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Critique my Link please.


Smash Master
Sep 15, 2007
not done with the first match but: I dislike the ganon matchup (note: not hate) because it's so finicky. A few mistakes (i.e. your 3rd stock) will lead to a lot of percent. What I try and do in this match up is two things, the first thing you did at the beginning of your last stock: Get Ganondorf above you. You can use a lot of moves to achieve this (dash attack, throws, dtilt/smash, uptilt, probably falling uair), but uptilts and uairs wreck ganon, and he's big and heavy so you can juggle him very easily.

The second thing you didn't do enough was projectile spam, he doesn't have a lot of options to do away with it. It's slow to do damage so I'd only do it if you have a lot of space.

(You end up doing both of these in the match but I *try* to use them religiously the entire match)

Other than that you look good, personally I'd be trying to up-b spike him more than ftilt but skler suggests otherwise. It's just that I think parts of falcon and ganon come up above the stage...I also love up-b spiking. You stand still a lot, I'm not sure if that's your play style or not but there were some times where you both were standing still and you could have thrown something. I also don't remember seeing a wave dash, not necessary but it's a useful spacing tool.

Also I don't know how much of this you know, so I'm just telling you what I see.

I'll watch the second one and get back to you.

Vs Falco:
first things first, you should be chanting "get above him, and Nair".

That last match was to friendly for me to comment on. I feel like the falco could have pressured you better and screwed around less. Maybe it's just me but I don't think you're in your shield enough which is good cause you're not getting screwed for it, but bad on that falco's part.

Just what I see. GG either way.


Smash Rookie
Jan 12, 2009
Yep, I definitely need to juggle Ganon more and throw more st00f at him. Dashdancing would be a hell of a lot better than standing still, so I'll make sure to do that. The "getting above Falco and nairing" tip is news to me, so I'll give that a spin. Thanks for the tips man. I'll upload some more vids when I get the chance.


Smash Ace
May 4, 2007
Newport News, VA
Ganon is a tough matchup if you cant think on your feet fast enough. That ganon was pretty good (exept i expected some chaingrab) but it's very important that you keep moving. Whether its for spacing, for tech chasing, keep your reaction time up, or to give your opponent a false sense of security by backing off and then coming back. Something along those lines.

Projectile spam is something that gets on ganon's nerves. Keep pushing him. Force him to approach you. Links love this because ganon only has a few ways of approach. And all of them can be countered with uptilt and uair. If he comes over you and tries to dair/fair you, its also good to not stand and try to time the dodge (since you cant punish ganon from a spot dodge) you should come up with a rising upair quicker than his move comes out. Ganon is SLOW! Punish him for it!

But i loved the forward tilt edgeguards, im glad u can upair to dair combo, and i liked how your upb went through his downb!
And that ending upair kill made me rofl though.

Falco..... shielding and using your platforms are key.
When falco laser camps, link needs jump out of shield. When falco lasers, shield them and then get out of the way. Dont walk into them! lol get in a quick bomb pull before he starts tagging you. Bombs are alot stronger than lasers. approach is easy. use platforms and you can either 1. wait for him to approach, or 2. Approach him by coming from above. If you can, try to pull off as many grabs as possible. Sure, they are pretty risky, but falco has harsh punishment whether you miss a tech, miss a dair, or just miss a grab anyways. Grab combos are really strong since falco is a fastfaller. Uptilt, downsmash, and dash attack are good combo starters. Upair juggling is really good too, but thats pretty standard for link in almost every matchup. His upair is just that good. And remember that tech chasing is VERY important in this matchup because thats the only way to make sure you STAY on the offense. If he gets away, you have to go through the whole process of getting past lasers and the risk of getting comboed yourself. Up-B out of shield is beautiful when you catch him off guard, but again, a risky move. A real goal in this matchup is to get him off the edge, because links edgeguarding is amazing vs falcos bad recovery. Nairs off the edge, up-b, forward tilt, forward smash, it's all so strong. It guarantees the stock!
Oh and always try to hookshot sweetspot vs falco. Up-B and regular hookshot recovery is too risky.
Falco's dair goes through everything =/

The Phenom

Smash Lord
Jan 6, 2007
California,(818),Los Angeles
Ooh Hey DOOD =D ! You played very efficiently against Jason. I would like to see some of your instant double Bairs though; Ganondorf is a big target and slower than most other characters as you know so you'll have a better crack at landing some; try them!
CLASS OF 2009!!!


Smash Lord
Dec 20, 2007
Atlanta, Ga
Ganon Match:Some things I noticed...

Try some Utilt protection. Especially when Ganon's jump out of Shield. If you still find yourself getting stomped, try intercepting with either a bair or uair. You have a ton of priority and range below someone, and can be very annoying when used properly.

Full hopped nairs. Good stuff, and I only saw one or two. Of course you don't wanna trade licks with ganon, but if you find him getting to close you can do a FH Nair, and then DJ into another one, Nair him a second time out of it, or even jab/Dsmash maybe.

KEEP MOVING. If you've ever played TF2, try to apply it here, ESPECIALLY AGAINST GANON. Ganon is one of the few characters who is just as slow, if not slower than you.

RECOVER! YOU MUST RECOVER (At 400%!!!!). Seriously though, make sure to use every recovery option. No offense but you were a very easy edgeguard. As Link (especially on DL64) you should be living just as long as Ganon. I wasn't paying attention to your DI, but make sure to DI up when hit with anything (except the dair and fsmash). Aim for the corners. Learn to hook shot. Every single one of those uairs could have been avoided with an Airdodge hookshot. If you find yourself getting Up B'd after the first Uair, jump off the chain quickly. If you find yourself getting DJ'd Uaired after the first one misses, TECH IT FOOL. = D Link's got a great recovery, just learn how to use it.

Don't forget that if you can get behind ganon you can actually put on some decent shield pressure. If your back ends up facing him, some stupid tricks like shffling a Bair outta shield behind him into a jab, or if you think he's gonna try for a jump utilt.

Some killing combos on Ganon
Utilt/late uair>dair (about 60-80/90). While that PROBABLY won't kill him, it'll setup for either edgeguards or juggles

Dthrow>SKRAH (About 80-100) Good stuff. Should be how you normally setup for edgeguards if you get a grab.

Dthrow>Dair (Pretty high percentage. Off the top of my head, I'd guess about 130-150, but I'm not sure) Only if you're desperate, but remember not to go for grabs too much.

Pretty much the only other advice I have is to try to keep out of Ganon's range, throw **** at him, and if he gets to close, get in his face with a nair and back off.


Looked like you did a little better here. Once again there were some critical moments that you just kinda stood there. You recovered better. Learn your options out of shield (INCLUDING ROLLING) and if you get shield pressured try light shielding (or toggling between light shielding and normal shielding).
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