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Work In Progress Cranky Kong's Wisdom: Tech and Knowledge Compendium


Experiment. Innovate. Improve.
Jul 8, 2015
Update list:
1. Dtilt Combos
2. Combo list
3. Banana
4. Recovering
5. Advanced Techniques
6. Movement
7. General Stage Analysis
8. General MU Analysis
9. Neutral
10. And More!

Combo Game:

Combo List:
True Combos
(Note: all of these were done in training mode against a Mario unless specified otherwise.)

Combo, Percentages, Optimal DI

FF Nair:
FF Nair-Uair, 0-94% Away
FF Nair-Fair, 0-88% In
FF Nair-Bair, 0-94% Up
FF Nair-Utilt, 0-20% Up+Away
FF Nair-Ftilt, 0-9% Up
FF Nair-Upsmash, 0-9% Away+Up
FF Nair-Dsmash, 0% Up
FF Nair-Fsmash, 0-5% Up
FF Nair-Rockets, 0-57% Unknown

Uthrow-U Air, 10-28% None
Uthrow-Uair-Bair, ??????? Away
Uthrow-Bair-Uair, ?????? Up+Away
U throw-Nair, 0-25% None
Uthrow-Fair, 0-80% In
Uthrow-Bair, 0-103% Away
Uthrow-Bair-Bair, 23-38% Away
Uthrow-DJ Uair, 0-123% None
Uthrow-DJ Nair, 0-111% None

Dthrow-Uair, 0-38% Away
Dthrow-Bair, 0-62% In+Up
Dthrow-Fair, 0-46% In+Up
Dthrow-DJ Uair, 14-117% None
Dthrow-DJ Bair, 0-120% Unknown
Dthrow-DJ Fair, 25-100% Uknown
Dthrow-Monkey Flip Kick-Uair, 0-28% Damage- 27% In
Dthrow-Monkey Flip Kick-Fair, 0-44% Damage- 31%(And it can KO off the side! tho, it's a suicide, WORTH) In
Dthrow-Monkey Flip Kick, 0-64% Damage- 19% In
Dthrow-Dair- 0-20% In/away

Fthrow-Dash-SH Fair, 0-22% weak hit 17% strong hit 19% Away+down

Dtilt-Dtilt, 43-88% None
Dtilt-Fair, 124-200% Away
Dtilt-RAR Bair, Unknown
Dtilt-Jab, 36-88% None
Dtilt-Grab, 10-50% None
Dtilt-Dsmash, 80-105% Up+Away
Dtilt-Fsmash, 90-106% Away+Down
Dtilt-Usmash, 107-136% Away+Up
(Note: Dtilt links into Dsmash at most percents.
3 Dtilts, 0-15% None
2 Dtilts, 0-40% None
1 Dtilt, 0-105% None

FF Uair:
FF Uair-Uair, Away
FF Uair-Fair, In
FF Uair-Bair In

Dair-Utilt, 40-50% (Strong hit)
Dair-Utilt, 50-90% (Weak hit)
Dair-Uair, 43-81% (Strong hit)
Dair-DJ Uair, 82-94% (Strong hit)
Dair-Uair, 70-128% (Weak hit)
Dair-DJ Uair, 120-160% (Weak hit)
Dair-Usmash, 29-45%
Dair-Fair, 39-80%
Dair-Bair, 38-82%
Dair- Nair, 44-74%
Dair-Uair-Fair, 37-50%
Dair-Uair-Uair, 38-49%

(Note: DI not possible or consequential)
Rockets-Rocket explosion, 24-57%

Banana-Jab, any
Banana- Ftilt, any
Banana-Dtilt, any
Banana-Utilt, any
Banana- Usmash, any
Banana-Fsmash, any
Banana-Dsmash, any
Banana-Rocket-Rocket explosion, 24-57%
Banana-Monkey Flip, any
Banana-Monkey Flip Kick, any
Banana-FF Nair-Combo, any
Banana-FF Nair-Rockets, 0-57%

Aerial Banana:
Banana up toss-Uair, any
Banana up toss-Utilt, any
Banana forward toss-Fair, any
Banana toss down-FF Fair, any
Banana toss down-FF Nair, any
Banana toss down-FF Dair, any

Optimal Grab Combos:

Low Percents
Uthrow-Uair has the possibility of getting two Uairs, and sets the opponent into the range of multiple high reward combos such as Uthrow-Dair and Uthrow-Bair-Bair.

Uthrow-Dair/Bair-Bair works best at the 20%+ range and deals massive amounts of damage. (20/24% respectively) Uthrow-Dair is a read combo, and can set up a follow-up such as FF Nair or a falling Uair, while Uthrow-Bair-Bair does not set-up any follow-ups and resets the neutral.

