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Epita Smash Arena 3 - Paris, France - Full results and shoutouts


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
You can find the tournaments results on All is Brawl here.
Don't hesitate to register and say you attended the tournament ;)

Post your shoutouts, feedback or whatever you want to say about this tournament on here.
I'll post the results of teams with the names of the players in each team tomorrow, as I'm using my mac right now, I'm unable to open the tio file.


Smash Lord
Sep 16, 2003
The Hague , Netherlands
Nice Slhoka !!

Right first I have some pictures I took at the event:

The crowd reaction audio files for anyone that missed them:

And now for the most important thing the vids of course.
I spoke to AJP anton about how encode it. He told me how but we found that it could take 2 weeks or so for me to encode everything using my own laptops. Since he has a much stronger computer available to him we decided it was better if I just make .avs files for all the matches then send all the vids to him uncut and he runs a .bat that encodes all the vids and cuts them like I stated in the .avs.

So all the vids are uploading to his server now and will be on there in about 2 days/ maybe 3. Considering that's about 26 gig of vids I'm sending that's pretty fast.

AJP encodes the vids and they'll probably be done around friday/saturday. Expect all the vids to be online at the end of the week ( sunday). As soon as he has them I'm gonna upload them to youtube aswell.

As for the crowd reactions I haven't figured out a easy way to do that yet besides making manual cuts of all the audio files and fitting them to the video's then encoding them again. So that has to wait for another weekend.
I'm also not sure what's better. Blending them with the gamesound or making them a seperate stream that you can switch in the video file when playing in a player like media player classic.

lemme know what you think you'd prefer ^^.

ps: As for the SBF vids. They'll be cut in a lot worse quality but I'll probably cut them this weekend or next weekend.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 3, 2008
Paris, France
This tournament was one the the best (the best ?) I attended. Very well organized, lots of TVs, and I really did the best I could possibly do in bracket. The only thing missing was some regional crews, but w/e.

I'm glad I met and play a lot of people, and I hope to see most of them to TSL4 =)

Thank you very much to all the people that contributed to this event, and especially to Slhoka I guess.

Some shoutouts I posted on the French board, but I'm not sure if it has been read there :

Cash Mooney : Happy to hear your positive thoughts about the European smash community !

: Always nice to see your smiley face around =) 'Hope you had a good trip home (I understood you had to travel by train).

M. : First person with Aniolas to regognize my shirt. Try "Blue Velvet" or "Wild at Heart" if you prefer easy (sort of) stories to follow.

kyoichi : More lasers against Samus, and definitly more spacing.

Tero : We didn't play at SMACK and ESA. WTF ?

Makkura : Stop being angry at Falco ! See him as a little bird, easy to combo, and easy to edge guard :)

Yomi-no-Kuni : Glad to see that you play Fox and Captain now !

Remen : I want to play you more ! Know that our matches were the best I've ever did. Thank you !

Aniolas & Armada : Really nice talking to you guys, and thank you very much for all your support ! Seriously, you were behind by back each and every match I did =) Armada, you're a beast, only THE Peach player.

Ksta : Second time that we're in the same pool. Try not to D-Smash so much. And grab gimp doen'st work on me, Mrik trained me ^^

[K-12] : Our matches were too good. I'm looking forward to see your Samus next time.

Faab : You funny round-headed guy !

kJaB : You're just too cool man ! Love to listen to you talking about smash =)

Ryuker : Thank you for recording this event. I'm sooo waiting for my matches against Remen and K-12 =)


Smash Journeyman
Jan 3, 2008
Paris, France
Since a bunch of people are not used to AiB it's probably better if results are copied here :


View Bracket

1: Armada
2: Amsah
3: Strawhat Dahean
4: Zgetto
5: Iñf
5: Inevitable (Adam)
7: Poilon
7: Makenshi
9: Overtriforce
9: K-12
9: kJaB
9: Ice
13: Waxon
13: porc
13: Faab
13: Baxon
17: Wii Lee
17: Yomi-no-Kuni
17: Cyril
17: Remen
17: Qlex
17: Urulok
17: Agony
17: ClemJ
25: Tero
25: Doraki
25: CM
25: kyoichi
25: peyudosmith
25: Aniolas
25: Ryuker
25: salepate
33: CBT+
33: Aether
33: LGuy
33: 4ever
33: Boo
33: Mrik
33: Daisuki
33: Ashura
33: M.
33: Jin
33: bGin
33: Cash Mooney
33: Hikotsu
33: Venom
33: Slhoka
33: J0hn
49: Genius
49: Makkura
49: Odaril
49: Ksta
49: Raw!
49: Miko
49: Hectortugo
49: bossofsmash
49: Lal Tsuna
49: Hiryuu
49: Jontro
49: Gorn
49: Mass
49: Plinci
49: Over
49: Kurogane


