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Don't Go Down There Jeff! Results (gsg2)


Smash Lord
Oct 28, 2007

1: jman
2: lucky
3: zhu
4: hbox
5: scorp
5: fly amanita
7: falcomist
7: s2j
9: SS
9: macd
9: HugS
9: taj
13: dajuan
13: swiftbass
13: sfat
13: light
17: lovage
17: HMW
17: axe
17: hyuga
17: westballz
17: TAI
17: choknater
17: bob$
25: L
25: mr ganondorf
25: scar
25: gg7
25: ppu
25: replicate
25: darrell
25: tang
33: violence
33: mooninite
33: myko
33: azn lep
33: mackadotious
33: rubyiris
33: pockyD
33: nugz
33: alan
33: coolkid
33: gishnak
33: sword saint
33: bluefoxXT
33: zeldafreak
33: jpeg image
33: hydro kirby

1: mango + lucky
2: hbox+zhu
3: alan + shroomed
4: sfat + ppu
5: YAWNG MONEY (taj + axe)
5: swift + jman
7: s2j + lovage
7: brandon + scar
9: macd + falcomist
9: hugs + bob$
9: julian + hyuga
9: lightrain
13: darrell + replicate
13: mooninite + hypethug
13: pockyD + gishnak
13: azn lep + fly amanita


Smash Lord
Oct 28, 2007
are you serious?? i JUST posted this shiit? this has got to be one of the fast post ever...i didn't even tell anyone, i barely posted this thread link in the gsg2 tourney thread.

oh and you're welcome.


Smash Master
Apr 12, 2008
Göteborg, Sweden
what happened to salepate who was going to the tourney (? i think)? hes not even in the list of singles pool entrants.
Also i hope we get a singles bracket image soon


Smash Master
Jun 12, 2006
San jose
This tourney was soooo fun! It makes me wish I didn't go to 1 tournament a year lol. Now that this thread is up I can finally do my shoutouts!

JB: You really are the Don of gangster. Excellent tourney!

Julian Kao: Thanks for driving! You are way too good against Hungrybox

MacD: I played a grand total of TWO people at this tournament and you were one of them. You really don't know how good someone is until you actually play them, and you were a perfect example of that. I finally understand that it fvking sucks to play you! LOL

Axe: You were the other person I played and you are just way too good and hella hella chill. I really dont understand how to get around your pika gimps and overall play style but I guess that means I have to play you more in the future. Mad love and respect for AZ!

Hungrybox: I was really hoping you werent going to win this tournament and im glad you didn't, but you are such a cool and chill guy, It was great talking to you and getting to know JUAN. I hope you return to future Cali tournies. I promise I wont root against you again unless you're playing some of the homies

Dajuan, Alan, Joe, RadBrian, Sheridan, Peter, Brandon, Phil, Zac, other Norcalians: It was great seeing and talking to all of you again. Been a long time!

Johnny, Oscar, Jeremy, Joey: Great seeing and talking to you Socalians again. Been a long time!

Mango: You disappoint me...

Mr. Ganondorf: I dont actually know you and I never actually talked to you or introduced myself, but I made sure to watch ALL your pools and bracket matches because I see you as the premier Ganon player in norcal and I wanted to learn new stuff from watching you. Good **** man!

Andre: It's been WAY too long man! You're so good! Please attend more tournaments and get ranked soon!

mmmmmmmmmm sorry if I forgot anyone. GG


Smash Hero
Apr 19, 2007
Tucson, AZ.

1: fly amanita: Driving up with you was awesome. I had a lot of fun chatting with you and Ryan during the long drive(s).

1: light: Watching you 4-stock choknater was funny, as was watching MacD chase you endlessly throughout day2.

1: falcomist: Thanks for the friendlies, and I had a good time chatting post-tournament. :)

1: zhu: Didn't get to play friendlies, but post-tournament conversation *****. :)

17: gg7: My boy Chris is a cool guy, ***** Cali, drives me home after getting stuck in Phoenix, listens to amazing music, and doesn't afraid of anything. <3

17: bob$: You ***** me, lol. I had a great time chatting post-tournament.

17: westballz: Your falco is mad sexy. Big fan right hurr. Thanks for housing Okami's car. :)

17: mooninite: Ggs. I shouldn't have gone DK64.