Dthrow-fair/Bair works at the 10%+ range and is good for getting fast, easy damage. Especially if your opponent is expecting a Uthrow combo.

Dthrow-MFK-Aerial is a good mix-up, but dangerous if whiffed, only use this combo if you have conditioned your opponent to DI away.

Medium Percents (40-80%):
Dthrow-Fair/Bair/Uair are the go to combos at these percents, as it is best to stale Uair as little as possible. Use these combos to tack on a little percent before getting to the kill percents.

High Percents (80-120%):
Uthrow-Uair will kill at certain percents if staled properly. Use Uthrow at least twice in order to get the proper KB, and use Uair less then 5 times in order to get the kill. I believe it kills Mario at 130% if done properly.
Dtilt is the pride and joy of Diddy's combo game. It combos into itself, Jab, Grab, Banana, Dsmash, Fsmash, Usmash Bair and Fair. It is fast, with low start, and ending frames. It is also safe on shield.

At low percents, 0-25%, use Dtilt twice, and then end with a dsmash or grab. at a bit higher, 25-75% it is best to do one-two into grab, or one into Dsmash. After this is when the kill combos start. at 100%, it is possible to get Dtilt-RAR Bair and Dtilt-Fsmash. at 120-140 is when Dtilt-Usmash works and kills.

Do not use Dtilt sparingly.​

Nair is a rather unorthodox move. Use it as an unpredictable option, as when overused, it becomes easily read.

It combos into many moves and aerials, the best of which are Rockets, Fair, Bair and the possibility of a kill with Uair.

Nair is a rather good follow-up move after a combo, as it has low landing lag.​

FF Uair:
FF Uair combos into itself, and Fair. It is a great follow-up if someone misses a Uthrow-Dair tech. It is outclassed by Nair, but it is easier, and slightly safer to get.​

Diddy's grab game is one of the best, however, his grab is rather short and somewhat laggy. This is not hampering, as the reward is so great at so small a downside that it is best to go for it at all percents.
Platform Combo Extensions:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJsEiH0hZiI ZeRo vs. Big Mak

Coming soon!

Moveset Kill Percents Compendium:

Note: All moves that kill off the top were done center stage FD. All moves that kill off the side were done at the edge of the stage on FD. All Percents done on Mario, I might expand and get a average of multiple characters later.


With DI:
Without DI:

















Spikes at 36%
On stage:

Peanut Popgun:


Monkey Flip:

Monkey Flip Kick:







Note: I will be doing Kill ranges with these. So the lower number is the first percent the combo will start killing and the second percent will be when the combo won't work anymore. Both will be without DI.

S: Starting Percents of combo with dash
K: Kill percents, Red lightning. Basically, this is the percent they will die at with bad/no DI.

All testing done on FD.

Mario: S: 92% K: 131%
Luigi: S: 100% K: 121%
Peach: S: 97% K: 115%
Bowser: S:120% K: 140%
Yoshi: S: 96% K: 128%
Rosalina and Luma: S: -90% K: 108%
Bowser Junior: S: 100% K: 136%
Wario: S: 93% K: 135%
DK: S: 90% K: 145%
Diddy Kong: S: 95% K: 130%
Mr. Game and Watch: S: -90% K: 107%
Little Mac: S: -90% K: 123%
Link: S: -90% K: 134%
Zelda: S: -90% K: 118%
Shiek: S: -90% K: 113%
Ganondorf: S: 100% K: 140%
Toon Link: S: 91% K: 120%
Samus: S: 92% K: 129%
Zero Suit Samus: S: -90% K: 117%
Pit: S: 95% K: 128%
Palutena: S: 95% K: 120%
Marth: S: -90% K: 126%
Ike: S: 104% K: 139%
Robin: S: 94% K: 125%
Duck Hunt Dog: S: 93% K: 128%
Kirby: S: -90% K: 109%
King Dedede: S: 107% K: 156%
Meta Knight: S: -90% K: 114%
Fox: S: -90% K: 114%
Falco: S: -90% K: 120%
Pikachu: S: -90% K: 117%
Charizard: S: 102% K: 133%
Lucario: S: 105% K: 136%
Jigglypuff: S: -90% K: 98%
Greninja: S: 97% K: 120%
R.O.B.: S: 103% K: 135%
Ness: S: 102% K: 123%
Captain Falcon: S: 105% K: 140%
Villager: S: 95% K: 124%
Olimar: S: -90% K: 113%
Wii Fit Trainer: S: 97% K: 123%
Shulk: S: 105% K: 130%
Dr. Mario: S: 92% K: 131%
Dark Pit: S: 95% K: 128%
Lucina: S: -90% K: 126%
Pac-Man: S: 98% K: 125%
Megaman: S: -90% K: 138%
Sonic: S: 99% K: 125%
Mewtwo: S: -90% K: 111%
Lucas: S: 104% K: 124%
Roy: S: 99% K: 131%
Ryu: S: 106% K: 131%
Cloud: S: 100% K: 133%
Corrin: S: 94% K: 133%
Bayonetta: S: -90% K: 123%

Dtilt-RAR Bair:




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Experiment. Innovate. Improve.
Jul 8, 2015

Diddy's movement relies a lot on quick foxtrots, running and techniques, as well as moves like Monkey Flip and Banana Peel.

