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Edge guarding Guide, data, and strategies.


Smash Ace
Sep 27, 2013
Nashville Tennessee
How to edge guard with Link

Working on in...

Edge guarding is one of the most integral parts of melee, but to my surprise no one has attempted to look in depth and flow chart edge guards for Link despite it being one of the primary ways he can take stocks. Being proficient in edge guarding can and will net you more kills than any other technique or strategy. Luckily Link has a very potent edge guarding game against most of the cast. From being able to fly off stage with N-air to harassing slower recoveries with a barrage of projectiles. Combine this with a great invincible ledge stall game, a strong kill aerial that can be reversed to reset situations and add big damage, and the treat of a semi spike always looming over your opponent's head. Recovering against Link can be daunting.

This guide will serve to educate Link players on how their opponent's recoveries work and how to best exploit them. It will go into strategies and concepts about option limitation as well as technical explanations for the presented ideas.

Into to edge guarding
Edge guarding is the act of preventing to opponent from returning to stage after being knock off. There are many different edge guarding tools as well as opposing recovery tools that each character can employ in these kind of situations. Just remember that an opponent recovering has limited tools while you have all yours at your disposal. This means the edge guarder is in a substantially better position. Taking into consideration the opponent's limited options and understanding how they work in each scenario is crucial to edge guarding.
Once you understand what the opponent's options are and how they function, you ideally want to cut off their best option first. This will force to opponent to choose a worse option and allow you to follow up accordingly to secure the kill. In most cases the opponent’s best option is to grab ledge and act from the corner position, but that's not always the case.

Wall Jump

Some characters have the ability to wall jump by hugging walls and flicking the joy stick in the other direction.
Intangible 1-14
Can act on frame 6.
  • Fox
  • Falco
  • Sheik
  • Falcon
  • Samus
  • Mario
  • Young Link
  • Pichu
Ledge Snap
Some Character's Up-Bs can instantly snap the the ledge when angled downward.
  • Fox
  • Falco
  • Sheik
  • Pikachu
  • MewTwo
  • Zelda
  • Ness
  • Puchu
Edge guarding fox can be very very tricky. He has one of the best recoveries a result of all the different fire fox angles, sweet spot options, ability to ride walls, snap to ledge from above stage, fast side B, and edge cancels. Combined with almost no landing lag on his Up-B and being able to cover giant distances, fox has a very versatile kit. Not to mention shine stalling and wall jumping.

Firefox (Up-B)
Total: 92
Start up: 1-42
Moves: 43
Start Hit: 20-32
Moving hit: 43-72
Initial Ledge Grab: 16
Grabs ledge: 72
Landlag: 6
Landfallspeciallag: 3
If Fox performs a Downward angles Fire Fox he will snap to ledge instantly. He must release the stick to neutral.

Illusion (Side-B)
Total: 63
Start up: 1-20
Moves: 21
Hit: 22-25
Shorten Timing: 20-24
Grabs ledge: 29 (5 frames after colliding with wall)
Landlag: 20
Landfallspeciallag: 3
Fox can shorten his side B by pressing the B button again between frames 20-24. There are 4 different shorten lengths.

Edge guarding Firefox is very difficult if your not able to intercept the start up animation. This will hopefully help you understand all foxes options and Links counter measures to these options. The next determining factor is Links proximity to ledge. If Link does not have time to reach ledge than all he can do is throw a projectile in hopes that it might reach fox in time. If Link is within close proximity to ledge then the edge guarding can begin.

Firefox can be broken down into 6 main areas relative to him and the stage. There is fox being above stage, parallel with the stage, and fox below stage.

Fox is easiest to edge guard when he is below the stage because he has the least amount of mix up’s from that position. Ideally Link wants to force fox to recover from that position and he can do so by throwing the boomerang at fox repeatedly at the Firefox startup and chip him down below stage or intercepting a prior recovery attempt with a low knock back move like jab or weak N-air.

If Fox ever Up-Bs close to stage while link is within close proximity to the ledge you should just go out and N-air him away. One strong N-air will normally enough to push fox to his death. You can also throw the boomerang at him like mentioned before to chip him blow stage.

