Critique one/some of my sets?


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Jun 15, 2013
Ottawa, Canada
Hey guys I've got quite a few vods from placing 5th at my regional Monthly tournament that I also TO'ed for. My tag is HVAC, and I'm arguably one of the better ganons in Ontario/Canada. If you could critique one or some of my sets that would be great.
Vs Mado(Falcon)
Vs SSBMTL Kyle(Peach)
Vs Vierance (Peach)
Vs Lacroix (Puff) (I only went Ganon game 1)
If anyone of you could help me improve in these matchups or give me advice on my habits I would strongly appreciate it.


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Jun 13, 2007
College Park, MD
Watched a bit of the Falcon set. One thing I noticed is that you can cover more options on your edgeguards (see diagram below). Falcon is represented by the yellow circles, and Ganon by the pink circles. When edgeguarding Falcon's high recoveries, your best position to start in is #1 (pink circle), on the side platform. From here, you can jump using your full hop to cover Falcon going for ultra high angles, and then drift back with him if he fades back to the ledge.

Imagine Falcon in example #1 (yellow circle). If it becomes apparent that he will start his up-b from here, you can jump up to position 2-2 (yellow and pink circles). If he fades back, you fast fall and hit him in position 3-3.

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