Diddy has a fast run speed, sporting the achievement of being the 16th fastest in the game. This, combined with Foxtrotting allows for Diddy to move around fairly quickly and fluidly.


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Experiment. Innovate. Improve.
Jul 8, 2015
Advanced Techniques:

Diddy Kong AT Compilation

Diddy Kong AT's

Peanut Popgun Shield Cancel

How- When charging Standard Special press shield to cancel the move.

Use- Mix-up, fake out and a ways to not get punished for a misinput.

Button Input- :GCB:+ :GCLT:

Peanut Popgun-Shield

Difficulty: Easy


Thanks to @Orocket

Peanut Popgun Reverse/Cancel

How- Jump in the air and B-momentum reverse. This will work as long as Diddy Kong is in the air. Shield during the Peanut Popgun input to cancel it.

How (ZCatch)- Jump in the air and Z-Catch the Banana, immediately after Peanut Popgun B-Reverse and then cancel it by pressing Shield during the Peanut Popgun input.

Use- This can be used to safely catch the banana and as a good mix-up in trajectory and movement.

Button Input-:GCY::GCR: + :GCB::GCRT:(Shield is optional) quickly:GCL:

Button Input (ZCatch)- :GCY::GCR: + :GCZ: + :GCB::GCRT:(Shield is optional) quickly:GCL:

Difficulty: Hard/Medium

Ranking: :4diddy::4diddy::4diddy::4diddy:

Thanks to @Orocket

B-Reverse Slide Cancel

How- Dash forward then B-Reverse the Peanut Popgun. Quickly afterwards, shield. This will make Diddy Kong turn and slide a bit.

Use- Mix-up to bait a punish

Button Input- :GCR: + :GCB: + quickly :GCL: + :GCLT:

Dash-B-Reverse Peanut Popgun-Shield

Difficulty: Hard


Monkey Flip B-Reverse

How- In the air use side b and then after the window in which the kick will come out, quickly b-reverse with the peanut popgun and all the momentum from the side b will shift into the opposite direction.

Use- As ZeRo showed us in GF at EVO, it can be used as an amazing mix- up.

Button Input::GCR::GCB: + :GCB: + quickly after :GCL:
(Note: Both directions of Monkey Flip work.)

Monkey Flip Right/Left-Peanut Popgun-Immediately after Left/Right

Difficulty: Medium


Monkey Flip B-Reverse Cancel

How- Do the same thing as above but while the monkey flip is active hold down shield and then B-Reverse at the usual time, this will cause the peanut gun to come out and then almost immediately cancel the peanut gun without the air dodge.

Use- mix-up without having to commit to a peanut gun, allowing you to act out of the reverse with a Bair or even upB. You can even B-reverse peanut popgun again for the jankiest flight pattern ever!

Button Input::GCR::GCB::GCLT: + :GCB: + quickly after :GCL: + release :GCLT:

Monkey Flip Right/Left-Press Shield during Monkey Flip-Peanut Popgun- Quickly Press Left/Right- Release Shield

Difficulty: Hard
(Note: I find it annoying because B-Reversing while holding Shield can be troublesome.)

Ranking::4dk::4dk::4dk::4dk::4dk: (it's just that good!)

Monkey Flip Banana Reverse

How- Instead of using standard B, use down B and then immediately hit the opposite direction Diddy kong is facing. This will reverse his direction as well as throw out a banana.

Use- mix-up, free banana, enough said.

Button Input::GCR::GCB: + :GCD::GCB: + quickly after :GCL:

Monkey Flip-Down Special-B-reverse

Difficulty: Medium


Monkey Flip Ledge Cancel

How- Use monkey flip a little over a roll away from the ledge and Diddy will slip off the ledge.

Use- This cancels the momentum as well as the lag of monkey flip. Allowing you to slip edge onto the ledge or quickly jump into an attack to ledge-guard. There are many uses for this tech in which I might go into later after I test it some more.

