D-throw->F-air->F-smash frame trap


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Oct 13, 2007
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To keep things simple, it's common knowledge that D-throw -> F-air, while not guaranteed on most of the cast, is at least a good 50/50 KO setup on many more characters. More importantly, you can also frame trap people with a fastfall autocancel if they airdodge the F-air.

I was interested to see just how far Doc could potentially take his punish game off this frame trap, which got me labbing this to search for more KO confirms on other cast members. You'll be pleased to know that this frame trap confirm is consistently viable on approximately 17 characters.

Here's the list:
:4dedede:(F-smash is too slow however to work on him, so U-smash, Up-B, and D-smash are your kill options)
:4drmario: (kill range is noticeably narrow, optimal around 80% or so factoring no rage)
:4lucina: (F-air is actually guaranteed, but positionally strict to sweetspot, so frametrap if neccessary)
:4mario:(same as Dr Mario)
:4marth:(Same as Lucina)

Now executing it is not exactly trivial. In the first place, this assumes you followed their DI correctly and frame perfect, something which with practice is not exceptionally difficult. The hard part is you need to fastfall a little bit after the apex of Dr Mario's fullhop for an ideal autocancel. Buffering Smashes in an autocancel then can be tricky. If you don't use C stick Smashes, I recommend using A+B input to avoid accidentally buffering a tilt.

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