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Could i get critiques on my Lucas?


Smash Cadet
Nov 6, 2013
Lilburn, Georgia
  • It seems like whenever you use your psi-magnet you always go for a b-air.
  • Try to start djcing often (it helps the combo game a lot)
  • It also seems like you go for the same combos try mixing it up.
  • Work on your grab game, you don't really grab much at all.
http://smashboards.com/threads/lucas-tech.353565/ <------- lucas tech you need to know

Your lucas is pretty good just work on those points I made.

Oh yeah, I also noticed you go for style over getting the job done.
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Feb 10, 2013
yes remember Lucas can destroy most oopponents with his incredibly fast DJC F-Air combos they offer great low percent spacing options and combos even against Ike. Not onyl that remember that an Air-Teather from lucas Makes your opponent ounce the higher the percent the better but the difference is very little however if you do it at the proper angle it can lead to an immediate JC-grab opportunity for a good majority of characters, most of which are the top tiers(however the angle has to be perfect of you could lose your timing. The Stun off of his N-Air is gret and he has very workable Landlag off of it when he L-cancels properly at low percents this can lead to good Grab opportunities as well. You also seemed to be realy fond of His B-Air as well it is good in its own rights but its start up is obviously its flaw it has decent power but its not the best comboing/kill move it could be. and since the Psycho Boys U-B is sometimes easy to punish and predict try to atempt some D-B Pivot Stall teatheer recoveries. Be warned though when you o you can some times put your self it tough situations due to their ledge hoping mechanics. Also Lucas has a great Pivot Side-B as is a good idea to use for spacing

EDIT: after seeing the second video i was glad most issues i noticed were resolved alot more keep going!
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