View Bracket

1: Team U.G.S. (Armada + Aniolas)
2: Strawver Robhat Dahean (Strawhat Dahean + Overtriforce)
3: Amsah + Adam
4: Remen + Ice
5: Valk & Zalf (Faab + Zgetto)
5: Azi ta gueule (Poilon + Infernum)
7: Royalty Duo (M. + peyudosmith)
7: Baxon + kJab (Baxon + kJaB)
9: Hola I adios (K-12 + Urulok)
9: Makenshi + Waxon (Makenshi + Waxon)
9: Wir haben kein namen (Genius + Makkura)
9: Deadly Raise (Tero + Yomi)
13: les supers wagons (salepate + porc)
13: Kstuki (Daisuki + Ksta)
13: Weowntcha (Odaril + Qlex)
13: La Frite (Zato + Zell)
17: French Canadians do it better (Cash Mooney + Mass)
17: Fox and Ice (Doraki + Ashura)
17: No Johns (PaF + John)
17: Ryuker + Marte
17: Ceux qui amènent des télés (CM + sat)
17: ESIEE Warriors (Agony + Bgin)
17: ******* (hikotsu + Plinci)
17: Kami no smash (Kurogane + G aR)
25: Névrose (Bacintol + Bruno)
25: surrealista + SaiX (surrealista + SaiX)
25: Jontro + Drakula (Jontro + Drakula)
25: Charlon + Poiloro (Charlon + Poiloro)
25: walk of the dog (Lal Tsuna + Mrik)
25: Panz + Korial (Panz + Korial)
25: Boo + ClemJ
25: Les pâquerettes (Gorn + Link_enfant)
33: Team Rocket (Satiros + Hectortugo)
33: Team Ketella (Zyx + Stoneheige)
33: Mahie + samplay2 (Mahie + samplay2)
33: Oni + Vlad (Oni + Vlad)
33: Randoim Name (Yultan + Slhoka)
33: Le reste du monde (Shloub + Filty)
33: Hiryuu + CBT+
33: jmenfous (Kululu + DraQ)
33: Your Mom (Dero + c.love)
33: PA (Eldaflash + Pichu!)
33: We are a number (Raw! + Talvi)
33: z (Feca-Link + Wii Lee)
33: Bossofsmash + Bseed (Bossofsmash + Bseed)
49: Titi + justAplayer (Titi + justAplayer)
49: VIsth + Tyc (Visth + Tyc)


Smash Lord
Sep 2, 2007
Freiburg germany
Armada: I enjoyed the few matches we had, i hope i can play you some more at upcoming tournaments, your a nice guy, its fun to be around you
oh yeah, you only managed to win because you had such an awesome-self-inflating-sleeping-mat!!!!! (always remember that ;) )

Amsah: I take the first stock... amsah looks at me and says "3 stock" and i get 3 stocked ;_; thats just cruel...
but thanks for the matches ;) keep it up, i'm sure you'll be able to get back once you get the hang of peach, i have the impression you dutch players are a bit unused to floaty characters...

Strawhat Dahean: just wow... at the first evening at slhokas everything was fine, i could take some stocks every match, but the next day was just **** :D i kinda lost my motivation ^^ your a nice guy, looking forward to seeing you again!

Zgetto: I have to play you alot at tournaments... at ESA2, at Smack and at ESA3 even 2 times!! i dont think i took a match of you yet, maybe that should be my next aim :)

Poilon: thanks for driving us to the supermarket, your realy friendly ^^ but you could've helped poor slhoka a bit more...

Makenshi: we didnt play, i'd have liked to play you though, we had matches at TSL3 where you beat me 2:1... see you soon? awesome and funny guy ^^

Overtriforce: i'd have liked to play you alot more, our matches were kinda close, i dont know why thought, you should've ***** me

K-12: I didnt know you before this tourney, and i saw you 3or4 stock cash... thenn i played you and i got 3 stocked... and i was wondering "WTF got into the spanish guys?? Oo" but now i now you're one of the best spaniards, so everythings fine ^^ well played against porc!

kJaB: alte labertasche, das ios ja krass ^^ so lang war ich noch nich mit dir unterwegs, und manchmal kann es auch etwas arg nerven wenn du einfach alle unterbrichst o.ä... aber wayne, hat spaß gemacht die woche (oder fast 2?) und ich nehme einiges daraus mit (vorallem das ich endlich mal was machen müsste ;)
cya soon

Ice: we didnt play either at smack or esa iirc... but w/e, we have played enough ^^ good thing you came to help represent germany ^^ eventhough you're like half dutch nowadays ^^

porc: holy **** Oo wtf is wrong with you xD but our matches where still fun, and close but i think i managed to win many ^^ lets see what happens at TSL4 ;)nice that i got to play you a bit^^

Faab: tbh, after smack i really disliked you... but now, i just think you're ****ing funny and a cool guy

Baxon: didnt play, talked a tiny bit, you're awesome

Wii Lee: WTF.... you improved a ****ing lot... (stupid laz0rs ^^) i felt really stupid playing against you, because you did alot of things, i just couldn't punish you for, but should've been able (e.g. doublejumping when i respawn and then dair-ing me)

17: Yomi-no-Kuni: 17th is alright... still aiming for top10 at some tourney... GO AND ****ING PRACTISE LAZY ******* :p

17: Remen: surprising...

