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Disc Dog, chases a frisbee! (I had no other ideas ok.)


Smash Hero
May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
Switch FC
Yes I want this guy.


Who is Disc Dog?
Disc Dog is the dog that you toss a frisbee to in the wii sports minigame, Frisbee Dog. It is one of twelve minigames in Wii Sports Resort.

Why Disc Dog?
Disc Dog is one of the few if not only entities that are alive in the Wii Sports series that aren't Miis. Wii Sports is one of Nintendos highest selling franchises and is in 2 of the top 5 highest selling wii games. He also has a trophy in Sm4sh, as well as a background appearance on the Wii Sports stage in Sm4sh and Ultimate. The trophies where he got his name, Disc Dog!

Pros for Disc Dog.

I don't think spirits deconfirm, but I have been unable to find a spirit for Disc Dog in Smash Ultimate, making him wide open for a slot if spirits deconfirm.
Would be an oddball pick

Arguments against Disc Dog

He's hardly realizable!
Stating we have Duck Hunt, this isn't too :083:

He's in the background of the Wii Sports stage!
So? So are dedede and duck hunt yet they can appear in the background at the same time as their base fighter.

Disc Dog's moveset would incorporate the minigames from wii sports, such as dogfighters, powercruising, bowling, tennis, hangliding, swordfighting, (forget that last one), the minigame he comes from, etc. Disc Dog wouldn't be too hard to make a moveset for.

Do you support Disc Dog?

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