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Feb 6, 2018
Shadow Moses
Yes we already have 'some' skins and different costumes in Smash Ultimate outside generic color swaps, but I want something abit more. What do you guys think about a Smash Ultimate loot box or currency system that allows you to unlock some event exclusive skins and such? (Example: Summer loot boxes may contain a beach boy Marth skin, halloween loot boxes may contain a Mr.L Luigi skin and a Vampire Peach Skin)

The current Smash 4 currency system is hot garbage only used for online gambling, it serves no purpose other than just being there, if we had a loot box system where we can use those coins we earn in matches to buy a loot box and maybe get some cool costumes it'd be really sick.

I know someone will point out that lootboxes were made by satan and Nintendo is too innocent to incorporate such evil but thats ONLY if the company managing the system is bad, Nintendo already featured a currency to purchase lootboxes system in Fire Emblem Heroes which I'd argue is very fair, you had enough time per event and enough missions and daily login bonuses to save up enough orbs but at the same time they made money off of that microtransaction system since alot of players out there NEEDED TO GET the event exclusive heroes.

I don't know about you but I really want Roy our Beach Boy to be a skin so I'm all for this.


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Aug 21, 2014
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>different cotumes
That's great! I hope so!


There is no excuse to have random drops or limited releases in any game ever. I love DLC and I will defend most horrible practices that companies do since I like extra content. However, if you can't be guaranteed a way to get it, it's complete trash. I don't want to go on vacation only to come back and find I missed out on a skin I really wanted that will never show up again. I don't want to have to spend literally all of my currency (even in-game) on a slot machine and watch as I keep getting shut out of something I really want. There is no cosmetic thing that can't be sold as DLC itself so you can ensure you get what you want.

I'd accept a lootbox system if there were also a real money for costume store, so you could either use the in-game currency and the lootboxes to keep roling for something, or you could just say "screw it" and buy the thing otherwise. But it something is only a random drop, that's an absolutely terrible practice. I can't stand Injustice 2 since that's how all of the costumes work, and I have almost none of the costumes I wanted.


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Jun 14, 2008
I agree with CaptainAmerica about the random stuff. I know Sm4sh does this with Mii costumes and custom abilities for characters, but at least you're still able to get them, regardless of what season it is.


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Sep 5, 2014
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I do want alts especially for K.Rool. I want Baron K. Roolenstein alt., Kaptain alt., and King Krusha alt. Hell I'd even take an alt of his Pharaoh look from Mario Super Sluggers.

I also wouldn't mind an alt. for Wolf based on his Starlink design.

You could go CRAZY with characters like Inkling and Villager where both of their games are about customization. Hell even with Mario & Link now with both Odyssey and BOTW setting the standard.

Meowzer, Dry, and Wedding alt's for Bowser.

Yarn Yoshi alt for Yoshi

Wedding and Cat alt's for Peach

Detective for Pikachu

Mr. L, Dr. Luigi, Tennis outfit, Balloon World costumes for Luigi.

^ Those are just the ones off the top of my head. I wouldn't want Lootboxes though. I'd rather just have cheap character costume DLC packs IF we have to buy them because honestly I would prefer to just unlock these. Maybe like $1.99-$2.99 a pack for each character that has multiple. $0.99 for characters who only have like 1 alt. costume.
Aug 31, 2018
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Bowser: Bowletta, Dry Bowser, Meowser, Rookie, Wedding Tuxedo
King K. Rool: Baron K. Roolenstein, Kaptain K. Rool, King Krusha K. Rool, Modern design


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Sep 29, 2014
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After seeing the crafted Yoshi render, I wouldn't be surprised if they added a number of cosmetic skins like that.

It makes sense with a roster this large, we'll be scraping at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to newcomers. Alt skins seem like the next step after that.

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Some things that argue against Sakurai planning this are:

1. Little Mac's costumes were reduced from 16 to 8, keeping only 2 of the wireframes.
2. Mario had two new unique costumes added, but lost two alternate colors (and ones I liked).

So it seems more than the last game even, Sakurai is 100% committing to ONLY 8 costumes per character. I think it's stupid, but why impose this so strictly and then allow some characters to have more than 8? That doesn't make sense to me.

That being said, I REALLY want more costumes for characters and I would pay for them. I really hate that we should lose any, even if it's Fire Mario or whatnot.


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Jun 7, 2016
Some things that argue against Sakurai planning this are:

1. Little Mac's costumes were reduced from 16 to 8, keeping only 2 of the wireframes.
2. Mario had two new unique costumes added, but lost two alternate colors (and ones I liked).

So it seems more than the last game even, Sakurai is 100% committing to ONLY 8 costumes per character. I think it's stupid, but why impose this so strictly and then allow some characters to have more than 8? That doesn't make sense to me.