If Fox Up-Bs High and away he has a few good options. He can recover on stage, go to ledge, or fall lower to stage and set up for an edge canceled Illusion or fall further to side-B to ledge. His better option is go to ledge so that’s where Link should position himself. Fox going to ledge from high is very good and tricky to cover because from a downward angled fire fox he will just snap the the ledge instantly. Being by ledge will force fox to use the less ideal option of recovering on stage. Because fox is far enough from stage to not get N-aired away he’ll probably not be able to get very deep into the stage allowing link to punish his landing accordingly. Just remember to intercept fox while he’s falling because Firefox has almost no landing lag.

If Fox is far away from stage and Up-Bs parallel to the ledge then he is in a pretty tough spot. He can’t instantly snap to ledge or ride walls. His best option in this case is to attempt a sweet spot right under the lip of the stages. By positioning yourself by the ledge you have a few options to counter this. If he misses the sweet spot then D-smash will knock fox Upward with survival DI and you can hit him away again with N-air at high percent or Up-B at mid/low %. If he DIs away then D-smash will sent him very far away and most likely won’t allow him back. This works with illusion as well. If fox attempts an on stage recovery from this position then you can simply determine where he’ll end up and N-air him away.

If Fox is forced to recover from Low then he has a couple good options. If he is low and close in this case you didn’t have enough time to N-air him away. He can hug the wall and sweet spot the ledge. The simple counter to this will be to grab the ledge before he can reach it. This will force him to go straight up which you can Up-B spike on reaction. If Fox is forced to recover from low and away then he has a few options. He can still attempt to go on stage or to ledge. He can also sweet spot ledge by riding walls in this case as well. To counter this Link can grab ledge on as soon as he recognises the situation. This will force of to go straight to ledge or on stage. If fox attempts to go straight to ledge you can attempt a D-smash or grab ledge preemptively and reverse N-air him away while invincible. If Fox attempts to go high in this case to land on stage Link can N-air him away as well. If Link is traveling toward a fire fox with N-air it will likely trade. If Link is traveling away from fire fox N-air will be slightly more disjointed and will beat fire fox out. This is useful for knowing if you want to go really deep for an edge guard.

Another thing to note is that in this position Fox can angle his fire fox very high upward and fall to ledge. This mix up is tricky but very punishable. If fox attempts this you can Up-B or N-air up away.

We touched on foxes illusion while talking about him being parallel to stage but didn’t go much deeper. Foxes illusion can be tough to edge guard when used in conjunction with up-b. It’s very fast startup can be tough to cover on reaction but lucky it has a good 20 frames of landing lag. Luckily Link has a few tools to combat side B. For example Link's boomerang is extraordinarily good at intercepting side B. placing a boomerang in the path of side B will always stop both illusion and phantasm.

Starting with fox being above stage, if he performs side B from this position he is likely attempting two things. He is going to shorten or platform cancel. You can normally tell which one he’ll be attempting by the position he is in when side B starts. If fox i not parallel with the platform then you can immediately know he will be attempting a shorten and in this case jab or Up-B will suffice to seal that stock. If fox is parallel with the platform but too close the platform to edge cancel then either he’ll miss the cancel which you can follow up on (with something… idk what it would be). Or he is likely attempting a shorten. If fox positions himself perfectly for a edge cancel it’s relatively telegraphed so you can just jump up and N-air.

If Fox is parallel to the stage and uses side B he only has one goal. To sweet spot. Link doesn’t have a grounded move to my knowledge that can reach low enough to cover a perfect sweet spot illusion, but luckily most foxes won't be able to hit those. In this case is i didn’t/can’t use rang i opt for down smash because as mentioned before it covers ledge extremely well and pops Fox strait up when DId inward. Other DI’s will result in a runoff N-air or just flying to far away to recover.
If Fox side Bs below stage then… lol

Last thing. Low level foxes have a habit of side-Bing straight through opponent's and landing on stage. If you don’t have time to throw a rang at them then simply shield/CC it and punish, jab on reaction, or use a persisting hitbox to stop him. (sometimes Up-B will send fox out the other side when it hits with illusion/Phantasm.)