Qlex: didnt talk much, but makkura speaks truth xD du bist der beste

Urulok: didnt play much, but good matches ^^

Tero: ******* :p

Aniolas: after playing, you, i dont think your placement is justified... what happened? your a cool guy, next time we need to talk/play more ^^

Ryuker: thanks for recording everything... wtf at dutchies throwing stuff at you....

salepate: improved alot along with porc+ the other lyon-ppl. didnt play or talk :/

Boo: how can you alwaays be so stoned? Oo

Mrik: wow, great improvement! keep it up

Ashura: kicked me from the bracket ;) nice climbers, very good (but i lack experience against those little beasts, next time we play i wanna beat you :D

M.: your pretty cool and random, we had a few matches i think, looking forward to meeting you again

Slhoka: Thanks für the awesome tournament, and thank you for the housing... eventhough we had slight problems with your descriptions there and back xD

Genius: we need to play

Makkura: unsatisfiing results, nächstes mal wieder moar ****!


good tournament, good organization, crews would've been nice, but you cant have everything :)
lots of TVs, there were always some available (excpet when cycom decided to start putting them away)

see you all at TSL or Unnamend tournament of doom


Smash Apprentice
Sep 14, 2008
Seville (Spain)
this tournament was perfect, im learning and was a great oportunity to play with the best players in europe.

and i think that in this tournament spain has shown his potential, and if dahean hadnt used marth against amsah's sheik in the last match, dahean had been 2nd, although 3rd was a great position, congratulations dahean and too overtriforce, k12 and urulok by their great positions

and M and peyudosmith to have won makenshi and waxon in teams, and his 2-3 against remen and ice i think was. great job guys.

go spain!

im impatient to see all videos what were recorded.

PD: spanish mindgames


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007

So, to speak truth, I've been enjoying with limitless passion this tournament, it helped me understanding things I had never thought about before, and made me considering a more reckless training in order to reach a new level in the future tournaments. That, and other things in general, thanks to everybody who wanted to freeplay me. You people were so kickass!

Before I say anything, I must - I mean I NEED - to express some special thanks to several smashers.

Of course - first of all - a BIG thank you Poilon Achoral Slhoka Cycom and everybody who tried to help making this tournament a frank success (Like, housers who managed not to give me more than twenty people for my home - by the way, for those who were curious, it went great. My parents didn't notice anything)

I also adress my special thanks to Cash Mooney, who was such a nice man to cheer me on during the brackets. Special thanks also to peyudosmith, who had the god**** courtesy to speak to me in French. Merci à toi!
There is also thanks to people at my house, like Zgetto, thank you for helping me moving the bed! I appreciated that. And Daisuki, whom I saw cleaning the sink. Gracias, Daisuki.
Remen and Faab also did a good job cleaning the things they used for eating, though that was supposed to happen but thanks still.

Anyway, the no thanks should not be directed to someone, and - what a luck - I don't know who did it, but no thanks to the guy who damaged my chair. Thanks god my parents didn't want to keep it, so they weren't mad at all, but it could have been way worse than this, whatever you might have been thinking at the moment.

Shoutouts :

Aniolas : You have a minesweeper's luck! Thank goodness you finally got your bag back. By the way, were you the smasher who had such a heavy bag? Hope you had a good time in Paris anyway, see you next time.

Armada : Congratulations about the tournament, you did such an awesome job! Besides, I found really kind of you that you accepted freeplay before your tournament matches. That inspired me. Next time I will follow your example. Good job.

Martelol : It was nice to see you around, with your smiley face as porc said. Hope you had a good night with these chairs of mine. Hope nothing bad happened when you went back. See you another time!

Cash Mooney : Nice Ganon dittoes, very fun. I saw you suiciding to kill me like a real man haha. Thanks for the NTSC version I might add, it was fun to find the un-backwards Ganon again.

Makkura : Natürlich bin ich gut! Aber ich glaube, dass ich nicht der beste ist. Anyway, thank you very much for the freeplay, it helped me understanding new things. See you next time we meet, my friend.

Ice : Deutsche kann ich ein paar sprechen, aber ich glaubte, dass es so blöd war. Also ich habe nicht im Deutsch gesprechen. But I heard what you just said about me during the freeplay :) danke. Next time, we'll do a little more matches alright.

Kjab : Du bist so schnell! Falco ist jedoch langweilig. Pew pew! Good **** on FD, I was excited by this. I have a lot of respect for your Captain Falcon, and I may endeavour to have a Falcon near as fast as yours. Goodbye.

