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Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits! Who Will Be The Final Fighter?


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Jul 9, 2009
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Dixie Kong For Smash

The Pink Berets

Courtesy of Isaac: Venus Adept Isaac: Venus Adept

(Originally created by Venus of the Desert Bloom; edited and expanded by SethTheMage, further editing/expansion by Birthnote)

Please PM me or post in the thread if you would like to be a Dixie Kong Supporter! Liking the OP is also a quick way for me to add you to the list. Also, if your name has changed from during the Smash 4 speculation days to Smash 5's, and you've been a supporter since, LMK and I'll update the list with your new UN.
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Welcome to the home of Dixie's SSB speculation. With Ultimate out and 3/5 DLC characters revealed, we sit here discussing Dixie Kong's merits and potential SSB concepts. We're discussing everything--whether Echo, Semi-Clone or fully Unique, we're covering all options, though we do prefer Unique above all else, and feel free to jump in.

Who is Dixie Kong?

Courtesy of @N3ON

In case you aren't familiar, Dixie Kong is the girlfriend of Diddy Kong. She made her debut in the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, developed in 1995 by Rare. Here, Dixie used her trademark ponytail to lift objects, defeat enemies, and slow her decent. By utilizing her unique abilities, Dixie was able to team up with Diddy, and they rescued Donkey Kong from Kaptain K. Rool.

Afterwards, Dixie Kong became an important character in the Donkey Kong franchise. She starred in her own game in 1996 (9 years before even Princess Peach received her own adventure). In this game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, she worked with her cousin Kiddy Kong in order to rescue Diddy and DK. Instead of ending up as a damsel-in-distress like most Nintendo women, Dixie turned the tables by having her own adventure and rescuing the main male heroes of the franchise.

Afterwards, she didn't receive a role in a main-series Donkey Kong game (outside of remakes) until 2014, but Dixie appeared in numerous spinoffs on the GBA, Gamecube, DS, and Wii. She was an expert drummer in the Donkey Konga games, she was a playable character in DK King of Swing's and DK Jungle Climber's multiplayer, she replaced Conker in the DS remake of Diddy Kong Racing, and she soared across the jungle skies in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Jet Race. Dixie even made playable appearances in a few Mario sports games during this era, including Mario Hoops: 3 on 3/Mario Slam Basketball and both of the Mario Baseball games. While Dixie took a long hiatus from the mainline Donkey Kong games, she still remained a prominent figure in the Donkey Kong series and to Nintendo in general.

After this period of only appearing in spinoffs, Dixie finally made her long-awaited return to the spotlight in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, developed in 2014 by Retro Studios. In this epic adventure on the Wii U, she once again used the aerial prowess and attacking power of her ponytail. This allowed her to aid her friends and lover in the liberation of Donkey Kong Island from its frozen fate and occupation at the hands of Lord Frederik and the Snowmads.

After Tropical Freeze, the Kongs stepped out of the spotlight for a few years and no news emerged, but when Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Odyssey fans spotted some juicy easter eggs in the form of New Donk City! The stage was littered with Donkey Kong references; Diddy has his own supermarket, and Dixie's got a street named after her--this is subtle, but MAJOR, as up until now, many DK characters were only mentioned/referenced in Mario spinoffs. To have them alluded to in a flagship Mario game is pretty astounding all on its own. I recommend this vid for more details:

However, things didn't end there, as Nintendo recently unveiled both DLC for Mario + Rabbids featuring DK himself, and now an enhanced port of Tropical Freeze! While only DK appeared in the Rabbids DLC, this bodes well for the series as a whole. And as for Tropical Freeze, Funky's clearly the star of this port, but fear not, for Dixie was the most popular Kong of that game already. An enhanced port will give Dixie a wider audience to show off her skills and allow more fans to root for her.

Now that K. Rool's landed in the Smash arena, we have emboldened hope that Dixie's not far behind! In 2020, Dixie made her Mario Kart debut in the mobile game Mario Kart Tour. She brings with her the charm and enthusiasm we've come to expect from her, haveing her own unique model and animations that make her stand far apart from Diddy. Not only that, but we've also gotten both DKC2
AND DKC3 added to Nintendo Switch Online! Dixie's debut game and starring entry is now accessible to millions of gamers.

Because of her importance to the Donkey Kong series and Nintendo's history, many consider Dixie Kong to be one of Nintendo's few remaining all-stars who are not yet playable in Smash. She has made frequent playable appearances since her debut in the 90's, she starred in her own game, and she's an active and capable female character. Dixie has paid her dues and is well overdue to join the Smash Bros. roster along with the rest of Nintendo's greats.

This Kong's Got Style: What Dixie Can Bring to the Table

Courtesy of VeemonTamer VeemonTamer

So, let's address the obvious issue that Dixie faces: "She'd just be a clone of Diddy!" With Lucina and Dark Pit proving that Sakurai does still add clones in new installments, plus the new and sexy term "Echo Fighters", it may be possible that Dixie becomes one too. After all, Richter, Chrom and Dark Samus's announcements showed us that Echo Fighters won't be scarce, they can come from a series that just got a Unique Fighter, and they don't have to be a 1:1 match with attacks but different animations. With all this lined up, it's possible that Dixie shows up like Dark Samus and Chrom, now that K. Rool's leaped into the arena. However, I use "possible" as the key word here. Dixie can be her own fighter conceptually and in terms of moveset and playstyle with all the options at her disposal, as she has 17 games (including ports/remakes) of material to get a feel for her character and abilities. While Diddy is wild, playful, amusingly silly, and always ready to fight, Dixie has a fun, bubbly and adventurous demeanor, but is easy to anger and violent just like the other Kongs. This can be easily showcased through animations, but to get the best impression of Dixie we'd need her to be versatile in her element: the air, which Diddy can't compare in.

There's some parallels between Dixie's speculation lifespan and a fighter who debuted in SSB4: Bowser Junior. Before he was confirmed, there were plenty of options for Mario newcomers, but the best expectation that most had for him was a semi clone that incorporated Squirtle's moves in areas where Bowser's wouldn't make sense, and when Rosalina got in before him, the fandoms believed he'd be sitting SSB4 out. Any of this sound familiar to Dixie's situation? Based on his looks and closeness to Bowser, it was believed he could only perform weaker versions of his dad's moves, but look at him now. We got not only a moveset that few saw coming, but a clever way to include him, his (currently not) siblings AND have him play absolutely nothing like his dad. Junior was the most obvious clone candidate, being in 1st place in the "LOL, Only as a Clone" category while Dixie was 2nd. If Sakurai and the Smash team could throw a curveball with Junior, why not Dixie as well? The trophy descriptions put strong emphasis on her hair, and we'd like a moveset that does the same.

Now, what this entire passage is telegraphing is that many fans recognize the potential for Dixie to be a clo--an Echo Fighter. In fact, now that the term has been coined, many have voiced their support for the idea, as Sakurai and his team have made the once reviled thought appealing or at least simply acceptable. This isn't a bad thing per se; it's become so widely acceptable, that many see this as Dixie's all-but-confirmed fate, as if that's her only shot of breaking out of her barrel. What some users--and this entire OP as well--are saying is that yes, we recognize the potential for Dixie to be an Echo of Diddy or a hybrid of DK and Diddy. We also recognize the possibility for Dixie to step in as a fighter who doesn't play like her boyfriend and utilizes her hair in the arena as extensively as she does in the platformers. We have our preferences and our ideal scenario while others may not share the same thoughts, but that's fine. We are willing to discuss the possibilities and get some healthy conversations going even if our thoughts conflict.

At first glance, Dixie doesn't
look like she can do much in the world of Smash that her boyfriend Diddy Kong can't, but
she does have a few abilities that could set her apart. Her main attribute, her prehensile blonde ponytail, could potentially have many uses. Dixie could use it as a whip, swing it to smack her opponents around, use it as a tether grab, and most important of all, spin it around like a propeller to recover and give her superb mobility in the air. It basically functions like an extra limb, and a 3-armed chimp can spawn a lot of attack options in a fighting game. In addition to her her ponytail, Dixie has her Bubblegum Popgun from Tropical Freeze, her guitar, and she could possibly use other abilities from the Donkey Kong series, such as barrels, the rocket bongos from Barrel Blast, or animal buddies like Squawks, even something from Diddy Kong Racing or the Mario sports games she appeared in. Some have also suggested that she could use wads of bubblegum as a sticky trap or even team up with her cousin Kiddy Kong to perform all sorts of team attacks. In terms of playstyle, Dixie could be a trickster with disjointed hitboxes, multiple jumps, and aerial mobility like Jigglypuff, R.O.B., or Pit/Dark Pit. She would have a similar body shape to Diddy, but could be slightly slower and more floaty to further differentiate herself from her boyfriend.

Fan Created Move Sets
Many users have gotten to work on showing just how different Dixie can be; for all those curious and or skeptical about her possibilities, I strongly recommend viewing and reading all our moveset ideas. Each user's set speaks for themselves, so do check them out!

I made this. Let me know what you think.


Full Moveset (in case images aren't displaying properly or you need a quick and easy link):

Okay everyone, here's my jab idea for The Third Hero:

Using her hair for support, she sits back and kicks her feet forward; Dixie pedals her feet back continuously to rack up damage.

Then, to finish her rapid kicks, she uses her hair and body to thrust herself forward feet first to give opponents a forceful shove. Thanks to her hair's length she's able to move a nice distance for her finisher.
Originally I thought of the 2nd drawing as a forward tilt backup idea, but after seeing the introduction of standard attack finishers in a Pic of the Day months ago, I knew what to do with this move.

I thought up a forward tilt for Dixie Kong

She coils her blonde hair behind her and leans on one side of her body, then shifts her weight to the opposite side to swing her hair and make it spank the ground. Those who get hit by it just as its about to smack the ground receive a stronger strike, while those who get hit in mid-swing are punished less. The move's not TOO powerful, but it can kill, particularly the full swing...once certain percentages are reached, of course. Has good range thanks to Dixie's hair and the fact that she leans outward.

Dixie's UpTilt involves her body facing us as she shuffles gracefully left to right or vice versa. She literally tilts; as she does so her hair sways with her to whack opponents above her, behind her and in front of her to move them around. It has great range and its effective at crowd control, but it has little knockback and by extension no real killing power. It is however good for disrupting aerial approaches and those that are too close as it displaces them, and if a foe's damage is substantial they'll be swept around through the whole animation instead of part of it. It's best to use this on airborne targets as they'll typically get stirred more than grounded opponents, who are more likely to get smacked depending on where they are, how close they are to Dixie and what stage her attack's in. It's generally a carrying attack. She'll always start the move from behind where she's facing; this is good to for getting those who rolled around her.

This is the attack's layout. At position 1, she starts the move and foes directly above as well as those beside her get hit and swept to position 2. Grounded opponents who got hit during position 1 will be swept and usually left here. Airborne victims likely won't. At P2, new victims both grounded and aerial will be whacked and likely carried with the airborne victims of P1 and swung to P3 where the attack ends. From this point, victims will either hit the ground or be chucked forward a bit, especially if their damage % is EXTREMELY high. Enemies who make contact at P3 will simply get whacked and pushed back. They only take damage ranging from average to below average from this move at these 3 points. Good for displacement, close-quarters crowd control or setting up the Forward Tilt or Forward Smash.

To pull off her Down Tilt, Dixie does a swift handstand and lets her hair fall forward to smash into the ground. Opponents hit by it will be bounced upwards with semi decent force if their % is at or near zero; the knockback (or more accurately knock-up) is good but the move's not KO worthy unless on really high percentages, though it's a nice and quick way to bounce opponents off.

Here's the attack layout. At Position 1 there's no attack, but the transition to P2 is something to be aware of, as the startup swing does negligible damage but may knock you forward if grounded or swung with slightly more force if aerial. In either case, if you get hit at this transition, you should be pushed just out of the reach of this DTilt, with minor damage if you're higher than 20%. If your % is lower than 20, you're likely to endure the full attack. At P2, Dixie's hair swings downward, so anything hit from this point on the way to P3 will nudged or forced underneath the hair. At P3, the hair makes contact with the ground and BAM! The attack has unfolded. Anything it immediately touches will be bounced upwards as the attack is complete, and those that were forced through the whole move will be slammed into the ground, bounced up and receive higher damage and knockback than those making contact at P3. P4 is simply Dixie returning to her neutral position.
The move is quick on the startup side but has just a touch of ending lag; about the speed of Diddy's Forward Tilt, and as the move bounces foes upward I liken it to a 1-directional shockwave with (surprise surprise) nice reach thanks to her hair. It's quick and strong but not a killing move, however you might be able to use it to set up her Up Tilt at the right percentages. Just think...Dtilt-> UTilt-> FTilt/FSmash. This is one of Dixie's "Get back!" moves.

Alternate Down Tilt: Swift Spank

Based off Tropical Freeze. She kneels and leans forward, allowing her hair to strike twice in front of her with a relatively small range. It's quick, reliable and has a stinging quality, but the attack is always 2 strikes per input, which means if the hits don't connect Dixie could be vulnerable to a counterattack. As I wrote before, the moves quick so she's not in too much danger if she misses, right?

I came up with the Handstand Slam just before I saw Dixie do that hair-banging groundpound from DKC Tropical Freeze, and I gotta admit it looked cool so I drew up something based on it. I find it practical; it's swift and she leans low unlike in the other which she is more open to danger, but it's not as strong and looks similar to her Forward Tilt. Still, both ideas are good but I prefer the Slam over the Spank. As long as I get ideas circulating in others, every drawing I show will serve its purpose. So in this case, if I have more than 1 idea to show for the same attack then the more the merrier.

Dash Attack:
Gotta start cranking out these moveset ideas. Here's another:
Dash Attack: Ponytail Pirouette

Dixie uses her spin attack from Tropical Freeze in Smash Bros.! She starts by kicking a leg out and briefly extending an arm while simultaneously turning to spin. As she rotates, an arm, a leg and her ponytail smack opponents up to four times. It's a quick move that carries foes like most other tornado attacks (like DK's or Mega Man's) through the animation and is fast to perform with little startup or ending lag.

A pretty straightforward, 4-hit attack; I just wanna point out that the poses above represent different stages in the move's lifespan. The first pose is the startup, the 2nd and 3rd are the attack itself, but different points. The closer Dixie's left arm is to her paralleling her left leg, the closer the attack is to finishing. I looked at ballerinas spinning and noticed they don't always keep their arms or legs in the same pose throughout, so I did the same with Dixie. Keeps me from being bored having to draw the same pose but at different rotations. Hopefully I caught a sense of momentum with these.

Smash Attacks:

To begin her Forward Smash attack, Dixie coils her hair around herself and turns her back to her foes. As she charges the move her hair tightens and snakes around her body; she balances on one foot in preparation for what's to come, unaffected by her own constricted grip. The extent of the coil grows with each second while Dixie grows more determined to maintain her posture. The pressure mounts...and then finally...!

WHAAAOOOOoomsshh!! She makes a fierce spin and unravels her hair, slashing the space around her! While she turns, her ponytail extends to whip the air with immense might and smack anything it collides with HARD. The force behind this move is extreme and her strongest smash attack without a doubt, and you can even hear the wind crack while the move's used. She easily surpasses her boyfriend's strength and practically rivals DK's!
This is a high-powered move with amazing knockback and high killing power, so do your best to avoid it! This move is a stationary spin attack that, thanks to her hair, gives this kong an elliptical strike range with impressive reach, damage, knockback and KO potential. The move starts quickly but has a bit of ending lag, for a revolution that fiercely performed needs a moment to keep balance. The upside to this however is that Dixie's using her hair to attack, and thus has a bit of a backswing that foes should beware. The backswing isn't as deadly (far less tbh) or powerful but it still packs a punch, so rolling around Dixie or standing behind this attack will leave you with a nasty surprise.
Dixie's UpTilt is a good setup for this move.
I finally got to show a smash attack. The idea behind it is a powerful backhand move where hair is used instead of hand, and I think it works out nicely

Dixie starts her Up Smash with a handstand pose. Her arms and hair stay bent on the ground to support herself and cushion her head, for balancing in that position can be painful.
The blood flows down as the attack charges, but she remains clear-headed and focused. And then...

ssSSSHWEEEEEemsh!!! She launches herself straight up to collide with foes and knock them higher! Her hair goes from a curled cushion to propel herself upward; as she does so she extends her legs in the hopes of impacting enemies with blunt force. She uses her hair merely for assistance, as this attack has her rely on her feet to deal the damage, and boy is it strong. The force she uses to blast upwards coupled with the overall trajectory makes this quite a jolt for her!
A near - strictly vertical attack from Dixie. The extended length of her ponytail matches the length of her body, and thus like many of her moves she's granted some good range. As she shoots upward her feet have incredible force; it's not as powerful as her Forward Smash, but it has quite a healthy bit of killing power. Also, due to the vertical nature of this move, it's most effective on those directly above her and the knockback is vertically oriented as well.
In regard to Smash attacks, Dixie's Forward relies mostly on her hair to deal damage; her Up reverses that "role" and her Down has no reliance on her hair. A nice dynamic IMO.
Onto more moveset ideas. I'm not sure how much these posts will affect her chances with the ballot with just 12 days left, but I want to finish these ideas since I'm so close. I have a few concepts here in the hope that at least one appeals to people's imagination if the other(s) don't. Another massive post is here, brace yourselves, if the post is annoyingly long I'll wrap spoiler tags on it.

Down Smash: Quick Split

As she charges her Down Smash, Dixie strikes a pose. Her hand seems poised to shoot up while her hair curls too. With each passing second she becomes more determined to unleash the attack. And then...

ssSSWOOOM!! She performs a split! This Smash attack is a quick maneuver in which Dixie uses her feet to do damage. The attack is the fastest of her smashes, but also the weakest. While her Forward Smash has huge KO potential--the most actually--and her Up Smash isn't bad at killing either, her Down Smash isn't reliable for KO's off the bat. Higher percentages notwithstanding. Her hair deals no damage, but it does smack foes while it unravels just before she splits. The chance of getting hit by it is remote and just disrupts you in that split second before she splits.

And that's the default idea for a down smash. It fits the dynamic I have with the other 2; while the Forward Smash has her rely strictly on her hair, and her Up allows her to use her hair and feet, her Down Smash has no real reliance on it and instead the damage comes from her feet. There's barely any ending lag and almost none on the startup side. It's a simple yet practical attack, one that many fighters can do, and because of that I feel the need to show ideas that could be more unique and specialized:

Alternate Down Smash 1: Sit Spin Sweep

The cute Kong wraps her hair around her and crouches while doing so, letting her hair wrap tightly but still maintaining her balance. Sound familiar? Well it is but--

sSSSSHHHoooWOOOMSSH! She unleashes the attack and performs a figure skating move called a Sit Spin, and in the process uncurls her hair to smack foes while she spins! It's essentially her Forward Smash at a lower height, the only differences here is that you control how much she spins. Do a quick Smash and she'll spin once, charge it halfway and she'll spin twice, but charge it fully and you'll get three spins! The hair smacks foes away throughout either spin, and the one before the last is the strongest (ie: 2 spins means the first will be the strongest and 3 spins means the 2nd will be the strongest) as Dixie will be winding down momentum to finish the attack.

