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DBR presents: Evolution *LINKS ON THE FIRST PAGE*


Smash Ace
Dec 7, 2003
Concord CA
ok, and now for the explaination on why we missed the deadline. ( keep im mind that me and germ have had minimal sleep since friday april 28th, untill now may 2nd. id say ive had 7 hours of sleep tops. from us working on it non stop throughout the night) me and germ have came to the conclusion that the powers of the world and the gods above us have been against us throughout this ordeal.

friday night, compilation of all character intros, credits and intro are close to being finished. saturday afternoon, work goes on to finish the last pieces of the video to start to render.

complications start to appear.

quality of character intro's are shaky and pixelated, and need to be redone.
last minute changes to music is done.

saturday night the video is done and rendered out in 10 different segments. intro, each character intro/combo vid, and credits. begin the render. little did we know taht the render took 6 hours to go through it all. and in the end, the file size was humongous, and the quality was looking bad. time to rerender.

sunday morning another rendering begins on the large scale video. about 10 minutes into the render, we receive an error of memory loss or something like that.. so we try again with another codec.

sunday morning 8am+ .. we use an xvid codec to render the file. the output file is about 1.4gigs. so thats a no go. and plus, the sound was completley off for some stupid reason. and the video quality was blurry.

sunday afternoon ( deadline has passed.) we try again with a normal windows media codec, and quickly realize that the file size would exceed 6 gigs. so we scrapped that. on to the divx codec.

sunday night.. completion of the divx codec render is finished.. output file is 846mb. which isnt to bad for an uncompressed file. so.. now on to the compression.. or is it. we realize that the video clips of each person in the video is off. like kung fu style dubbed. and the credits have been rendered to wide and are cut off the edges.

we decide to compress it anyways and edit it after we compress it.

monday afternoon: im not sure what program we used but it was at trebors house. we had difficulty in bringing it over there cause my usb drive is only 1gb ( but really it only holds 777mb.) and a 256 mb usb drive. the file was too large for both of them. so after about an hour of trying to figure out how to take it over there ( i dont have a dvd burner) i remember a handy little program to split up files and to rejoin them whenever and where ever you want. so we split it up, and take it over.

compression commences. 3% goes by, and we get hungry ( 3am'ish, still no sleep.) so we go to jack n the box fast food place, and get some food. so on the way out of the drive thru, my large coke spills everywhere in my car, and i decide that god hates me, and is taking out his anger out of me. so we come back, and its at 9% so we decide to go home and get some sleep. i went to sleep at 6 woke up at 11. we go back to trebors house and see that its only at 50 something %. with an estimated time of 5 hours remaining. so we kill some time, and time flys, and when its done. the file size is even bigger than we had the original file at. what the ****. so..

time to msg bach.

it went a little something like this.

me: bach help with codecs
bach: use WME or Adobe Media Encoder but thats a special addon in premire pro
me: i love you bach

so tuesday morning we compress the 846mb file down to 112mb in WME and we are happy. but we still have to quickly edit and cut and paste the audio in premiere pro again and rerender the credits and then for one last time rerender the whole thing again for the final product.

so.. i guess the gods were once again angry at us for some reason.

every time i tried to import the 112mb compressed file into premiere pro, the audio track would cut ouf about a 4th of the way through the track.

i tried restarting the program 3094820348 times, restarted my computer 2938402348 times, nothing worked. it played fine in windows media player. but it just wouldnt load. so we had to extract the sound layer off the 112mb file and then import it on a separate layer. so that took about 4 hours to figure out, and then i was off on editing the sound. i rushed through it so fast, that i was perfect. i had no time to preview it before the big render, but i trusted in it.. after that was said and done..

on to the LAST render. tuesday afternoon. i use the xvid codec to render it for speed and quality, and it took about 2 hours to render. we were all ready to watch it and about to jump up and down, but me and germ have realized that its pointless to get anxious about it, cause theres always something wrong with it.
and there was no exception in this case either. it rendered the WHOLE video without sound, or video. it was just a green screen, for 46 minutes.