Tero : We did some freeplay, it was nice, but not long enough to me. By the way I watched Powerthirst SSBM edition. Such an awesome video! It's like hitting space animals with AN ELECTRICAL STORM!

Adam : Wow I got ***** lol. Thanks for the matches. I liked them. What I find to be funny is that I kinda weakened when I won the first match, and you actually played more seriously at the same time. What a result.

Ryuker : Gotta play your games, they look so hard lol. Thanks for trying to organize things along with some nice dutchies when you were at my place. See you next time!

Faab : lol @ the Qlex Ganon, not a Ganon. Gotta do matches next time. And thank you for the "Ganon master"

Amsah : Thanks for the freeplay. You looked like you had as much fun as I had when playing those crazy games the Spanish brought to us. Anyway we didn't have much time to play or discuss, so maybe next time.

Peyudosmith : Good matches in bracket. Thank you for everything concerning communication between all the Spanish people and me. Hope you had a good time anyway.

M : Well, no problem for the housing, hope it went fine to you for going back to Spain. Good Peach also, fast-paced and original one. See you next time!

Daisuki : We had a discussion while going back from the tourney, it was nice. Enjoy the future tournaments, hoping you enjoyed this one a lot.

K - 12 : lol jage. Good Falcon/ Ganon/ Fox/ Samus. Thank you for the freeplay

Strawhat Dahean : Wow you did a good job! Thanks for being so comprehensive to me concerning the housing, I honestly think I did my best here. Also thanks for speaking English well enough to communicate well with other Spanish people. See you.

Overtriforce : Very nice Sheik! You are very good at edgeguarding. Good improvement in English, too! Thanks for the freeplay. See you.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 24, 2008
Awesome tourney, with some of the best players of Europe + some surprises no one expected (like K-12, first time he went outside Spain, at least for a tournament).

Random shoutouts:

Dahean: Congratulations for all your results! I thought you would be 2º (since after seeing how Armada plays, I knew you wouldn't be first). Next time you'll rank higher for sure.

M.: Your 1v1 against Makenshi was epic. You and peyudo are so much better in teams than in singles.

Cash Mooney: Did you like european smashers?

Ryuker: Thanks for letting me, Hikotsu and Raw! do some random comentary in spanish. Hope you don't forget to add it to the video, I'm sure anyone that understands it will LOL hard.

Slhoka: You're one hell of an organizer, and a great guy. You as a TO = great tournament+so much fun.

Doraki: Thanks for housing us in your microflat even when you were ill. Your teddy foxes were so cute, and you really know how to growl.

Plinci: You surprised me at your second match against Adam. You almost won that one even when you suicided once. Your Sheik wasn't so good two days after the tournament.

Amsah: Your head was on my leg after your match against Adam. I'll never wash my leg again. Also, I never saw two players that played while their hands were shaking so much.

Armada: SOYA!


Surr: I hope you come with us again to another tournament. It's sad you leave after we meet :(

Raw!: You were the one that made this tournament the best experience ever. We'll have to meet again.

All the other spanish guys I met there that I can't remember now or I don't know what to say: I'm really glad I could meet all of you. All of you are great and we'll see again at another tournament.

Melee won't die!


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007
By the way, I don't care if the audio is blended with the video, but I can also get media player classic and do the job to get the two audio files.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 27, 2007
well, let's start the shoutout thing, hope I won't forget anyone :D :D

- Armada & Aniolas: you were the first people we played when we arrived at the venue (me, M, Ksta and Daisuki) and the last ones we played too (at Qlex's place).. I simply have to kneel down before you and say you (Armada) are the best player in Europe by far. you're such a monster that you didn't even lose a single match in tourney.. too good. I can't wait to see what you both can do in Genesis.
Great job in teams beating Over & Dahean, I thought that couldn't happen but you are just too good. Aniolas, I saw you had a tough bracket, however you are still so good, you could have done it better and you know it ;) ;)
Nice and friendly guys, I hope we can see you both at some other tourney soon :D :D

· Dutchies:
- Adam: you the best man, your set with Amsah was the closest one, you're so good and you will beat him next time.. just keep up the good work! ¡Qué bueno!

- Miguel: niiice to see you again, talked to you a lot cause you're so cool to us spanish (you ARE spanish ;) ;)), and being destroyed by you in the bracket again was just a pleasure to me :D :D
just keep on melee with the others and see you at the next one ^^

- Faab: good **** you kankerlijer, I was happy you and Miguel won teams in Smack, but you know one thing? me & M lost 2-3 to Remen & Ice while you and Miguel lost 0-3 to them.. so we are better than you!
just kidding hahah.. you still the funniest smasher btw

- Remen: yesz! you ***** me in pools, it was amazing. thank you man for playing me so much in freeplays, you sure helped me a lot against Fox. I thought you were going to place higher btw, keep it up!!

