CRESCENDO 2! Results & Shoutouts [3/22/14 Austin, TX]


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Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
Thanks to everyone that attended! Hope everyone had a good time. Unfortunately, one of the GameCube power adapters that belonged to Gamerz Galaxy has gone missing. If you think there's a chance that you might have taken it on accident, PLEASE let me know so we can return the equipment to Gamerz Galaxy. Equipment disappearing like this will make me less willing to run future tournaments :(. I think the people that brought the small setup next to the entrance (TV 8) might have accidentally taken it; anyone know how they might be contacted? They were the only ones that used a GameCube (the rest of the setups were either Wiis or used Gamerz Galaxy's GameCubes).

Anyhow, here are the results. TioPro sucks (read: it's AWFUL) and the bracket got awfully distorted for no reason (unfixable even after painstakingly recreating the bracket, though there were some player swaps to avoid having people that played in winners playing in losers as well as some location seeding things that might have contributed to the glitchiness) so there's your fair warning that some things might look odd in singles.

52 entrants

1: GameGuys | Mojo ($143.00)
2: MT ($65.00)
3: AG | Arc ($32.50)
4: Blind SOS Loves Angela ($19.50)
5: MimicMew
5: Pawl
7: Salsa Shark
7: JF
9: Joseph Marquez Mango Jr
9: King
9: Thoraxe
9: PK-Thunder
13: Skeith
13: WaterlessFishie
13: Tadeo
13: KFries
17: Rich
17: Tobias
17: Frisbie
17: Alex2
17: Sizzle
17: Zhea
17: shd
17: Humbone
25: Chives
25: Funny
25: Brian
25: Viiper
25: Monk
25: Vasquez
25: Surplus
25: Gentle Breeze
33: Migg
33: Thonzi
33: Doctor Pain
33: Klimno
33: Alex
33: Maple
33: TOGY
33: Chazz
33: Loopy
33: MAZ
33: Rylon
33: Miligraham
33: Cherries
33: Jason
33: Pex
49: Akamaru
49: Seventh
49: Slugma
49: Chad

13 teams

1: Jose needs to come out of the closet (SOS & AG | Arc) ($78.00)
2: Dr. Gavario and the Seven Sages (GameGuys | Mojo & Frisbie) ($39.00)
3: Get Jiggy With It (Rich & Tadeo) ($13.00)
4: Pizzle (Sizzle & Pawl)
5: Salsa Soy Sauce (MT & Salsa Shark)
5: Mewaxe (Thoraxe & MimicMew)
7: Magnitude (Monk & Surplus)
7: CLNR & Skeith (CLNR & Skeith)
9: Vasquez Brothers (Vasquez & Chazz)
9: Fleshlight TM (Humbone & KFries)
9: Jordan & Derek (Jordan & Derek)
9: Team Last Minute (JF & WaterlessFishie)
13: Teamathon (Thonzi & shd)

Videos will be uploaded (eventually) to the TexasMelee YouTube Channel. Do subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on Twitter!
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Nov 8, 2009
Austin, TX
damnit texas enter under normal names. who the **** is mimicmew and salsa shark
MimicMew is a Dallas player and that's his regular name. You probably never heard of him because this is like the first time he's ever traveled outside of Dallas afaik lol. Salsa Shark is Jose.

Good games guys. Had fun! When's the next forte?
Good question.

That was so much fun. Can we be expecting a Crescendo 3?
Probably. I'm bummed out about equipment disappearing but we'll probably host another one in April and take bigger precautions regarding the equipment belonging to the venue.


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Feb 5, 2011
texas. yeeha
(and you let thoraxe get 9th lol)
I don't like the cut of your jib, MM me next time you're in Texas. why bother firing trivial shots at me? i don't even remember you, but Louisiana is pretty bad at melee so i'll take your money if you're up to it.

gg's and good venue though, thanks for JoseMT and thank you everybody for being chill and having fun.
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Mar 11, 2013
well, better than last crescendo. plus I think I actually know who I want to main now.
I should get a real tag though