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Jan 22, 2015
I've been playing Project M for about a year now. I can wavedash, SHFFL, combo, all that good stuff fairly consistently. I know the characters I use like the back of my hand, and the characters that I do use are Roy, Marth, Ike, Link, Sheik, Ganondorf, Bowser and Mario in no particular order.

There's this one guy I play who has a decent understanding of the game too, but not to the point where he wavedashes or SHFFLs well. Somewhat, but just not very consistently.

I have a serious issue with his Sheik for some reason. His other characters, Fox, Marth, and Lucas I have no real issue with no matter which of my characters I pick.

I've been trying to use Mario against Sheik (because apparently he has a chaingrab on her that has very tight timing but is possible up to about 50 percent or so), but what usually happens (and this is with me with away and down DI) is I get grabbed one time and I'll just get regrabbed, dash attacked, f-tilted, f-smashed into f-aired, or put into an edgeguard situation with Sheik's long legs and insane aerial options totally shutting down all my options for getting back on the stage as Mario.

He absolutely loves grabbing with Sheik, understandably, considering the insane options she can have out of her grab game, but it's just really annoying getting grabbed so much because if I misread a grab and try to spot dodge and he dash attacks or f-smashes, then I'm eating a lot of damage, at least as Mario.

And yes, I do CC a lot because it's Sheik and it does help a lot, but it only helps so much once I get past maybe 50 percent or so.

When he's offstage, I always grab the ledge and try to force him on so I can hit him with a smash attack or something, but he still lives to insane percents because I'm just hitting him from one side of the stage to the other or back throwing him offstage constantly with Mario.

I usually win with Mario still, but the matches are typically rather close. Like last stock, last hit, high percent close.

I used to think this matchup was 50-50 or 55-45 in Mario's favor, but I'm starting to think it's more like 60-40 or 65-35 in Sheik's favor.

He's also picked up this habit of mine where I run offstage and f-air gimp him so he can't get back, which is a good habit I think because it can really mess up your opponents, but I can't seem to get past it sometimes. Would an early Up-B be a solution to this?

I've Sheik dittoed him multiple times and lost once, I think, if at all. But that matchup is easier for me, it seems, since we both have the same tools and they're usually not close at all.

I've had very good success against his Sheik with Roy and Link, usually three stocking him with those characters.

I'd honestly rather not play Sheik against him myself because I'm just not a fan of mirror matches, so should I just use Roy or Link instead? It appears that they have much better tools for dealing with her (disjoints and projectiles) and considering I've done better with them it seems logical. Tricks? Advice?
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