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Do the Pro players have Tap Jump on or off?


Smash Rookie
Jun 25, 2008
So I loaded up SS4 to get used to the controls again in preparation for Ultimate. I thought this would be a good time to learn playing the "right" way (if there is such a thing).

Now I am used to jump by tapping and not using a dedicated jump button. Performing uptilts is hard this way, so I changed the C-Stick to attacks, this way I can easily perform uptilts.

I was wondering if it would be better to learn with tap jumping off? I guess no pro players play with tap jump?



Smash Ace
Jun 10, 2016
Most pro players play with tap jump off, that is correct. I personally prefer to have it on (I also use it as my primary jump), but most competitive players do not. I believe there are some exceptions, however, who use default controls. I know at least Nairo does, and I think Elegant might as well.
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