At higher percents if you want to cover ledge from in stage D-smash will knock them too high up to follow up. D-tilt is better at higher percentage ms because it acts the same as D-smash in the mid %.

Fire Bird (Up-B)
Total: 84
Start up: 1-42
Moves: 43
Hit: 43-64
Innital grabs ledge: 16
Grabs ledge: 64
Landlag: 6
Landfallspeciallag: 3
If Falco performs a Downward angles Fire Bird he will snap to ledge instantly. He must release the stick to neutral. His start up fire has no hitboxes.

Phantasm (Side-B)

Total: 59
Start up:1-16
Moves: 17
Hit: 18-21
Grabs ledge: 25 (5 frames after colliding with wall)
Landing lag: 20
Landfallspeciallag: 3
Flaco’s phantasm is a meteor smash.

Same as fox but falco will almost always be in range to just N-air away because of his shorter Up-B. You can expect falco to use Side be much more tho as it covers a much greater distance than his up-B and comes out slightly faster than foxes. It’s also a meteor so no CCing it.
Falco can shorten his side B by pressing the B button again between frames 17-20. There are 4 different shorten lengths.

Dolphin Slash (Up-B)
Total: 39
Hit: 5-10
Invulnerable: 5
Moves: 6
Landfallspeciallag: 34
Grabs ledge: 23

Sword Dance (Side-B)

Total: 29
Hit: 6-8
Only first side B will make Marth raise. All after stall falling. Marth must land to regain the initial Side-B again.

Marths edge guard is fairy liner with a few mix ups. Ideally when Marth is knocked off stage he will save his DJ and use side-B to stall his decent long enough to make it back to stage. Marth wants to stall for as long as possible around the ledge area where he can sweet spot. He wants to save his DJ because it gives him substantially more defense from run off aerials and allows him more stall time around the ledge. It also gives him the option to sweet spot the ledge or swat people off the ledge after their invincibly runs out.Edgeguarding Marth from on stage is the least ideal position to do it from. Edge guarding him from on stage is inconsistent and Link doesn't have a horizontal launcher that covers Marths sweet spots. I recommend always grabbing ledge.You can, however, harass Marth's slow recovery with projects to force him to recover lower or burn his DJ swatting away projectiles.Edgeguarding Marth is all about the timing of Link ledge invincibly. Lucky Links DJ ledge stall is fully invincible when performed correctly. Using this invincibly Link is safe from Marth DJing and hitting him with an aerial or being clipped by any Up-B timing mix ups. It will also keep you safe when you punish Marth for using Side-B too close to the stage. Marths side-B is way laggier than it looks so if Marth performs it close the the stage you can drop from ledge with a reverse N-air or B-air safely to punish it's end lag.If Marth is smart and doesn't side B close to Link then he has two options. He can recover on stage or still attempts a sweet spot hopping Link will get antsy and come off ledge too early.In the case that Marth recovers high you can punish his landing lag with a ledge hop reverse D-air to rest the situation or ledge hop invincible reverse N-air while he rises will knock him away and won't allow him back if you re-grab ledge again. If Marth attempted the low sweet spot you can roll up to kill him or do the reverse N-air stat.If Marth attempted a DJ aerial to swat you off stage you can invincibly Ledge hop reverse N-air him or ledge hop B-air him.Some Links believe that run off N-air is a good edge guard but i believe it's a hard call out when Marth is recovering from above stage. This is the only senecio i'd opt for this. Marth will attempt to swat Link away with a F-air. Link wants to Place his N-air low at Marth's feet because the arc of his F-air starts from to bottom. This will most likely hit or trade with him securing a kill. If Marth is recovering low his Up-B And DJ F-air will likely beat out any of Links good run off aerials. The only exception to this is if Link is right above Marth his N-air will trade with the initial Up-B animation and likely Kill Marth.

