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Diddy Neutral Game

Heero Yuy

Jan 27, 2013
In your closet
I picked up Diddy today for the first time on 3.6 and he feels amazing! Definitely wanna practice this character more and possibly duo main him.

I just wanna know how exactly do I approach the neutral game in general vs most characters. I'm fairly good with items so my banana game is already solid. I just wanna know what other options he has.

Also how does he do against Sheik and Falcon? Just two matchups I detest strongly with my main.

Soft Serve

Dec 7, 2011
His neutral game in summary is dash dance abuse (his is amazing and arguably the best in the game if he has a banana in hand), using popgun from longer distances to keep people where they are on the stage while you take the positioning you want, and then waiting for them to swing so you can whiff punish, or abusing openings like them jumping in neutral to put a banana where they'd land, getting under them with a nair to combo, or run>crouch>dtilt them when they are in the corner.

Diddy wrecks Falcon, shiek is evenish, probably slight her favor depending on the stage.
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