at this point i just wanted to blow something up. ( looks at computer)

so we try again. this time i use the adobe media encoder, setup the settings, hit save and off it renders.
it had to go through 2 passes, for a total of 3hours and 58minutes of render time. started at 12:48am.

it is now done. 175mb file, sound is perfectly synced up, quality isnt horrible, and is pretty darn good for the circumstances.. and we are all happy. ( especially grezelle and zohreh )

and thats it. that is our long and ******** weekend summed up and short as possible. seriously this has been one weekend i wont forget for a while. the past couple months have been sooooo hectic.

and to those of you who like it, thanks for the support and d/l's. and to those who dont like it? well we dont care about what you think anyways. so a big **** you goes out to those people as well. =)



http://www.infinityfx.net/EVOLUTION.wmv.torrent (not sure if it works 100% i was having difficulty with it. so if you d/l it and you know how to set up a torrent with a tracker and everything please do so and post the link)
Soon to come on myspace : www.myspace.com/dbrsmash
(Vid will be uploaded by tomorrow)


Smash Ace
Sep 20, 2005
Southaven, Mississippi
Li3k OMG first post. >_>

Anyway, coolness.

P.S. Thanks in advance for the hard work. Hopefully it'll be as entertaining as everyone wants it to be. :D


Smash Master
Sep 1, 2005
Chester, IL
Lol, I'm another noob that has an account but doesn't use it. Until now, because DBR is too awesome to resist posting. Thank-you DBR, for making all of these great combo videos; I'll be sure to check Evolution out the moment I get home from school.

EDIT: YES!!! IT'S HERE!!! *downloads*

EDIT: Wow. I would've waited another year to see stuff like this. Thank you DBR!! *cries*


Smash Rookie
Nov 26, 2005
omg i just woke up! Thanks so much for the hard work DBR!! Can't wait :)

EDIT:: 6 PM est it is :D

Simna ibn Sind

Apr 20, 2002
1108 R St. Sacramento, CA 95811
lol[at]the other thread i posted in...how do u like this:

Simna ibn Sind said:
ok here is the info as i see it so far:

After the final rendering a major flaw in the sound was found as well as a resolution flaw and a new render needed to be done. By my watch thias render took about 6 hours. After that render a new flaw appeared in the video render that caused the video to have a weird green color that was not supposed to be there; a new render was started. Hours later to was reported to me that the video was finished and uploaded(circa 4:35AM DBR Standard Time) and that the video will be made available today, Tuesday May 2 2006, at 3PM. The video will be nearly 50 minutes long.
lol germ how do u like that DBR Standard Time thing....lol

#HBC | Mac

Nobody loves me
Dec 5, 2005
they tricked and made the topic now instead of at 3pm i couldnt take 1st post....


Smash Apprentice
Apr 4, 2006
Wooooow, I am very impatient !!! I want to see it already :p 3pm? Here I will be!!!!!! Good job team DBR !!!!!!!


Sun Pokemon
Apr 9, 2005
Dream World
D'oh It will be 2 am here when you post the link... but whatever I'll still be happy when I'll watch it tomorrow... Congrats DBR (especially Germ and Sidefx, I think) for creating a so-waited video that you have stood awake 5 days and 5 nights for to respect the deadline.

P.S. How can anyone call patience something like 1000+ posts in the very first hours of the deadline day with "OMG can't wait" or something like that written on? This is everything but patience.


Smash Champion
May 25, 2005
San Diego, CA
Hey might I suggest that someone makes a torrent file for this, when it comes out? The servers are gonna be packed, so we'd probably be way better off if we got a link to a torrent also.


Smash Rookie
Mar 13, 2006
So this is my first post and hell its good to put it in this thread :p

so anyway I just wanna say (like everybody else here) thnx for making the vid and i hope it will be uploaded soon :D
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