Vanish (Up-B)
Total: 94
Hit: 36-42
Invincible: 18-55
The frame of choosing direction: 35
Grabs ledge Initial:19
Grabs ledge after poof: 68
Landlag (from air): 30
Lading Lag (ground collision):39
Landfallspeciallag: 4
Only sheiks first poof has a hitbox.
When sheik up-B’s her character doesn’t actually disappear and reappear. She is actually just invisible and moves to the next location. Because she can not move through solid objects, if she collides with a wall or ground it will cut the travel time shorter and force her to appear in that location. If Sheik appears in the air her landing lag will be 30 frames, but if she reappears already grounded it will be 39 frames.

Sheik can not adjust her aerial trajectory after her Up-B, so if she Goes straight up she can not drift on stage.
She can also snap to the ledge faster if he angles her Up-b Downward, but she has to be above stage to aim down at the ledge. If she tries to sweet spot ledge from below or parallel to the stage this is not a factor and she’ll have to wait a small amount to grab ledge.

Double poof tech.
If sheik lands at the apex of her initial Up-B her aerial explosion box will come out and then her grounded explosion hit box. This is the double poof. After that she will finish her up-B normally by appearing somewhere else. She has to do this relatively close the the stage so you can interrupt her initial 18 frames of Up-B vulnerability or perform a slow get up a little later to punish landing lag

Edge guarding Sheik. Similarly to Marth, sheik has a liner recovery with little mix up options. The difference is that she has no mid air stalling options, but has the option to recover to platforms if she so chooses. Sheik will mix up from going on stage, ledge, or going to platforms. Sheiks best option is to go to ledge to avoid her egregious landing lag. Grab ledge and refreshing your Invincibly when she's close to force her on stage is best. If she attempts to hit Link off ledge you should be fully invincible so there's really no risk involved with grabbing it. Luckily the second poof of Up-B doesn't have a hitbox so there's no risk of being hit when going for your punish.

In most cases it’s best to use normal get up. Links normal get up lasts 32 frames and It will allow Link to occupy ledge he whole time, preventing Sheik from grabbing ledge while still having enough time to punish her 30 frames of landing lag. The best time to perform a normal get up is right after you see her first poof. It comes out frame 36 and ends frame 55. This means if she goes to ledge Link will still be occupying ledge and she’ll fall to her death. If she lands on stage or on a platform you’ll have time to reverse D-air her off stage or if she recovers strait up you can quickly WD back to cover ledge or Spin attack to spike her.

6 jumps ( 5 DJs)
Each Jump progressively declines in height.

Sleep (Up-B)
Grabs ledge: 24

Pound (Side-B)
Total: 45
Hit: 12-27
When to aim: 12
Earliest FF: 42
Grabs ledge. 46
Puff must angle the pound upward to gain height. She can also angle pound down or go straight to the side.

Hmm… just count her jumps and hope he doesn't have enough to get back.

Peach Parasol (Up-B)
Initial Attack
Total: 40
Invincibility: 3
Landing lag: 4
Hit: 6-29
Parasol opening animation: 41-55
Earliest close parasol: 56
Grabs ledge: 34
Notes: peach can reopen the parasol in one frame. Opening parasol animation takes 15 frames. She can perform a normal fall and FF with a closed parasol.

Total: 150 (2 ½ seconds)
If the float timer ends while an aerial is being performed you will enter float for 1 frame after the aerial ends before the float drops.

End Float
Total: 5
Can Grab edge at any frame of Float End

The best Link can do is babysit and throw projectiles at her. You’ll want to count her float to see how long she has left before she has to make a commitment. (Use the timer at the top of the screen). Ideally if you prevent her from floating back she’ll be forced to Up-B which makes her a lot more vulnerable. Control space and do your best to force her to recover in the corner and pressure her to not go the top platform. If you can try to make her feel safe floating on stage above you and try to shark her with U-air. Something i do is when she floats really high i try to throw bombs strait up at her. Just extra damage i guess :/

Ice Climbers

Squall Hammer (Side-B)
Total: 69
Hit: 12-55
Landfallspeciallag: 4
Grabs ledge: 70
When ICs land while in squall hammer they continue the animation. When it’s a single climer squall hammer has a substantial reduction in height. They lose their DJ when they side B. If they land and get knocked off while still in the side B animation they do not get their DJ back.