Button Input: :GCR::GCB: + landing close to ledge + slip off

Monkey Flip-Land near Ledge-Slip off

Difficulty: Medium


Rising Rockets

How: While still in Hitstun, Buffer Both Up B and Jump at the same time.

Use: This will give Diddy a good amount of lift, Making it easier to recover and providing a good mix-up.

Button Input: :GCX::GCU::GCB:

Jump + Rockets-Move Upward

Difficulty: Medium/Hard


Thanks to @Rog48439

Monkey Flip Dash(Super Crawl)

How: Jump and Monkey Flip to the right, you have to jump high enough that you do not suffer any Landing Lag. Then when Diddy Kong hits the ground, quickly crouch and crawl backwards/forward. Diddy will crawl much faster then usual.
(Note: This works best when using Monkey Flip to the RIGHT, it works to the left, but isn't as good.)

Use: This AT can be used for spacing, mix-up and to fake out your opponent and then run in for a punish.

Button Input: :GCR::GCB: + Land +:GCD::GCDL:

Monkey Flip(Right)-Crouch-Crawl(Left)

Difficulty: Easy


Thanks to @NintendoLabz

Wave Peanut Popgun/Banana

How: Dash, and while dashing, B-reverse either a PP or Banana. This will cause Diddy to turn around and slide a bit before throwing out the item.

Use: Mix-up and quick movement/turn.

Button Input: :GCR: + :GCB::GCL: or :GCR: + :GCD::GCB: + :GCD::GCDL::GCL:

Dash-B-reverse-Peanut Popgun/Banana

Difficulty: Medium


Instant Popgun Cancel (IPC)

How: This buffers the move so that the popgun starts, but then is canceled, and you buffer an input before the popgun is cancelled so that it cancels shield.

Use: DTILT. Running Dtilt, think about that. Also, running Fsmash and Dsmash.

Button Input 1::GCB:+ :GCCD: immediately after:GCLT:

Button Input 2: :GCB: + :GCN:any attack:GCA: immediately after :GCLT:

Button Input 3: (Change R to special) :GCRT: + :GCCN: (any direction) immediately after :GCLT: (easiest)

Special- Attack- Shield

Difficulty: Hard


General AT's


How- After pressing B immediately hit the opposite direction Diddy Kong is facing. This will turn him around and allow you to fire in the opposite direction. Also, if you reverse after you press B your momentum will also reverse if you are in the air. If you reverse before pressing B Diddy will simply turn around without a momentum change.

Use- it has many uses to mix-up your opponent and change direction quickly, as well as give you more control over your movement.

Button input: Diddy facing left, :GCB: immediately after :GCR:
(note, you can press right before B to change direction without the momentum shift)

Peanut Popgun- Reverse Direction

Difficulty: Medium

Ranking: :4diddy::4diddy::4diddy:


How: While jumping to the right/left, flick the joystick left/right and then press neutral with a quick B-reverse-momentum right/left

Use: I have not been able to do this AT yet but it's use would be to fake out an opponent. It is more useful with other characters.

Button Input: Diddy facing right :GCX:+:GCL:(Flick Before)+:GCB:+:GCR:(Flick After)

Jump-Flick Right/Left-Peanut Popgun-Flick Left/Right

Difficulty: Hard


Z- Catching

How- when you throw out a banana, jump into the air and press Z when Diddy Kong is basically inside the banana. Diddy will then grab the banana without any lag, like Fair does. If you air dodge while grabbing it your timing is slightly off. For the 3DS substitute Z for Grab.

Use- grabbing the banana fast without any lag, thus making it safer

Button Input::GCD::GCB: + While Banana is still in the air:GCX: + :GCZ:

Down Special-Jump-Z

Difficulty: Easy, however, perfectly getting it every time is hard.



How- While holding a banana, press Z to drop it while in the air.

Use- Dropping it into an aerial or a set-up like peanut popgun ledge-guarding.

Button Input: :GCZ:


Difficulty: Easy


Z-Drop Aerial Catch

How- While in the air, Z-Drop your banana and then quickly use an aerial. The aerial will hit the opponent and catch the Banana.

Use- It allows you to use an aerial without letting go of your banana. (Also used with gyro, peanut and saw.)

Button Input: :GCY: + :GCZ: + :GCA:


Difficulty: Medium


Credit goes to @NintendoLabz

Jump Cancelled Item Toss (JCIT)

How: When holding an item (Banana, Peanut, etc.) dash forward and then press :GCX: and then :GCA:

Use: This tech allows Diddy to throw his banana without having to stop, allowing for quicker banana follow-ups and safer combos.

