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Echo Fighter Differences in Smash Ultimate

Luigi Linguine

Smash Cadet
Mar 27, 2017
Edit: Well this is awkward.
- Sword has no tipper sweetspot or hilt sourspot; hitboxes are consistent all throughout

Dark Pit:
- Silver Bow deals more damage, but has a much more restrictive aim
- Electroshock Arm deals more damage and sends horizontally (and obviously has an electric effect, causing greater hitlag) compared to Upperdash Arm

Sadly, I couldn't find any differences between Peach and Daisy. Even their hurtboxes seem to be identical to each other despite minor animation differences in their walk, dash, and idle stances. I may be mistaken though.

- Holy Water will not cause explosives to instantly combust due to it being aura-based rather than fire-based

- Sword has no hilt sweetspot or tipper sourspot; hitboxes are consistent all throughout
- Has Ike's up-special

Dark Samus:
- Samus's fire attacks are replaced with electric attacks, causing greater hitlag and preventing explosives from instantly combusting
- Has a higher jump
- Has a generally larger hurtbox due to more exaggerated movements
- Has slightly less range on forward-smash
- Up-smash hits shorter opponents
- Has a faster forward and back roll

- Runs and walks faster
- Hadoken deals less damage and does not have the Shakunetsu variant
- Shoryuken is fire-based and hits multiple times
- Tatsumaki Senpukyaku hits multiple times
- Has a different back-throw similar to Pikachu
- Has a different hard jab
- Has a different hard forward-tilt
- Has a different forward-smash

Additional notes:
- While Dark Pit's forward-tilt had less knockback in Smash 4, this is no longer the case in Ultimate and it's now the same as Pit's
- It's a common misconception that Dark Samus is floatier than Samus, however their falls speeds are identical

If you find any more differences, no matter how small, please feel free to add! I'm especially unsure about Ken because I've never played Street Fighter and I don't know if there are any more special inputs with him.
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