Belay (Up-B)
Total: 89
Nana hits: 17-59
Nana invulnerable: 5-59
Nana becomes falling: 60
Only Popo total: 42
landfallspeciallag: 25
Grabs ledge after launch: 74 (frame 45 of launch animation)
Grabs ledge initial: 24
Only Nana is invincible and has a hitbox. Popo is completely vulnerable and can’t hurt you. Only one climber can hold the ledge at any given time. If Nana collides with a wall she will be forced to turnaround and can not grab ledge. Neither climber can grab ledge during the Belay animation.

Nana Info dump-
If popo grabs ledge Nana always DJs on stage, if they do not have a DJ she falls to her death.
Nana will always DJ when she drops below the ledge, which leads to a free spike.
Nana cannot DI, SDI, or ASDI which means at higher % she will almost always be split from popo off stage, but will snap back with him if close enough to Popo’s side-B and Up-B.

Falcon Dive (Up-B)
Total: 64
Grab: 13-33
Start Up: 1-13
Moves: 14
Landing lag: 30
Can grab edges as soon as: 38
Grabs ledge: 45
grabs edges from both sides

Aerial Falcon Kick (Down-B)
Hit: 15-29
Recovery time: 28
Landing Lag: 45
Landing Hit-box: 1-2
Falcon Kick can restore falcons DJ. He can only DJ after the animation is completely over.

Falcon has a very unfortunate recovery with very few mix ups. It’s slow on startup, doesn’t have a hit-box, is very liner, and has a lot of end lag. Abusing all this Link can make quick work out of his edge guarding. Falcon can’t even sweet spot the ledge. There are really only two ways the falcon edge guard changes and that's between high and low recoveries. If falcon is recovering high he can Up-B deep on stage or Fade back to ledge. If falcon Up-B’s high then you can simply jump to the side platform and wait to see where he goes. If he tried going deep then simply N-air him until he drops lower and lower. If he fades back you can still N-air him which will probably knock him so far off he won’t be able to return. If falcon is below the stage you can simply Sh N-air off stage. From here you can do a DJ N-air to secure the kill. You can also do a ledge drop B-air and up-B back. If you do not have time to get off stage falcon can’t sweet spot the ledge so D-smash will clip him and pop him straight up or send him too far out to come back. It’s also notable that Link can force Falcon to land on stage by holding ledge. On every stage aside from DL Links ledge hop reverse D-air kills out right past 115%. So if falcon is ever sent off stage past then just hold ledge and get a free kill.

Skull Bash (side-B)
Start up: 13
Travel time: 40
End Lag: 30
Total: 83
landing lag: 45
Max Charge Time: 90
Smashing the control stick will send pika further than tilting. Pika's travel time is the same for no charge and fully charge.

Quick attack (Up-B)
Hit: 13-18, 27-31
Startup before travel begins: 13
Starts moving: 14
Travel time of first jump: 14-18
Pause: 19-20
Hurtbox distorts upwards: 21-23
Hurtbox distorts sideways: 25-26
Travel of Second Jump: 27-31
Pause: 32-33
Hurtbox distorts upwards: 34-36
Hurtbox distorts sideways: 37-39
Begins to fall: 40

Landlag: 24
Landfallspeciallag: 4

Ledge Grab Capable Frames:

Startup: 11-13 (used when performing Up B stall)

One Zip:
14-18 (if moving downwards)
Two Zip:
14-18 (if moving downwards)
27-31 (if moving downwards)


Screw attack (Up-B)
Invincible: 1-3
Hit: 4-27
can grab edge as soon as 38
Grabs edges on both sides
Landlag: 24
Landfallspeciallag: 24

Bomb (Dowm-B)
Total: 53
Bomb appears: 10
Hit: 10-73
Explosion: 84-95
Bomb exists: 73 frames
Cancel by crouching: 46>