And here's the finisher. No matter how long the Smash is charged, the final spin will end with her making this pose. Anyone hit by the hair will be knocked away, but what's most important about this part is that the amount of spins determine how much ending lag you'll get. She'll be holding that pose for a bit to regain balance; how long exactly is up to you, so keep that in mind when charging the attack.

Like the Whiplash Smash the Sit Spin Sweep is powerful; not AS powerful but can be slightly stronger than the Up Smash, if we're talking about the strongest spin in the set when fully charged. A graceful and strong spin, and a good idea IMO, but as it is her Whiplash Smash re-purposed--which isn't necessarily bad, I have yet another idea:

Alternate Down Smash 2: Spinning Kong

Dixie balances on one hand while the rest of her limbs and her hair seem poised to strike. What could she be getting ready to do while keeping most of herself in the air?

A Spinning Kong of course! Like DK, Dixie can pull off that Kong tornado move, but she uses it differently. She performs the attack while upside-down and stays in one place, and spins twice, but if you charge it longer she'll spin three times and four if fully charged. Like the 1st alternate Down Smash the ending lag depends on how much you charge the move, but it's not exactly powerful, and the final spin is the strongest. While the other spins rack up damage and keep you in the cyclone like Peach's Down Smash, the final spin knocks you away with good knockback if fully charged, and decent if not. It's a wild attack that highlights her savage side.


Those are the Down Smash ideas. While I'm going with the first one, I can't deny the other two are cooler and more unique. I felt the need to have her use a quick and reliable attack at the cost of raw power, and complete the dynamic I have with the Up and Forward as well as show that she's not 100% hair. Each of the three smashes in this post have their strengths and flaws, so it's best to pick your favorite of the bunch.

All that's left are the Specials and her "Glide". Stay tuned for it.


A nice whirling kick. She spins twice to let her feet hit you; it pushes enemies back on moderate damage percentages and hits two times when used on those with low percentages. Nothing too special about the move, but its reliable and gets its job done.

Another practical attack for Dixie, her forward air has her do two kicks: right leg then left. Like the alternate down tilt idea the input yields 2 hits per use, and you can attack repeatedly with it to rack up damage. Enemies are knocked upwards and backwards slightly with each kick--enough to push them back by just a bit but not enough to keep foes from escaping another dose; time it right and you'll get much more than 2 hits from these strikes. The move's quick on its own and not KO-worthy, but with Dixie's airspeed being the best of the Kongs and a unique ability of her own, you can practically chase foes around using this move repeatedly and slowly descend to the ground.

While the attack isn't as spectacular as her Up and Down Air (coming soon) or as strong as her Back Air, it's great for aggressive approaches. She moves faster than DK and Diddy in the air and can stay off the ground longer than they ever could.

Dixie's Forward Air is a go-to move for horizontal momentum, while her Neutral is a quick way to push others back; her Up Air is deliberately meant to rack up damage and disrupt her own falling speed while it's being used, almost to the point of floating in mid air (which she technically can't do, but "gliding's" a different story). Her Back Air is strong and can kill once certain thresholds are crossed, and her Down Air...is perfect for..displacement..

Here we have a hair-assisted whiplash attack. She curves her hair around her then immediately turns 180 degresss, extending her hair in the process to smack foes, much like her forward smash but reversed. She then turns back to her start position. A powerful move, no doubt, but not quite the fastest airborne attack of hers. It takes a split second to get to the part you see above (while most BAirs are practically instantaneous) and the ending lag's roughly the same, so you might wanna use this move preemptively if you're sure it'll hit, and when it does it pays off. Not quite as fast as other BAirs or Dixie's other aerials, but still a reliable speed with good power. It is her strongest aerial move, and if you've ever had the misfortune of being hit by one of Ike's aerials, you'll have a very solid idea of its KO potential.
Also, as it is a tad slower due to startup and ending lag, it would be tougher to use this move as much as others before you land. Dixie doesn't have to worry too much though, because she's got an ability to stay airborne for quite some time. It's an ability...that I'll detail later..

While airborne, Dixie can use her hair for more than maneuvering. She can treat enemies above her to a violent display of her hair's spinning ability, in which her ponytail twists and throttles wildly; it jerks and whips in a dangerous fashion, abandoning the more graceful movements it's known for and embraces a feral nature. The ponytail lashes and contorts relentlessly in a strange circular form that resembles a tornado, and thus she's able to gain multiple hits while enemies are caught in this cyclone.
Dixie makes a sort of free falling pose to pull off the move. Her arms are stretched outward while her head dips so that her feet are the highest point of her body; this allows her ponytail enough room to swivel uncontrollably without smacking herself, and her body is poised to help her with her movement, for the turbulent nature of her Simian Cyclone slows her good air speed. Fortunately this move slows her falling speed considerably, as she is spinning her ponytail afterall.
Great for racking up damage and trapping enemies in a hairy cyclone, not much of a killing move.
Another moveset idea has arrived!

Down Air: Hair Hook

The Third Hero does one acrobatic spin while her hair curves at an angle, acting like a hook-shaped appendage in hopes of catching a foe. Once someone is snagged, they're swung by her hair and tossed above her. Where exactly? Well that depends on where Dixie catches them; If they're caught at the beginning of the attack they'll be flung a good distance away, but if caught near the end they'll barely be thrown. Here's an example:

As you can see, the earlier she catches someone the further away she'll throw them, but the later it happens the easier it'll be for her enemy to retaliate. Say for example she catches Mario near the end of the swing; that means he'll be free to hit her with say, his Meteor Smash after he's tossed and spike her before she can react. He'd basically be right on top of her and ready for payback, so if you use this move, TIMING IS KEY.
If Dixie's lucky, she might be able to use her Up Air right before her foe strikes back..

Although the move doesn't do much damage, the strength of her throw is absolutely no joke--it can become KO-worthy quickly, especially if you're caught at the beginning, and I should mention: the throw trajectories shown are based off a foe being tossed at 0% damage (they won't be at 0% after the throw however), and the attack radius is the length of her ponytail while swinging, not the trajectory lines which means fighters will be thrown from the tip of her hair, not the lines you see branching out. Those are only the level of force you can expect from each point in the swing. One last thing, only one enemy can be snagged per each usage; other enemies will just get smacked by Dixie's hair while it swings the victim, and they'll take more damage from being whacked than the one who's being thrown. I know most of that was shown/written in the drawing but I wanna be 210% clear about this.

The move, along with her Up Tilt and a certain Special is meant to show off her capabilities as a grapple-oriented fighter. In this case she has an aerial throw as an attack at her disposal, and it's perfect for displacing enemies by sending them somewhere they probably didn't wanna go, whether they're grounded or aerial. Incidentally, this works better on grounded foes as they're typically below you, and the swing has a downward arc. You can force opponents into the air with this, or just displace already airborne fighters. Since Dixie does have a lot of air-oriented options to work with you can best believe she's forcing you to fight on her terms.

You guys wouldn't believe how long this drawing took. I could never get it right when it came to the pose and the angle lol. The rough drafts looked like she was on the ground, too stiffly posed or badly proportioned, so I'm glad to finally get to show this one. This was meant to be her Aerial Down B when I first brainstormed it BUT I came up with something else and figured this would be a cool/unique Down Air instead. With this posted, the Aerial attacks are all complete, like the tilts. Dixie's air attacks utilize her hair in some cases and kicks in others while her tilts have her rely strictly on her ponytail. All that's left are the grabs/throws, a Smash, Running Attack (guess what it is) and the dreaded Specials. But I'm not done with the air yet...

Midair Jump: Ponytail Twirl
In Smash, Dixie uses her hair like she does in Tropical Freeze for a second jump. She rises up like in that game but afterwards she can hold it to do a maneuver known as a Descent.

It's activated like Peach's floating, and it behaves differently. Unlike Floating, a Descent is affected by gravity and can be used until you are attacked, break out of it or touch the ground. The above image shows the default trajectory, which is Down, but your fall speed is slowed moderately. If you don't use a directional input the above is how your Descent will be depicted.

You can move left or right too while doing this; if you press lightly opposite of where she's facing Dixie will drift back slowly...

And if you press Forward she'll move like this, letting her airspeed shine as her mobility becomes a clear benefit. If you press opposite of where she's facing on the Analogue (AKA Control) stick with standard or greater force, she'll move this way in that direction, which is faster than the "Slow Drift" version. You can change direction anytime while Descending--going Downward-Diagonal Left or Downward-Diagonal Right--just always keep in mind your growing proximity to the ground.

Now, while Descending, if you air-dodge, press B, touch the ground or get hit, you'll cancel the move. This will even happen if you try to use most attacks as it'll disrupt Dixie's spinning ponytail, and because of that there's only one move that you can use while Descending:

Remember that Forward Air I showed a long while back, and its basic nature? Dixie can use it while Descending! Simply press A or hold the Analogue (Control) Stick in the direction she's facing and she'll do 2 consecutive kicks per input. Combined with the aerial mobility of her Descent and her airspeed, Dixie can use these kicks to chase down opponents while staying airborne, giving her an offensive option while moving through the air. This is the only attack she can perform without stopping her descent; as most of her other aerials have her using her hair and/or spinning she can't reasonably use the Twirl at the same time, making her simple FAir very useful for approaches and the like. Her Descent slows her fallspeed and leaves her aerial mobility in tact, unlike her Up Air which nearly stops her fallspeed temporarily but greatly slows her airspeed too, which is useful in some cases but certainly not all.

Of the Kongs, Dixie has the best airspeed and can stay in the air longer thanks to this, Squawks and her Up Air. In general, she weighs more than Diddy but less than DK, as hair is heavy and Dixie has quite a lot of it. She's also stronger than Diddy and at times rivals DK--those times usually depend on if she's using a hair attack like her Forward Smash--and she's slower than Diddy, who is the fastest Kong. DK's the Powerhouse, Diddy's the Mauler and Dixie's the Grappler.

I didn't know whether to have this as her Down B or her Spring Leap at first but I chose the latter. That said, this would make an interesting Down B with the right tweaks.

Up Special: Squawks

One of the DKC series' most popular Animal Buddies pops in to help Dixie recover. While holding her with his talons, Squawks can fly freely and carry Dixie to safety; each time you press B or the Jump Button, Squawks flaps his wings and goes higher. It works like Kirby's multiple jumps--or more accurately, Squawks controls almost exactly like he did in DKC2, but with some differences.

For starters, Squawks doesn't vomit nuts at threats--making him defenseless, and Dixie's damage percentage affects his mobility. He can't carry you so quickly if you're at or near 0%, meaning he'll tire fast and struggle to stay in the air. As he loses his stamina, he'll begin to fall faster as time passes, no matter how many times he flaps his wings. Eventually, his fluttering will go from allowing you to go higher, to maintaining a certain height, to simply stalling your inevitable return to land. The flaps are infinite, but it's really weighed down by the circumstance. He won't let you go until you touch the ground, or if you--as well as any enemies--make him let you go.

Does that deflate your enthusiasm? Well don't let it bother you too much, because the higher your damage percentage, the longer it takes for Squawks to get exhausted! He'll move a bit faster too--not Lucario levels of speed but not too bad either. A Dixie Kong at 999% damage won't be forced to return to the ground for quite a while, but when you're at THAT damage threshold, does it even matter how long you can stay airborne? Also, in the interests of fair play, this mechanic is nerfed considerably during Sudden Death Matches--we wouldn't want Dixie pulling a Sonic and hiding under the stage forever...

Basically this Special's better when Dixie's hurting, but why? Because the higher your damage percent, the easier it is to launch you, and if it's easier to knock you away then it must be easier to carry you too! This makes your damage a bit beneficial, but I wouldn't play recklessly, because Squawks can get hit...

...Leaving you completely helpless. He'll vanish in a puff of feathers and smoke like most enemies in DKCTF, and you'll fall. Dixie can also get hit while he carries her; Squawks will let her go and fly off the screen, but she'll be able to use "A-Button" Attacks and her Glide-like ability. Specials won't be available until she touches the ground. She can even let go of Squawks by Air-Dodging or pressing the Attack button at any time, in which case she won't be able to use her pseudo-Glide, but since her Up Air nearly stops her in place for a few seconds like Fox's aerial Down B, she might figure something out.

That's the idea for Squawks. Hopefully the concept doesn't make him seem too overpowered. The idea is giving Dixie infinite but heavily regulated jumps, with restrictions that slowly and steadily decrease with more damage taken. It should be very difficult to survive to the point where these jumps keep her in the air for dozens of minutes, so making it to 999% damage should be a near-impossible reward of exhaustion-free flight. It's obvious that attacking the already-defenseless Squawks is priority 1 when Dixie's carried by him, so be careful when using this.
Forward Special: Sound Blast

Dixie takes out her guitar from Tropical Freeze and strikes with a wave of sound! Simply press the input and you'll get a small wave, but smash the input like Samus's Missiles to get a wave like the one above. The closer the opponent is to the guitar itself, the stronger the strike--it's like when you put your ears too close to a microphone, only weaponized in this case.

The result can be deafening, but the wave isn't far-reaching even when pressed with force. It travels almost as far as the starbits from Rosalina's Luma Shot, and those that are hit by the wave are pushed away and may be stunned, depending on how close they were to the instrument. When it comes to damage, it's laughable, but the real power comes from the knockback--which isn't spectacular, but very reliable for pushing people away--as well as the hitstun, which really kicks in for those who get too close. The most potent blast comes from the inner blue circle--those hit by that will be pushed through the entire wave and paralyzed at the same time, about as long as a fully charged shot from Zero Suit Samus. That will no doubt give Dixie time to hit you or catch with her Neutral Special, which is a grab, so be careful. Luckily though, that only applies to those caught in a full blast; if you're only caught in the outer wave of a full blast you'll be stunned for a second and still be pushed back, and if you're hit with a regular blast you'll be moved back without any hitstun.

This move is mainly defensive, meant to teach close-quarter opponents about personal space and allow Dixie to unleash some mean hair attacks. Those at the edge of the wave won't be feeling the strength of this strike, and while the inner circle isn't deadly like Jigglypuff's Down B or Luigi's Up B, it's still a potent force.


That's the concept for the Forward Special. I wanted her to use her guitar but I wasn't sure which one at first. DKC2's is nostalgic but I like DKCTF's more so I used that, and as a musical instrument attack I looked at DK64, Jungle Beat, DK's Final Smash and Barbara's AT for inspiration. I wanted it to be like a depowered version of DK's and focus on one direction as well as be defensive. I also colored it in a way that separates it from the latter 2's sound attacks. This is likely to be the only Special I can show you guys in time however--I might have Squawks ready but I doubt it. I'll still finish what's left but as these threads might get locked after Oct 3rd, I'll probably upload these somewhere else. Hope you guys and gals like the drawing!
Neutral Special: Hair Snare Swing
I've established that Dixie doesn't use her hair for traditional grabs in this moveset, but she does for this Special. It's not a simple "Press B to grab" scenario though, it's a little more involved than that.

Once you press B, Dixie takes a stance. A mode has been activated for her, in which she stands still and ready to react in various ways. The stance is easy to assume and thus has no startup or ending lag; you can't walk around while in this stance, but you can easily get out of it by pressing B or A, jumping, dodging or by getting attacked. You can also shield while you're in the stance, and unlike the other options above, you'll automatically return to this position. Retaliating won't be a problem for you.

Most of the specifics are either written in the pic, mentioned or will be mentioned in a few more sentences, but the move is easy to perform.

So, you know how to cancel this, but what is this used for? This Special is Input-Sensitive on the ground, and the inputs are strictly directional. One thing to note is that if someone comes up opposite from where Dixie's facing, you can press back on the Control Stick for her to reverse her stance at any time. Now, Dixie has 3 real options when in this stance: Forward, Diagonal and Upward. If you press the Control Stick in any of these directions, she'll grab with her ponytail.

Here's the Forward Swing. She extends her hair in hopes of catching a foe. This is the critical moment; it's fast, far-reaching and can grab those right behind her at the start of the swing, but if Dixie misses she'll return to the "Ready Stance" above with negligible ending lag preceding it. There'll be nothing stopping her from trying again, so break her out of that stance ASAP.

If she does catch you with this move...

You'll be grabbed, swung and likely slammed opposite of where she caught you. In this case it'll be behind her initial stance. The strength of the Neutral Forward is the weakest of the 3; a nice trade off for not punishing Dixie for missing her target. The ending lag of all the successful swings are the same. In the Forward's case that means it's worse than when you miss, but only slightly. Here's the layout:

I asked the Sandbag to do a few more demonstrations, but it adamantly refused. Its agent said this was too many throws for one fighter. Oh well, this nonspecific mannequin showed up and didn't mind filling in.

Anyway, those caught are snared and swung in one swift motion, making the attack-throw quite quick. Where Dixie slams her hair into is important, because the force of the impact will hurt whoever stands there. Those who didn't get grabbed should keep that in mind. This move can work on projectiles and items in a limited sense as well; if you use this on a crate or barrel she'll pick it up with her hair like in DKC 2 and knock away smaller items, but she doesn't reflect projectiles, especially not things like Link's arrows or Fox's lasers. At best, she can deflect--not reflect--grabbable projectiles, but it's not a reliable move for that.

We've got the Forward input out the way, now let me escalate the energy with the Diagonal Input:

The Diagonal Swing is meant for catching combatants coming from the air, at an angle. Say for instance, Dixie assumes this stance as someone runs toward her; the opponent anticipates a Forward Swing and so jumps to avoid it, but instead Dixie swings her hair diagonally. Or, an airborne assailant approaches at an angle, allowing an appropriate application of this move. What's likely to happen?

She's sure to swing the Hair Snare into the ground at a diagonal angle, slamming snatched smashers at an angle opposite of the grab. Since this is a grounded throw, the trajectory is a reverse of the swing itself, but what's interesting here is that regardless of whether you catch someone, Dixie will slam her hair like this and won't return to the Ready Stance. She's swinging at an angle and in a way that makes her unable to ignore the impact; missing means she'll have more ending lag than when she succeeds. She'll shrug off a failed swing and take no damage, but if she catches someone she'll rebound quickly to her idle pose, free to do whatever. Here's the layout:

Like the Forward Swing, where her hair hits the ground is important. Non-grabbed victims are at risk of being hit by this, and there's more force and damage in the Diagonal than the Forward swing. The stakes are higher here, so Dixie's throwing more might into this.

Next up is the Up Swing. Have a look:

Pressing Up has Dixie swing her hair to catch those directly above. It's strictly vertical, and like the other 2 swings is performed quickly.

And the launch trajectory is vertical as well. Dixie slams her hair and victim into the ground and bounces them up with sheer might. The raw power behind this is on par with her Forward Smash fully charged, enough to startle heavyweights. IT IS THE STRONGEST OF ALL HER THROWS, and when using this one it is absolutely necessary that this move connects, otherwise Dixie's gonna be in trouble. Have a look at the layout:

As you can see, she'll rebound quickly if she succeeds and send her opponent flying, but if she misses she'll crash into the ground, toppling over as if laid out by a terrible punch. A far cry from a graceful fall--one that leaves a valuable window of opportunity of vulnerability. She doesn't take damage from failing, but the amount of pain a fighter can unleash makes that a cold comfort. She's putting everything she's got into this swing, and this move is one she wants--no NEEDS to succeed. Good luck with it.
The Up Swing is high-risk, high-reward. Of her 3 Up throws, this one is the only with vertical trajectory. Her traditional throw is diagonally oriented while her Cargo Up has her throw at a highly curved arc.

