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DNA Gaming USA #8, Worcester, MA 8/21


Smash Lord
May 16, 2008
Allisbrawl Tourney Page Link: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=10166

DNA Gaming USA #8 is scheduled for August 21st. These tourneys always have high attendance in NE! They're always a lot of fun! HYPE IT UP!

BRING SETUPS!!! TVs AND WIIS NEEDED! The more setups we have, the more friendlies and faster the tourney can run!


DNA Gaming USA
22 Front Street
Worcester, MA
Venue is in a mall, bottom floor, take the escalator down. People have a hard time finding this, not sure why. It says 22 Front Street on the building (glass windows and doors). Parking on the streets is fine, just be careful there's no signs saying you can't park there. There's also a parking garage across the street for $6 for the day.


9:00 - Doors open
10:30 - Sign up for Brawl Doubles
11:30 - Brawl Doubles Begins
1:30 - Brawl Doubles ends/Sign ups for singles
2:30-3:00 - Brawl Singles Begin
* ???? -Low Tier Doubles
9:00 - Venue Closes

*Schedule is subject to change


•Entry Fees
Venue Fee - $5
Brawl Singles - $10
Brawl Doubles - $10 per person, $20 per Team
*Third Event- $5 per person

All prizes will be paid in cash.

•**Prize pools (Singles)
4th- 8%
5th- 4%
5th- 4%

•Prize Pools (Doubles)
3rd- 10%

* There will be no 3rd event if we don't have enough time.
**If there are less than 20 entrants for singles, pot payout will be 60/30/10.

If you need to contact me for any reason about the tourney, my cell is: 860-656-4365.


- All Matches are 3 stock, 8 minutes, with items set to off and none. All matches are best 2/3 except for Winners/Losers/Grand Finals which are best 3/5.

- In the event of a dispute for controller ports, rock-paper-scissors or a coin flip will be used. In teams, one team gets Ports 1 & 4, the other gets Ports 2 & 3.

- In the event of a tie, determine by stocks, then percent. If a tie still exists, play a 1 stock 3 minute match on the same stage with the same characters to determine the winner. If both players die simultaneously without a suicide move, a 1 stock 3 minute match on the same stage will be played.

- For character specific suicide moves (Bowser, DDD, Ganon, Kirby) if it's done on the last stock, the character who initiated the move wins the match.

- Any action that causes the game to become unplayable (glitching, freezing) will count as a forfeit of the match for the person who initiated the action.

- Metaknight's Infinite Cape Glitch and Extended Cape Glitch is banned.

* - Excessive stalling and planking are banned. (T.O.s discretion) The 40 ledge grab rule will be in effect for singles. If a player grabs the ledge more than 40 times and the games time runs out, that player loses the match. For doubles, double planking is banned. This means both teammates cannot plank at the same time. If you believe you are being stalled or planked, pause the match and call over a TO.

** - Scrooging is banned.

- Infinites are NOT banned, but must be finished by 300% or it will be considered stalling. This includes Dedede's standing infinite, IC's infinite, and wall infinites. Wall infinites/locks are NOT banned because no legal stages have perma-walls.

- If you accidentally pause the match during an Ice Climbers chain grab while trying to break free, causing the ICs to mess it up, they will get a free chance to re-grab you. Please be careful about breaking out of grabs.

- If your match is called and you don't show up within 5 minutes, you will be DQed from the set. If you are leaving the venue, please tell a TO.

- BYOC (Bring your own controller).

- If you see someone doing something that is not permitted, please inform a TO and they will take care of it.

- When playing opponents, do not yell in their ear/face or touch them while playing. Doing so will count as a forfeit of the match. Screaming while getting chain grabbed by IC/DDD/Falco/etc is fine, as long as it's not in the opponents face. This applies to spectators of the match too.

- Players who use the Wiimote MUST take the batteries out of the Wiimote when not playing. If the Wiimote is still synced up to a Wii with the batteries in, you could unintentionally disrupt a match. If problems persist, a DQ may happen.

- Coaching is allowed if either both players have a coach, or both players agree to it. If a player does not want their match to have coaches, that is fine.

- If a Wii has textures or custom music, a player may choose to have them turned off before their set. This can be done easily by taking out the SD card and loading up the character select screen again.

* - Planking is repeatedly grabbing the ledge multiple times in a row to avoid contact with the opponent. You do not have to approach the opponent, but you may not plank on the ledge. Planking is also a form of stalling. Planking is also banned in doubles (if both teammates are doing it). Stalling is avoiding all conflict.

** - Scrooging is repeatedly gliding under a stage to the other side to avoid contact with the opponent. This is a form of stalling and is banned.

*Additional Doubles Rules*

- Team Attack is set to On

- Share Stock is allowed

- Controller ports are done in the 1-2-2-1 order only. If a team wishes to get the higher port, they can do rock-paper-scissors or a coin flip for it.

- No subbing is allowed for doubles.

- Chibo's Color Blind Rule: If a player wishes to request their team or opponents team to be a specific color due to difficulty to see their characters (Lucario, Sonic, etc), they may do so.

*Match Procedure*

*1. Players make their character choices for the first match.

2. Players start stage striking the neutral stages until one neutral stage remains. The strike format is Player 1 strikes 1 stage, Player 2 strikes 2 stages, and Player 1 strikes one more.

3. After first game, the winner bans a stage from the Neutral or Counterpick stage list.

4. The loser of previous match announces their stage choice.

5. The winner of previous match chooses their character.

6. The losers of previous match chooses their character and begins the next match.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all proceeding matches.

*For the first game, double blind character select can be used. This is where both players tell someone who they are using so that their opponent will not know their character for the first game.

**No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both/all players.

*Legal Stages*


Final Destination
Yoshi's Island
Lylat Cruise

•Counter Picks

Pokémon Stadium 1
Delfino Plaza
Frigate Orpheon
Castle Siege
Rainbow Cruise

•All other stages are banned


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!
Double tourney weekend for me! Can't wait for this!

1. vVv Zucco + Zucco
2. Inui + Atomsk
3. Fatal + Kool-Aid

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