Explosion shield stun: 7
Bomb bounces off shield stun: 6

Total: 53
Completely interruptible: frame 2
where frame 1 is the explosion

--Increased Mobility--
Air: all of both bombing and bombjump
ground bombing: 1-42
ground bombjump: 1-48


Super Jump Punch (Up-B)
Total: 37
Hit: 3-21
Invincible: 3
Time to decide direction: 4
landing lag: 30
Fall special lag: 30
Grabs ledge: 25
Doc can cancel his grounded Up-B by Holding forward on frame 2 and the back on frame 3. Allowing him in instantly land. Because Doc hit's on frame 3 hit-stun increases the frame window this tech can be performed.

Dr. Tornado (Down-B)
Total: 79
Hit: 8-39
Last chance to become airborne if
started on the ground: 10
Doc's tornado can only be used once while air born and he must land to regain the ability to use in again. By mashing "B" very rapidly he can gain a very small amount of height. it's best used for stalling as gaining a small amount of horizontal distance.

Super Sheet (Side-B)
Total: 35
Hit: 12-14
Reflects: 6-33
Doc's Cape can be used to recover with the first aerial use granting him a small amount of height and all other subsequent uses only good for stalling his decent. Landing will "recharge" the cape allowing him to have the first use height bonus again. It also allows him to turn around safely.

Double Jump
Total: 70
Armor: 1-70
Grabs Ledge: 54
Landing Lag: 4
Yoshi's DJ Armor
When Yoshi is hit while in his DJ animation he takes all the damage and hit-stun as normal but because of his unique armor he often does not take any knock back. that is because his DJ armor is subtractive meaning that every time Yoshi is hit the game subtracts 120 units of knock back from the attack. That means if the amount of knock-back is less than 120 Yoshi can tank the hit, but if it exceeds 120 it will break his armor and deal the remainder of the knock back. (example--- if Yoshi is hit with an attack that deals 200 units on knock back the game subtracts 120 and Yoshi is inflicted with 80 units on knock back) This is also why Yoshi can't tank stronger hit's at higher percent because as we all know knock back scales to damage.

Egg Roll (side-B)
Start Up: 20
Duration: Dependent
Egg escape: 40

Aerial Yoshi Bomber (Down-B)
Hit: 19
Grabs ledge: 18
Landing Lag: 40
Landing Hit: 1-16

Super Jump Punch (Up-B)
Total: 39
Hit: 5-23
Invincible: 5-8
Grabs Ledge: 27
Reverse: 1-8
Landlag: 40
Landfallspeciallag: 40

Green Missile (Side-B)
--Upon release--
Total: 74
Hit: 5-44
Landing Lag: 41
There is a 1/8 chance of getting a misfire.
If Luigi Smashes the Side-B he will go further than a tilt.

Fire Ball (Neutral-B)
Total: 46
Fireball comes out: 17
Fireball lasts: 50 frames
Fastfall anytime

Aerial Luigi Tornado (Down-B)
Total: 79
Hit: 6-29, 43
Window to hop off the ground: 6-43
Second hitbox is lower in the air
Similarly to the other Mario bros Luigi can gain a small amount of hight and horizontal distance by mashing B while using the tornado. This can only be done once before having to land to regain the ability. How it differs from his brother tho is that luigi must charge his tornado by using Down-B while grounded before being able to use it while in the air. Luigi doesn't have to start the Down-B on the ground, he just has to be grounded during any part of the animation fr him to re-gain this tech.
Dark Dive (Up-B)
Total: 64
Grab: 13-33
Direction choosing: 13
Landlag: 30
Landfallspeciallag: 30
Grabs edges: 45
Grabs ledge fro both sides
If grabbed
Hit: 3-23
Releases on frame 25
Free falling 60 frames after release

Wizards Foot (Down-B)
Total: 58
Hit: 15-29
Landing hit: 2-3
Landing animation: 57
Wizards Foot restores Ganon's DJ. He can only DJ after the animation has finished.