On the ground, her Neutral Special is tactical, simple but strategic and meant to accommodate a shifting situation. It can be used in the air too, but it's much simpler off the ground.

She does one spin, tossing whoever she touches in front of her an alright distance away, regardless if they were in front already. It is quick, not spectacular and the antithesis of the ground version. Simplicity in the air, versatile on the ground. This is her 2nd aerial grab, but her Down Air is better.
Her Neutral Special, Down Air and Forward Throw all highlight her possibilities as a Grapple-oriented fighter--allowing Dixie to have 12 throws in her moveset--9 added to her 3 regular throws. Those standing directly behind her when she performs either swing will get swept into the entire sequence, and if you're swung with more force based on where you get caught in the swing. Here's one last illustration:
Down Special: Spring Leap
Ever wanted to get high into the air without needing to use Squawks first, and still be able to use your unique midair jump or Squawks afterwards? Well when on the ground, Dixie's Down B allows this to happen! Simply press the input and…

Guh-THOOONG! Dixie uses her ponytail to launch herself at an upwards-diagonal angle, allowing her to jolt higher than her regular jump; once she reaches the highest point of her Spring Leap the move ends officially. From here she's free to do whatever, like attack, use specials or her Ponytail Twirl. The move is mainly meant to give Dixie altitude quickly, catapulting herself to heights that can be increased with her midair jump and Squawks even further.

While airborne or during the move's trajectory, she can do a somersault in which her hair smacks foes. It's like ZSS's kick for obvious reasons and can spike if sweetspotted, but it's more difficult to pull this off than Donkey Kong's (not Diddy) Forward Air, which it is also inspired by. She's spinning like DK does and thus you gotta time it right to get a powerful Meteor Smash out of it. Also, the Spring Leap only launches Dixie if she's on the ground; you'll get this attack if you decide to do it in midair. You'll be able to use Specials after performing this move, but only if you use her aerial Down B. If you Press Down B while on the ground and then attack while going through the trajectory, you won't be able to use Specials, leaving you semi-helpless like Diddy, similar to how he is after kicking while Monkey Flipping. Here's the layout:

She rolls forward, allows her hair to push against the ground and shoots up into the air. The aerial version simply lets her swing her hair at an angle that while it's tricky to catch someone with, it can be a strong attack.

It's like a hybrid of Zero Suit Samus's Down B and Diddy Kong's Side B, with its own differences of course. While ZS Samus's trajectory travels strictly on an arc and Diddy's is very horizontal, Dixie's is diagonal. It's similar not only because of being a maneuver with options, but also because if you press the attack button while in the trajectory you'll activate a hidden move. That said, I tried to make it distinct from Diddy and Samus, so I included a small diagram to reinforce that:

Dixie's skilled in the air, and this is a good way to get her in her element without a hassle.

Pummel and Throws:

While holding her victim, Dixie spins her hair and smacks them twice with it. Each input yields 2 quick strikes that do 1-2% of damage per hit, so in the best case scenario you'll get 4% damage for one input or 2% for the worst case. This pummel has 1.7 seconds worth of ending lag however, meaning that while the strikes are quick and have fluctuating percentages, the move itself is hard to abuse and unreliable for racking up damage. But hey, it IS a pummel after all and not meant to do as much damage as her throws.

That's one idea for a pummel; hope y'all like, but if you're not too crazy about the idea I have another:

Alternate Grab Pummel

Here Dixie takes a more traditional approach, in which she knees her foe whilst they remain in her grasp. There's far less ending lag in this one--about 0.9 seconds in this case, and she usually gives 0-3% damage per each singular strike. The chances for each percentage is random.

Since she's using her knees here I drew her with kneepads, but like my signature it's kinda hard to spot in this one. The 1st pummel is my favorite of the 2 but I can't deny the 2nd was sketched better. You guys are free to pick whichever you like more though (if you like either to begin with XD); I'm all about choices ATM.

Now onto a throw!
Forward Throw:
So, y'all may have noticed that in my moveset, Dixie grabs with her hands, not her hair. Weird right? That doesn't make sense; why have her do that?? Using her hands over hair seems like a missed oppurtunity--one that's too iconic for her to pass up, right? Well it would be, if her Neutral Special didn't have it covered, and that's a topic I'm saving for later. For now, let me show you what happens when you throw enemies forward.

When Dixie throws someone forward, you get her:
Cargo Grab:

After pressing forward while holding a foe, Dixie tosses and rolls them onto her ponytail and wraps it around them tightly. Man, Sandbag's in for it now...

With her victim snugly squeezed, the blonde kong is able to walk around with them, like DK but with her own differences. For one, she walks on all fours so she doesn't sacrifice speed, but her jump height depends on the weight of her victim. She's a middleweight, so characters lighter than her barely affect her jumps, but those with more weight than her do. Heavy fighters put a noticeable dent in this, and Super Heavyweights like Bowser and DK ensure she barely leaves the ground at all, reducing her to short-hop heights at best. She can't even jump if carrying a Metal Bowser. Her speed remains unaffected though, and her Cargo Carry's faster than DK's equivalent.

So, we know what happens when Dixie uses her Cargo Grab, but what about her Cargo Throws? Let's start with her Forward:
Cargo Forward: Cruel Catapult

As the name implies, Dixie effortlessly shifts her body forward and catapults her victim. The strength behind it is reliable, but not a guaranteed killer.
Cargo Down: Hair-Hamma Slamma

Dixie slams her foe down HARD. They bounce up with intensity, as this move is actually stronger than her regular Down Throw. There's no fire involved, I just got carried away with the ink.

Something about the name of the throw reminds me of that DKC cartoon...
Cargo Back: The Bucking Back Kick

Dixie rolls her foes of the tip of her hair and nails them with a mean back kick, like a wily horse unseating its rider. It's only a tad stronger than her standard back throw, but it has less knockback.
Cargo Up: Hair Hurl

Lastly, Dixie uses her hair to swing victims upward at a curved arc. It's far less powerful than her normal up throw, and the trajectory is less vertical than its counterpart too.

The Throws are finished and Sandbag can finally rest. I wanna extend a huge congrats to it for putting up with not 4 but 7 demonstrations as well as one massive thank you! Oddly enough, Dixie has a total of 12 throws in my moveset--more than any fighter ever. She has the potential to be a grapple-oriented fighter, the likes of which Smash has never seen, and it's all thanks to that huge arm growing out the back of her head. I've shown 8 (all these plus her Down Air) of her throws, the last 4 will be shown later, and each of them are very Special. Thankfully Sandbag won't be demonstrating, and what's even better, is that the next entry won't be as humongous as this. Hope y'all enjoyed this set, and keep the Dixie hype alive!

After holding onto an enemy, Dixie casually tosses them behind her in a small arc. There's not much force behind it honestly and it seems weak...until she swiftly follows up with a flip kick and launches them like a beach ball! The throw turns out to be more powerful than it seemed at first, as the kick gives the extra oomph needed to be a dangerous move. Foes are launched a good distance and while it's not insanely powerful, the right percentages will grant a satisfying KO.

And here's the layout. From Point 1 to Point 2 Dixie casually tosses the foe, doing 2-5% damage. She uses her hair as a balancing agent and flips back immediately, kicking the victim as you can see at P3. Here, the main portion of the attack's power is given, inflicting percentages that are higher than P2's initial toss and launching the enemy. Dixie continues the momentum she created to swing to P4 where her part in the throw ends and she gets ready to return to her neutral position.

The idea is a 2-hit throw in which Dixie flipkicks with the grace of a gymnastic fighter in a swift arc. Slightly elaborate but fast to perform. Good knockback, and KO worthy at the right thresholds. I hope y'all like, and I'd like to give a special thanks to the Sandbag. Most people wouldn't make a guest appearance in moveset ideas just to get wailed on, so mad props to it! Unfortunately for it, we have more..."demonstrations" coming... :grin:
Up Throw: Bubblegum Blast

Dixie whips out her Bubblegum Popgun, modified by Funky for Smash, to blast foes away. Instead of firing a gumball, Dixie's gun inflates a wad of gum until it's ready to pop, and it's helped along by her victim. The gum's explosion is strong, and sounds a lot like when you lose a life in the original DKC. The sound of those balloons popping back in the day was painful for a kid y'know...but MUCH more for whoever's receiving this.

Dixie starts the move by crouching and pulling her foe's face with her, as you can see at Point 2. If you look closely you'll see a wicked grin on her face; perhaps she knows what kind of pain her victim will receive? Anyway, at Point 3 Dixie springs up and tosses her enemy above with standard force. She keeps her hands up, and while transitioning to Point 4 her gun appears in a puff of smoke, like most hammerspace items in the original trilogy. At P4 the gun's out and she charges it while the gum inflates; at the same time, the foe's falling down with no choice but to land on the sphere of gum. Once they make contact, the pressurized gum combined with the weight of the victim and the speed of their fall result in the explosion, blasting them away as you can see at Point 5.

The knockback behind the blast makes her Up Throw the strongest of her traditional throws, and it works slightly better on heavier characters. They make the pop stronger, but since they fall faster to begin with the transition from P4 to P5 will be quicker, compared to lighter characters who don't impact the gum bubble as strongly as heavyweights. Also, this is the only time she uses the gun in my moveset--a shame too, since this could make a good Alternate Up Smash. Ah well, maybe it'll inspire someone else to imagine some uses for it in their moveset.

With her Up, Down and Back throws out the way, looks like the Sandbag has to endure one more demonstration before it can finally call it quits. That is, unless Dixie's Forward Throw works a lot like DK's...

As she clenches her opponent tightly, Dixie uses her hair as a balancing agent then leaps into the air with her victim and crashes into the ground--all while using her foe to cushion her own landing! I've combined elements of her Up Smash and Down Special to create this throw; it's not too fancy but it feels pretty sweet to do this to someone.

And here's the layout. The Sandbag has graciously agreed to be part of the demonstration--I'm so glad it's fine with being the throw victim for any hypothetical moves! So nice of it! Anyway, as you can see Dixie rolls back, launches, crashes down with the foe then happily jumps off them. They're unwillingly taken for a ride like how Kirby and Metaknight treat their opponents, but Dixie's trajectory isn't nearly as high as theirs. Also, I wasn't sure if the victim should be bounced opposite of Dixie as she jumps off or even if she'll jump forward or backward after, so I'll leave that to the imagination.

I came up with special moves for Dixie & Kiddy... I made some gifs to illustrate how the character dances in my mind.
B: Kong Slap

Let's pretend that Donkey is Kiddy and Dixie is on Kiddy's back in this gif. When the player holds down the B button, Kiddy starts slapping the ground much like Donkey Kong's Down+B move.

But when Kirby inhales Dixie & Kiddy, he wears Dixie's hat and hair... and when Kirby uses this move, he slaps the ground with the hair much like what Dixie does in this gif.

Side+B: Kong Roll

Let's pretend that Donkey is Kiddy in this gif. When the player uses this move, Kiddy starts rolling along the stage and Dixie balances herself on top of Kiddy. The player cannot use this move the same way one would with Yoshi's Egg Roll move because the duo can only go forward, not back and forth willy-nilly. Pushing the control stick in the opposite direction will only make them stop rolling.

Let's pretend that Dixie is balancing atop the rolling Kiddy in this gif. Anyway, the player can make the duo skip while rolling like this by pressing the B button. This could be useful for attacking opponents who might try to jump over them.

Up+B: Kong Toss

Kiddy throws Dixie upward. Don't worry about Kiddy... just make sure Dixie recovers! When Dixie successfully recovers back to the stage, Kiddy will automatically float up toward Dixie.

I repeat, don't worry about Kiddy. Yes, it is visually similar to Ice Climbers' Up+B move but it functions more like Bowser Jr.'s Up+B move. So what if Kiddy falls off-screen... Dixie will just break a DK Barrel that appears out of thin air the moment Kiddy falls off-screen and she is back on Kiddy's back.

This way, Dixie & Kiddy are always together like Duck Hunt or Bowser Jr. and his Koopa Clown Car and not easily separated like Ice Climbers. No need for AI for Kiddy like Nana.

Down+B: Kong Pound
Dixie and Kiddy switch places. Dixie throws Kiddy up in the air. Kiddy lands on the ground hard to cause small earthquakes and bury enemies (if Kiddy lands on them).

Don't worry if Dixie throws Kiddy off the stage. A DK Barrel will appear in front of Dixie and it will immediately break... and Dixie is suddenly on Kiddy's back again. Well, why not? The Koopa Clown Car appears from thin air when Bowser Jr. ejects himself from it and lands on the stage.

Double Jump (press the jump button again while jumping)

Again, let's pretend that Donkey is Kiddy in this gif. Dixie carries Kiddy as she propels her hair.

Float (hold down the jump button while jumping)

It functions like Peach's floating jump except it descents slowly. Use this as a horizontal recovery... but if the duo are still below the stage after floating, quickly use Up+B to have Kiddy throw Dixie.

Greetings, fellow Dixie supporters! So I'm working on a fangame and since we're including Diddy and Dixie as a tag~team of sorts, I'm sure you'd be the ones to approach about doing their characters justice! Hope you enjoy, and I await your feedback!
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Okay, I used the sprites by PxlCobit (Dixie Kong MLSS style), Michael Peterson (Kiddy KOS style), and AJ Nitro (Mario) to show my ideas for Dixie's specials.

Dixie blows a bubble that hovers for a little bit before popping if nothing touches it. If an opponent goes into it, they get stuck for a while depending on their percentage. Dixie can only have one bubble at a time.

Dixie hovers like in DKC2 and DKC3, gaining more horizontal distance than vertical distance. Her spinning hair reflects projectiles and damages opponents that approach.

Dixie's hair grows upward and then forward a little bit in an arc, grabbing opponents that get in the way. She can move while she grabs opponents like Donkey Kong. Like Isabelle's fishing rod but with more vertical distance and Dixie can move once she grabs the opponent.

Dixie throws Kiddy Kong forward, who spawns from her hair because that's normal to keep hated babies in your hair. Kiddy rolls forward like a snowball, pushing opponents and projectiles that get in his way with him. He will eventually stop rolling. Dixie has to go collect Kiddy to use the move again. However, Kiddy can be hurt by opponents. If he is hurt by opponents enough, or if he falls of the stage, he will disappear for a while and won't be usable until he respawns.

Dixie has an extra jump where her hair propels her upward as it works in Tropical Freeze.

Entrance: Dixie and Kiddy burst out of a DK Barrel.

Neutral A: Dixie punches once, then again, then Kiddy takes a swing.

Holding B while in the air: Dixie twirls her hair while Kiddy hangs on, and their descent is slowed.

Dash Attack: Kiddy rolls forawrd while Dixe, balacing on top of him, twirls her hair.

Idle Animation: Dixie drinks some Juice, while Kiddy pulls on a loose thread on his onesie.


Nair: Kiddy punches forward.

Uair: Dixie kicks upward.

Dair: Kiddy punches with both fists in a downward arc.

Fair: Dixie whips her hair.


S Tilt: Dixie swings with her Baseball bat from the Mario Baseball games.

D Tilt: Kiddy does a headbut.

U tilt: Kiddy holds up Dixie, who kicks in both directions.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash: Kiddy throws a TNT Barrel forward, which explodes when making contact.

Down Smash: Kiddy throws a Steel Keg, which keeps rolling until falling off an edge.

Up Smash: Dixie throws a Cannon Ball upwards.

Grab Attacks

Grab Attack: Dixie smacks em' with her hair.

Forward Throw: Kiddy chucks the opponent like a Barrel.

Up Throw: Dixie, using her hair, chucks the opponent upwards.

Down Throw: Kiddy throws the oppoent downwards.

Back Throw: Dixie uses her hair to throws the opponent behind them.


Neutral B: Kong Roll-Kiddy starts rolling forwards with Dixie balancing on his back. Pressing A in this
state will make hip skip. Pressing B again stops the roll.

Side B: Kong Throw-Kiddy throws Dixie forawrd, after she stps, he defies all physics and laws and goes
straight to her. Can be directed sideways, upwards, downwards, or diagnoally.

Down B: Kiddy Toss-Dixie picks up Kiddy with her hair and chucks him in an arc. This can not be directed.
Upon landing, Kiddy creates a small shockwave before going back to Dixie.

Up B: Squawks the Parrot-Sqwuaks appears and Dixie grabs on to him, while Kiddy grabs her. They fly
upwards for a second or two, before the Kongs jump off and Squwaks dissappears.

Final Smash: The Mother Bannana Bird- A swarm of Banana Birds come and attack the opponentes, before
the Mother Banana Bird drops a giant egg on the stage.

Side Taunt: Dixie blows some Bubblegum, which then pops, spooking Kiddy.

Down Taunt: Kiddy holds Dixie up with one arm and smiles, while Dixie kicks her feet in anger.

Up Taunt: Kiddy hops up and down while Dixie giggles.

Victory Animation 1: Dixie rocks out on her guitar while Kiddy bounces up and down happily.

Victory Animation 2: A Bannana bird flys around the duo, who watch it n awe.

Victory Animation 3: Kiddy juggles sevrial barrels while Dixie watches in amazement.

Lose Animation: Basically the same thing they do when they lose a life in DKC3.

Dixie Kong

Innate ability: Like Peach the jump button can be held. If this happens, Dixie will descend slower while twirling her hair and gain the ability to move back and forth.


Up B Squawks: Appears above in a burst of feathers and grabs Dixie's pony tail. There is a small vertical jolt when the parrot seizes her hair. Squawks can then navigate freely. A press of A will have him shoot out a nut from his mouth. Eventually he will let go and fly away or a press of the jump button will have Dixie freefall away from his talons.

Down B Bubble Gum (inspired by Shorties Dixie Kong moveset): Holding Down B will cause Dixie to blow a pink bubble which swells and slowly raises Dixie Kong off the ground. A release of Down B will cause the bubble gum to fly off in a descending arc. Anyone hit with it will pop up as it explodes, but if it collides with a wall or floor the gum will become a sticky puddle. An enemy that collides with it will become temporarily stuck.

The puddle eventually disappears over time or if Dixie uses another bubble.

Toward B Barrel roll: Dixie flips upside down and during the rotation grabs a DK barrel out of hammer space and runs in place on top of it. The longer she goes in one direction, the faster the barrel rolls.

Can change direction if the barrel is not going too fast, otherwise she can tumble off. The barrel will smash if it collides with a wall or character. Dixie can jump off. Though it is slower to execute if the barrel is going fast. A clever Dixie can slow down the speed of the barrel by slowly going one way then another, then jumping off. The barrel will be stationary and become an item she can pick up.

In the air, Dixie gains a bit of a pop as she takes the barrel out and runs on top of it. But she cannot jump off until she hits the ground. Barrel can bounce.

