CPUs are oblivious to charged attacks


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Jul 8, 2019
Has anyone else noticed this? CPUs basically don't realize that you have a charged attack, and will happily walk right into it. This is very exploitable...

I made a video with Samus where I tried to exploit this as much as possible - it gets pretty ridiculous. Sometimes the CPU will dodge or shield the projectile, but I think that its Level 9 AI sees the projectile in midflight and responds to it rather than predicting the attack.

In Smash 3DS, I got so good at exploiting this with Kirby's side-B that I stopped playing CPUs with him - it just felt cheap!

The best examples are at 1:50 and 2:55



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Dec 14, 2018
They also don't respect Super Armor. Makes Flare Blitz, Warlock Punch, and Straight Lunge super great at clearing out most Spirit Battles.

Uncle Ganondorf says "Come here, run right into my fist. HAAAaaaa......AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!"

They're psychic when dodging smash attacks though. I remember early on in the game trying to hit one squirrely little ******. I was right on top of him with Chrom and he was just jumping up and around and behind me dodging like 8 different Smash attacks in a row. I got SOOOOO tilted.
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