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Don't Go Down There Jeff! Results (gsg2)


Smash Cadet
Mar 16, 2010
Bay Area, CA
Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'll do it anyway.

I'd like to know if anyone who was at the tournament, who is from the bay area, would like to exchange information in order to get together to play smash on a more regular basis. Alternatively if someone could point me toward people from around the bay area who engage in smash regularly that would be great too.

For clarification, I was one of the guy tending the SMASH RANKS table (if you can remember, I was the tall skinny phuk).

Additionally, I play smash pretty regular with BURNT_TOAST (the dude behind smash ranks) in REDWOOD CITY.

Anyone who is interested please let me know.



Smash Champion
Oct 22, 2008
Malden, MA
back-story behind the "get your **** sucked" movement:
There is an Arizona Brawl player named KiraFlax. He's a really wacky dude, and he doesn't always think things through before he says things. He was playing a tourney match one time, and people were cheering for and against him. He takes off the last stock, stands up in triumph and exclaims "GET YO **** SUUUUCCCCCKKKEEEDD." The crowd was just speechless due to the ridiculously silly **** he just said, but we embraced the ridiculousness and began using "get yo **** sucked" instead of "get *****" and "suck his ****" instead of "**** him."
This is so hilarious.
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