B Hair Grab: Dixie swings her hair hair back and then forward when it becomes a grab. When the tip connects with the foe, the hair wraps around the enemy.

Aerial: Constricts immediately and pops the enemy upwards.

Ground: Wraps around enemy and then unwinds sending the enemy forward as he or she twirls really fast. The enemy gains control of the movement as momentum wanes down. The higher the percentage, the faster and longer the spin. The enemy cannot jump or perform moves.


A: Pivots her hips forward to deliver a butt attack. Good bounce.

Tilt A: Supports her body with a one hand, as she kicks forward with both feet and then slinks back into a stand position

Crouch: Low on all fours with her head tilted and her long pony tail laying on the floor trailing parallel to her body.

Down A: Swishes her pony tail forward low on the floor. The tip pushes away, the middle pops the enemy, and the base can trip if hit just right

Up A: Supports her body with a curved pony tail, leans back, and performs a back flip with one leg extra extended. Big hitbox, but comes with lag.

Dash A: Performs a grounded helicopter pony tail attack.

Up Smash: Looks at screen and head bangs once shooting her pony tail straight up. Knocks opponents away and the tip can grab them, pulling them back to the stage to bounce off the floor.

Down Smash (inspired by BirthNote's drawing): Jolts her neck to the side and slaps her ponytail hard against the floor behind her, then jolts her neck to the other side slapping the floor once more with her ponytail. Good clear move and could KO at higher percentages

Forward Smash: Spins her hair behind her like a giant blond fan propelling her toward the enemy as she swings an accelerated punch. Goes far with decent power.

Aerial Attacks

Forward Aerial: Leans back and does a succession of bicycle kicks (five total kicks, last hits the hardest)

Down Aerial: Looks at screen and slaps downward with both open palms, which leads into a somersault and another double open palm slap

Up Aerial: Flips upside down, holds her beret with both hands, scrunches like a spring and kicks straight up

Back Aerial: Locks hands together forming a hammerfist and flips backwards smashing her interlocked hands on the opponent's head. Hits down and away. Reverse DK forward aerial. But less powerful.

Neutral Aerial: Split in the air


Grab: Grabs with hands. Open grab she jumps on opponent's head and wraps her hair around their body.

Jab: Pounds a fist on their head

Forward throw: Starts wildly slapping their head. Can control the opponent's movement at this point by moving them forward or backwards. At the end, Dixie is shrugged off into the air by opponent.

Down Throw: Dixie leaps into the air, her hair (still wrapped around the enemy) pulls her body back down, crashing onto the opponent's head sending them into the floor

Back Throw: Jumps off in front of opponent and hoists them above her head (like how she holds a barrel) and then tosses them. KO potential.

Up Throw: Flips off opponent and hoists them straight upwards with her ponytail before releasing.

Dixie Kong Moveset

Dixie Kong is a more defensive oriented grappler. She cannot run as fast as DK or Diddy or jump as high as the boys, but she has two projectiles, long-ranged hair attacks, and other means of approaching rather than a full on sprint. Her neutral (A) gives her a boost of air speed as she twirls her hair, able-ling her to navigate the skies. Her Up B doubles as a grab.

Ground Attacks
(A) Butt Bounce - Pivots her hips forward to deliver a hit with her butt. Keeps opponents away with good knockback.

Dash (A) Pony Twirl – Just like in Donkey Kong 2, she propels herself forward while spinning her hair.

Tilt (A) Launch Kick - Supports her body with a one hand, as she kicks forward with both feet and then slinks back into a standing position.

Crouch: Dixie lowers herself on all fours with her head tilted and her long ponytail laying on the floor trailing behind her body. She can crawl.

Down (A) Ponytail Sweep - Swishes her pony tail forward low on the floor. The tip pushes away, the middle pops the enemy, and the base can trip if hit just right.

Up (A) Pony Flip - Supports her body by curving her ponytail into a flexible ‘S’, and performs a flip up and over her hair with one leg extra extended. A big hit box that connects all around her.

Up Smash Spring Kick - Looks at screen and propels herself upwards with her ponytail, coiled like a spring. She performs an upside down kick with both her legs at the apex and then returns to the floor.

Down Smash Pony Slap -Jolts her neck to the side and slaps her ponytail hard against the floor behind her, then jolts her neck to the other side slapping the floor once more with her ponytail. Good clear move and could KO at higher percentages

Forward Smash Batters Up - Spins and swings her ponytail forwards like a bat. The knockback is stronger at the base.

Aerial Attacks
Forward Aerial: Leans back and does a succession of bicycle kicks (five total kicks, last hits the hardest)

Down Aerial: Looks at screen and slaps downward with both open palms, which leads into a somersault and another double open palm slap.

Up Aerial: Throws her hair out in a quick fan-like motion above her. The strongest part is the middle of the animation when the ponytail is directly above her. Good range.

Back Aerial: Locks hands together forming a hammerfist and flips backwards smashing her interlocked hands on the opponent's head. Hits down and away.

Neutral Aerial: A quick revolving spin that hits with her hair. Gives her extra air speed during the attack to move left or right. This allows her to replicate her slow descent ability in the DK games.

Special Attacks
(B) Gumball Popgun – Press of (B) shoots a high bouncing gumball that has low stun and low damage. Holding B will cause the gumball to bounce higher and have higher stun.

If the max charge is reach, Dixie unloads a mass of gumballs in front of her on the floor in a puddle. If anyone walks or runs over the gumballs, they will trip and scatter the gumballs off the screen.

Toward (B) Hair-propulsion – Dixie Kong’s hair whirls behind her like a fan, propelling her forwards the distance of Fox’s illusion and leaving a jet stream behind her that could push back.

A press of any button, will have Dixie Kong perform a punch and end the animation. The punch is strongest when used at the last moment and weakest when used right away. Dixie goes into free fall afterwards.

Down (B) Barrel Roll – A barrel puffs into existence below Dixie. She runs in place on top of the barrel as it shoots forward. Dixie can jump off the barrel, however the barrel does more damage to the opponent if Dixie is on top.

If used in air, the Dixie will descend downwards at a 45 degree angle while running on top of her barrel. The barrel will either:

1) Bounce once and then roll on the floor if the move is used if Dixie has not used any jumps.

2) Bounce once and then crash onto the floor causing splash damage if Dixie has used one jump.

3) Crash onto the floor with greater knockback to an enemy if Dixie has used two jumps.

Up (B) Hair-copter – Dixie does a powerful twirl and then shoots up with her hair spinning like a helicopter blade. She rises, with her hair performing multiple hits before she free falls.

However, the initial twirl is a grab. If an opponent is hit, the end of her ponytail wraps around them and her spin attacks hit harder against other enemies as she rises. At her peak ascent she throws the opponent horizontally behind her.

Dixie reaches out with her hands.

(A) Head bang – Performs an ongoing head bang as if in a metal concert, smashing her head into her opponent.

Forward Throw – Her forward throw is similar to DK’s cargo throw. She picks her enemy up off the ground and above her head just like she holds barrels in the DK games. She then could walk and jump and throw her opponent is any cardinal direction.

Back Throw – Turns around and tosses the enemy away with both hands. A weak toss.

Down Throw – Grabs her enemy’s legs with her hair and smashes them behind her on the floor and then in front of her, which pops them up. Does very good damage.

Up Throw – Grabs her enemy’s legs with her hair and tosses them high above her head.


Run Speed: 2.006
Air Speed: 0.920
Fall Speed: 1.45
Weight: 90
Wall Jump: Y
Wall Cling: Y
Crawl: N


Neutral Special: Bubble-gum Gun
A slow projectile move that can he charged up like Diddy's. The projectile does very little damage, and doesn't make the opponent flinch. To make up for that, the move lowers the opponents air speed and dash speed for a short period of time. The longer you charge the move, the longer the effect lasts.
The effect can be stacked up to three times, but each time the effectiveness is weaker.

1 Stack: -20%
2 Stack: -30%
3 Stack: -35%

The move is very punishable.

Side Special: Twirl
Dixie does her twirl "roll" from Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. It would be a one hit, lingering move that launches opponents up, making it useful for starting juggles and potentially combos. It would have moderate start up lag, but lowish end lag. Hitting at the start of the move would be more powerful to make up for not being able to combo because you would have to wait out the rest of the move.

This move, when used, rolls off ledges, and can be jumped out of similar to DKC if you do so. The bonus jump only activates if you start the move on ground, and end the move in the air so you can't just gain a extra jump.

Up Special: Helicopter Hair
Her move in DKC:TF. It lets her fly upwards with her hair. The move can only be used once until you get hit or touch the ground, but it doesn't put you in a fall-state. However, if you use the move again before you touch he ground or get hit, it lets you float similar to Dixie's float in DKC2 and DKC3. The float doesn't have a hitbox, but can be cancelled to do a aerial at any time by pressing Up-B again.

The flying part of this move has a multi-hit hitbox that has decent K.O power.

Down Special: Counter Camera
Dixie uses her camera from DKC3. When the move starts up it creates a hitbox infront of the camera that stuns the opponents caught in it for a short period of time, enough time to make the move un-punishable.

If Dixie takes a picture of the opponent while they're doing a move, Dixie will "study that move".
This means that the next time the opponent hits Dixie with that move, Dixie will evade it. Dixie cannot study grabs.

You can only keep one picture at a time. Using the Down-B again will discard that picture and remove that effect.
If the move misses if is very punishable, but the move has a decent start up.


Jab: A basic one-two-three/rapid ***. Her 123 jab is the same as Diddy Kong's jab. Her Rapid Jab is similar to Diddy's old jab, but instead of a tail, she uses her hair.

Dash Attack: Dixie does a kick infront of her which weakly launches the opponent sideways. Potentially leading them into a tech position. It is similar to Donkey Kong's old Dash Attack.

Side Tilt: Dixie tilts her hair infront of her. A simple "get-away-from-me" move that launches the opponent sideways. Similar to Mario's side tilt. It can be angled.

Down Tilt: Dixie sweeps her hair infront of her across the ground. The move would sends the opponent slightly upward which would lead them into a bad situation and potentially lead into a free aerial. It would come out slow, but be able to hit opponents on the ledge.

Up Tilt: Similar to Diddy Kong's up tilt. She would swing her hand above her head. It would act almost identical to Diddy's Up Tilt.


F-Smash: A standard 3-hit F-Smash. She would swing her hair infront of her which would lead into a punch and into another hair swing which would launch the opponent in a diagonal-up position.

D-Smash: She would pound the ground which would create a ground-box under her. The ground box would have 2 hitboxes, if you're close towards the center it would launch you straight up, but if your at the edge it would trip. Dixie's slam would also have a htibox which would be the most powerful. The move would start up reasonably fast, but it would have moderate endlag for a smash attack.

U-Smash: She would swing both her hands over her head at once. It would act similar to Mario's U-Smash, with less power.

Air Attacks:

F-Air: A two hit move where Dixie does two kicks infront of her. The move is rather quick but does little damage.

N-Air: Similar to Diddy's N-Air. Dixie does a cart-wheel mid-air. Unlike Diddy's N-Air, the move is multi-hit and does more damage than Diddy's. However, the move has a worse start-up compared to Diddy's.

U-Air: Dixie swings her hair above her head. The move is weak, but quick. Rather useful for juggling.

B-Air: Dixie kicks behind her with her foot. The move is semi-powerful and decently quick, but has very little range and a sour-spot.

D-Air: She flips upside down and uses her hair as a drill. The move would be multi-hit and act similar to Bowser Jr's where the final hit sends upward.

Grabs and Throws:

Grab: She would grab her opponent with her hair and keep them held ontop of her. Dixie Kong, like Donkey Kong, would have a cargo throw, but you would be unable to jump or fall off ledges during it. Walking with the grab would be substantially slower than Donkey Kongs, and different weights affect the speed of it.

Pummel: She would punch the opponent.

F-Throw: She would throw her opponent forward similar to the team-up throw/barrel throw in DKC2. It would launch at a slightly downward-forward angle. Leading some characters at some percents into a tech position. As a potential bonus, the opponent being thrown would have a hitbox that would damage other players, leading to some use in doubles.

U-Throw: She would throw her opponent straight up similar to the team-up toss in DKC2 and DKC3. Has low K.O power, but put the opponent in a juggle position.

D-Throw: She puts her opponent infront of her and pops bubble gum in their face. It launches them in a diagonal-upward angle infront of her. The move would have too much endlag to combo or follow-up, but the throw itself is the most damaging and would apply a slight damage-over-time effect.

B-Throw: She would toss her opponent behind her at a diagonal-upward angle. It would be her best K.O Throw. It would have similar power and launch angle to wolf's Back throw.

Final Smash:
I actually have no idea. The best thing I could think of would be a Animal Buddy stampede or something of the sort.

Alternate Costumes:

Pallet is Clothes/Hair/Fur/Skin
Every Odd alt has Arm and Leg Pads.

1. Normal Alt. Pink/Yellow/Brown/Peach
2. Blue/Light Brown/Dark Brown/Peach. Resembles Kiddy Kong
3. Purple/Red/Brown/Peach. Resembles Player 2 from DKC2
4. Yellow/Black/White/Peach. Resembles Swanky Kong from DKC2
6. Green/White/Light Brown/Peach. Resembles Wrinkly Kong from DKC2.
7. Grey/White/Dark Grey/Light Grey. Black and White alt.
8. Maroon/Black/Dark Green/Green. Resembles Kaptain K. Rool from DKC2.

The way I constructed this was built for Dixie to have a good juggle and edge-guard game, but have a poor neutral and ground game.

Jab: Very simple 1, 2, 3 hit with the fists and ends with a hair strike. No flurry attack.
F-Tilt: Very similar to Diddy. Some weak strike with her fists.
Down-Tilt: Crouches and attacks with the hair. Similar do Ivysaur's. Also disjoined.
Up-Tilt: Moves her head to attacks upward with the hair. Kind of similar of how Ridley or Cloud do their up-tilts.
Dash Attack: Obviously the thwirl move she always uses.

F-Smash: Moves her head backwards and then goes forward smacking her hair into ground. Has a lot of range. But also a lot of cooldown.
D-Smash: Does a spinning animation and the hair around her is the hitbox. Kinda like Shulk. But only spins once.
Up-Smash: She uses her hair as a support to elevate herself and do a very powerful kick.


Special Mechanic: Hovering with Helicopter Twirl, she can hold the jump button after the double jump to hover in the air like in DKC2 and 3. She is completely vulnerable when she does that unless she airdodges or does an aerial. But she can do it again if she gets hit.

N-Air: The position she is in everytime she bounces of something in DKC2 and 3. When she looks like a carthweel.
F-Air: Same as Diddy, yeah no surprise here.
B-Air: The hair is behind her. So first the hair goes upward, then goes down and dunks the opponent.
D-Air: She spins vertically downwards, when she's totally upside down. The hair (completely stretched) becomes a large hitbox that spikes.

Grab: She uses her hands hair to grab. Dixie doesn't use her hair to grab because that's reserved for:

F-Throw: Activates Cargo Throw, Dixie grabs the opponent with her hair and puts her in basically the same position as when she was carrying barrels in DKC2 and 3 and will be able to walk with them.
If the opponent's weight is too much for her, she will be unable to complete the hair grab and the opponent will fall in her back, making her slower and the subsequent throws way weaker in knockback.

Cargo U-Throw, F-Throw, D-Throw, B-Throw: She throws with the hair.

Fat opponent U-Throw: She throws upwards the opponent exactly as she does with Kiddy when you need to destroy something in DKC3. Of all the "too fat" throws this one should do the most damage at least.
Fat opponent F-Throw: She throws the opponent exactly as Kiddy, except the opponent doesn't start to roll (Basically they don't go anywhere).
Fat opponent D-Throw: She just drops the opponent.
Fat opponent B-Throw: She just drops the opponent behind her.

Normal U-Throw, D-Throw, B-Throw: She throws with her hands like Diddy.

Neutral: Bubble Gum Pop Gun, Simple projectile that bounces a lot.
Side B: The fan? My original idea is a Barrel Blast. A barrel spawns and she is launched forwards at huge speed. A very YOLO move like Flare Blitz. Of course the barrel forming gives enough time to shield it.
Up B: The hovering upwards move from Tropical Freeze. No hitbox. Her recovery with the DKC2 and 3 helicopter is good enough already.
Down B: Musical strike, based on Diddy's music attack from DK64 (Because in my head-canon he learned that from Dixie). She plays the guitar briefly and a small area of effect around her with the DK logo appears. High knockback but very unsafe if the opponent blocks.

EDIT: Forgot the taunts.

Up-Taunt: Creates a air-ball of chewing gum. And pops it.
Side-Taunt: Sits down and drinks a soda with her feet.
Down-Taunt: Air Guitar.

(ranked between S-F, S being the best & F being terrible)

Overall Strength: D

Size: B

Weight: E

Dash Speed: B

Traction: C

Basic Attack Speed: C

Basic Attack Range: B

Jumps: B

Aerial Mobility: D

Overall Recovery: B

Grab Range: B

Note: She can crawl, wall jump, & wall cling

Pros & Cons

+ She has great ground game

+ Her ponytail is great for recovering & attacking

+ She has strong throws

- She is among the lightest characters

- Her aerial game lacking due to her poor air mobility & weak aerial attacks

Notable Animations


Pops out of a DK Barrel

Fighting Stance

She chews gum & blows a bubble (DKC2 & 3)

She will occasionally pop that bubble (DKC3 tag-in)

She will occasionally do a quick back-flip

Taunt 1

Diddy tag-in; the animation is the same as DKC2

Taunt 2

Faces the screen & waves her arms cheerfully (Donkey Kong Barrel Blast)

Taunt 3

Takes out her guitar & jams on it (DKC2)

Taunt 4

Does two fast back-flips & faces the screen

Victory Pose 1

Dixie plays her guitar & Diddy raps with a stereo on his shoulder; both play in tune with the victory music (DKC2)

Victory Pose 2

Diddy throws Dixie in the air & spins around putting his hands in the air; Dixie then lands on Diddy's hands & she claps for the rest of the animation

Victory Pose 3

The team do a hand slap/shake combo then they both pose in a celebrated fashion facing the screen

Special Victory

On rare occasions, Victory Pose 2 will go wrong & Dixie won't fall back down; Diddy Kong will take off his hat, look upwards, puzzled, & he scratches his head for the rest of the animation

Loser Pose

Her loser pose could be her crying (Like in DKC2 & 3)

100% Tired Fighting Stance

She is sleepy & nodding off, waking up occasionally

Stamina Mode Fainting Animation

Runs off the screen like in DKC games


Neutral Special: Feather Crossbow

Tiny Kong's weapon in DK64. Dixie can shoot feathers quickly but it is rather weak. You can compare this attack to Fox's gun. Her attack isn't as fast as Fox's & it causes opponents to flinch. Rapidly pressing B in a sequence, without pausing, allows Dixie Kong to continually shoot feathers. Each feather hit is less than 1% damage. She will have to take a break after shooting about 10 feathers & recharge for about 5-7 seconds.