- Amsah: yay! you still really good but Armada is like a beast, I believe you'll find a way to destroy Peach for the next one. your set with Dahean was so nice, I can't wait to see it uploaded.. keep playing melee more often and you will definitely take back your 1# place :D :D
btw we didn't make any freeplays, sadly D: D:
our discussion on smasher names in front of that pizzeria was awesome though haha

- Ryuker: I didn't get to play you, however I am really happy you were there to record the matches, if it weren't for you many epic stuff would have been lost forever, so a bunch of thanks from the spanish people goes to you (I can't wait to watch our teams sets..)
also, you're the most serious person among the dutchies and it's good to have you around.

- Choco: we spanish really missed you not to be able to make it. hope we can see you next time, your presence in tourneys contributes to the showtime so much.

(end of kanker dutchies)

- Qlex: many thanks for the housing, you sure give the best you can.. being at your place in sunday night was one of the best things in the whole event, for sure.
je sais que mon français n'est pas du tout excellent mais je ferai ce que je peux pour me faire comprendre mieux la prochaine fois ^^
aussi, notre set en bracket était très amusant, tu as amélioré beaucoup dès ESA2!
bon courage et suivez avec melee, j'espère te revoir là l'année prochain :p :p

Doraki: good to see you again this year though we didn't get to play a single match.. I heard you gave awesome housing to Kyo and the others, they are really thankful to you ;) ;)

Makenshi: your set against Dahean was one of the most epic since you defeated him last year. I was happy Dahean won, but you sure deserve to be considered one of the best still (you beating Miguel in winners was just incredible to watch)
And also, our team set against you and Waxon was just too good. I hope you keep it up and we see you next year too :D :D

Poilon & Infernum: incredible performance both in singles and teams, you two and Makenshi maintain France to be still one of the best countries in Europe for sure. you just destroyed us in teams winner bracket D: D:

Slhoka: how could I forget about you.. you're THE GUY. you have managed to make this so great and almost on your own, and you're incredible because you know how to solve every single demand from everybody. the only thing I have missed this year was the crew battle stuff but since we spanish and french were the only to have enough people for that, it's not that important. I really hope there will be an ESA4 next year! (with even more people, crew battles and the same awesome organization!!)
Please, remember about my set against M that was recorded with your laptop!!

porc & salepate: YES! you're like the most charismatic guys in the smash scene.. you so friendly and funny, I can't wait to play you again, in pools, freeplays, bracket.. I don't care.
you salepate made an awesome performance at Smack, and you porc did even better in ESA3 (incredible sets against Remen and K-12).. both of you improved a ****in bunch since last summer.. that just makes me want to play moar and beat you next time ^^
also, awesome stuff in teams, les super wagons are so cool.
Maybe some spanish will make it to TSL4 (hopefully) and we can see you there.

Baxon: didn't play you there but you seemed to be a nice guy, keep the good work too :D :D

KJaB: so friendly! you're just like Aldwyn, you stayed with me playing freeplays and talking about smash and techniques, and such stuff, so cool. I can't wait to play you again in the next tourney and see how much you improved (a lot I guess ^^).
And good **** in Poker, playing it there with you, Miguel and the others was so entertaining.

Tero: nice to play you again since we couldn't play in smack! you improved a lot but you can still do it better! I saw your performance in teams was good too, I'm happy bout that.

Yomi: yay, another poker mate haha.. same as Tero, good stuff in teams, I hope to play you next time since we didn't do a single match at epita.

Ice: nice freeplays we had there at smack! I really enjoyed our team matches against you and Remen.. so freaking close.. for a moment I thought we were gonna make it and pass to the next round, but you still managed to beat us. keep it up and improve, you sure one of the best in germany along with kjab!

Makkura: nice freeplays! I'm sorry I was playing really bad in sunday morning and I had to stop and rest a little bit. I hope you improve for the next event!

ClemJ & Boo: nice team matches. the first one was really close, you're good!

Cash Mooney: nice to see you here in Europe! you did good considering you have been playing very few for a long time til now, keep up the good work and see you again hopefully. I don't think any spanish will make it to Genesis, so you will have to come back here some time!

and to finish this ****, I just have to say that M, Ksta, Daisuki and me were the only spanish to make it both to smack and ESA and that our trip was really epic. we didn't record many stuff since we had some problems with the camera, but we have to say that we won't ever forget about this.
just AWESOME, see you all at the next event!

shoutouts for the spanish guys at the spanish boards!

If I forget someone, I'm really sorry D: D:


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007
Ah haha! Actually, I've been so shocked that somebody spoke to me in my own language that I was just lost the first time we had a discussion, but your French is fairly good enough for me to understand you well.

Thanks anyway!


