Does this tech help Ike in any way?


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Aug 22, 2015
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I saw this video of a tech called super pivoting, which allows you to do a wave dash like movement option by the ledge.

Here is a video on how to perform it

And here is how Ike's super pivot looks like

Note the author of the video said that Ike's super pivot might be a little bit further, but he needed to practice with him in order to make sure.

I was thinking that this can be use to try and hit the opponent with a f-tilt or try and grab the opponent safely while they try and do a getup option without getting punished if you messed up. Can it be used like this? And if so would it be worth trying to learn? If it can't be used like how I think it can, is there any other way this can benefit Ike?
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Nov 25, 2014
Not too sure I'm seeing the difference between this and a perfect pivot, but it doesn't seem too useful compared to a standard perfect pivot, while it could have occasional mindgame use. It seems to have the same application as perfect pivot, but with the added requirement of dashing forward and skidding before you can pivot back, making it take a lot longer but potentially faking out an opponent into attacking behind them while you slide back for a crossup and whip out a tilt or even Fsmash. The problem is that even in this scenario it seems like you'd simply slide right into an enemy attack, most likely backwards Ftilt.
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