Side Special: Monkey Toss

Diddy Kong will quickly jump onto Dixie Kong's shoulders. During this phase Dixie Kong can walk around & hop at a short height. Shielding will will cause Diddy to jump off Dixie's shoulders & continue like he was in the background. When you press the A button, Dixie Kong will throw Diddy Kong & he will preform a kick. When you press the B button, Diddy Kong will jump & latch onto the opponent. You will then be able to attack the restrained foe with Dixie Kong. If you press the B button while Diddy is latched onto the foe, he will hand-slap when he is on the ground or jump off the foe if in the air. The more damage the foe has, the less time Diddy Kong is latched onto them; the foe can try to free themselves by quickly pressing buttons. The damage & knock-back is also the same as Brawl's, the kick is 10% with very low knock-back, the hand attack is 15% with low knock-back, & the jump off attack is 10% with medium downward knock-back. Be careful when throwing Diddy Kong off the stage, he can be lost; & he will only come back when you lose a stock. If the toss misses the enemy, Diddy Kong will go into an animation like the one in DKC2 where he is laying on the ground confused, he can be recovered when you walk past him.

Side Special: Wild Move (if not teamed with Diddy Kong)

This attack's weapon is featured in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Dixie Kong launches forward with her rocket bongos in a fiery blast. The distance is about a little less than half the size of Final Destination. Being hit by this attack will cause you to receive fire damage & be quickly knock-backed at an upwards angle. If Dixie Kong is hit during this attack her bongos will explode causing damage to her & those around her. The priority of this attack is impressive, only strong attacks such as Falcon Punches, fire-based attacks, & some Smash Attacks will interrupt the attack; but in doing so will cause the explosion. When the attack is used in the air it will move at a downward angle & end in a helpless falling state. The attack damage is between 12-15% with low to medium knock-back. The explosion is between 20-25% with very high knock-back. Dixie Kong takes 12% damage & low knock-back.

Up Special: Ponytail Twirl

Special originated from DKC2. Dixie Kong spins her ponytail around like a helicopter enabling her to fly. Dixie Kong has great movement in the air during this special. You can control her movement with the control stick by tilting it in any direction. When you tilt it to the side or down, Dixie Kong will correspond quickly. If you tilt it upwards, she will slow down some & consume more of the time duration. Opponents can be damaged by the top & sides of her hair spin receiving about 3% with each hit with minimal knock-back. The special can be canceled by another attack or by shielding. It will not be usable again until she hits the ground. Dixie Kong is also vulnerable to gimps while she is flying. If she is hit, Dixie will stop spinning he hair & start to fall, after a short time she can attempt to use her recovery again. Near the end of the special, Dixie Kong will become tired & eventually fall into a helpless animation. The duration is about 7 seconds. When used on the ground, the special will act like an uncharged spin-attack & hit enemies multiple times for up to 4 hits.

Down Special: Cannon Shot

Special originates from Mario Hoops 3-on-3. A barrel cannon appears behind Dixie & she back-flips onto it. Shielding will cause Dixie to cancel the attack & jump off the barrel. Pressing the B or A button causes Dixie to shoot fruit in a red explosion followed by a burst of confetti out of the barrel. She can shoot up to 3 shots at a time before jumping off the barrel. She can only angle the cannon directly in front, at an upwards angle, or at a downwards angle. She can randomly fire 3 fruits: bananas (4% damage), pineapples (8% damage), & watermelons (12% damage). Bananas have minimal knock-back, pineapples have low to medium knock-back & watermelons have high knock-back & can cause a spike. Bananas that hit an obstacle will leave a peel behind. The duration of this attack can last anywhere between 3-10 seconds based on how long it will take for shots to be fired. When Dixie Kong uses this special in the air, she quickly summons the barrel & shoots once directly below.



A quick slap with one hand; causes a flinch & 2% damage

A (Hold)

Continues slapping until she hits something


Slaps with the other hand; causes a flinch & 2% damage


Quickly spins around & hits with her hair; very low knock-back & 5% damage


Spins forward with her hair. Up to 3 hits for a total of 11% damage & low vertical knock-back (DKC2 & 3)

Side Tilt

Places both hands on the ground & swings her legs forward. A strong tilt, but somewhat slow. Getting hit by Dixie's body or legs will do 10% & low knock-back & being hit by her feet will do 14% & medium to high knock-back

Up Tilt

A decently fast head-butt. Doing 8% & low knock-back

Down Tilt

Spins around & kicks with her foot doing 4% damage & causes a flinch; this attack has a chance of a trip


Side Smash

Dixie slams her guitar it in front of her like a mallet. A strong but slow smash. Charged 27% with high vertical knock-back & uncharged18% with medium vertical knock-back

Up Smash

Jumps up & does a fast back flip, hitting with her foot. Charged 20% with medium to high knock-back & uncharged15% with low knock-back

Down Smash

Spins around really fast with her hair stretched out hitting multiple times. Charged 18% with medium knock-back & uncharged14% with low knock-back



Spins around, hitting with her ponytail. Has low knock-back & damage is 7%


Quickly slaps with one hand. A weak attack doing 4% damage & minimal knock-back


Does a backflip followed by a kick with her foot. Does 10% damage & medium downward knock-back


Does a headbutt followed by a hit with her ponytail for a two-hit attack. Knock-back is low & the damage is 8% total


Does a “ballerina” type spin with her legs crossed, similar to the number 4, hitting multiple times with her foot. Knock-back is very low & damage ranges from 8-10%


Dixie grabs the opponent with her ponytail & quickly throws them at the angle of the control stick. Damage is 12% & knock-back is low to medium



Grabs with her hair & holds them in front of her. The grab lag isn't that bad even though it is a long-ranged grab.


Rapidly slaps at opponent with both hands doing about 1% damage with each hit.

Forward Throw

Throws opponent forward like animation in DKC2. She throws the opponent in a straight path with her ponytail, doing about 13% with medium to high knock-back.

Back Throw

Spins around once then flings the opponent backward doing 5% damage upon throw then causes them to hit & bounce off the ground doing 6% damage. Thisthrow has a set low knock-back.

Up Throw

Jumps up & throws opponent above. Not her best throw doing only 9% & low knock-back.

Down Throw

Jumps up & slams opponent on the ground causing them to bounce up doing 11% & medium knock-back.

Final Smash: Barrel Blast

A spinning barrel appears & Dixie jumps in it. Aim carefully at an opponent & press a button to quickly blast bananas. Occasionally bananas cause foes to trip. The second to last bullet will be Kiddy Kong. After a hit or miss, he waves & goes off screen. Then aim again & blast Dixie at your foe. The final smash ends afterward. Dixie & Kiddy Kong take a little longer to shoot than bananas. The duration is about 10 seconds. Bananas do 4% damage with minimal knock-back & Kiddy & Dixie Kong do about 30% damage with very high knock-back.

Jab (AA): Dixie throws her ponytail in front of her, then snaps her head back to pull it behind her head.
Ftilt: Dixie performs a dropkick by using her ponytail to propel her forward.
Utilt: Dixie launches her self upward with her ponytail on the ground and flip kicks.
Dtilt: Dixie sweeps the ground in front of her with... How did you know?
Dash attack: Dixie performs her signature spinning attack.

Smashes: I am at a loss here except to say... PONYTAIL!

Aerials: Hello again.

Throws: I have only three specific thoughts. 1: She can carry opponents like Donkey Kong, but she moves slower depending on the weight of the carried opponent (Dixie's Double Trouble reference). 2: Her throws, with the exception of up throw, are simply the ways she could throw Diddy or Kiddy when they were partnered. 3: Up throw is her tagging animation from Donkey Kong Country 2.

Neutral Special: Dixie blows a bubble that expands with the amount of timed elapsed that B is held. The bubble pushes opponents away (as ridiculous as that sounds), and holding B too long causes it to pop, obscuring her face for a moment as endlag. If an opponent attacks the bubble, thus causing it to pop, they receive small damage and knockback. (I could not think of a better idea if it seems awful)

Side Special: This move acts as a command grab. Dixie coils her hair around an opponent and violently slams them on the ground. The move is also a tether recovery.

Down Special: Dixie sits down and sips from a juicebox, recovering a quick 3% damage.

Up special: Dixie spins and flails her ponytail once. By tapping B rapidly, you perpetuate the spinning, thereby generating lift. The more rapidly you tap B, the faster she rises, and the stronger the damage output. The move only lifts her to a certain height before descending in a controlled fall while you continue to tap, but it may be continued indefinitely, even as she lands! The crowning trait of this move, in my opinion, is that it can be used as long as you desire, anywhere you desire, and the quickness of startup makes this a go to out of shield option, similarly to Bowser's up special, giving her great defense that is extendable. The only real weaknesses are the blindspot above her head, the tremendous endlag that Bowser's Whirling Fortress would laugh at, and the semi-helpless fall that results if you stop tapping. Fortunately, Dixie has a mechanic that allows you to tap B when you are helplessly falling in order to trigger the move, which is also an attack, so the last weakness is almost void and gives her a powerful asset in battle. As you can tell from the length of the description, this is my favorite idea.

Final Smash: Dixie strums her electric guitar rapidly, as in her debut game end-level animation, encompassing herself with a damaging sphere, and tossing nearby, helpless enemies back and forth with electrical effects. There is a certain misfortune under which the opponent will be knocked out of the attack under the right circumstances, but it will often inflict something in the proximity of a terrifying 95% damage. The attack finishes with a massive shockwave that blows opponents away and causes an additional 24%.

^B Hair-copter: On the ground it works similar to Ice Climber’s spin attack, only lasts a little longer, and moves quicker. It is however, slightly weaker as well. In air the move is a useful gliding tool.

B Chewing Gum: Hold down B, and Dixie will begin to blow a bubble. The longer you hold it, the bigger the bubble gets, but if you hold it too long it will EXPLODE in your face and cause you damage. When you release it it slowly floats across the stage, acting as a moving bomb, one touch and BOOM! You can use it’s slow moving properties to your advantage and aim to knock your opponent into it, if you’re cool.

B> Hair Grab: Dixie whips her Ponytail forward for an extra long reaching grab. If the opponent is too close to you however, it will simply act as a normal attack, and just hit them. So it can be used as a hair slap, or a hair grab. YOU DECIDE!

VB Barrel throw: Dixie puts her long blonde ponytail to work, and throws a barrel forward. Depending on how long you charge B, you could get a wooden barrel (Just rolls normally) a metal barrel (Bounces, but moves slower), or a TNT Barrel (Explodes when it comes in contact with something/someone, but moves the slowest)

Neutral B - Vine Lasso is Dixie's Neutral B special move. Dixie pulls out a vine lasso and starts twirling it above her head. Simply pressing B will cause Dixie to chuck the lasso a short distance. However, holding down B and charging it will cause Dixie to throw the lasso farther. If it hits the opponent, they will become stuck in the lasso and stunned for 6 seconds, no matter how much it is charged. In the air, the stun will last 5 seconds. Moving the the control stick and pressing the attack button may quicken the time. Dixie can also use this to latch onto the side of the stage. The lasso itself does no damage but it can be set up for combos. When Kirby copies this ability, he cannot tether onto the side of the stage.

Side B - Spinning Hair Top is Dixie's Side B special move. Dixie rushes forward while spinning in a circle for 3 rotations. Her ponytail is spread out hitting the opponent each rotation. The attack does 5% damage per hit for a total of 15% damage. It also be used as a recovery move since Dixie moves forward in the air. However, it is slower in the air and doesn't gain that much distance but it still a decent recovery move. She can't double jump out of it but she can wall jump if she gets near a ledge.

Up B - Hair a'Copter is Dixie's Up B recovery special move. Dixie jumps high in the air much like Peach's Recovery move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, she begins spinning in the air and slowly falls to the stage while spinning. Each rotation does 1% damage and she does between 6-10 rotations. This is one of the of the best recovery moves in SSB4 because of it's long range and combo ability. She goes into a helpless state if hit from the air during this unless she gets near to a wall in which she can wall jump out of it.
Down B - Orange Grenade is Dixie's Down B special move. Dixie takes out a orange grenade and tosses it across the stage. Holding down B will change how far the orange grenade is thrown. If it will explode if it hits something on impact. The grenade lasts for 4 seconds after thrown and will explode. Holding down B doesn't change how big or damaging the explosion is. While in the air, Dixie slightly jumps up in the air while chucking the grenade downwards. This gives her a slightly higher boost. She can then do a double jump or a recovery move. The boost in the air is very small but can help her grab onto a ledge.

Final Smash - Cannon Shot is Dixie's Final Smash. A cannon barrel falls to the ground and onto Dixie Kong. It then takes aim, charges dramatically, and then fires Dixie Kong into opponents. It does 73% damage with high knock back but, the only problem is if the cannon shot misses, Dixie falls into a helpless state so it's best to hit your opponents since this stops her movement and the fall to her death. It can also be used as a recovery move.

Proposed Dixie Kong Move Set

Ground attacks


Neutral Attack - Dixie Kong slaps once, then twice, and then swings around and starts slapping the opponent with her ponytail. Each attack does 1% damage while the repeated ponytail attack does 1% damage each hit.

Dash Attack - A spinning ponytail spin. Hits the opponent once for a good knock back. Does 6% damage. Very little ending lag. It can be combo'd shortly afterward.

Strong Side - Round house kick. Hits once and does 9% damage with a little starting lag but little ending lag. Below-average knock back.

Strong Up - Claps above her, much like DK's Up Smash. Slow start up lag but can easily be combo'd after. Does 5% damage. It does below-average horizontal knock back.

Strong Down- Does a grounded spinning kick. It does 5% damage one hit and 3% behind her for a total of 8% damage. Slow ending lag. It launches a opponent horizontally if hit on the side of the stage while hanging.


Side Smash - Spins back and slaps the opponent with her ponytail twice. Each slap does 7% damage uncharged, 9% fully charged for a total of 14% to 18% if fully charged. Decent knock back.

Up Smash - Swings her ponytail over her head in a wide arc. Little ending lag and has a wide range of attack and a long reach. It does 10% uncharged and 22% fully charged. High vertical knock back.

Down Smash - A unique attack where she punches the opponent stuns, and then stands on her hands quickly and kicks the opponent up in the air. A little lag and does 14% damage uncharged and 26% damage charged. This is her strongest smash attack.


Ledge Attack - Launches herself up and spins in the air with her leg out. Does 6% damage. It has little knock back but it can be combo'd afterward.

100% Ledge Attack - Climbs up and sweeps the opponents legs from underneath them. Does 8% damage. No ending lag.

Floor Attack - Gets up and spins her ponytail in a circle. Very quick. Does 4% damage and a horizontal knock back.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial - Spins around and stretches out her ponytail for an attack that does 6% damage. It has very little knock back but no landing lag at all.

Forward Aerial - Swings around and smashes her hand against the opponent. One of her stronger aerials and it does 12% damage. However, if it connects at Dixie's shoulder or middle of the arm, it only does 10% damage. Moderate knock back ability.

Back Aerial - Does a drop kick and then starts spinning for a drill-like affect . A bair that has a good amount of knock back potential. It does 4% damage for each hit for a total of 14% damage. A little ending lag after finishing.

Up Aerial - Overhead Flip Kick. Decent knockback, fairly fast.

Down Aerial - Turns upside and thrusts her ponytail downwards. Quite possibly one her stronger attacks. It is a meteor smash only when the tip of her ponytail connects with the opponent. It does 10% if not a meteor smash, 15% if meteor smashed.

Grabs and Throws

Grab - Dixie Kong grabs with her ponytail.

Pummel - Squeezes the opponent with her pony tail strength. It does 3% damage each time.

Forward Throw - Crunches them in her hair and then chucks opponents forward. Does 7% damage with high knock back potential.

Back Throw - Slams them on the ground in front of her with her hair and then tosses the opponent behind her. The first slam does 6% damage and the toss does 2% damage for a total of 8% damage total.

Up Throw - Takes the opponent and chucks them high into the air with her hair. It does 12% damage and is her strongest throw. Good KO potential and vertical knock back.

Down Throw - Jumps up int he air and then slams the opponent down using her hair. It does 10% damage overall. The opponent bounces back up to Dixie allowing her to combo into the throw.

Dixie Kong

Weight - Light, similar to Pikachu
Dash Speed - Average, similar to Rosalina
Air Acceleration - Max, like Palutena/Rosalina
Air Speed - Good, a few points under Wario
Jump Height - Similar to Diddy


On the ground: Dixie isn't the most mobile on the ground; she has a pretty defensive playstyle using her hair to poke, wall out, and grab opponents. She can use her aerial mobility to help offset this if she needs to move around fast and get around projectile camping. At low percents, her goal is to get her opponents into the air to extend combos and rack up damage; at high percents, she can use her grabs (fsmash and bthrow) to kill.

Jab: 3-hit combo. Dixie does two slaps and punches her opponent away. Low damage and knockback, but is fast and a decent get-off-me tool.

Ftilt: Dixie leans against her hair and kicks forward. Low damage and knockback.

Utilt: Dixie sweeps her hair around her in a quick counterclockwise motion, similar to Greninja and sword characters. Low knockback, but fast, disjointed, and can link into itself a few times like Toon Link.

Dtilt: Dixie whips her hair in front of her. Fast and decent poke, but low damage and knockback.

Fsmash: Dixie coils inward and throws her hair out in front of her. Upon hit, Dixie grabs her opponent and spins them around her once before throwing them away at a horizontal angle. On whiff, it has punishable endlag. This is Dixie's strongest kill move, but is risky.

Usmash: 2-hit combo. Dixie faces the screen and crouches low, spins her hair along the ground once (1st hit), and whips it upward (2nd hit). 1st hit sends opponents into 2nd. Relatively low knockback, but sends opponents into disadvantage for aerial followups.

Dsmash: Dixie does a handstand and rapidly spins her hair below her. 6-hit combo on either side, and last hit knocks opponents away with decent knockback and good damage.

Dash Attack: Pirouette attack from Tropical Freeze. Dixie spins rapidly and collides into opponents with her body. Singular hit with decent knockback.

Grab: Dixie reels her head back quickly and whips her hair forward, grabbing her opponent and holding them in front of her. Tether grab with similar framedata to Lucas' grab.

Pummel: Dixie slaps her opponent.

Fthrow: Barrel throw animation from DKC2. Dixie reels her head back and throws her opponent forward. Decent knockback and damage.

Bthrow: Dixie slams her opponent on the ground behind her, using the force to flip over them and throw them behind her. Strong kill throw.

Uthrow: Dixie turns toward the screen and reels her head up, throwing her opponents skyward. Low end lag and sets up for aerial followups.

Dthrow: Dixie jumps and throws her opponent into the ground beneath her, sending them slightly behind her. Leads into aerial followups at low percents.

In the air: Dixie has two midair jumps to aid with air combos and to mix up her landing, as her weight and lack of safe landing aerials can make her struggle a bit to get out of disadvantage. She has fast aerial acceleration and good top air speed, giving her great aerial mobility. She is floaty with high gravity, so she stays in the air for a bit before falling down fast, similar to Palutena. Her aerial game is mainly for extending combos and general movement, as her aerials don't have a lot of kill power.

Nair: Dixie kicks to either side of her. First hit (in front of Dixie) is fast with decent knockback and damage, but is more for knocking opponents away than comboing. Second hit has kill power. Comes out fast and has low landing lag, but punishable on shield due to its short range.