17: sfat: Thanks for the friendlies. I was shocked at how well I was doing. Your Sheik tapped me hardcore, though.

17: scar: You're mad funny lol.

17: : You're mad chill, thanks for the friendlies. Good luck with the switch to marth.

17: macd: wanted to get more games with you, but you were busy molesting Brad.

33: myko: Thanks for the games. You ***** me g5. :(

33: rubyiris: You're horrible in AZ but did fairly well in Cali. Stop letting Jackie making you look like a moron get you down.

49: OkamiBW: You're an amazing person, and I have nothing but respect for you.

49: bacon: You're hella entertaining to play with. :)

49: boback: Sorry for knocking you out of pools. :(

81: signia: You made the car rides pretty amazing. I'm glad you were more social this time around, you're cool as ****.

97: shivnight: A stock away from making it to bracket. We'll do better next time. :)

97: jkun: You're mad funny.

everyone else: I either don't remember you, or we didn't play.


Smash Lord
Oct 28, 2007
i don't understand why you made an unofficial rankings of shout outs.

though i don't think it's important others may see it as unnecessary or arguably ****ed up. nonnumerical listing of people you've met works just fine.


Smash Lord
Oct 28, 2007
1: jman - didn't get a chance to really speak with you. i did meet you at genesis though. doubt you remember son. i was a nobody then, and i'm a nobody now. the difference is host tournaments therefore people involuntarily have reason to know my name.
2: lucky - you were on your shiit son! looking madd nice out there. almost as good as oscar.
3: zhu - didn't get to see a single match of yours because i was doing TO or streaming bs. i can't wait for brandon's videos of you.
4: hbox - too much to say. good and bad. i housed this ***** son!
5: scorpion mango - hbox beat your fox? i wouldn't take that son. you need to clap back with a vengeance. if you don't place at pound5 or genesis2. i would like to make the argument that melee is in a transitional period of best player, for the obvious fact you're main-ing your alts lol. though no one is solid enough to compete with you previous dominance, which is why i'd like to call this upcoming time a potential transitional period. for the moment were still in the era of mango.
5: fly amanita - tooooo good. i feel that your underrated but it's not that your underrated, it's that NO ONE wants to play you because you're really good LOL.
7: falcomist - i saw your set with swfit, i'm not gonna lie, i'd be salty as hell if i were him. nice clutch though.
7: s2j - next best falcon. easy.
9: SS - i thought you'd be rusty..er...rustier. but you played really well those days jeff. it was fun to watch as always.
9: macd - you fuucked up against gg7, but beat axe though. ahhh balance in the world.
9: HugS - didn't get to see your matches, nor talk to you that much. hope you had a good time.
9: taj - hype as fuuck. didn't really get to speak to you much either.. but you're tall son. making my *** feel short is an accomplishment. word.
13: swiftbass - everytime east coast sends a rep it's always cool kids (hax, g dollas, d1). making it seem like ec got nothing but cool kids. you guys gotta have your IRL neighborhood p's.
13: sfat - you placing this low proves that A. you're not that good. B. wc tournaments are stacked...i'm going with all of the above.
13: light - dude just get on webcam for the stream.
17: lovage - didn't get to see your matches and i'm not sure how much got recorded. i may be a little upset.
17: HMW - isn't much to say son. we speak every day. wassup brandon. LOL you placed 17th???? dooooooooodd
17: axe - nice to formally meet you man. that big yellow as,s rat you caught is pretty well tamed. you must have laid the smack down on it's candy as.s multiple times for it to perform the way it does.
17: hyuga - too much boss in one human being.
17: westballz - your falco's legit.
17: TAI - you did so fuucking well against jman. omg, you've gotten better. hopefully yo keep getting better, it will be fun to see the improvement.
17: choknater - didn't see much of what you did, but you always have some upsets. dammn it man, just show some consistency and get ranked already.
17: bob$ - didn't get to see much. WE SHOULD HAVE HAD THAT MM with you and hbox. prolly woulda tapped. lucien told me you and him were beating him in friendlies.
25: L - in n out was the business.
25: mr ganondorf - glad you made it to both days. had me worried there for a minute.
25: scar - best falcon, i shiit you not.
25: gg7 - darkrain, ss, s2j, scar, gg7, hax. in that order. quote me. (i know i just said scar's the best in the previous line)
25: ppu - you are sooooooooo bad at this game. why do you play again? i'm going to have to be reminded. LOL dude stay up to par next time seirously.
25: replicate - good shiit in crews.
25: darrell - owned in crews.
25: tang - didn't get to see you much. sucks you and jeff couldn't enter doubles. be on time next time. sorry bud.
33: violence - your samus is going to be a top contender one day. and people are gonna be pissed when a nice guy is number one.
33: mooninite - you suck.
33: myko - you too
33: azn lep - glad you made it..though you don't play much, you still made it out of pools?
33: mackadotious - nick! always starting off in crews, guess you've established yourself a strong starting player. good shiit.
33: rubyiris - i've left too many post to you already. no offense.
33: pockyD - you're the bosses apprentice. therefore i'm going to call you the assistant manager. LOL jp man. thanks for all your help man, seriously.
33: nugz - armond. you get project m working? i'm actually trying to play that.
33: alan - teams? wtf? you and dajuan are both bad. what kind of fluke is this? we didn't find the cure for cancer because god answered your wish of placing in teams. LOL jp. you guys did really well. props to ya.
33: coolkid - sorry, i don't remember ya, i need to see a face.
33: gishnak - gangstanak. didn't get to talk much, i regret that man. because you're a cool guy, i mean that son.
33: sword saint - vegas homie man. you and trahhh are the homies.
33: bluefoxXT - i was reading your AIM status of you going to clock in at gsg2. i wasn't able to watch your matches and see if you improved. i like seeing a good jiggs son.
33: zeldafreak - you're really good jason. and you had a tough pool
33: jpeg image - sup man! i had no idea you moved to vegas. and oh my shiit you got better man. i could still tap you though =) jp. you'd probably give me work. man i feel like there are a lot of up and coming, solid, falcons man and you're one of em.
33: hydro kirby - didn't get to talk to ya much man sorry.

