Determining how the devs should choose characters

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Oct 19, 2016
I think the only thing that really matters when deciding what character should be in a game is how wanted the character is. How important or iconic a character doesn't really matter at all, but the most requested characters will naturally be more important and well known than the lesser voted characters. This means that characters like Daisy and Geno are valid picks. Also, clones should definetly be avoided unless key differences make the clone very different from the original like Melee Fox and Falco.

The reasons for why a character is wanted or not wanted need to be as logical as possible. Two valid reasons for wanting a character off the top of my head are how entertaining a character is in the game he or she is from and how fun it would be to play as him (moveset potential).

I also think that fourth party characters like Shrek are valid choices for Smash 5. I think anybody can understand this if they play down their biases. Who wouldn't want to play as Goku or Jesus Christ? I am dead serious.


Maybe. :happysheep:

What are your thoughts on how Sakurai should choose his characters?
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