Fair: Dixie kicks upwards in front of her. Fast, low knockback, and hits with a vertical angle that links into itself with a midair jump at low/mid percents. Low landing lag, but punishable on shield.

Bair: Dixie sweeps her hair behind her in a vertical motion. Similar to Mewtwo's bair, but slightly faster and less range. Can be linked into itself or another aerial at low percents.

Uair: Dixie faces the screen and sweeps her hair above her in a counter-clockwise half-circle motion, similar to Marth/Lucina. Low landing lag, so can link into itself if used before landing.

Dair: Dixie faces the screen and whips her hair downward. The tip of the ponytail has a weak spike hitbox, and the middle/base knocks opponents away at a horizontal angle with decent knockback. Disjointed and fast.

Zair: Dixie quickly whips her hair forward. Low knockback, range (around Lucas's zair), and damage compared to other zairs, but good for poking. Tethers to the ledge.


Neutral: Bubblegum Popgun - Dixie fires a small, fast projectile that bounces a couple of times along the ground like in TF. It has similar versatility to Mario's fireball, but less damage. Decent for conditioning reflectors/shields.

Side: Chimp Cyclone - Command grab. Dixie spins horizontally while moving forward and grabs an opponent with her hair before throwing them forward. Goes into special fall on whiff. Good for stage control, recovering from the ledge against a shielding opponent, or edgeguarding (though, a bit risky). Punishable endlag on the ground.

Up: Helicopter Spin - Dixie spins her hair so fast that she soars upward with a windbox below her. She has a hitbox on her hair going up that can knock opponents away. She slows her spin after a second and transitions into her iconic spinning animation from DKC2-3 and slowly descends with faster air speed than normal. She can cancel this animation into an airdodge/aerial.

Down: Guitar Blast - Dixie strums her guitar, emitting a small shockwave around her that briefly stuns opponents. Short range (around Jigglypuff's Sing), punishable endlag on whiff, and can be blocked, so it's best to use for dodge reads, footstool followups, or whiff punishes.

Up Special: Upwards Whirl: Spins upwards dragging enemies along. Ends with a strong final hit. Like Link’s up special with a smaller horizontal hit box.
Side Special: Ponytail Twirl: Glide horizontally at high speed. Drag along enemies hit along the way. When used on the ground ends in a launcher.
Neutral Special: Bubble Gum gun: Works like peanut gun only launches upward instead of outward.
Down Special: Stage Dive: Dixie does a short hop as part of this move. Anyone she hits during her fall is knocked downward. When she lands she does a guitar strum in a big AOE.

Smashes: Done in the air rather than on ground. Works like Wrastor in Rivals of Aether. When charged she hangs in midair.
Forward Smash: Unchanged.
Up Smash: Unchanged.
Down Smash: Now a big stomp which spikes.

Up Air: multihit hair move.
Forward Air: Like Diddy’s but angled downwards.
Back Air: A flip kick that spikes like Lucas has. Slow
Neutral Air: Unchanged

Forward Tilt: Unchanged
Up Tilt: More like Diddy’s up air. Powerful launcher.
Down Tilt: Unchanged

Throws: Unchanged

Fan Appreciation
Here is the collection of why we like Dixie Kong's character and want her to be playable in Smash. One user has stepped up to tell us why they wanted Dixie, causing many others to follow suit, and with so many posts it only seemed fair to put it in the OP. Each user has their own personal story to tell about how they became attached to the DK series, and what Dixie's inclusion means to them; it's a long read, but the stories are worth reading. Hope you enjoy:

I feel exactly the same way. I was not even planning on following this Smash Bros. game that much. I had basically retired from speculation after the June 2015 Smash 4 DLC update (where Lucas, Roy, and Ryu got released). I thought Ridley was likely never going to happen at that point (due to Sakurai's own statements in November 2014), and I thought Roy's return was a good ending point for me. I only made two posts on this site after June 2015 (one in the second half of 2015 and only one post in the entirety of 2016). I considered myself done with speculation and I said during the Smash 4 speculation period that I felt that game would be the last game in the series I would follow, regardless of whether the end was satisfactory or not.

When I returned in April 2018, I said I would not be as active this time around, and that my goals would just to be throw my two-cents in for various support topics and to do another iteration of "Ultimate Newcomer Analysis Topic", which has been a tradition since 2007. Really, Ultimate being unveiled only two years after the conclusion of Smash 4 DLC is a big reason why I came back at all.

My expectations were exceeded beyond my wildest expectations with the proper Ultimate unveil at E3 2018. Not only were there no cuts, but every single veteran ever in the history of the series managed to return, even the likes of Pichu and Young Link. We had nearly every stage from Smash 64, Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 coming back too. And to top it all off, my single most wanted character for the history of the franchise since I started following it, Ridley, was finally confirmed as a newcomer. Ridley! The character whom I thought was possibly de-confirmed forever only three years ago.

While I did not become as active with speculation as I was with the prior periods, my interest was now on par with what it was for prior games in the series. Getting every single veteran to returns plus Ridley was a dream come true. Even though we were told by Sakurai there were only a few more newcomers left, I did not care. I got much more than what I was hoping for. The 8/8 Nintendo Direct further solidified this by giving the Belmonts (Castlevania is among my top 3 favorite non-Nintendo franchises), K. Rool, and Dark Samus (who would have thought this would ever happen six months ago?).

Ultimate truly looks to be living up to its name. However, as pepiux said, there is only a single character left that is dear to me that I feel is still missing. Dixie Kong. She was among my favorite gaming heroes during the 90's (especially the mid 90's). She has always been by far my favorite character for the Donkey Kong series and its a shame she had to wait behind Diddy Kong and K. Rool for so long. Such a shame she had to face such bad luck (she was even planned for Brawl, but never retooled as her own separate character).

Back in 2010, I had written an essay entitled, "Ridley: The Last Nintendo All-Star". Perhaps it was hubris to make such a claim back then (afterall Little Mac certainly had great credentials back then, and you could argue the same for the likes of K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Toad, and possibly Bowser Jr. back then as well). However, with all of those characters now in, the only other ones left that I think could have that moniker is Toad, Waddle Dee (maybe), and of course, the monkey girl with the whirl, Dixie Kong herself.

I am not optimistic on Dixie Kong's prospects right now. I personally believe (I know a lot of you will be very upset at this) that there are only two more fighters on the base roster (Ken and Incineroar), of which a screenshot of the former has already been leaked. What Dixie Kong's fate or role in Ultimate's base game I honestly cannot say. Assist Trophy or an appearance in Diddy Kong's Final Smash are possibilities. However, it could be a case as was in Smash 4, where she has no important NPC role at all in the game.

If that is the case, it could be that she might be a prospect for DLC. However, even becoming DLC would be an uphill battle. Unlike the base roster, Dixie Kong would have to compete with many contemporary characters for slots (ARMS, Rex & Pyrra, Fire Emblem Three Houses Character, Generation 8 Pokemon) as well as the fact that third-party newcomers tend to dominate Smash DLC. Unless Sakurai views Dixie Kong as a cut above the rest, her prospects are looking cloudy for DLC. However, even with clouds, sometimes it does not rain.

If Dixie Kong fails to get in as DLC for Ultimate, I will still be extremely happy with the roster. With the exception of her, I got everything I wanted for the Smash Bros. series. I do not think following the next Smash Bros. game just for Dixie Kong alone would be worth it in my eyes, especially considering the next game is likely to strip much of the content I currently love in Ultimate.

The main theme of Ultimate seems triumphant, but at the same time has a sort of melancholy undertone to it. As though its going to be curtain call for many of the characters that are part of its roster. Sakurai himself that stated that this most likely will be the only opportunity to bring back the entire cast.

Super Smash Bros. has been a franchise extremely dear to me since I first learned of its existence back in January 1999. In many ways, it was a celebration of my love of video games in general. However, like with pepiux, I have been losing interest in video games over the course of this decade. I have a lot less time for them than I did when I was younger and I simply do not have the patience for a lot of different types of games like I used to.

Even though K. Rool has been confirmed, it does not seem like Dixie Kong has exploded in popularity like I expected her. However, even though she does not seem to have legions of passionate supporters, she does seem to have a ton of people like her and thinks she deserves to be in. This topic has more actual supporters than any other character with the exceptions of Isaac and maybe Bandanna Dee.

This was a similar phenomenon back during when I was supporting Roy's return to Smash Bros. There were not many loud and passionate Roy supporters, but he definitely had a ton of people that liked and supported him.

Although the Roy fanbase did not have the screaming legions that many other fanbases had during pre-Smash 4, we were tight knit and determined to see our boy finally make his return.

With the original Smash Bros., I really wanted Metroid to get more recognition and be revived. Samus in particular was one of my favorite gaming heroes. However, unlike all the other gaming heroes I cherished, very few knew about her and Metroid in general. Samus was an underdog. I was always grateful for whatever Samus cameos happened in games (Super Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, and Kirby's Dream Land 3). However, learning that Samus, would be among seven other characters to represent the very best of Nintendo was extraordinary. Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and Pikachu were all icons who all had major appearances recently, with only Samus having her last game all the way back in 1994. I learned of Smash Bros.'s existence from a Metroid fansite (Metroid Database) either in December 1998 or January 1999. It was from then on that Smash Bros. became one of my favorite gaming franchises.

Now. Nearly 20 years later. There is another gaming heroine that I wish to see in. Dixie Kong, like Samus in the mid 90's, is facing an uphill battle and does not quite get the recognition she deserves. It would be fitting if Dixie Kong were added in as a newcomer for Ultimate. Samus and Dixie Kong will be bookends for me, Nintendo's first two all-star female heroes.

I am not sure how this is going to end, and as with Roy and his army in the manga scans above, we are facing an uphill battle. Dixie Kong is a character I cherished from childhood, and many others here feel the same. Heck, I even had that large Dixie Kong figurine seen in the screenshot on the last page, and it was among my favorite toys during my childhood (there was very few gaming merchandise during the mid 90's).

In 2.5 months the journey either ends (though either a confirmation or de-confirmation), or we will find ourselves going forward another year and a half (DLC for for Ultimate will probably go on for another year and a half, maybe even two years).

Regardless, Dixie Kong for many is the last character that comes up as a major desire, especially among Smash Bros. fans who grew up during the 90's. She was a pioneer and to this day probably among the most iconic female gaming characters of all time. She was the only main Kong to never have been kidnapped by K. Rool, whereas both DK and Diddy have been captured twice by K. Rool), and for many children, regardless of gender, most wanted to play as her despite her girly girl design. She was just a fun character to play as with a lot of subtle personality.

Dixie Kong is a fantastic character and long overdue for her playable debut in Smash Bros. I hope Sakurai refurbishes his notes on Dixie Kong back during Brawl to at least make developing Dixie Kong easier on him and his team.

Dixie Kong is more than just the last character I would really like to see in Smash Bros., she represents a possible closing chapter for my interest in the Smash Bros. series. Even if she does not become playable in the end, I am still very happy with how Ultimate is appearing to be, and as I said earlier, I am not going to follow another game in the series just for Dixie Kong alone. It is my personal hope that she finally is added in this time around, whether on the base game or as DLC.

Keep it up Dixie Kong fans.

I remember seeing Gameboy Advance shown at the local gaming store, sporting Donkey Kong Country and Mario Kart - Super Circuit as the demo games. This was after being introduced to DK-verse via the animated adaptation broadcasted on a German children's channel in our TV, and was surprised to see it was actually a fully-blown videogame series at heart.

After getting GBA SP as a birthday gift some years later along with Pokemon Sapphire, I'd receive Donkey Kong Country 3 a long time after from a friend as a loaned cartridge- though IDK what happened to him because he never asked it back. In fact, I never saw him much since.

Still, the game ended up being ones I'd play good sum out of curiosity or change of pace from more funner ones I had (below).
Within that game, Dixie was a sweet, yet very capable heroine already within - the game also was pretty deep and challenging back in the day for me. I still have fond summery memories of middle 2000s spend with the game along others like Super Mario Advance 2 & 3, Metroid Zero Mission and Pokemon Emerald + Fire Red. Didn't find all Banana Birds for the final boss though.

To be frank, I didn't think much back on Dixie back then, but as time went a dozen of years and I grew as a gamer, I started to noticed how the game itself grew on me more and more as I went back to it now and then. There were two big reasons being this.

One was that I started to notice how Dixie managed to age immensely well as a videogame heroine of my childhood, long after seeing tons of Nintendo-females kind of blending together, even if most of them were pretty remarkable and charismatic on their own. I shared this same sentiment on many other videogame females out there, though I think with them the sexualization or other patriarchal portrayal were much more common.

Of course adding to this is that Dixie was already a definitive Nintendo-heroine, and probably one of the most authentic kind in the videogame history - sharing two titles where she starred majorly (latter being hers), and generally been used here and there around the 2000s at Mario-spinoffs back in the day on top of DK-series' own. All of them had her keep her characteristic charm and design, which ensured me always loving her as much as I did back in the childhood days.

It's not difficult to explain why I need to mention that last paragraph:

On that end, the Smash-games especially tended to emphasize just how much a strong heroine Dixie was, which was really pleasing for me to read and agree with as I played DKC3 around similar times when I owned Melee:

"More than just Diddy Kong's girlfriend, Dixie Kong is also a fearless adventurer and a reliable team player. She earned her wings helping Diddy rescue Donkey Kong from the clutches of King K. Rool. Dixie's amazingly quick and nimble, and she's even able to twirl her ponytail in order to float slowly through the air."

- Super Smash Bros. Melee

Diddy Kong's cutie of a girlfriend with an adorable blond ponytail. That ponytail is hardly for show—it helps propel her through the air for extended hang time and is indispensable for spin-attacking enemies and lifting barrels. Watch out—Dixie packs more power than you might imagine!

- Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"Diddy Kong's girlfriend. She loves to adventure with him. Her ponytail isn't just for show—she can use it to swim faster, soar in the sky, and even lift barrels! With hair that does all that, you can bet she takes good care of it! "

- Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U & 3DS

Moving on- the second reason why she grew much on me, was the setting of DKC3, referred as "Northern Kremisphere".

Over the years as I grew older, I came to realize that Northern Kremisphere was surprisingly, VERY similar to the environment I grew up on - I was born on Finland, and still live there in it's capital city Helsinki.

With that, many places I grew in my childhood were usually these built-in towns covered in forests, with occassional lake or river leading to sea in some other areas. I tended to explore such places highly when young - probably why I loved games like Pokemon or Zelda 1 + Link To The Past later.

So with just how many evergreen forests and lake backdrops there were in DKC3, accompanied mills, snowy mountains and more, had me grow immensely close with the game, almost like playing through a fantastic take on my home country - though if to say something, my parents are immigrants, so lil' tidbit about myself.

Interestingly enough, it was kind of confirmed that Northern Kremisphere was made to be inspired by landscapes and environments seen in Canada and Northern Europe - which includes Scandinavian countries. As far as I know where I live, Rareware did an amazing job capturing and then building further on the familiar domains I lived within.

For this reason, Dixie's become highly representative of my gamer self and also representing the very childhood memories + environment I grew up on, while also being one of most iconic Nintendo-heroines still not among the others in Smash Bros today - which is an immense disservice to her if it keeps up by this point.
Though it helps that Smash Bros seems to have certain fondness and consideration to her during the series' run, as she considered actually to Brawl alongside Diddy (didn't make it sadly) the Trophy descriptions, etc.

It's still a long way, but there's been better pickups I never realized to suddenly happen and love more than SSB4 (Richter Belmont), which have tided me in better through this long wait until the release - and along with such big or popular names getting such focus, I feel this truly feels like back to form of what made me fall in love with Smash to begin with - and what's even more, I truly believe possibilities can go anywhere now with what we could get next.

Dixie I'm still wondering if she'd be an Echo in vein of how Daisy's such a "Yellow Peach", but I think it'd be more notable crime to just make her imitate Diddy to the fullest tee.

Nevertheless... I dearly hope she'll join in, now or never - as this clearly looks to be a very last chance to really be part of the series' peak, with it's ultimate line-up of gaming's most biggest, from Nintendo and beyond. If making it, it's no doubt that that she'll not only be completing the core quadret of Donke Kong Country's amazing trilogy, but will also be embellishing that cultural, nostalgic side of me to my memories of Smash forever.

Best wishes to all of us, and most of all, to Dixie's end. May she whirl her way to our vicinity sooner or later...

Donkey Kong is one of my favorite series, although 4th behind Mario/Zelda/Metroid. Grew up with the DKC trilogy as a kid, DKC2 is my favorite and that has Dixie, and was glad to see her return in Tropical Freeze.

Besides that, Dixie is literally one of the core main characters. Besides Donkey/Diddy, she's the third most important character, and we now have the main villain K. Rool, so it makes sense she would be in. She's also one of the few female heroines Nintendo has that isn't a damsel in distress her whole game like Peach and Zelda often are.

I don't care about any of the other Kong's making it into Smash (although I admit Cranky is interesting someday), but the DK roster seems incomplete without her. DK was also underrepped in Smash for a long time, I can't see any world where Daisy and Dark Samus make it in but Dixie does not.
DKC2 is one of my all time favorite games and one of my first games period, and in both that game and DKC3, I always picked Dixie. She's an iconic female protagonist that has the privilege of never once being captured, and is a main character in two of the best SNES games. Once DK adds her, the series will have all of its core characters, the same way Mario did in Melee with the addition of Peach and Bowser.
The reason why I want Dixie in Smash because I'm a huge fan of the character ever since I was a teen, Dkc 2 is my favorite SNES game and to have both protagonists together (as well as my favorite video game couple) in Smash would be so heartwarming to see.

Also Ilike to do theme matches and it would more appropriate to actually have her in something like chick fights or a DK themed match as apposed to Diddy in pink(despite my liking for that costume, it's not the real thing) I probably would use her just as much I currently use Diddy and Villager.

She's truly the top priority of my most wanted(the other one I'm hoping for aside from Dixie is Isabelle) and I'll keep on hoping that they'll both make it.
I want Dixie in because frankly she is LONG overdue for a Smash appearance. If I was in charge of Smash development. Diddy and Rool would've been added in Melee, Dixie in Brawl, Cranky in Wii U, and Funky echo for Ultimate. DKC is a big enough Nintendo franchise around the world to have gotten more content than it's gotten by now. While I'm grateful for K.Rool, Klaptrap assist, and that amazing Gangplank Galleon remix let's be honest we should've had all of those before the 5th game in the series. Especially considering DK was at the HEIGHT of his popularity in the 90's when Smash 64 and Melee were released.