Button Input: :GCR: + :4miisword: + :GCX:+ :GCA: or:GCCN: (In any direction)
(Note: Diddy should not leave the ground)

Dash-Jump-Item Toss

Difficulty: Easy


Jump Cancelled Up Smash

How: Press jump and then quickly up smash. Diddy will not jump, and instead will do up smash.

Use: Provides extended range on the smash, allowing it to combo easier.

Button Input::GCX: + :GCU::GCA:

Jump-Up Smash

Difficulty: Easy


Slip Edge

How: Dash to the ledge and then shield so that you stop at the ledge, then release shield and tilt the circlepad down towards the ledge like this:GCDR: This also works with a roll, MFK and any ation that gives forward momentum.

Use: Cold steel, ledge trump.

Button Input::GCR: + :GCLT: + :GCDR::GCDL:

1: Dash-Shield-:GCDR:
3: MFK

Difficulty: Medium

Ranking: :4diddy::4diddy::4diddy:

Instant Ledge Snap

How: Run towards the ledge and as soon as you fall off, press down. As soon as you see the spark, press another direction to cancel the Fast Fall and snap on to the ledge.

Use: Ledge trumping

Button Input: :GCR: + :GCD: + :GCDL:

Dash-Fall off ledge- Fast Fall- input other direction

Difficulty: Medium ( Muscle Memory)



How: Dash and cancel the dash with Fsmash. You have to cancel the dash in the first few frames.

Use: Extending Fsmash.

Button Input::GCR: + :GCA:

Pause before inputting the smash

Difficulty: Easy



How: Right before landing, activate a Aerial with timing that falls into the aerials auto-cancel window.

Use: Allows a standard landing lag landing and avoids a tech situation.

Button Input: :GCA::GCN:(any)


Dair: 1-15 Frames

Fair, Bair and Uair: 1-2 frames

Nair: 1-3 frames

Difficulty: Medium


Movement AT's:

Foxtrot is when you run forward, but only for the smallest amount. Or, you input run and the immediately return the stick to neutral. Foxtrot is great for breaking up your movement, turning without lag and approaching with Shield. After a Foxtrot, you can immediately foxtrot in any direction. This can be used for Foxtrot Dancing as it is commonly called.

Foxtrot Dancing is EDD, but slower. The reason for this is that Diddy will experience some of the sliding from a Foxtrot, that EDD cancels out. FD is good for faking out your opponent, quick, tricky movement setting up traps. For example, you foxtrot towards someone to bait out an option, and then Foxtrot back with a Banana Toss to punish their option.

While not the greatest movement option, Foxtrot definitely was it's uses and is a valuable addition to one's arsenal.
Extended Dash Dance:
EDD has pretty much the same uses as Foxtrot Dancing, except it isn't as easy to do, and thus, less consistent. It is faster however, much faster. Watch this set to see it in use.

False vs. Larry Lurr (Pound 6)
False utilizes EDD perfectly, or at the very least to an extent never seen before. Quick movement, fake-outs and retreating/approaching are all good uses for EDD, as long as you can consistently perform it.
Perfect Pivoting:
Perfect Pivoting is the second hardest Advanced Technique in Smash 4. It is done by pressing in one direction, and then the other, letting the stick return to neutral the frame after.

Frame Analysis:
Frame 1: Left
Frame 2: Right
Frame 3: Neutral/Center

Alternate 2:
Frame 1: Left
Frame 6: Right
Frame 7: Neutral/Center

Alternate 3:
Frame 1-5: Left
Frame 2-6: Right
Frame 3-7: Neutral/Center
So, the Left input can be held until 5, but needs to be canceled by Right on Frame 6. If you don't get the Neutral input on Frame 7, Diddy will perform a half dashdance. In a nutshell, the Left input isn't frame perfect, but the Right > Neutral input is.

The longer you hold Left/Right, the farther Diddy will slide. Same for the opposite. A long one is almost as far as a Fox Wavedash, while the short version is almost as small as a Jigglypuff Wavedash. being able to accurately and consistently choose which PP length one wants is almost impractical. The time/reward ratio is off as of right now, but eventually, the metagame will progress enough that PP is almost a standard tech and lengthening/shortening it is common.

Usually, a PP makes you look back at where you came. This, however, is not always the case. By gently sliding the stick forward a bit after hitting Neutral, you can make Diddy change direction. This is useful for C-stick Dtilts and Utilts. At the level of tech-skill in the current Metagame, this isn't utilized often even by the best.​
Perfect Pivoting:
PP's use in general is as a spacing, micro-spacing, defensive, zoning and combo aiding tool. I will cover general PP usage, and then give my thoughts on Diddy specific PP.

