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Doc Combo Data


Smash Rookie
Feb 14, 2016
So yeah, I started a while ago to record what combo options I would have on a bunch of more popular characters at certain percents and DI, but then my computer died and I lost that data. Since then, I’ve gotten 20XX v4.05 with a bunch of development stuff and realized that I could re-do it, but more exact. And then I figured I’d post it here to see if this is helpful and maybe see if I am making some sort of stupid mistakes.

As far as reading it goes, it is fairly self-explanatory. The percents are all starting percents with no move staleing. One thing to keep in mind is “It works” and “Can do it” mean different things. The former means that it is possible, but I would need a read to hit it. The latter means that I can consistently do it on reaction with no slowdown/frame-by-frame shenanigans (though “can/can’t do” represents both itself and “does/doesn’t work” if it is the first/last in a series). I didn’t get too exact with the percents, as you can see by the 4% increments. I tried to supply for each set an upper and lower percentage bound; you should be able to get the combo on any percent in between them.

I am unsure of a few things about my methods of collecting this data. First, I judged a move to combo if the consecutive hit counter in 20XX increased. If this is inaccurate, please tell me. I set the CPU to “no DI” for no DI testing, and “survival DI” for away DI. I am not sure if survival DI is exactly the same as away DI. I think that, since the moves I have tested so far send the opponent vertical or nearly vertical, the CPU will DI fully to the right or left for survival DI, which is what I want (I am not sure how I would test moves that send the opponent at different trajectories though). If this is inaccurate, again, tell me.

Obviously, I have only done this for Fox, and even he’s not quite done yet. I plan to move on to do all of the top tiers eventually, and I also want to include some data on platform stages (when you will hit them through the different platform heights, for example). If you have any suggestions or complaints, or want me to test something else, please post. And if anyone wants to contribute, lemme know.

MBE=might be earlier

  1. Uthrow chaingrab
    • No DI
      • Can do it from 0%
      • Can do it 65%
      • Can’t do it 66%
    • Away DI
      • Can do it from 0%
      • Can do it 84%
      • Can’t do it 88%
  2. Uthrow to dsmash
    • No DI
      • Works 0%
      • Can do it 33% (MBE)
      • Can do it 48%
      • Can’t do it 52%
    • Away DI (wd if necessary)
      • Works 0%
      • Can do it 33% (MBE)
      • Can do it 66%
      • Can’t do it 70%
  3. Uthrow to fsmash
    • No DI
      • Works 0%
      • Can do it 33% (MBE)
      • Can do it 68%, but the timing is difficult
      • Couldn’t do it after 68%
    • Away DI (wd) (works as early as 16% without wd, but readz)
      • Doesn’t work 44%
      • Can do it 48%
      • Can do it 82%
      • Can’t do it 86%
  4. Uthrow to utilt (with an upwards-sending hitbox)
    • No DI
      • Works 0%
      • Can do it 52% (MWE; I grab then)
      • Can do it 83%
      • Can’t do it 87%
    • Away DI
      • Haven’t really tested this because I never really do it.
  5. Uthrow to fair
    • No DI
      • Works 40% with sh (MBE)
      • Can do it 80% with shorthop or fullhop
      • Can do it 107% with fullhop or early dj
      • Can do it 149% with early dj
      • Can’t do it 162%
    • Away DI
      • Works 46% (MBE)
      • Can do it 95% with shorthop or fullhop
      • Can do it 126% with fullhop or early dj
      • Can do it 150%
      • Didn’t test later
  6. Dthrow chaingrab
    • No DI
      • Doesn’t work 12%
      • Works 18%
      • Can do it 50% (didn’t test this too much, I use uthrow at this %)
      • Can do it 232%
      • Didn’t test later
    • Away DI
      • Doesn’t work 62%
      • Works 72%
      • Can do it 78%
      • Can do it 256%
      • Didn’t test later
  7. Not Done Yet
    1. Dthrow to (wd) dsmash
    2. Dthrow to (wd) fsmash
    3. Utilt to fsmash
    4. Utilt to grab
    5. Platform shenanigans

Ah geez this formatting is aweful. Not sure how exactly to make it better though.

F. Stein

Smash Journeyman
Nov 23, 2015
Thankyou so much, plz continue. I'm midway on my PR and would love to play Doc

Space Mercutio

Smash Rookie
Jul 18, 2015
This is incredibly useful. Keep up the good work.

Dthrow really works at 232%? That's amazing.


Smash Rookie
Mar 1, 2015
Heyyy can i share some of the combos ive had experience with in tourneys?

VS fox
Grab combos:
Doc can Up throw fox at 0% then forward throw as a mix up. Your follow ups from this grab can concist of various moves depending on Di and Teched. If Di'd away you can short up fair and convert it to a fair if Di'd up. If no di you can get downsmash and maybe two. IF they teched your forward throw towards stage then just wave dash back dsmash. One of the sides of the dsmash will hit depending tech roll distance.

Doc can also get 3-4 up throws at 0% then downthrow to downsmash (NOTE: you are going to have to react to the di fowards or behind)

Somewhere around 10% Doc can downthrow then downsmash for easy damage. Depending on DI you can get two hits of the downsmash and fox will endup behind you.

Docs arial combos:
Docs arial combos can easily be avoided by combo DI but this is where mixups come into play. You cant get 6-7 Up airs anymore like in the old combo videos because Combo DI is a thing.

Vs Fox, around the mid early percents doc can get a nair and convert it to a downsmash and it can set up for an edgegarurd situation.
When doc gets a couple of uair chains it wont last long (unless your opponent has terrible DI) so you can end the chain with a nair to send it into a edgegaurd suitutation OR full hop uair onto a platform then convert it to something afterwards.

Most of docs combos vs fox is DI dependent and mixing up ur punishes so you can make them Di wrong
EX: Some foxes will become aware of how strong downsmash is vs DI away so they will somteimes DI In and you can take advantage of that and mix it up with a Uptilt or uair.

OH almost forgot Docs Upthrow fair is actrully broken vs Fox
it works through about 95%- 120%(130-140% you need to double jump)
what if they DI behind you? You have enough time to react to the DI because fox has incredible hitstun after the upthrow

EDIT: almost forgot about one of docs High risk high reward combo starter

DOCs FAIR in early percents VS fox can lead into downsmash/wavedash downsmash or another fair or grab or edgaurd suitiation
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