Super Jump Punch (Up-B)
Total: 37
Hit: 3-21
Invincible: 3
Time to decide direction: 4
landing lag: 30
Fall special lag: 30
Grabs ledge: 25
Mario can interrupt the his Up-B with a wall jump by imputing the wall jump on frames 24 and 25. This allows in to essentially have a double Up-B.

Mario Tornado
Total: 79
Hit: 8-39
Last chance to become airborne if
started on the ground: 10
Last chance to get a midair boost: 37
NOTE: On the ground, 2nd-7th hits by
arms, in the air by head and feet as
Mario's tornado can only be used once while air born and he must land to regain the ability to use in again. By mashing "B" very rapidly he can gain a very small amount of height. it's best used for stalling as gaining a small amount of horizontal distance. It also allows him to turn around safely.

When used in the air, Pressing B at a
rate of once every 8 frames breaks
even in height.

Cape (Side-B)
Total: 35
Hit: 12-14
Reflects: 6-33
Mario's Cape can be used to recover with the first aerial use granting him a small amount of height and all other subsequent uses only good for stalling his decent. Landing will "recharge" the cape allowing him to have the first use height bonus again.

Young Link
Aerial Spin Attack (Up-B)
Total: 80
Hit: 8-50
Landing Lag:
Fall special Lag:
Grabs Ledge:
Grabs ledge from both sides

Air Tether
Total: 60
Hit: 9-18

Spinning Kong, Aerial (Up-B)
Total: 84
Hit: 2-5, 11-66
Invincible: 2-5
Invincibility on arms: 11-42
SpecialFall Landlag: 7

Aerial Spin attack (Up-B)
Total: 79
Hit: 8-50
Grabs ledge: 42
Landlag: 24
Landfallspeciallag: 24

Hookshot (Z-Air)
Total: 59
Hit: 11-18
Hook to a wall: 11-19
Jumping from hookwall: 1-8 (depending
on how far from the point of hooking
you are, or if you're dangling)
Jump duration: 36
Fastfall anytime (unless you air
dodged upward)
Landlag: 30
Landfallspeciallag: 4

Fire (Up-B)
Total: 39
Hit: 1-37
Landlag: 40
Landfallspeciallag: 6

Blazer (Up-B)
Total: 48
Hit: 9-21 (several hitboxes)
Invulnerable: 9
Time to alter angle: 9
time to change direction: 10
Can grab edge as soon as 32
Landlag: 30
Landfallspeciallag: 30

Double Edged Dance 1
Total: 29
Hit: 6-8
Window for the next move: 8-26

Teleport (Up-B)
Total: 33
Start Up: 7
Invincible: 8-18
Grabs ledge: 32
Landing lag: 29
Landfallspeciallag: 4
Angling Teleport downward will allow Mewtwo to snap to ledge.

Teleport (Up-B)
Total: 114
Hit: 10-11
Invincible: 33-53
Time to aim: 33
Can grab edges
Landlag: 30
Landfallspeciallag: 4

PK Thunder (Up-B)
Startup: 19
PK Thunder comes out: 20
PK Thunder lasts: 119
Recovery time once PKT is gone: 54

PK Thunder Blast Off
Total: 70
Hit: 1-36
Invincible: 1-9
Landlag: 30

Agility (Up-B)
Total (1 jump): 71
Total (2 jumps): 87
Time to aim 1st jump: 13
Time to aim 2nd jump: 29
Landlag: 12
Landfallspeciallag: 1(!)

Skull Bash (Side-B)
Charging starts: 14
Max charge time: 161 frames
--Upon release--
Total: 70
Hit: 5-40
Recovery time (air): 34
Recovery time (ground): 30

Aerial Whirling Fortress (Up-B)
Total: 49
Landfallspeciallag: 10
Can grab edge as early as: 36
if you started on the ground and
fell off, you can grab sooner

Final Cutter (Up-B)
Hit: 23-24, 47-49, 54-56
Turn around window: 2-15.
--hitting the ground--
Total: 34
Hit: 2-26
can grab edge as early as 44
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