-Darkness Looms- Specter Knight for Smash!


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Sep 3, 2018
Now, I don't think this is very likely, especially since Shovel Knight would come first. But, with time and patience, this Ghoulish Ninja could be joined by his Shovel using opponent.


Spoilers, of course. Specter Knight is a Grim Reaper-Ninja hybrid, and is the eighth knight of the Order of no Quarter. He specializes in undead tactics and swinging around his scythe, which would be his primary weapon. He resides in the Lich Yard. He even has a campaign dedicated to him called Specter of Torment, in which you play as him and recruit the other knights to join the Enchantresses' order, in return for eternal life and keep the promise of protecting your dead partner's son. Afterwords, he transforms into a boss that you battle in both Plague of Shadows and Shovel of Hope.

Specter Knight's moves would revolve around a rush down kind of playstyle. He would also be able to zone opponents with some projectiles and his scythe. He would use the curios you would buy for red skulls. He would be a heavier-than-average-medium weight. His ground speed would be above average as well. His airspeed would be kind of bad, but his aerials would be quick to make up for this, just like in Specter of Torment. I won't go into full detail with his moveset, just his specials. If you want something more in-depth, I highly recommend this incredible video by PK_King544, and I will link his video in the thread. But for his specials, here's what I came up with:

Neutral B: Lock On - Specter Knight creates an orange reticle on a nearby opponent, and slash northwest, northeast, southeast or southwest, depending on where the opponent is at the moment. It would do normal flinching damage, but it could link into itself if the opponent didn't DI out of it. If it hit a shield, Specter Knight would bounce off of it.

Side B: Throwing Sickle - Basically Toon Link's side special, not much else to say.

Up Special: Judgement Rush - Specter Knight would make two loops upward with his scythe, almost like a slower and more powerful version of Meta Knight's up special.

Down B: Spider Scythe - A spinning blade would loop around the stage twice and do small flinching damage and would make the opponents take around 5 percent, but it would trip opponents.

Many animations for his attacks would be one-to-one 3D recreations of his animations in-game. His first victory animation would be him swinging his his scythe back and fourth like his boss victory animation, and his victory theme would also be taken from this. His second would be him, back turned t the camera, looking at a locket, before turning t face the camera while summoning his scythe, like the his entrance animation to the hub world. His third would be a lightning flash on the screen, before he appears, hovering above the ground, with his right hand in a fist above him, and his left hand below his waist holding his scythe. His first taunt would be him hovering above the ground for a while. His second would be him crossing his arms while his scythe dissapears, then reappears afterwards. His final taunt would be his dissapearing and reappearing animation from his boss fight.

Alternate Costumes
Instead of the in-game costumes, I think Specter Knight's alternate costumes would be based off of the cheats found in-game.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope I can get your support.
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