the crown. However this famous Peach player isn't the only big name coming for Melee that Europe has to offer, here are some of the rest!

Country Name Mains Notable Achievements
mYi Ice :foxmelee: Ranked 1st in Germany and 2nd in Europe. EVO 2015 (9th) DreamHack London 2015 (3rd) The Big House 5 (9th) DreamHack Winter 2015 (9th)
/r/ Tekk :jigglypuffmelee: Ranked 1st in France and 9th in Europe, this will be his first time not playing in PAL. DreamHack London 2015 (3rd) DreamHack Winter 2015 (17th)
Mahie :marthmelee: Ranked 5th in France B.E.A.S.T. 5 (17th) Heir II The Throne (9th) Also among the best Smash 64 players in Europe (he will be entering there as well).
Overtriforce :sheikmelee: Ranked 6th in Europe, 1st in Spain. DreamHack London 2015 (5th) DreamHack Winter 2015 (17th) Tipped Off 11 (13th)
BrTarolg :sheikmelee: Ranked 6th in the United Kingdom. Also well known as a Splatoon player.
pheX :peachmelee:/:foxmelee: Ranked 7th in Germany, best Peach player in the country. Has traveled and won large Smashfests in New Zealand and Australia. Appears in the German tutorial video for the Smash for 3DS.

There are a few more set for Melee as well including Cong, KRUZZ, and Rondelle. Europe isn't just representing in Melee however...

Smash 4

Some of the finest are coming to compete in Smash 4 as well! While many already know Mr. R for his repeated strong placements in North America, there are a few other names that are sure to make a big splash.

Country Name Mains Notable Achievements
Izaw :4link:/:4sheik: Creator of many tutorial videos (The Art Of Series). B.E.A.S.T. 5 (7th) ESL Community Cup 2 Europe (7th)
IxisNaugus :4sonic: Number 1 player in the UK and best Sonic in Europe.
C.R.Z. :4fox: Ranked number 4 in London.


Hopefully this has readers excited to see what Europe can do at Genesis 3. Don't forget the best from Mexico, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and Japan are attending so be sure to read up on them as well. Excited for Genesis 3? Hardly able to wait through the final day? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned to Smashboards for more Genesis 3 coverage.

Want a player interviewed live at Genesis 3? Nominate a player and give questions to ask by filling out this form and SmashCapps will interview them live on Periscope at the event!


Is Ice really the 2rd ranked in Europe? I was hoping Leffen was also considered better than him :\ Otherwise, solid read, this will be hype no matter what. Go Rondoudou!
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Couple of things I noticed:

1) Ice is definitely 3rd in Europe after Armada and Leffen. Unless you mean "2nd best from Europe attending G3" in which case yeah Ice is 2nd.

2) Cong is actually set to play Smash 4 not Melee
At last we are going to see izaw in action... Hope he makes good reping in G3.
Just without this, the European Smash scene is too good. Overtriforce and Ice are amazing players, with the latter destroying Leffen at a national. It's kind of awesome: Armada and Leffen are one of the Gods(or one of the God slayers, in Leffen's case) with the latter being the second best right after the GOAT. The title shouldn't be "Continent of threats", because Europe isn't a threat. It's a rival.
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Since when is Latin America a country? Plus, México is part of Latin America too!
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