Dragovian King's Knowledge (Hero Kill % and Knowledge Thread)


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A thread that I'm putting together to keep track of my findings while playing and practicing with the Hero. Some of these are listed in the game's 'notes' I'm sure, but I know most people don't look at those. I'm not listing the obvious.

Important Notes

On Grabs
Pummel will use Psyche Up.
When buffed, Fthrow and bthrow both become deadly.

On Sword Attacks
Has a sweetspot on all of his sword moves except for Side Smash (usually the tip) However, Up Tilt's sweetspot is the entire blade, whereas his hand is the sourspot.
Up Tilt does not hit small or crouching opponents in front of him.
Fair, Bair, and Dair must be full hopped or higher to auto cancel.
Psyche + Oomph allows a half charged Side Smash to one hit shields.
Critical Hits deal 2x damage

On Magic
Gains about 1MP per second.
Doesn't regain magic while looking in Command Menu or while charging spells.
MP Costs of Normal Spells (These are not listed in the command wheel)



Your hand has a hitbox.
These attacks can be intercepted easily. Attacking them reduces the damage you take due to the explosion starting sooner.

Slash does damage even if you have no MP.
Super Armor is active on Kazap during the spin attack.
Zap is a disjointed attack, not a projectile. It cannot be reflected.

On Regaining Magic- Restoring Magic is essential. Hero restores MP within 1% of the amount of damage he deals WITHOUT the 1v1 Multiplier.
Crits restore more MP than normal. Not quite double.
Hitting multiple opponents restores more than hitting one, but does not add the same amount per hit unless it occurs on a different frame.
Charging Smashes does NOT recover more MP.

Jabs- Will restore 9-11 depending on combo delay
Dash Attack- 14-16
Side Tilt 1/2- 5/7
Up Tilt- 9 up close, 10 medium, 11 tip
Down Tilt- 6-7
Side Smash- 17
Up Smash- 14-16
Down Smash- 10-14 depending
Pummel- 1
Front throw- 7
Back throw 9
Up throw 6
Down throw 6
Nair- 8-10
Fair- 10-11
Bair- 12-15
Uair- 6-7
Dair- 11-16

On The Command List
All Command List spells can be reversed upon activation
Being footstooled on the ground does not cancel the command menu.
He can grab out of command menu by tapping shield just before attack
He must at least enter the full thinking stance before any move is executed, even if you mash.

Psyche Up and Oomph Affect Kaclang, Flame Slash, Kacrackle Slash, Metal Slash, Hatchet Man, All versions of Zap. Psyche Up and Oomph Stack. Note that while Psyche Up affects Kazap, any single hit of the attack will remove the buff, thus a kill percent is not known for the final strike.

Psyche Up- Damage increase, Knockback Increase.
Lasts indefinitely.
If it hits a shield, item, or projectile it wears off.

Oomph- Large damage increase.
Also increases damage taken.
Lasts 10-11 seconds

Also increases jump height and air mobility. Makes you lighter.
Lasts around 9 seconds

Lasts around 11 seconds
Is immune to explosions, not just projectiles. (Include Mines, Bob-ombs, Blast Box, Smart Bombs, Link's bombs, etc)

Flame/Kacrackle Slash
Hits hanging opponents.

Hatchet Man
One hits shields.

Hitting your head with Zoom cancels Zoom but does not send into helpless.

Restores 11%

Has a vacuum effect before the explosion

Is unblockable but does not break shields

Travels farther than any other small projectile. The slow movement allows him to approach with it.

Kill Percentages- tested on Pit from mid stage FD.

Dash Attack (Tipper)- 110%/90%/75%/60%
Dash Attack- 130%/110%/90%/70%
Side Tilt 2- 135% (Psyche Only)/110%
Up Tilt- 105% (Psyche only)/80%
Side Smash- 95%/75%/60%/50%
Up Smash (Tipper)- 100%/80%/65%/50%
Up Smash- 125%/100%/85%/70%
Down Smash (Back hit)- 125%/105%/90%/75%
Down Smash (tipper)- 125%/105%/95%/80%
Bair- 130%/120%/95%/85%
Uair (on aerial foe)- 105% (Psyche+Oomph Only)
Uair- 120% (Psyche+Oomph Only)
Dair (Sweetspot)- 130% (Psyche Only)/115%
Front Throw at ledge- 120% (Psyche Only)/80% (Psyche+Oomph)
Back Throw at ledge- 120% (Psyche Only)/90% (Psyche+Oomph)
Up Throw- 135% (Psyche Only)/105% (Psyche+Oomph)

Kazap- 50%/30%
Flame Slash- 90%/75%/60%/45%
Kaclang- 125%/105%/90%/65%
Hatchet Man- 45%/30%/15%/5%

Kafrizzle- 80%
Kaswoosh- 148%

Magic Burst (Full MP)- 25%
Kamikazee- 55%
Kaboom- 85%
Sizzle- 130%
Bang- 135%
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