Completed Disable CSS Announcer Voices


Dr. Frankenstack
May 15, 2015
@Bkacjios requested a code that disables the announcer voice in the Character Select Screen.
These overwrites can be used to disable the game type announcement, and/or the character selection announcements.

Disable CSS Announcer Voices
Install this with the latest version of Melee Code Manager
Disable CSS Announcer Voice: Game Type
No announcement on menu start
NTSC 1.02 --- 80264124 ---- 4bdbf685 -> 60000000

Disable CSS Announcer Voice: Character Selection
No announcement on character select
NTSC 1.02 --- 800243F4 ---- 7C0802A6 -> 4E800020
$Disable CSS Announcer Voice: Game Type [Punkline]
040243F4 60000000
$Disable CSS Announcer Voice: Character Selection [Punkline]
04264124 4E800020


In this version, disabling the character name voice clips also affects the “versus” screen announcer; causing him to skip spoken names.
If desired, a more complex version of the code can be made to re-enable these spoken names; or disable the rest of the “versus” speech terms to make it completely silent.
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