Demise Sponsors Mr E


Recently, the eSports organization Demise signed Eric “Mr E” Weber of Smash fame onto their team!

Mr E, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Marth and Lucina player, isn’t new to being sponsored; he was first sponsored in Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U by Smash Studios, then Team RivaL in February 2017, FStep in September 2017, and now he's sponsored in Smash Ultimate with Demise as of May 11th, 2019. If you’ve been following Smash Ultimate tournament results, Mr E’s latest sponsorship probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Mr E’s results have been stellar, he placed 13th at Pound 2019, 9th at Suplex City Smash, and 13th at 2GG: Prime Saga, notably above the legendary Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland.

Mr E isn’t the only accomplished player on the Demise team. He’ll be in the company of fellow Smash Ultimate players Joseph “Seagull Joe” Raucher, Eric “Pandarian” Lund, Zack “ZD” Darby and Nicko Bonilla. Demise also has the famous Super Smash Bros. Melee player Alvaro “Trifasia” Moral along with many well-known players of other games like Apex Legends, Battalion 1944 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive under their wing.

Author's Note: Are you excited to see what Mr E will accomplish at future tournaments? Let us know in the comments below!
Mitchell "ZeroSoul" Brenkus


Congrats to Mr E for achieving what many people struggle to stick the tips of their tongues on for a simple taste.
Really? I don't mean to be offending but he places really well in tournaments, like getting 17th if I recall it correctly at Pound^^. He may not belong into the same group of top players like Nairo, or Samsora but he becomes better by the day.
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