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Completed Custom Shines 101


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May 2, 2015

This thread is going to teach you how to replace Shine with any image.
It will not teach you how to simply alter the colour of Shine, as that can be found here and here.
I will provide an already edited file for which you only have to replace the texture.

Steps in Spoilers are optional and only for those who wish to know the entire process from scratch.

Step 0 - Setup

For questions: The Melee Workshop Discord

Step 1 - Download an image

The image should be no larger than 256x256 pixels, so resize if necessary.
Ensure the image is a png, so that any transparency is kept. To resize, use an image editing program or the 4th option only at https://resizeimage.net/, making sure to uncheck “Keep Aspect Ratio,” check "No Fill," then click the “Resize image” button at the bottom of the page.

This shine will be used as an example. The finished product can be obtained here.

This will be done in Blender.

Open blender and delete the default cube (Delete key or right click > delete)
Go to Edit > Preferences in the top left
In Addons, search “image” and enable "Import Images as planes"

In the top left, File > Import > Images as Planes
Select your resized image

Your model should look something like this:

To see the actual texture, turn on rendered view in the top right

On the right size of the screen, make the X, Y, and Z rotations 0 degrees, and the X and Y scale 16.0 (Works for this example, the scaling numbers may require some trial and error for the image you choose. To do this, just return here, change the numbers, and repeat the following steps)

Export the model as a .dae and save it somewhere easily accessible

This will be done with DAT Texture Wizard (DTW).
This file contains shine’s information, and we will import the model into it later.

In DTW, open your vanilla melee ISO.

Click on Ef_Data.dat, select EfFxData.dat, and click Export. Save EfFxData.dat somewhere easily accessible.

Step 2 - Importing the model

This will be done in HSDRaw.

In the top left, File > Open, select the EfFxData.dat you downloaded from ssbmtextures.com.

This replaces step 3.
Press the + next to effFoxDataTable, then do the same for the first folder (Models_0…), and again for RootJoint. Double click Child. A shine should pop up.

In the editor, click File > Import Model from File (not the very top left File)

Select your previously exported .dae model. A menu should pop up in HSDRaw.
Change Flip Faces and Flip UVs to True (double-click, or click the arrow on the right), and change the Palette Format from RGB565 to RGB5A3. Click confirm.

Your image should have replaced the shine in the editor.
Close the Child editor.

Double-click RootJoint so that it opens in the editor.

Select JOBJ_0 on the left of the editor. In Parameters, change the flags to CLASSICAL_SCALING, ROOT_TEXEDGE

Select JOBJ_1 and change the flags to CLASSICAL_SCALING, BILLBOARD, TEXEDGE

In the Objects tab, ensure the MOBJFlags are TEX0, XLU.

Step 3 - Changing the Shine image

Double-click RootJoint so that it opens in the editor.

In the Objects tab, select JOBJ 1 (it's the only one), click Material, and select Edit.

This window will open.

Click the texture, and click replace.

A File Explorer will open, allowing you to navigate to and select any other texture to replace the current one.
Once you do, another window will open. Change the image format to RGB5A3, click Done, and close the MOBJ Editor window.

Next, you can customize the Shine in a few different ways.
In the Objects tab, you can adjust the Alpha (transparency) and brightness of the background.
For Alpha, fully opaque is 1 and invisible is 0.
For Ambient, values closer to black (0, 0, 0) make the texture darker, and values closer to white (255, 255, 255) make the texture brighter.

Save the file. This is the same file from the end of Step 2, now with your custom shine.

Step 4 - Importing EfFxData.dat

This will be done in DAT Texture Wizard.

Open the ISO you want to add the custom shine to, double-click Ef_Data.dat and locate EfFxData.dat.
Select EfFxData.dat and click Import. Select the saved file from Step 3.

Step 5 - Save and Finish

Save the file in DTW. It should say Rebuilding ISO in the top right. Once it’s finished, this window will pop up. Choose either, as you can now close DTW.

Your completed custom ISO will be saved as <name> - Rebuilt, v1.iso, in the same folder as the original ISO.

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Jun 24, 2021
Miami, FL
bro this is awesome. Putting this into my spongebob rn omg

EDIT 1: What is step 2.1 for? like, do you need to do that first, and then once you have your EfFxData.dat set up that way, you can always just do it straight from Step 3 faster and easier? Is that the reason? Also, when I do Step 3, my pineapple shine gets resized really badly in the preview, just shows the top corner of the image instead of the whole thing. Step 2.1 had it sized correctly, then Step 3 messed it up.

EDIT 2: Well, got it working regardless :D I just wanna know if I'm starting from a vanilla EfFxData.dat each time, do I need to do Step 2.1 every time too? Or can I just replace the image quick and easy like in step 3? And skip all the blender etc? Here's what it looks like:

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