so many people i know who didn't make it out of pools too. ridiculous.
just to name a few.


big shout outs to ZOAP
p-air (kawn)
kosk (myron)


Smash Hero
Apr 19, 2007
Tucson, AZ.
i don't understand why you made an unofficial rankings of shout outs.

though i don't think it's important others may see it as unnecessary or arguably ****ed up. nonnumerical listing of people you've met works just fine.
wat. i copy/pasted the entire playerbase. I used the pools results, not some "unofficial" ranking.



Smash Apprentice
Jul 5, 2007
Fun tournament.
Sheridan: Thanks again for teaming! You're a really good teammate.
Hungrybox: I'm not really sure what was so good about my controller, but I hope it helped you play better in bracket, haha. Seriously though, you are extremely good and I really enjoyed those friendlies with you. Maybe I'll see you at Genesis 2?
Dajuan: No team MMs? Maybe next time.


Smash Lord
Oct 28, 2007
wat. i copy/pasted the entire playerbase. I used the pools results, not some "unofficial" ranking.

i thought you ranked people you enjoyed the most at this tournament. my bad then. i'm sorry.


the guy who needs to give me back my don crown because as soon as i gave it up i got the flu. i need my property back niigga. LOL. but on all levels of reality, i thank you so much for holding shiit down, making a thread that updated people as well as the people in the stream. everyone who helped me out got some cash. so when you come out here for genesis2 remember that i owe you an expensive dinner son. real talk.

Tee ay eye

Smash Hero
Jun 1, 2008
I would like to preface this shoutouts post with a few words of wisdom:


back-story behind the "get your **** sucked" movement:
There is an Arizona Brawl player named KiraFlax. He's a really wacky dude, and he doesn't always think things through before he says things. He was playing a tourney match one time, and people were cheering for and against him. He takes off the last stock, stands up in triumph and exclaims "GET YO **** SUUUUCCCCCKKKEEEDD." The crowd was just speechless due to the ridiculously silly **** he just said, but we embraced the ridiculousness and began using "get yo **** sucked" instead of "get *****" and "suck his ****" instead of "**** him."


GG7: Good stuff on driving ALLLLLLL the way from my house to Norcal and back. GG(7)s on proving yourself at this tourney. Finally I can legitimately have an excuse for losing to you. TOO BAD I WON'T BE LOSING TO YOU ANYMORE, ***** JAJAJAJAJAJA(CKIE)!