Example: Void vs. K9sBruce (MSM)

Characters like Shiek and Fox utilize PP the best. They have long PP slides, as well as good combo tilts that combo into each other. Shiek is even able to combo PP Ftilts into each other, setting up dangerous 30%+ strings. Besides it's combo capabilities, which are very character specific, PP is best utilized by the cast as a whole as a defensive option.

Surprisingly, one of the best defensive options with PP is simply PP > Shield. This allows characters to quickly move back and set up a defensive option, safe and quick. Another option is PP-Tilt as an anti-air or to throw off spacing. When a character jumps towards you, they have set their flight path in motion. If they have a laggier move, then they are really taking a risk. You can very easily step back, force the whiff, and punish. Their only option is to jump away if they haven't started an aerial, and this option can usually be beaten by a PP Utilt.
Diddy's main use for PP is as a stock cap, zoning tool and a defensive option.

Diddy's use for PP as a stock cap is rather simple, but rewarding none-the-less. A PP Utilt is not only fast, but can kill at 150%. This essential ensures that the opponent won't get to an absudly high percent. On the other hand, PP Dtilts extend the range of Dtilt, allowing for easier and more combos, some of which can kill.

PP Dtilt has more use to it then just comboing. A PP Dtilt is a scary move, hard to beat and extremely safe, whether you use it to approach or retreat. A PP can be used into a Dtilt, in the sense that you PP backwards or forwards to throw off the opponents spacing, and then punish, the same can be said for Utilt and Ftilt, as well as Dsmash.

Defensively, PP-Shield is surprisingly good. PP is great for quickly moving Diddy just a bit farther away from a position. It allows for better spacing on ledge-guards, gives a safe retreat option and just lets Diddy cool off for a bit.

Diddy's PP game is very under developed, and as such, this isn't nearly finished or as comprehensive as I want it to be.
Stutter-step isn't really a movement AT, but since it moves Diddy, it sorta counts. Stutter-step is when you input forward or backward for 1 frame, and then immediately input a move, usually Fsmash. This extends the hitbox a bit while only losing 1 frame, a rather good trade. Stutter-step is essential in mkaing key combos like Dtilt > Fsmash work. Although it's use is limited, it is definitely needed.
Instant Ledge Snap:
Instant Ledge Snap is when you run towards the edge, and then input a half-circle motion. If done correctly, Diddy will fall off, Fast Fall, and then cancel the Fast Fall. This makes it seem like Diddy instantly grabbed the ledge. The reason that you have to cancel the Fast Fall is that you cannot grab the ledge while holding down or in the few frames surrounding the Fast Fall. The reason for the Fast Fall is that Diddy falls too far away from the stage otherwise. It is a tricky technique, but worthwhile. Also, some characters just require a back input to perform this technique. Mainly Pikachu.

The reason that this technique is useful is for Ledge-Trumps. From a Ledge-Trump, Diddy just needs to Fall Back > Jump > Bair. This is a quick, guaranteed kill combo that works at any percent. Diddy utilizes Ledge-Trumps better then most characters, and other follow-ups and mix-ups are possible, such as planting a Banana on the ledge as security.

Most Important AT's:

Jump Cancelled Item Toss:

JCIT has been a staple in nearly every Smash game. It extends the slide distance of Usmashes with no downsides, literally a "Why not?" option. By simply pressing Jump and then Usmash in quick succession, you can perform this technique. It is much easier then Stutter-step and has more use as well.

JCIT is a nice addition to Dtilt > Usmash. JCIT causes the moves to not only combo better, but for an extended period as well. It is also useful for catching rolls or reading, as there is practically no downside.
Monkey Flip-B-Reverse:
MFBR is at heart a mix-up option. With it, Diddy can recover easily as there is no way to feasibly react to it. When done overly much in the same fashion, MFBR becomes extremely predictable, however, with options such as Popgun Cancelling, Banana Reverse and no reverse at all, it is very hard to get read.

MFBR is primarily used when recovering high. It gives the opportunity to land safely, while keeping the possible disadvantage state minimal as Diddy will still have a lot of room to recover if again knocked off stage. You can use it to get a Banana out while recovering, this forces the opponent to choose between you and the Banana, a win-win situation for Diddy usually. If they choose you, then they have to catch you, otherwise, you get the stage for free if they go after the banana.
This one is simple, but no less important because of it. Diddy can press Z right next to the Banana to almost laglessly catch it, definitely safer then using airdodge or a Fair. Diddy can use this after first pulling it out and upon landing. A higher level of use is catching it when an opponent throws the Banana at you, you can actually catch it. This always results in an airdodge (CHECK THIS INFO) as the banana now belongs to the opponent, causing a weird mechanic to activate.

Z-Drop Aerial catch:
Shield Drop:
Still working on it.


