Decided to switch to the procon - first impressions


Smash Apprentice
Jan 30, 2015
Columbus, Ohio
So my gamecube controller recently met it's demise (rest in pieces) and I decided to try something new with the pro controller. My main motivation was that I play on handheld a lot while traveling / being lazy in bed. I would summarize it as a much more robust version of the joycons, with the main difference being significantly larger ABXY buttons. To anybody considering a swap, this is by far the hardest thing to adjust to, but it is far superior to the small joycon buttons. The joycons are, imo, the hardest controller to short hop on without the short cut. Pro con buttons are bigger and higher off of the controller, so you can let your thumb slip off for easier short hops.

  • Similar to joycons if you practice in handheld
  • Bumpers and trigger buttons are higher quality than the aged GCC analog technology
    • Way easier to perfect wavedash for example
    • Grabs and shielding just kinda 'feel' more precise and overall better
  • Extra bumper (L) on the left side that can be assigned to a variety of moves depending on what your character benefits from. This button is high quality and can consistently short hop jump if your right hand is tied up trying to input something else.

  • Control sticks are not notched like GCC. This is by far the biggest downside to me, especially with the asinine way that Pichu recovery gets caught up under the stage
  • Right control stick is kinda close to my thumb. GCC doesn't have this since the C stick is literally just a stick
  • Wireless: Don't forget to disconnect before walking away from somebody else's setup ;)


Smash Apprentice
Jan 29, 2019
Thanks for the insight. Do you notice any input lag due to wireless?
How long can you play before needing to recharge?