Light: Thanks for letting us use your car, and we're sorry if we made you feel bad </3

Axe: You suck <3 Just kidding, you'll get them next time. Everybody has bad days. It's sad your bad day couldn't be in Arizona SO I CAN **** YOU (jk). <3 you, half-brother from another mother (and from the same father)

TAJ: I'm so proud of you, dad Good stuff on beating Lovage, and good stuff on doing well vs SS and Lucky, despite losing. It makes me so happy to see you getting really good at this game again; I hope we can play soon. HOST A SMASHFEST! YOUR HOUSE *****!

Rubyiris: Quit being so negative about your own skill, and quit being so unrefined in how you present yourself on the interwebz. You're not a bad player.

OkamiBW, Shiv: Nice to see you guys


SFAT: Please die in a tragedy <3 JK (how many times in these shoutouts have I said something repulsive followed by a heart and JK?) Lol, you're awesome, dude. I had a lot of fun playing you in our friendlies and our tourney set, and you're just a pretty chill dude to bring around. Play me more so I can get better vs Foxes that exploit Marth's weaknesses You'll bring it hard next time we play, and I'll SUCK YOUR ****

Replicate: GGs, I guess. We were both playing sorta janky, but whatever; it happens. I'm still sorta glad I finally beat you after Connor's Garage, Pound 4, and GSG, so hahahaha. You're always fun to play against in friendlies; we should continue to do that in the future.

Gishnak: You're pretty good. The Norcal un-ranked demographic is so scary. You're also a really cool guy.

Alan: Dude, you're SOOOOO funny. I love being around you just cuz the **** you say always makes me laugh.

Darrell: Lol, you're really cool and really funny, too. You're also really fun to play against; I look forward to whatever matches we play in the future.

Lucien: Oh, my god. You are sooooo ridiculously good. My friendlies with you were definitely one of the most humbling experiences in a while. I was getting *****, but I didn't feel at all that you were simply exploiting the characters/metagame, but you were just really really ****ing good. You're also a really nice dude outside of the actual game. The only other player that makes me feel the way you made me feel (no homo; in-game) is Forward on a good day.

PewPewYou: GET ***** I'M BETTER THAN YOU (jk again). We didn't play that much, but the matches we did play were pretty cool, I guess. Every time I see you, I feel like you're the Norcal/Bizzaro-World version of me. I saw you go for some edgeguard, and you leaned like, 2 feet to the left. I usually lean to the right when I do that LOL. There's also a few other small similarities, but w/e. Idk, the similarities are just sorta weird. Pink Floyd *****, too, btw.

Scar: I love you, dude. Your **** talk is so hilarious because you look like such an angry dude, but all the **** you say is so funny. I don't think you said a single negative thing the whole trip that didn't make me laugh. Also, thanks a LOT for housing us. We all appreciate it.

Phil: Nice to see you again, and it's nice to see you using Marth. Keep it up!

Falcomist: Our friendlies were pretty fun.

Brandon: Nice to see you again, too. I was pretty happy when you were complimenting me

L: Our friendlies were pretty tight. Uhhh, GGs in tournament, too,

Dajuan: I don't get why people give you so much sh*t. I mean, I know it's mostly joking, but I had a lot of fun playing against you, and a lot of the stuff you do was really really legit, and you gave a lot of really helpful advice. You were also just pretty fun to be around lol.

Bob Money: I love this man, and I finally got to see him do the dance from DBR Evolution. You have a great Marth, and you give a lot of good advice. The way you play is sorta good advice in itself. The way you play is so simple, smart, and effective. I'm totally gonna hit up some of your vids and hit you up on AIM and steal some-o-dat so I can suck more of that Cali **** next time

GKInfinity: Thanks for recording and uploading


MacD: Thanks for housing us on the last night, and GGs in pools. I'll come fo dat as$ **** next time!

S2J: GGs. You're really good. Once again, I'm gunning for you. I'll win that dollar back!

JKun: <3

Connor: **** you for not coming.

The rest of Socal: Sorry if I forgot you; I can't think of anything noteworthy to say.