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
Every foreign attendant of ESA2 is now home, and thus, I consider ESA3 over.
It has been a fun week for sure, and I hope all of you had fun at the tournament. I think the whole event was a success, despite quite a few flaws.

I learned a lot while running this tournament, and I would like to apologize for a few mistakes :

  • The pools : I don't think I'll do the pools before the tournament anymore, unless everyone pays in advance. Two pools only had 5 people, and two had 8. It seems I forgot to uncheck some people, while making sure everyone registered was there. I really apologize about that.
  • The brackets : the main concern is about Spanish players from the same crew, who had to face each other. For the next tournaments, I intend to make sure I have more time to prepare the brackets, to prevent such mistakes.
  • The lack of regional crews : well, it's mainly because I let the tournament slow down on saturday evening, so everyone could have his matches recorded and see the other matches, since awesome games were played. Having more recording stations should be enough to take care of this problem. Taking care of the doubles tournament registrations earlier should also help in order to save some time.
  • My english : because having people laughing when you have to announce something actually slows down the tournament a bit. Hopefully, for ESA4, I'll show that I know the letter "h" has a use in English :laugh:
  • Some random things like having only one recording station (Ryuker you're the best), me not having authority (at least, not using it enough when necessary), not having any mic (but it was ok since we weren't a lot), etc.

Before I do my shoutouts, here are some thanks :
  • The players who helped me : Achoral, Orb, Wiisan, Acrumus.
  • The ones who housed other people : ClemJ, Dero, Poilon, Doraki, Poiloro, Ashura, and of course, Qlex (19 players housed... come on !)
  • The ones who brought hardware, among others Shloub who lent me his laptop for the tournament.
  • Ryuker, for taking care of video recording.
  • All of you for coming from far to this tournament =D

Shoutouts :

Yomi, Tero, kJaB, Makkura : Mein Deutsch ist fail. Es war gut, ihr zu housen, diese Tage waren so cool. Btw, danke für das Geschenk : jemand hat sein Duschgel vergessen. Es heiß aber "Green", so ich hab gedacht, das war freiwillig :chuckle:
Ice aka Mona Lisa : Es war so gut, dich noch mal zu sehen, aber gegen dich hab ich nicht gespielt =(
Du hast dich aber so krank verbessert, aber du sollst noch Fortschritte machen, um Pizza zu essen =/

Dahean : I was nice to house you at my place, and to be ***** so bad by all your characters. But come on, you gotta work against Peach and Ganon ! =p
Congrats for your placings and don't forget who is in your category, according to All is Brawl ;)
Urulok : It was nice to house you too, I enjoyed the friendlies. I'm deeply sorry for failing to seed you well in the team brackets =/
K-12 : You ***** me so hard in winners bracket ! I hope I'll be able to do a bit better, next time. Otherwise, the few moments with you on thursday at Doraki's place and in the subway were nice, I look forward to see you again. By the way, I didn't forget to post your postcard ;)
SaiX : So, it happens you weren't understanding me ? >=(
You should have told me ! Anyway, I heard you're a pretty good Brawl player. Glad to see you're good at both games =p
M. : Nice to meet you again : I'm really sorry for the bracket, and I'm really thanksful for your patience while asking me questions ;)
As for your match against peyudo, here it is : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=553SXGUJ (you still have to edit it, though, and the quality's not so good, but you can see what's happening).
peyudosmith : Désolé, mais toi, je ne peux pas te faire un shoutout dans une autre langue que le français. J'ai vraiment été bluffé par ton niveau, je n'avais même pas à faire attention à bien prononcer ou à ne pas parler trop vite, tu comprenais parfaitement (ou alors tu faisais semblant =p). A part ça, je n'ai pas eu trop l'occasion de te voir pendant le tournoi, ni de jouer contre toi, c'est dommage. Encore désolé pour les brackets =/
(If you have any trouble understanding that (I doubt it, seeing how well you understood me at the tournament), just ask ;))
Others Spaniards : I wasn't that much in touch with you during the tournament. I'm especially sorry for you surr, next time, I'll make sure we will play !

aka Masters of Randomness

Amsah : You got work to do, don't you ?

Adam, Zgetto : I swear, I'll bring a cake for ESA4 if you attend it.
Ryuker : Thank you so much for recording the videos. I don't know what we would have done without you !
Faab : Kanker german speaker
Remen : Sorry for freaking the hell out of you when coming to wake you guys up on saturday morning ^^'

Marte : Thanks for coming ! I hope you hadn't too much problems with your tickets.
During the tournament, you were one of those persons who just kept smiling all the time, no matter how late we were or which problems there were. That was really relieving, thanks a lot =p

Aniolas : Thank you for being so patient ! Every time we were late or something was not going right, I saw you arrive to see what was going on, never complaining but always being positive and supportive. It helped me not to stress too much. Congratulations for winning teams, too ;)
Armada : Oh well, I guess I'm not supposed to be surprised by the results of our pool matches, but come on, it was more than the usual **** ^^'
Congrats for winning pretty much everything. You were also way frendlier than you looked at ESA2, it was something I liked for sure ! =)

Cash Mooney : Last... but not least. Thanks a lot for coming from that far. I know that your trip wasn't exactly what you expected, not to speak about the loss you had to face, but I hope you will still remember it as a great experience.
As for Smash, we didn't play a lot, but I enjoyed our games =)

I hope to see all of you again, sooner or later ! (Genesis ? TSL4 ? ESA4 ? Somewhere else ? =) )


Smash Apprentice
Jan 9, 2007
Allrigth, I'm back home after a great tournament and a great train-trip!

