E3 2018


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Jul 20, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
No E3 thread? What are you all doing?

How have you responded to the reveals thus far, and what are you looking forward to coming up?

I am a lifelong fan of Dead Or Alive, but was disappointed heavily by the direction that DOA5 took following the departure of the series's founder. I have finally accepted its death after seeing that the new leadership is continuing in the same direction with DOA6, along with other changes they'll be implementing.

But seeing how terrible games have been as this decade has worn on, I'm ultimately not surprised.

We got a Devil May Cry 5 announcement. It looks like it has the exact same atmosphere and tone of Devil may Cry. I personally thought the story of Devil may Cry was well done, and I actually enjoyed a lot of the music in it---in fact, it was almost just as good as the mainline music. But it wasn't Devil May Cry, as the mainline games set the precedent. It was something else. And that's where DMC5 falls flat in my eyes---it's trying to be something else.


Pic related is DMC5 Nero next to DMC4 Nero. They look hardly anything alike, which has to do with the new game engine the developers used, having to motion capture Nero's voice actor. Dante also looks nothing like himself according to the trailer.


I don't like the new female sidekick. I think her presence shows that the developers are trying to be more "mature" and "realistic" when, again, that's not what Devil May Cry is. There was a controversy about DmC Donte smoking for a reason.
I can only imagine what havoc they would have wreaked on Vergil's character in DMC3 if they had the same mindset as now.
Shiny blue leather trenchoat?
Nope, give him an all black Gore-Tex techwear mid-length jacket.
Swept back long hair?
Nope, give him an undercut that reaches about mid-neck on one side.
Daniel Southworth?
Are you kidding? Lmao! Give him someone more deep, dark, and manly.
It's good that they are sticking with Johnny Young Bosch as Nero's voice actor, but this redesign, I feel, is all too sympathetic to this trend of contemporization that developers are playing into. I could not even tell that Nero's jacket was still blue without looking at the concept art---everything is so gray...

I disliked the trailer music. It's even less authentic than DmC's sound. The demons' designs don't sit well with me.

And I'm not sure what to make of the plot so far. I'm not pleased that Nero has lost Devil Bringer, on the one hand (especially having to replace it with the ugly looking mechanical arm), but on the other hand, someone stealing it to unlock some sort of power makes sense.

I'm initially repulsed, but I am willing to see just a bit more before I take a final stand on it.


Even this simple change would have alleviated some of my anger. It feels like they didn't even try to be faithful.

As far as what I want to see: Smash 5 as Melee 2.0.