Does anyone play PM on a PAL Wii with a NTSC Brawl disc?


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Jun 16, 2015
I usually play on Dolphin as I always thought it seemed a bit of hassle to get it going on a Wii, given I'm European.

I've got a PAL Wii, NTSC Brawl, 8gb SD, Homebrew channel installed, some apps off the shop.

Been trying to get it going today, but I'm struggling. I own a NTSC Brawl from years back, and I can boot that up with Gecko/LibWiiGameLoad/WiiLauncher etc. but when I go to Stage Builder, nothing loads.

I'm not sure I've got one specific question here, but does this method work? Am I better off downloading a .ISO? Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Mr Snak3_

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Mar 29, 2016
Most people will instead use configurableUSBloader, and inject the codes from there. also, have you deleted all the custom stages before opening and have you chosen the hackless version?
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