First of all, nice to meet you all!
The pictures i have from the tournament (only two :p):


Shloka: Great tournament! Thank you for beeing so patient with the registration when I had to run off in the morning to fix my train-ticket!
Salepate: Nice to meet you again! Im sorry that I ate so slow that we did not have time for friendlies in the end!
Porc: Nice to meet you again too! Too bad that SLT4 is during the summer...
Qlex: Thanks for the housing! Great that you were able to house that many people. And your chairs worked very well as a bed!

Dutchies: Thanks for sharing the sleepingroom with me! I felt a little bit lonely when I arrived all alone, so I was wery glad when you spoke to me :)
Ryuker: It was great teaming with you!
Faab: Thanks for the Ganon-tips! Next tournament I'll be able to do it perfectly ;)

Cash Mooney:
Nice to meet you! Great that you came all the way from America to Europe. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

Aniolas og Armada: Grattis med to førsteplasser! Og fy søren å dere hadde flaks med passa deres! Det är vad man kallar tur ;)


Smash Cadet
Apr 10, 2007
I hella agree with peyudosmith.

Come on guys! I've been here so many times noticing nobody replied in the shoutouts forum, whereas people are having a somehow active discussion on bracket johns. Why are so few active smashers making their shoutouts? I get the feeling that nobody really liked the tourney.


Smash Cadet
Apr 23, 2009
Ok. I know my shoutouts are really late, but I just got back a few days ago, and I actually moved while I was away, to my surprise, so I've been really busy. I'm just going to post this in both threads.

Tyrone: I'm not sure what to say. You probably won't read this, but that trip to De Wallen was amazing, the space cake, and the RLD were both amazing, and I won't forget this trip now because of you. Thank you so much.

Amsah: You're an amazing person, as you are an amazing player. I've never met a smasher, or person even as kind as you. Thanks for the housing, lending me money so I could enter, and everything else that you did for me. My words can't describe how thankful I am.

Faab: I'm extremely sorry about the bus tickets, and I'm going to work as fast as possible to pay you back. After reviewing a bunch of my finances at home, I figured out I was jipped about 60 euros at the currency exchange office. I had a great time with you, and you're easily the most unique smasher I've ever met, lmao. And thanks a bunch for the

Zgetto: Lol, you're such a nut. I had a great time playing you. You're an amazing player, and you'll do extremely well when you come over here for Genesis. I can't wait to see it either. Also, I was pretty shocked when I heard you did speed runs for MK:DS, and we're the WR holder for it. That's amazing. We should Speed Run MM at MK64 sometime =D

Adam: Great guy, amazing player, I enjoyed our pool matches at Smash Attack, and I'll try and send you that NTSC copy when I can. We should just trade copies at Genesis :D

Remen: I've already offered my appologies to you, and once again, I'm extremely sorry for what happened in teams. My mind wasn't focused whatsoever, but for whatever it's worth, good matches. I had fun playing with you.

AJP: You're the main priority on my list of people to pay back. When my mom told me over the phone that she had used some of my money to pay for a U-Haul truck, there was really nothing more I could do. I hope you can understand.

UCK: Thank you so much for the housing, it was great. I hope you enjoyed playing NTSC :D And considering this was your first time hosting an event, you did an amazing job. Outstanding, to say the least.

Slhoka and Poilon: Great tournament! An amazing venue, 4 times the size of Pound 2, but just as amazing. This was easily top 5 in my most favorite tournaments. Both of you did a great job, and I had a great time in Paris.

Makenshi: I had fun playing you. Close matches =) You're an amazing player, and I hope to see you at Genesis.

Porc: It's unfortunate we didn't get to play any singles matches at ESA. I was really looking forward to playing your samus. Good set in doubles though at SMACK. M2k, Scar, and I may just be coming to Lyon in August. Can't wait!!!

Aldwyn: Most amazing Italian EVER. lol you're a great friend, and a funny dude as well. I wish we could have played when I wasn't so distressed, but oh well. We'll play again in the future, right? Come to Florida sometime ;D

QLEX!!!: MAH BOY. We really needed to play more, its a shame we didn't. I had fun ditto'ing you, and I hope you can come to America sometime and play our ganon's. You'd love it!