As for Dixie herself she is my favorite Kong behind DK himself. I think she is a cute character that would fit right in with characters like Villager, Duck Hunt, Inkling, Kirby, etc. She has enough moveset potential to be at LEAST a semi-clone. She along with Toad is like the last true classic Nintendo All-Star (though I'd also argue Bandana Dee is getting pretty close to becoming a "modern Nintendo All-Star"). Those are the reasons I want Dixie because it would help right a wronged injustice (DK treatment in Smash). If we get Dixie I will be content with DK characters in Smash my focus will move forward to a non-generic jungle (like idk a MINE CART stage!) stage and more songs other than 600 Jungle Hijinx remixes...I dont want to turn on Smash Ultimate and see "Jungle Hijinx- Dubstep Remix" or something instead of Jib Jig, Scorch N' Torch, Grassland Groove, Crocodile Cacaphony, Mining Melancholy, High Tide Ride, Hot Head Bop, Krook's March, Enchanted Woods, Feathered Fiend, Big Top Bop, Frantic Factory, Hideout Helm, Rockface Rumble, Horn Top Hop, Flight of the Zinger, Blast Mast, and COUNTLESS others.
It has been basically three months since I last posted anything in this thread. Since then, there have been two profound developments. One was the confirmation of the fourth character to the Fighters Pass, and second, a confirmation of additional DLC after the conclusion of the Fighters Pass.

I believed Dixie Kong was unlikely for the Fighters Pass as soon as Joker's confirmation happened and Reggie said he was an example for the rest of the characters to the Fighters Pass. It ended up being entirely third-party (though there is technically one more character left to be unveiled for it).

With the confirmation of additional DLC fighters after the Fighters Pass, it opens up the possibility that Dixie Kong could have a shot at being a part of Ultimate's incredible roster. As of now, we have little idea what the motif to the DLC after the Fighters Pass will be.

Sakurai has made cryptic comments about wanting to expand the number of worlds within Smash Bros., and I think most likely the next set of characters after DLC wraps up is likely all going to be third-party. I think the closest exception to this is going to be Geno (who is technically third-party), I still think Sakurai is going to want to revisit him as a character concept (he voiced this as recently as 2016) especially considering how the Geno Mii costume has not been brought back. There are still many third-party franchises for Sakurai to draw from to fill out any amount of DLC slots.

That being said we still know very little (or maybe even nothing) about the direction the DLC after the Fighters Pass will take. There very well could be a mix of third-party and Nintendo owned characters for the additional DLC. Heck, its possible (and quite probable) that there are only going to be three more DLC characters after the Fighters Pass. There are two reasons as to why I believe this.

One is Sakurai's own admission that the development team will be shrinking over the course of the DLC period. I think, after the Fighters Pass wraps up in February, the additional fighters will take much longer to come out, and maybe even until the end of the year (2020) to release all three of them. I personally don't think there will be enough time, budget, and manpower left for another five unique newcomers.

The second reason is that I do think it is pretty suspicious the character select screen was re-arranged in a way to which there will be three additional slots left over after the Fighters Pass.

I think much like the Fighters Pass before, its best to set our expectation that the additional DLC is only going to be three more characters.

There is always the possibility that Dixie Kong somehow ends up being among those three characters (or that the DLC ends up being another five characters and has Nintendo owned characters in it as well). Dixie Kong has a few things in her favor over many other characters. She is among the few Nintendo characters left outside the Mario series not yet on the roster that is well known, popular, and integral to their franchise. She also has a character already on the roster, Diddy Kong, whom could easily be used as a base to which to develop her, which might be ideal in a situation with depreciating development resources (time, money, and manpower) as time goes on, as well as the fact, unlike many other characters, she could be made into a semi-clone.

However, on the whole, I am not optimistic on Dixie's DLC prospects even with this recent announcement. I think its going to be all third-party characters, or if Nintendo characters, promotional ones or ones big with the Smash Bubble. However, Smash Bros. has always been full of surprises with its roster choices. We shall wait and see. I personally think we will get a sneak peak at the first post-Fighters Pass character whenever they announce the final character to the Fighters Pass (which I think will happen in either November or December).

I long promised an essay in support of Dixie Kong's inclusion in Smash Bros., and I guess this is it (I am sorry if you were expecting something even longer than what you will all are about to read). I will not make much mention of moveset arguments for Dixie Kong, but I think there are plenty of others that can make the argument, and I feel after Piranha Plant, that "moveset potential" is a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" style argument. There is a great diversity of ways to which Dixie Kong can be approached as a fighter, from a fully unique one to a semi-clone or even an echo (though I think Ken-style is the only one that really fits). I feel for Dixie Kong that passion and belief about what type of fighter she should be is proportional to just how much passion and interest there is in her. If she was on par with the likes of Waluigi and Geno for requests among the Smash Bubble, she would be universally deemed to be only fitting to be a fully unique fighter. However, with her fanbase and requests in the straits that they are in, she mostly is settled for as an echo fighter addition or semi-clone outside of her most passionate supporters. I do have confidence in Sakurai and his team to faithfully implement Dixie and her appeal regardless of what type of fighter she they ultimately do choose for her (assuming she ever does happen as a fighter). Some of my favorite characters in the Smash Bros. series are semi-clones (like Roy), and I think Dark Samus was captured very well as to who she is despite nearly all of her differences being animation based (there is actually some great subtle references to her source material in them). However, this piece is not to argue about what kind of fighter Dixie should or will be, but rather her merits are, and what she means to Smash Bros., Nintendo, and gaming as a whole.

With all that being said, let me explain just why Dixie Kong is not just Nintendo All-Star, but a gaming all-star as a whole.

Dixie Kong is truly something special. She might not ultimately make Ultimate's roster, but she is still one of Nintendo's best and most iconic heroines. At a time where some people complain about there being no female characters as part of the Fighters Pass, its peculiar that much of this crowd continues to ignore the sub-100 pound monkey in the room. Dixie Kong, is not just one of Nintendo's most iconic and legendary heroines, but among gaming as a whole. She became popular and well known even before Lara Croft and Jill Valentine, and moreover she was popular among boys for reasons beyond sex appeal ("WHOA SHE CAN FLY! LOOK AT HOW SHE CAN SHRED ON HER GUITAR!").

Dixie Kong was groundbreaking. As another Dixie fan noted, Samus might have been Nintendo's first prominent heroine, but Dixie was the first major one to wear her femininity on her sleeve. Back in the 90's, you could definitely be in the dark about what Samus's gender was, Dixie however, was definitely a girl, and a girly girl one at that. She liked the color pink, had long flowing hair, long eyelashes, colored toenails, and cried when she got hit. Everything about this character would make you think that she would not go over well with demographics outside of little girls. However, Dixie Kong was a rare breed of a character. She is among the few that has "Mario appeal". She is a character that manages to be popular and appealing across demographics despite her unorthodox design due to just how fun she is to play as and the charm of her character, just like Mario, whose design is of a portly middle aged mustachioed man in overalls with a high-pitched voice, but is among the most loved and iconic character in all of gaming.

Dixie is a character that embraces her femininity without having to rely on sex appeal or "waifuism", and for that she is not only just one of the best heroines in gaming but also among the most interesting. While she may cry when she got hit, or due a female tween-like pout about being thrown in a crib with Kiddy (DKC3's game over screen), she at the same time subverted tropes by managing to be one of the few Kongs (especially playable Kongs) that never got kidnapped by K. Rool, and moreover, she canonically insulted/sassed him to his face. She is not a support character like most other major prominent female Nintendo characters, but a co-protagonists in two of the Top 10 best selling SNES titles (DKC2 and DKC3). As another Dixie fan put it, she is "cute, cool, bad***".

Dixie is a character that goes beyond "girl Diddy". She has a lot of charm and personality. From sipping a drink in the middle of a journey, to lapping up honey while storming a Zinger stronghold, to taking DK's Switch for herself. Dixie is a character that knows how to smell the roses and enjoy the moment, which is why she does not hesitate to enjoy some honey in an environment full of giant bees, hijack DK's Switch from him, or mock K. Rool to his face. Dixie likes having fun just as much as we have fun playing as her. That is part of her endearment. In many ways, she might possibly be the pinnacle of the characters Rare created (and that truly says something), and it is a shame she basically went a nearly 20 year stretch without any sort of prominent role.

Dixie Kong is not just a character that stands out among heroines, but all heroes. She is a character that managed to simultaneously embrace and subvert tropes, and somehow manage to become one of the most endearing characters within not just her franchise, but gaming as a whole.

While most of the Smash Bros. Bubble continues to basically ignore her, they simply do not know the breadth to which Dixie Kong was a trailblazer and the subtle charm to her character. Dixie in many ways is the female Mario. Unlike most heroines, most of her appeal is not due to sex appeal/"waifu factor", but rather because of her gameplay mechanics and personality, much like Mario is not someone you would initially think of as cool or endearing without having a hands on experience with the character.

Dixie Kong is a character that is exemplary of the term Nintendo All-Star in many ways. She is a showcase for the Nintendo brand as a whole. A character, that like Nintendo, has their net cast wide across demographics despite what the industry conventions are to what "appealing" is. If there is one Nintendo character left to ever be added to Smash Bros., I could not think of a finer Nintendo character for the series to close on than Dixie Kong: The Last Nintendo All-Star.

I re-iterate that Ultimate's roster is absolutely fantastic, and I am extremely grateful to Sakurai and his team for everything that they did for Ultimate from finally adding Ridley to the roster (a childhood dream of mine that went on for nearly 20 years), to bringing back every single veteran (another dream I thought was unlikely to ever happen), to bringing in Castlevania (one of my favorite non-Nintendo franchises, and one to which the Smash Bubble seemed to care little for), and recently bringing in Banjo-Kazooie (a character that is outright owned by a console competitor to Nintendo). Sakurai and his team have increasingly broken through each "impossible" bar, and left us in awe of just what we can expect or what we see as "plausible".

Dixie Kong as a character in many ways is someone who seems "on paper" to be the most obvious character that could be added to Smash Bros. She is a popular Nintendo characters that is prominent within her franchise of origin. Of such a basal quality, Dixie has this one in spades. However, after over 20 years of history to the franchise, Dixie is still conspicuously absent from the roster. Moreover, as time goes on. her prospects of ever being added keep becoming lower and lower. Smash now has gone on to become something than just about Nintendo characters. With Smash 4 and especially Ultimate, its about celebrating gaming as a whole.

Dixie is a character in many ways that completes the circle. When I first learned of Smash Bros., I was very (pleasantly) surprised Samus was part of the roster when every other character on the roster had an upcoming game for the Nintendo 64 at the time except her. Samus beat and exceeded the odds of what most would have put on a roster of 12 Nintendo characters back in 1999. However, regardless of the Metroid series having gone into hiatus during those past five years, there was no denying it, Samus and Metroid were still a major part of Nintendo and their brand. Samus and Dixie Kong were both among my favorite gaming heroes during my childhood (and still are). It was Samus's unexpected presence on the Smash Bros. roster that I even got as overwhelmingly hyped for Smash Bros. even months before the game's international release.

Dixie Kong is a character that I believe in my heart does not just fit the descriptor of Nintendo All-Star, but also Gaming All-Star. She might not have launched a franchise, but she is a character that in many way encapsulates just what charm there is to a character in the medium of gaming. She is a character that manages to have a foot both in her criteria to fit what it took to enter Smash Bros. at the beginning of the series and what it means now (importance to gaming as a whole).

However, just like Samus before her, conventionally she does not seem likely at all. Dixie is not a character even Nintendo fans are clamoring for (or rather the "Smash Bubble"). Dixie might very well never be added to Smash Bros.'s roster (Ultimate or any future installment).

However, even if she is never added, she is still an incredible heroine, and Ultimate's roster is still incredible. However, if by some miracle, and it would be an absolutely incredible miracle, Dixie Kong were added as DLC, it would be one of the greatest miracles of Ultimate's roster yet. Dixie, a character that does not meet the criteria of what is expected for DLC newcomers for Ultimate, might somehow, someway, managed to be selected to be DLC. That would be a miracle on par with Ridley being playable, EVERYONE IS HERE!, and Banjo-Kazooie making it in.

I do not know what Sakurai and his team's interpretation of Dixie Kong as a fighter will be (assuming if it ever does happen), but regardless, I have hope that Sakurai will implement her in a way that captures just what is so endearing and charming about Dixie Kong.

Dixie paradoxically is a character that makes the most sense on paper as a Smash Bros. addition, yet is also unlikely to be added in the future even among actual Nintendo characters. It is poetic this unconventional circumstances matches her unconventional appeal.

Sakurai and his team have my gratitude for making Ultimate the way they did (aside from the things I mentioned before, there are even small touches that I am grateful for like giving my favorite F-Zero character Pico, a role in the World of Light) , but like RomanceDawn, I have one more request (and it is the same as his), and that is to the complete the circle. Make Dixie Kong join the fight. Samus, one of Nintendo's AND gaming's biggest and beloved heroines joined the battle at the dawn of the franchise (the very dawn of it, she was even among the four fighters to the demo pitch Sakurai made for the original Smash Bros.). Ultimate in many ways is the apex of the Smash Bros. series. Dixie Kong joining the fight now, while long overdue, would be a moving swansong to what is shaping up to Masahiro Sakurai's magnum opus.

Dixie Kong is a character that epitomizes what Smash Bros. is, then and now. She is important to both Nintendo and gaming.

Dixie is a character that I have been very fond of going back over 20 years ago. My Dixie Kong figurine was one of my favorite toys from my childhood and was consistently near my bedside as I went to sleep every night. Having a physical object to enjoy and play with was something that I wish had extended to Samus, my other favorite gaming hero from childhood. However, I was happy to have just Dixie Kong (and Yoshi) to play with and enjoy, Now 20 years later, I am grateful that Sakurai and his team have added in not just nearly all of my favorite Nintendo characters but also my favorite gaming characters in general. Dixie this time though is the one not part of the toy box.

For many of Dixie's fans and supporters, the love and support for her runs deep. BirthNote, has been courteous enough to chronicle many of these stories into the opening post of this thread. Much like Roy (another character I deeply wanted to see, although to return), much of his appeal was not easily apparent to those who did not experience him, but rather from those who played with him hands-on and thus got appreciate his personality charm and gameplay flair. Dixie is much in the same way, to many people who never or barely played DKC2, DKC3, and Tropical Freeze, Dixie is just "girl Diddy" just like Roy was "fire Marth". However, I think the comparisons are even more unfair because Dixie's differences from Diddy are much readily apparent than Roy and Marth's were.

Thus, even if I were to craft the best prose ever written on the merits of Dixie Kong's value and worth to be a part of Ultimate's roster, it never ever would be enough to grow her fanbase and the passion for her possible inclusion. Words may touch, but actions MOVE. The best way to truly appreciate Dixie is to enjoy her source material. She is one of the two protagonists for both DKC2 and DKC3, with the former regarded as one of the best 2D platformers of all time (and the latter a very underrated game, and I personally believe to be among the best platformers for the SNES even if it is not quite as good as DKC2, it is stronger than the first DKC entry). In Tropical Freeze, she is arguably the most helpful of all the support Kongs and the game itself is argued to be the pinnacle of 2D platformers as well.

I said almost a year ago (back in December), that Dixie Kong was a treasure to the future. She might be the last long running Nintendo character left that is both a main character to their franchise (as in actual main protagonist level) that is still not part of the roster to the Smash Bros. series. Going forward Dixie is a throwback to the possible newcomer pools that Smash Bros. fans who anticipated Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 had access to. The likes of Wario, Diddy Kong, Ridley, King Dedede, Olimar, Little Mac, Meta Knight, K. Rool, Ganondorf, Zelda, Bowser, Peach, and Bowser Jr. have all been added in now. Dixie Kong (and arguably the Toads) are all that is left from the ages of where characters had to fit "the old criteria" (namely being an integral character to a major Nintendo franchise). In an era where the most wanted characters are retro Nintendo characters, side Nintendo characters, and third-parties, Dixie Kong is a throwback to the very beginning of this legendary game franchise for character requests. She is a character that Smash fans back in 2001 would agree deserves to be in Smash Bros., which is something that I think few other characters left at this point could say (again, aside from Toad), and would be surprised to find out, nearly 20 years later, still did not make it in yet.

Dixie might not have much internet "cool kids" saying she is a great possible addition, or a massive online fanbase, but she is an absolutely legendary character, and I think even if I might not follow a future installment that does end up adding her in down the road, I think that it is something that Nintendo and Smash Bros. fans who were not around for Melee, Brawl, or Smash 4 newcomer support periods should have, an unequivocal Nintendo All-Star to support and champion . Sometimes the shiniest jewel goes unnoticed.

However, my personal hope, my hope beyond hope, is that somehow Sakuai and his team once again make the impossible possible and decide to implement Dixie Kong even though she is not a third-party character or promoting an upcoming Nintendo title. Her addition would not only be unprecedented as DLC newcomers go, but it would fittingly show how Smash Bros. has come full circle. One of its first newcomers being Samus, and if Dixie Kong were added, one of the last, for what is arguably the culmination for the franchise and what it has been building toward. It would be perhaps the last miracle (or one of the last) of Ultimate's many miracles.

I am not going to get my hopes up though. I expect only third-party characters as DLC (Geno still counts as third-party). I have very limited free time, and I think at this point in time, it is a poor usage of my time to write up grandiose and passionate posts about a character whom I can do basically nothing in terms of moving the needle towards their possible inclusion. I have been a fan of Smash Bros. for over 20 years, a member of the online Smash Bros. community for over 18 years, and part of SmashBoards for nearly 13 years (going to be 13 next week). I have gotten nearly everything I ever could have wanted or hoped for in relation to Smash Bros. Ridley being a part of the Smash roster was a childhood dream of mine that I thought was likely never going to be realized after Sakurai's own statements on him back in November 2014. Not just Ridley, but so many other things with Ultimate. I have won the lottery multiple times with this title, and yet I still am asking for more. As I said before, I have been spoiled rotten, and I think the best way I can show gratitude moving forward is through moving on.

If there is any profound news in relation to Dixie's prospects made in the future I will comment on it, but I think what I have said here will be my final profound word in relation to Dixie unless in the event of either a confirmation as a newcomer for Ultimate's DLC or when Ultimate's DLC wraps up and Dixie is not one of them (in that case I will give a short essay pep talk to Dixie fans that are disappointed but plan to support her for the next title).

The Dixie fanbase has a lot of fans with diverse talents. From SeashoreWar's talented artwork, to BirthNote's caretaking of the support topic. While many do appreciate my character support prose and introspective and detailed analyses, I cannot keep doing this forever, nor do I want to. While Dixie Kong being in Smash Bros. is something reminiscent of the dreams I had throughout my childhood and young adulthood (Ridley in Smash Bros., and Roy's return in Smash), it is something I have to relinquish to the rest of you. I feel Ultimate is as beautiful a sendoff for a longtime fan of Smash Bros. such as myself could hope for, and gradually over the course of this year I found myself posting less and less with Ultimate's actual release. I feel with this essay, I can finally pass the baton to the next generation.

It is likely going to be a long and arduous journey Dixie fans. How long that journey ultimately is, or whether it even leads to the destination you are all hoping for (Dixie being a part of the roster for Ultimate or a future installment), only time will tell. I wish you all the best regardless of whether you decide to support Dixie in the months and years ahead, or even if you decide to give up on character support and speculation entirely.

To sum it all up, Dixie Kong is a legendary heroine. She is a character that is only under Samus as far as Nintendo heroines go in terms of legacy and prominence to their own franchise and Nintendo as a whole. She is an exemplary heroine for gaming a whole, a rare heroine whom most of their appeal and charm goes beyond sex appeal or the "waifu factor", and one that also embraces and utilizes her femininity to further enhance her character appeal and endearment. She is a character that has "Mario appeal", able to be appreciated by a diverse array of demographics despite her unconventional design through her personality charm and the fun of her gameplay abilities. This particular resume arguably sets her in a league of her own not just as far as Nintendo characters go, but gaming ones as a whole as well.

