@Demo4Smash The Largest Fan poll ever recorded?


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Apr 27, 2020
Hey there, I own a twitter account named @Demo4smash and as you can guess im here trying to create the worlds largest fan ballot ever! and im just under 50% of the way there to accomplishing that goal. The goal is (to my knowledge at least) 20,000 votes.

If you wish to vote for your favourite, Heres the link to the actual ballot! https://forms.gle/bmvijd8j49KtbZNP8

And if you want to see the results taken at 6000+ votes here https://twitter.com/Demo4Smash/status/1262763939957374984?s=20

Please vote and share this poll with your mates on reddit, or here where ever!.

This is completely doable we can create the worlds largest fan ballot!
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