JC Banana Toss OoS:

Tossing a Banana out of Shield is a great way to punish. Not only do you bypass the shield-drop frames, but you send out a frame 6 attack that combos at the same time. although simple to perform, it is not to be overlooked. This technique is a great way to pressure an opponent and optimize your Banana game.
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FF: Fast Fall
SH: Short Hop
FH: Full Hop
SHAD: Short Hop Air Dodge
FAF: First Actable/Actionable Frame
IASA: Interrupt as soon as
D-Move: Down move/grab
U-Move: Up move/grab
F-Move: Forward move/grab
DA: Dash Attack
AT: Advanced Technique
DJ: Double Jump
DJC: Double Jump Cancel
LC: Ledge-Cancel
MU: Match-Ups
FG: For Glory
T&C: Town and City
BF: Battlefield
FD: Final Destination
DH: Duck Hunt
SV: Smashville
TO: Tournament Organizer
GOAT: ZeRo and Mango
FC: Full-Charged
KB: Knock Back
ATM: At This Moment
ASAP: As Soon As Possible
OP: OverPowered or Original Post
IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
PP: Perfect Pivoting
DD: Dash Dancing
OoS: Out of Shield
B&B: Bread and Butter
Training Regimen:
5 IPC Dtilts
5 IPC Dsmash/Fsmash
5 Perfect Pivots
10 Monkey Flip-B-Reverse Popgun Cancel
10 Monkey Flip-B-Reverse Banana
10 Banana Out of Shield
10 JCIT Banana-Dtilt
10 Instant Ledge Grabs
10 Stutterstep Fsmashes
10 Dtilt-Usmash
10 Dtilt-Dsmash
10 Dtilt-Fsmash
10 Uthrow-Dair
10 Uthrow-Bair-Bair
10 Dthrow-Bair/Fair
10 The New-Haa combo
20 Foxtrots
20 Z-Catches
30 sec. of Extended Dash Dancing

Players to look out for:
ZeRo (SoCal)
MVD (South Florida)
Angel Cortez (Tri-State)
Jtails (Tri-State?)
Dyr (Central Florida)
JJRockets (Chicago?)
Zinoto (Michigan)
These are all the one's I could remember, sorry if I forgot you.



Note: Shield Advantage is assuming the opponent Jumps or Grabs on the first possible frame. Otherwise, dropping shield has 7 frames of lag. Thus, to find out how safe a move is on Shield Drop, subtract 7 from Shield Advantage.


Jab 1:

Hit Frame: 3
FAF: 34
Shieldstun: 2
Shield Advantage: -28
Shield Drop: -21

Notes: Follow-up with another Jab. Not safe at all otherwise.

Jab 2:

Hit Frame: 5
FAF: 37
Shieldstun: 2
Shield Advantage: -29
Shield Drop: -22

Notes: Still not safe. Extremely unsafe unless you do the whole move.

Jab Finisher:

Hit Frame: 5
FAF: 39
Shieldstun: 3
Shield Advantage: -30
Shield Drop: -15

Notes: Better then the previous as it pushes the opponent away, but still unsafe on Shield.

Dash Attack:

Hit Frame: 9, 18, 24
FAF: 46
Shieldstun: 3
Shield Advantage: -8
Shield Drop: -11

Notes: Rather safe on Shield Drop. However, DA is easily shield grabbed.


Hit Frame: 10
FAF: 37
Shieldstun: 7
Shield Advantage: -19
Shield Drop: -12

Notes: Seems really bad, but keep in mind that Ftilt really pushes the opponent back, making it rather safe except from dash grabs.


Hit Frame: 6-11
FAF: 33
Shieldstun: 5
Shield Advantage: -21, -16 (Depends on the side, as the hitbox is out for 5 Frames)
Shield Drop: -14, -9

Notes: Relatively safe. Not amazing, but pretty good.


Hit Frame: 4
FAF: 19
Shieldstun: 5
Shield Advantage: -9
Shield Drop: -2

Notes: Extremely safe. Practically un-punishable unless caught by a read.


Hit Frame: 24
FAF: 51
Shieldstun: 8
Shield Advantage: -18
Shield Drop: -13

Notes: Unsafe, but it does push the opponent away.


Hit Frame: 23
FAF: 54
Shieldstun: 5
Shield Advantage: -25
Shield Drop: -31

Notes: Unsafe. Punishable by even a smash attack. Don't throw it out willy-nilly.


Hit Frame: 6, 16
FAF: 53
Shieldstun: 8, 7
Shield Advantage: -38, -29
Shield Drop: -30, -19

Notes: It sends them away, but isn't that safe on block.


Notes: Aerials assume you land immediately after hitting the opponent.


