Easy short hop?


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Dec 29, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I recently bought SSBU and I've been practicing combos and techniques. I had so much trouble with short hop but by remapping controls I found out a easy fix for this. I remapped my controls like this:

X - Throw
A - Jump (Played so many PS games that this is instinct now)
B - Special
Y - Attack
R - Jump
And everything else is the same.

Here is the strange part, if you press both jumps at the same time character always performs a short hop, in my case R + A. None even mentions this online, everybody tries to short hop by pressing jump button fast. Is there a reason for this?


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Jul 24, 2018
Yeah, I usually press both jump buttons without problem on the pro controller. But I really dont understand why I cant set one of the jump buttons to be a short hop button alone... Press both buttons on the joycons is pretty bad. This is even a bit stupid in my opinion.

I use A and B as jump buttons. Y as attack and X as special.
A + B to short hop is pretty easy on the pro controller to me, and I use these buttons because my muscular memory too. I played too much Mario (specially Mario World) on SNES and these buttons are the default jump buttons to me.
I also disable the Stick Jump to not jump by accident with the analog stick.
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Jul 28, 2016
The whole jumping system/mechanics were rather screwed up imo in Ultimate (I prefer sm4sh’s more basic system). I’m fine with pressing 2 jump buttons to get a short-hop, but full-hops were just made more difficult and you can no longer do frame perfect full-hop aerials (as well buffer one) because of the addition of the short-hop aerial tech (where you press jump and attack simultaneously). This mechanic makes many combos impossible, which were possible in Sm4sh, as well as make the game feel more clunky. Ultimate just needs to have more options in the control settings to be able to toggle mechanics like this.
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