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Dr. Mario Move Wishlist


Smash Journeyman
Jun 22, 2014
Hey, so since custom animations are a thing for melee, I've been wondering what new animations could spruce up Dr. Mario. The only ideas I have had were a different pummel where he uses his stethoscope and does electricity, and a different wait animation where makes sure his gloves are on tight (think dr putting on latex gloves). Is there any moves you wished he had? Would you prefer that he had a stomp like in Ultimate? I feel like his melee dair is somewhat unique so I'm not sold on changing it.


Smash Cadet
Aug 16, 2017
Massachusetts, United States
A cool idea would be for his down b to maybe curl up for like 15 frame and then explode into and X type shape where he spreads his arms and legs and both arms and legs have hit boxes and do tons of knock back. But he doesn’t spin like his normal down b. And only does it once.
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