Whether Dixie is ever eventually added in or not, Dixie Kong is a Nintendo All-Star. She may be underappreciated, and many not actually know or understand just why she is such an endearing character and worthy addition, but in our hearts she is truly special and the ultimate heroine.

Dixie Kong might very well be The Last Nintendo All-Star, and you know what they say about saving the best for last...


(Credit goes to J. Marme for drawing this incredible piece: https://365timeline.com/m/Byp47gkn54j )


Stage Ideas
Some users have even taken to brainstorming potential stage ideas. Have a look:

from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U/Switch)

The 3rd level of Tropical Freeze’s 5th world. Juicy Jungle. And an apt name for the world if I do say so myself, because this place is filled with fruit, and the snowmads have established a food processing factory for it.

Most of the time when people think of a stage from Tropical Freeze, they usually go with an ice themed level from the games final world. Which makes sense since the game literally has the subtitle “Tropical FREEZE” but there are plenty of amazing non-ice levels in the game so I wanted to take a whack at making one as a Smash Stage idea. And with Fruity Factory being arguably the most unique of them all, I decided on that one.

Apologies about the lack of a proper background. After some tinkering I was able to get most of the stage image created in the way I wanted it. But the background proved to be too tricky. Think of it like this. You’re inside the factory, but there’s a giant door open that shows the background of Reckless Ride outside. That’s the kind of background I tried to aim for. Anyway, on to the actual stage.

The green represents pass-through platforms, and the blue represents solid ground.
For the most part on this stage, what you see is what you get. A simple layout with four platforms in the air and a switch in the middle of them modeled after the face of Lord Fredrik (which by the way, is that character just a result of hacking Fire Emblem Awakening? Frederick can’t reclass into a lord otherwise).

What does this switch do? Well in the source game you pull a lever on it to open certain pathways. Here though you have to attack it in order to activate it. When the one in the middle is attacked, it will randomly pick one of the soft platforms to drop a watermelon onto.

All platforms can have a watermelon on them but no platform can have any more than two of them. But they will remain there once brought in unless they get destroyed. Which can be done easily enough with a few attacks, think of them being twice as strong as the breakable walls in the Classic Mode bonus game, but attacks are the only way to break them, colliding with them does nothing to them and like the main arena, they function as hard platforms.

Once the Lord Frederik switch is activated it will enter a cooldown time where it’s eyes are greyed out, signaling that you’ll have to wait until the eyes glow again to drop another watermelon.

Speaking of which, why are the eyes on the two switches near the edge red instead of blue? Well…………..

Because those switches instead bring up the fruit slicers for 10 seconds. This temporarily seals off the bottom blast zone and the slicers won’t KO you until you’re at a really high percent. We’re talking about the 200% range here. The purpose behind this gimmick is to give you an option for recovering back to the stage if you’re willing to take the extra damage to save your stock. All you have to do is attack the switch.

But like with the blue-eyed switch, there’s a cooldown after one has been used until it can be used again. But both red-eyed switches operate independently from each other. They do not share activation and cooldown times.

How long is the cooldown? At a random point that will never exceed 15 seconds.

While the fruit slicers are up, one last thing could happen.

The fruit that they are designed to slice could fall from the ceiling into the slicers. While still whole, the fruit acts as nothing more than an impassable obstacle. No damage, no bouncing, no nothing. But like in the source game, slices of the fruit will be launched up from the blades to serve as soft platforms. Though they will only remain in the air for a few seconds.

And there you have it! After almost a full year of hosting the stage creation contest, I finally have a stage idea of my own submitted. Hope you all liked it!

Possible DLC Character this stage could come with:

Dixie Kong

DLC music this stage could bring:

Fruity Factory (Will need a remix though): https://youtu.be/zWckr41oNCc

Reckless Ride: https://youtu.be/Vsr15pt7zhM

Frosty Fruits: https://youtu.be/xwMzeLa8rBY

Busted Bayou: https://youtu.be/95HuSMQSUVo

Irate Eight (Chase): https://youtu.be/UHXMsrZ1jcM

Scorch N Torch: https://youtu.be/JFP4wn0dejc

Volcano Dome: https://youtu.be/1Fzu8vA7ncw

Furious Fire: https://youtu.be/7tvSdx3-UxE

Treetop Tumble (Will need a remix though): https://youtu.be/NjmUCbNk65o

Angry Aztec (Will need a remix though: https://youtu.be/Smx_2U6I5_A

It's hard to talk about the DK series without mentioning the music, and to help visualize Dixie being in Smash it'd be great to have music from her home series! Feel free to recommend some tracks and have a listen:
Series Staples:
Jungle Hijinxs (DKC2, DK64, Jungle Beat, Returns (Silhouette Version 1, 2, Tiki Tong), Tropical Freeze

Aquatic Ambience (Returns, Tropical Freeze)
Fear Factory (Returns, Music Madness, Frozen Frenzy)
Stickerbrush Symphony (Twilight Terror, Tropical Freeze Credits Uncut)
Minecart Madness (Returns, Version 1, 2, 3, 4)

Diddy's Kong Quest:
Hot-Head Bop
Disco Train
Boss Bossanova
Flight of the Zinger
Jib Jig
Mining Melancholy
Toxic Tower
Rattle Battle
Forest Interlude
Bayou Boogie
Haunted Hall
Funky's Flights
Kong Kollege
Screech's Sprint
Hornet Hole
Run Rambi, Run!
Lost World
In A Snow Bound Land

Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!:
Dixie Beat
Rockface Rumble
Nuts N' Bolts
Jungle Jitters (GBA)
Stilt Village (GBA)
Pokey Pipes
Hot Pursuit
Frosty Frolics
Cavern Caprice
Crazy Calypso
Northern Kremisphere
Mill Fever, (GBA)

Diddy Kong Racing (N64 & DS)
Star City (DS)
Spaceport Alpha (DS)
Boss Theme (DS)
Wizpig Theme (DS)

Walrus Cove
Taj's Race Theme
Hot Top Volcano

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Cosmic Highway

Tropical Freeze:
Amiss Abyss
Big Top Bop
Punch Bowl
Wing Ding
Fruity Factory
Scorch N Torch
Frantic Fields (Dynamite Dash)
Snowmad's Island Theme
Busted Bayou
Horn Top Hop (Inside the Giant Horn)
Deep Keep
Grassland Groove
Irate Eight (Underwater, Chase)
Cannon Canyon
Alpine Incline (Mountain)
Windmill Hills
Seaside Tide


Water World's Chiptune Cover

Da Mines Remix (Mining Melancholy)
Forever Frozen (In a Snow-Bound Land)

Dusty Echoes (Mining Melancholy)
High Rollin (Disco Train)

Dixie's Voyage (K. Rool Returns, Aqueduct Assault, Jib Jig)

Gears Grinding (Nuts and Bolts)
Encounter In The Abyss (Lockjaw's Saga)

OC Remix:
Re-Skewed (Donkey Kong Rescued)
Trapped in the Minds (Kannon's Klaim)
Crystal Swamp (Snakey Chantey)
Sea Breeze Concerto (Stilt Village GBA)
Blast Beatdown (Nuts and Bolts)
Cliffside Clamber Rockface Rumble)
Intoxica (Pokey Pipes)
Can't Boss Us Around (Boss Theme)
Arichnophobia (Arich Boss, GBA)
Aquatic Transformations (Water World, GBA)
Beneath The Moonlight (Stilt Village, GBA)
Spanish Jitters (Jungle Jitters, GBA)
Kingfisher's Stream (Cascade Capers)

Here stands a collection of character art and the like for Dixie. I currently am looking for a set of 7 alt colors based on Smashified's Dixie artwork, so if anyone out there would like to provide recolors of it feel free to do so and I'll feature them.

Trophy Descriptions: What Sakurai Has Said About Her

"More than just Diddy Kong's girlfriend, Dixie Kong is also a fearless adventurer and a reliable team player. She earned her wings helping Diddy rescue Donkey Kong from the clutches of King K. Rool. Dixie's amazingly quick and nimble, and she's even able to twirl her ponytail in order to float slowly through the air."

"Diddy Kong's cutie of a girlfriend with an adorable blond ponytail. That ponytail is hardly for show--it helps propel her through the air for extended hang time and is indispensable for spin-attacking enemies and lifting barrels. Watch out--Dixie packs more power than you might imagine!"

Smash Wii U/3DS:

"Diddy Kong's girlfriend. She loves to adventure with him. Her ponytail isn't just for show--she can use it to swim faster, soar in the sky, and even lift barrels! With hair that does all that, you can bet she takes good care of it!"

Other Sites
Discord: The Pink Berets

A Closing Word

Any and all discussion concerning Dixie is welcomed, but please be respectful towards members. While negative feedback is fine, any type of disrespectful or rude behavior won't be tolerated, so please keep that in mind when discussing. Also, please keep the discussion on track so we can avoid unnecessary rabbit holes. Discussion of the Donkey Kong series is welcomed, as well as Dixie's role within the Smash universe. Mario Kart/Party/Sports stuff is also fine if it pertains to DK characters, even if remotely.

One more thing: now that K. Rool's in Smash, we'll never see a Dixie vs. K. Rool debate again. The venom from the old days is long gone, as many fans overlap with both characters, but an official confirmation means this flamewar won't reignite. We've also addressed the clone conflict as well with impressive handfuls of movesets and an acknowledgement of the current situation, so if anyone is ever curious about her possibilities, certainly check out all the ideas various users have put into combating the Clone Conundrum. And, if y'all want to add more ideas, SSB-related renders and music tracks/remixes, feel free to do so. The Kong Barrel always has enough room for supporters!

Now, with that out of the way, let's show Dixie Kong our support, and let's discuss!

Courtesy of SeashoreWar SeashoreWar

Feast your eyes on these as well:
Courtesy of @AustarusIV

And of course, THIS:

Courtesy of Isaac: Venus Adept Isaac: Venus Adept
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Oct 12, 2015
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Dixie needs her time to shine after all the great things she did in Donkey Kong Country 2, 3, and Tropical Freeze.

I'm not giving up on that stylish chimp just yet.


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
I see I'm still on the support list, and I still do support Dixie.
Oh shoot, I actually didn't realize your username changed. I've updated it accordingly, and thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks A Distant Demon A Distant Demon ! And welcome back Guybrush20X6 Guybrush20X6

EDIT: AwesomeAussie27 AwesomeAussie27 , Thanks for your support! I'm looking at the list to see if you're already on it before I add you, but I don't see it so far. Has your username changed? Just wanna know to avoid duplicates.
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Oct 12, 2015
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EDIT: AwesomeAussie27 AwesomeAussie27 , Thanks for your support! I'm looking at the list to see if you're already on it before I add you, but I don't see it so far. Has your username changed? Just wanna know to avoid duplicates.
Strangely enough, I was never on there at all.

Oh well, at least now it's the perfect opportunity to join.
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Jan 8, 2014
There is literally no added donkey Kong representation I don't want. I'd like to see this.

Anyone think Kiddy Kong, Stanley, or DK Jr will ever appear in another game?


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Oct 12, 2015
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There is literally no added donkey Kong representation I don't want. I'd like to see this.

Anyone think Kiddy Kong, Stanley, or DK Jr will ever appear in another game?
Nintendo don't really care for those three anymore unfortunately. Especially Kiddy Kong, being seen as the Scrappy Doo of Donkey Kong in the fandom's eyes.

At best, I only see cameos or a spinoff appearance like Pauline.


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Aug 6, 2012
I'm so grateful of myself for making such beautiful Color swaps for her ♥
People don't know, but I was "Really Shy Guy" before changing it to my current username
Also, I will continue to support her


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Jan 8, 2014
Nintendo don't really care for those three anymore unfortunately. Especially Kiddy Kong, being seen as the Scrappy Doo of Donkey Kong in the fandom's eyes.

At best, I only see cameos or a spinoff appearance like Pauline.
Does DK Jr appear in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series? I think it was supposed to be the sequel to Donkey Kong 94, so I'd hope so.


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Oct 12, 2015
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I'm so grateful of myself for making such beautiful Color swaps for her ♥
People don't know, but I was "Really Shy Guy" before changing it to my current username
Also, I will continue to support her
If they really were yours, you've did a great job with them.

The green one could be my favorite one of the bunch.

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Sep 20, 2011
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Does DK Jr appear in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series? I think it was supposed to be the sequel to Donkey Kong 94, so I'd hope so.
Nope. Not at all. Not even since the Donkey Kong '94 game.

Just Pauline and she disappears after the MvDK sequel (March of the Minis). In fact, these days, it's all about the Minis for the future Mario vs Donkey Kong games.
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Jul 9, 2009
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I've been a supporter for Dixie Kong for quite a while now.
In that case welcome! I've added you to the list as well--which means we're almost at 130 members. You weren't on the list before, right? XD

I'm so grateful of myself for making such beautiful Color swaps for her ♥
People don't know, but I was "Really Shy Guy" before changing it to my current username
Also, I will continue to support her
Hey, thanks for letting me know! I've updated the OP to reflect your name change. Welcome back, Ghira!

Everyone, I found these vids a little while back and I wanted to repost them:

And this:

Any thoughts on them?


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Jul 9, 2009
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Wow there is some detail to those movesets. I'm especially liking BIrthnote's.
Dixie and Shantae are my ponytail queens we need them both in smash.
Thank you very much for the kind words! I had fun sketching out those ideas and I'm quite proud of them. Also, I wanna thank you for checking out everyone's movesets as we've added some nice variety to each, and I'm sure they appreciate the feedback as well :)

I've added you to the List; you're now the 130th Support Buddy. Congrats.

Oh wow I'm still on the list :p.

Is it okay if I look for my moveset in the old thread to post it here?
Of course; I'll put it in the OP when you post it here. You can post as many sets as you like; it helps get the creativity circulating.

May I join the supporters list as well please?
You definitely may. Thanks to you and Luminario, we've now cracked 130 so welcome to the Barrel! There's always an enormous amount of room in here LOL.
Who wants a Dixie/Cranky tagteam?
I personally would like having each Kong be solo in Smash, BUT I'll admit pairing these 2 would be interesting. Can you make a moveset for this tagteam? It'd be fun to see.


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Jul 9, 2009
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Absolutely loved the video. I took to the comments secton and left a link to this thread for anyone who'd be interested in Dixie as a fighter. Thanks for sharing.

Delzethin Delzethin , this is a very well-made video. I appreciate the rationale you put into not only her moveset, but the potential reasons why should would be included and why she hasn't set foot in the series yet. With DK being Nintendo's 5th biggest franchise it would seem obvious for them to have more content, and up until this vid I assumed Sakurai may have had some sort of bias against the series. This however gave me some alternate takes to consider, so while I don't know the exact reasons why DK's only at 2 slots, I have a little more possible reasons to go with than "Sakurai dislikes Donkey Kong". Thank you.

As for the moveset itself: well done. It comes off as yet another interesting take on Dixie, especially with the Guitar being mapped to her Down B and the Bubblegum Popgun mechanics you've implemented. I like the concept of her being a footsies/grappler-type fighter, and out of all the moves mentioned, I just wanna ask: where'd you get the inspiration from her Up Smash from? It reminded me of mine, but in a good way, and I'd be pretty damn happy if it was based on it. I'm also very much fine with it being a simple coincidence as well, but I just HAD to ask. :D

Anyway, based on the vid, would it be too much to assume you're in favor of Dixie making the cut, and thus would you like to be put on the Support List? Also, would you mind me putting your moveset in along with the rest in the form of this video?

Diddy Kong

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Dec 8, 2004
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I'll support Dixie more passionately this time. Her absence in Smash 4 whilst we all thought she was one of the most likely newcomers really made me open my eyes. Can't take any DKC character for granted, and I'd take Dixie as a semi-clone of Diddy even if that means she'll just be in. Never played Tropical Freeze (never owned a Wii U) unfortunately, but I heard I missed out... I hope that we'll see her soon in new games and Smash.


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Mar 23, 2012
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Late response. I've been worn down as of late.

Anyway, based on the vid, would it be too much to assume you're in favor of Dixie making the cut, and thus would you like to be put on the Support List? Also, would you mind me putting your moveset in along with the rest in the form of this video?
Truth be told...I'm more neutral on Dixie. I tend to keep my list of characters I actually support pretty narrow, down to stuff I'd for sure pick up as a secondary or pocket if they got in.

Oh, and the up smash idea was something that just kind of came to me. For all I know, it might've been something I saw somewhere else and I copied it without realizing. Hopefully not.

Tortilla Noggin

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May 13, 2015
Hello! It looks like it's as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, in here! Well, a barrel of monkeys and chimps with prehensile hair. :laugh:

I'm just swinging by to pledge my support for Dixie. I wasn't on the support-list before, but I still wanted to see her, nonetheless.

So, yes, I support Dixie Kong. Best of luck, everyone!


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Jul 9, 2009
A warrior's grave...
I'll support Dixie more passionately this time. Her absence in Smash 4 whilst we all thought she was one of the most likely newcomers really made me open my eyes. Can't take any DKC character for granted, and I'd take Dixie as a semi-clone of Diddy even if that means she'll just be in. Never played Tropical Freeze (never owned a Wii U) unfortunately, but I heard I missed out... I hope that we'll see her soon in new games and Smash.
Man, I highly recommend Tropical Freeze; it was such a well-made game and it had plenty of character. Definitely one of my most favorite 2D platformers--David Wise did an amazing job with the soundtrack too.

Late response. I've been worn down as of late.

Truth be told...I'm more neutral on Dixie. I tend to keep my list of characters I actually support pretty narrow, down to stuff I'd for sure pick up as a secondary or pocket if they got in.

Oh, and the up smash idea was something that just kind of came to me. For all I know, it might've been something I saw somewhere else and I copied it without realizing. Hopefully not.
Thanks for clarifying. I figured it'd best to ask if you'd like to have your name on the list instead of assuming, and I'm glad I did. Would you mind if I embedded your vid as a moveset idea though?

Hello! It looks like it's as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, in here! Well, a barrel of monkeys and chimps with prehensile hair. :laugh:

I'm just swinging by to pledge my support for Dixie. I wasn't on the support-list before, but I still wanted to see her, nonetheless.

So, yes, I support Dixie Kong. Best of luck, everyone!
Thank you for the kind words, AND for becoming a Support Buddy! The Barrel grows bigger with each new member LOL.

I support. Hopefully we get both her and K. Rool in Smash Switch: I'm still baffled why we didn't get either in Smash 4.
Honestly I am too. I felt like I had a good understanding of who'd be likely to get in but this Smash hit me with a lot of surprise punches--more than the other 3 games actually. I would love for both characters to set foot in the arena since they're some of my most favorite Nintendo characters.

Still support!
Welcome back! It's good to see that you're still active on the forums too. I wonder what surprises we'll see in the next Smash speculation..


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My most wanted DK character who is also in the top 10 most wanted.
The first illustrated moveset really is something amazingly special.
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