East Coast

SwiftBass: You were fun to play against, and I love that you love my Marth All your compliments made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Jman: Good stuff on getting first! Even though I messed up like, all my chaingrabs/juggles on you anyway (even though it was partially cuz of your good DI), thanks for not banning FD Thanks for sandbagging me in our tourney set so I look like I can actually hang with you in the ground game. You're mad good; I sorta wish we coulda played more, but I'm happy I finally got to play against you.

Hungrybox: Sorry I didn't approach you to let you take $2 from me.

Special thanks to everyone who complimented my Marth or said they liked my combo video. I love compliments. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3


Smash Champion
Apr 8, 2007
New York
mad fun *** tourney LOVE CALI might move there lol


my ***** brandon son you already know your my boy

everyone at sheridans house
u guys all **** i did not remember what i did the night be4 after that last shot LOL

also thanks to the good player fund for flying me out there had a good *** time



Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
mad fun *** tourney LOVE CALI might move there lol


my ***** brandon son you already know your my boy

everyone at sheridans house
u guys all **** i did not remember what i did the night be4 after that last shot LOL

also thanks to the good player fund for flying me out there had a good *** time

Good **** lil niggie.


Smash Journeyman
Jan 19, 2009
Waikoloa, Hawaii
yeah lucky vs hbox was my fav set...the crowd, the commentary and mango screaming made the match even better

also I see it as an upset and people were speculating that hbox had it...but I was cheering for lucky all the way!

Bob Money

Smash Ace
Nov 6, 2004
Swiftbass-Damn they dont much classier than you. You are one of the guys that reads in between the lines.

Darrel-Didnt watch your matches. but dem *****es know about dat BD

Taj-Marth ditto, bad idea. Sorry i pushed you kinda hard after i lost lol.

Axe-We need to play
Macd-****. shouldve known not to put in a falco

HMw-best falco in NOrcal

Zhu- surprisingly i spoke wiht you alot. Def removed alot of my preconceptions etc. You're a perfectionist. Def something i admire, effort is no barrier for you.

Mitchell- EFF DEH ! xia jian

JB-so thick, good **** holding it down. hope you got enough friendlies in to enjoy yourself too.

Lucien-would have won tourny.

Dujuan-good ****.still amazes me how good are for not knowing matchups. You're like the drephen of Doctor mario.

Hbox- i like your determination." know your enemy"-Priness Katana. I was and still am little starstruck by you.

GG7- This guy is like Scar but on hella weed. He's like the goofy best friend you wish was always around kinda. I appreciate the compliments and I hope the marth matchup tips helped.

Tai-WTF ...you got SOOOO much better its not even funny. i can the Taj in that marth.

Hugo-Good teaming with you, tough bracket.

Fred- Awesome meeting you, yuo seem like a real down to earth guy.

Brandon Mr.G-You SOOOO clean! Damn man, you getting your grown man on. Leather jacket, you a professional, id totally hit on if i was a girl. moving to Berk, oh ****.

Bluefox- I think youre too hard on your self. Relax and rely on simple spacing.

Rubyis- You're def not trash, good playing with you. you'll be beating big names in no time.

Vegas- Awesome meeting you guys, I would love to hit up vegas sometime. you guys have always been cool, cept in brawl haha.

JPeg- dont be afraid to camp for an opening, its hard to get in with falcon

Gishnak- Stand up guy. You are a pleasure to play with and talk to. Thanks for taking advice it makes me keep wanting to play this game and get better.

Myko- you;re so beautiful

Sheridan- its not a norcal tourny with out the norseman

Myron- You're so lovable like a teddy bear.

Armond- Wish i got to see more of your matches

Moon- mad good mad good

Bozo- wish i saw more of your matches luigi is mad fun

Digitalism- lives in concord post your numbe rill text you next smashfest we got goin on

Dj Mirror- you seemed to get better as the day went on, I think you need alot of warm up. hope to talk to you again.

Shiv- AZ secret tech

Okami- you look so Arizona, tshirt and shorts in 30 degree weather.

ZF- Secret tech, smart player.

phil- so fun playing with you, your spacing is mad LAME esp when your having too much fun.
too good

sfat- Damn i can always count on you to ALMOST beat HELLA good people

PPu- out of practice and stuff.

Germ and Boback- CREW BATTLE

The king-....

FLY- WOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Jman- mad determined and in dat TV screens ***.

mango-the **** bro.


Scar- so ****ing technical

peter- come over i need peach practice


More shoutouts later probably
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