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Dear illmatic

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Pinnacle of Projectile Placement.
May 17, 2009
Intergalactic camping with mjg.
I'm seriously sick of your **** dude. You walk around here acting like your some big bad Top of the line *** ***** when your just a ***** *** *****. You think i'm scared of you? i've been shot before i ain't scared of **** ya lil fgt. This may not be the best place to adress matters such as this but igaf

shaodw1****ingpj out.

wait TIll i catch you at hobo


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
**** you bro.

All you do is prance around ****ing smashboards like a little fgt *** ***** not contributing to any discussion. You think you're hot **** because you troll and leave "L afks" all over the place? What makes you think you're better than everyone else, huh? Do you know what trolling can do to people? Maharaharharabababa almost ****ing jumped off my 2nd story floor yesterday after I brought up to him what Trela said, and you just had to make it even more public by posting it on AiB. You're such a little ****er, all you do is run both irl and in the game. You think you're some god forsaking mother ****ing best toon link when my little brother's toon link has done better things than yours. Better then Jash, Jerm, Ensis, and King TOOOOOOOOOON? ***** YOU AIN'T EVEN BETTER THAN PSP. SUCK MY ****. I've always been really nice to you, after you lose to Metaknights in tournament I always message you on aim so we can fix things for you to become better. I take time out of my day because I want to see you improve, but you say you are going to go Metaknight and then you do this? I'm just going to stop here and you are the absolute biggest douche I've ever met and a terrible person. I have 0 respect for you now and don't even consider talking to me at HOBO or ever. And yes, I will money match you, just so I can see your little wimpy *** ***** face cry.
Not open for further replies.
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