Landing Lag: 13
Shieldstun: 5
Shield Advantage: -7
Shield Drop: -1

Notes: Safe, but can be shield grabbed it you land on the wrong side.


Landing Lag: 26
Shieldstun: 7, 6, ??
Shield Advantage: -18, -19, ??
Shield Drop: -12/-13



Landing Lag: 12
Shieldstun: 7
Shield Advantage: -4
Shield Drop: +2

Notes: This is kinda nuts...


Landing Lag: 21
Shieldstun: 5
Shield Advantage: -15
Shield Drop: -9

Notes: Unsafe and not practical.


Landing Lag:
Shieldstun: 9, 7
Shield Advantage: -18, -20
Shield Drop: -12

Notes: Not safe.


Peanut Popgun (Uncharged):
Hit Frame:
Shieldstun: -20
Shield Advantage:

Peanut Popgun (Charged):
Hit Frame:
Shieldstun: -83
Shield Advantage:

Monkey Flip Kick:
Hit Frame:
Shieldstun: -11
Shield Advantage:

Hit Frame:
Shield Advantage:
Toss: +/- 0
Forward: +6
Down: -12
Up: +10​
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Bananagins: Everything Banana

Banana is the reason Diddy is still top tier. Banana combos into everything and is safe even when shielded. JCIT Banana-Dtilt is a great combo that leads into kills and is completely safe on shield as long as you only hit with the Dtilt once. Banana toss down is great for comboing into Nair and other aerials.
Damaging Combos:

Kill Combos:
B-Dtilt-RAR Bair


Strategy 1:
A Banana on the ground is a double-edged sword. It grants Diddy immediate stage control, but it gives easy access to the Banana if the opponent has good item control. It can be used in Diddy's favor however, as if you can predict the opponent going for the Banana, it is an easy punish. Before using this tactic, make sure your item control is as good or better then the opponents.​

Strategy 2:
A Banana in Diddy's hand is scary. It forces your opponent to be careful and more defensive then they would usually be. Use the Banana to gauge what your opponent is going to do, and then punish their option. While holding the banana, Diddy can still use his aerials and specials, although aerials need Z-drop-Aerial catch to pull off.​


Strategy 1:
A banana at he ledge removes standard get-up. If you stand a little over a rolls distance away, you can cover waiting and fall back with Peanut Popgun. Because of Diddy's position, he can also cover Jump with a fair and roll with smashes.
Strategy 2:
A banana when tossed down or Z-dropped can mess with characters recoveries. Allowing for a possible gimp or follow-up. Depending on position, Down thrown Banana can even true into Dair.
Strategy 3:
You can toss the banana against the side of the stage, and it will fall slowly. Use this awkward trajectory and speed to hit the opponent out of their vertical recovery and punish their hitstun.​

Banana pops up upon shielded sometimes.

Update Log:

0.0 Skeleton added
0.1 Combos and AT's section updated.
0.2 Large general update, Bananagins added.
0.3 Added kill percents and a general update.
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You should put a changelog.
Im looking forward to see that guide completed.


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There really aren't a lot of people using them yet but you should make a section for footstool combos. Dthrow > footstool > dair leads into a few things. My personal favorite followup is nair and then either an aerial or another footstool. If you land a second footstool you can fastfall and jab lock with forward tilt, but the timing is very difficult. You can also do barrels into barrel explosion after the initial dair. Additionally you can replace the dair with a falling sourspot fair to perform the same function while being a bit easier to land. Again not sure how practical these are yet since the only person I've seen use them is Zinoto but I still think they deserve mention.

Also should probably add dthrow dair and fthrow fair to the combos section for low percents.
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Jul 8, 2015
There really aren't a lot of people using them yet but you should make a section for footstool combos. Dthrow > footstool > dair leads into a few things. My personal favorite followup is nair and then either an aerial or another footstool. If you land a second footstool you can fastfall and jab lock with forward tilt, but the timing is very difficult. You can also do barrels into barrel explosion after the initial dair. Additionally you can replace the dair with a falling sourspot fair to perform the same function while being a bit easier to land. Again not sure how practical these are yet since the only person I've seen use them is Zinoto but I still think they deserve mention.

Also should probably add dthrow dair and fthrow fair to the combos section for low percents.
Yes, also, I should add Fthrow-Usmash.

I need to do some testing on these lock combos first, as they are finicky and can be extremely dependent on certain variables. Also, Sourspot Dair locks at low percents. Ftilt might even extend the lock.


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Jul 8, 2015
Finished some kill percents for Dtilt-Usmash. I don't have DI yet, and will probably only do those percents for the top 15.

@Pazx Is Fthrow-Usmash true meter wise? Also, anything else I should add in the combo section?
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