Oh and thanks so much for the housing. I really apreciated it. Sorry so much for whatever messes I happened to make(did I even make one?) I think I left a sock at your place >_>

Peyudosmith: Good matches, we should have played some BBall at Smash Atack :/

Everyone I played: I had a blast. Thanks for the matches.

Everyone I've forgotten: Don't mind me, just respond back to this and I'll add you to my list =)

My most asked question in europe was "What do you think of European players?"

I think overall, by average, if the Average European smasher played the Average American smasher, the European would win. There's so much creativity in all of your playstyles, there's no metagame being followed. I mean look at Armada. This kid is crazy, I've never seen anybody like him, and I never will. During friendlies, I actually had to think a little, because everything was so much different. In america, everyone that wasn't a top player was just a robot, following some metagame that has been set.

Europe, and it's players, are all amazing. Thank you everyone for the times I was able to experience. This was the most amazing thing I've ever done before, and it changed my view of America forever.




Smash Journeyman
Jan 3, 2008
Paris, France
Porc: It's unfortunate we didn't get to play any singles matches at ESA. I was really looking forward to playing your samus. Good set in doubles though at SMACK. M2k, Scar, and I may just be coming to Lyon in August. Can't wait!!!
At least, we played at Smack and it was fun, even though you seemed in a bad mood.
Anyway it was really cool having an American at those tournaments ! I hope your thoughts about Europe will motivate some to come this summer. And, as to me, I'll try to come to Genesis along with Slhoka and/or Baxon if they do so.


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
At least, we played at Smack and it was fun, even though you seemed in a bad mood.
Anyway it was really cool having an American at those tournaments ! I hope your thoughts about Europe will motivate some to come this summer. And, as to me, I'll try to come to Genesis along with Slhoka and/or Baxon if they do so.
Don't forget Qlex ! He's more than likely to come !


Smash Cadet
Apr 23, 2009

Haha, how could I forget.

Tero: Wtf at American's being so bad vs Sheik x_x Hopefully I'll have more sheik practice next time.


Marc: Sucks we couldn't hang more, let alone EVEN PLAY :mad::mad::mad: The one brawl set we had was not enough, MOAR MELEE IS REQUIRED. Oh, and sorry bout the MM man, I had nooo money x_x


Smash Journeyman
Aug 27, 2007
now that is a proper shoutout!

I hope there are enough top europeans at genesis as to crew battle the US..

ps: that royal flush avatar kicks some *** tero ^^

Luffy Dahean

Smash Apprentice
Jul 18, 2007
Mas vale tarde que nunca decimos en español.

Slhoka: What can I say? European Nealdt... or maybe at this point Nealdt is the american Slhoka. Very good tournament, hope to see you at ESA4 and thx a lot for the housing, for playing me and for your P... MAC.

People at Slhokas place (German): You guys are very nice people, thank you all for playing me, I really want to see you all at the next european tournament ^^

Amsah: I'll beat you in the next tournament

Adam: I really wanted to fight you in tournament T_T

Zgetto: Probably my favourite european player, I wanted to fight you in tournament too, thank you for the friendlies after the tournament :p

Faab: We didn't play >.<

Armada: Ugh...you completely ***** me, in tournament, in friendlies... Im going to study our matches and get some experience at fighting Peach, next time I will beat you, just wait!!

Aniolas: You are way better at teams than I though, we (over and me) are going to train very hard to get our title back for ESA4!! Btw... What about the video you recorded at Qlexs place? (You know... "that" video)

Remen: We didnt play -_-

Salepate: Im REALLY SORRY man, I didnt play you, next time (hopefully in Lyon) I will play you 20 friendlies

Makenshi: Man...sorry for using Sheik against you, I was (and I am) afraid about Marth ditto and I didnt want to lose >.<

Qlex: 19 people... Top tier at hosting people, and the next day you helped me calling Slhoka, too bad I didnt play you -_-". Thank you very very much for the housing ^^

Cash Mooney: We played in both tournaments singles and doubles, hope to you see again at Genesis ^^

Ryuker: Thank you for recording my matches, I could finally see myself fighting real pr0s so I could fix my mistakes and study my matches, we played some friendlies (Marth ditto, urgh...). You are a nice person :p

I enjoyed a lot our matches, great Marth ^^

I forgot the name of the ICs player, maybe Ashura but im not sure, sorry for this >.<: Thank you for playing me many games in friendlies, I enjoyed them, you are very good at chaingrabbing people !!

Ice: WTF you almost beat me in pools, you are very good, I think you will be an european top soon if you keep playing :p


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
Slhoka: What can I say? European Nealdt... or maybe at this point Nealdt is the american Slhoka. Very good tournament, hope to see you at ESA4 and thx a lot for the housing, for playing me and for your P... MAC.
Thanks for the compliment, even though I'm still far from him =p

And btw, you remembered right, the IC player was Ashura.
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