Don’t understand why I keep losing to Boswer


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Dec 5, 2018
Hey there, new to the boards, so maybe this isn’t the correct spot for this post? Not sure, I understand if it’s moved or I need to repost elsewhere, anyways

Having serious trouble dealing specifically against a player with Bowser right now, and I have no clue if I’m just not understanding the character correctly, or maybe it’s more of a general knowledge I need to get up on about just fighting against any heavier characters? I can dominate in my household and area against the large majority of any other mains I fight against but for some reason I just keep losing miserably to bowser. I’m trying with both current mains, Mario and Zero Suit, but I feel like I just can’t even get hit by bowser once, I’m KO’d at 60-80% and it’s taking me to over 150% to knock this guy out of the stage. I’m not the most expert player technically, so am I just being bested by a bettter player, or are there different things I should be trying or approaching or understanding better to come out on top against this Bowser main? (Note, whenever he plays another character he can’t seem to beat me even when I’m not using my main, which leads me to believe it’s just Bowser somehow). Any tips are appreciated, thanks!


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Nov 17, 2014
He's extremely powerful and punishes mistakes very very easily. He's also able to subconsciously bait players into making silly mistakes because he has tons of kill moves that come out relatively fast for how quick they'll KO you if you get randomly hit by one.
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