That being said, I REALLY want more costumes for characters and I would pay for them. I really hate that we should lose any, even if it's Fire Mario or whatnot.
Meta Ridley wasn't in the same demo.

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Meta Ridley wasn't in the same demo.
Oh, good point. Hmm. What happened with Mario's costumes still confuses me though. Why couldn't they have just added the Builder and Wedding outfits in addition to his other skins, considering they look so different? Ike as well seems to only have 4 of each version. What is Sakurai playing at?


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Dec 21, 2007
So it seems more than the last game even, Sakurai is 100% committing to ONLY 8 costumes per character. I think it's stupid, but why impose this so strictly and then allow some characters to have more than 8? That doesn't make sense to me.
Cutting SSE because the internet exists, the guy doesn't always do things that make sense. He is very specific and stubborn about a ton of things that will most likely not change.

I can't believe they cut Fire Mario out of all the choices to get replaced. Glad I still have my black and white tho.
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Apr 7, 2019
i have been using smahsboards for about 5 years. i have only just now created an account for the sole purpose of telling you this is a horrible idea.
Aug 11, 2017
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That fact that fire Mario outfit was taken out is crazy. It is one of his most Iconic, and was the outfit on the cover of the first Mario Bros.

That being said, Loot boxes are a terrible idea. Do not like them. Although I am all for adding new outfits. Would love to get more of the classic style for Link, and maybe...just maybe, him dressing as a Gerudo :p

Though the likeliness of it happening is very slim... :(

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I don't like the arbitrary rule of only 8 costumes per character. Sure, some characters who had less than 8 got new ones, but why cut any? RIP Fire Mario and Black Yoshi in particular. I think Sakurai thinks we care as much as he does that everything must be so uniform across all the characters (although in Smash 4 Little Mac had 16 costumes so he even broke his rule at that time)--but I don't think we do. I think everyone would even pay for extra costumes.


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Feb 24, 2019
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I'm very underwhelmed with the skins in Smash, and honestly, I always have been. I know there's not THAT much to draw from for all these characters, but some of the coloration references feel so obscure. For sure, Fire Mario should've been taken over... whatever that weird blue and brown Mario is. America Mario is obscure but at least he's got a properly different texture to his clothes and not just recoloration.

I get that different clothing models would take a ton of work and aren't feasible for all these characters (even as much as I loved that Hyrule Warriors pulled it off). But can't we at least get different textures instead of just lazy recolors? If we're not going to get Ganondorf's Wind Waker robes, can we at least get armor that's textured in the style of them? Most of the best skins in the game stand out because they're part of the very small handful that have unique texture traits--like Fierce Deity Link. I'm glad he's in. The recolors though... just, blah.


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Aug 27, 2018
they have showed they can easily do this..inkling only has alt skins/outfits

and for characters like Peach, Mario, Luigi and Daisy..they been in many games and wore different outfits in their tennis outfits or even their soccer outfits, only thing they basicall have to change is Peach's hair into a ponytail but that seems to be the only major change they gotta do...

also Toon link has a few outfits that could easily be a alt skin and does not require that much change to the model..

to be honest.. many people who aren't even paid for it easily create character skins..even for ultimate people create them, you can look them up on some sites and i must say they look pretty cool! so i get the feeling it could easily be done but they just don't want to.
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Oct 24, 2018
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Um, I’m kinda bored so here’s my primal idea of what I’d want if every character got a DLC costume.

Mario: Tennis costume, Tanooki suit, or Wrecking Crew costume.
Donkey Kong: Lots of choices here. You could go for Funky’s clothes, you could go for Punch-Out Wii, you could have him put on his old Donkey Kong Jr. getup, Strikers getup, lots and lots of options. Unfortunately, though, legal rights mean we probably can’t get cartoon DK.
Link: Gerudo Link from BotW.
Samus: Fusion Suit.
Dark Samus: I feel like a lot of the concept arts for her could be neat alts. R just go for gooey phazon true from dark sammy idk.
Yoshi: Pirate Yoshi? Really, I don’t have much of a clue.
Kirby: Classic derpy Kirby face.
Fox: Easy fanservice. Melee Fox.
Pikachu: Cosplay Pikachu was a whole thing so they have plenty of options. Alternatively Raichu perhaps?
Luigi: Pipe Dream, But Gambler Luigi from Mario 64 DS.
Ness: Pajamas are obvious. If you wanna get creative, I think it’d be neat if they went with a retro Earthbound styled costume, with a Super Nintendo Entertainment System logo on a white hat, and a shirt with the sprites of Ness, Jeff, Paula, and Poo, wi5 “This game STINKS!” wiritten on it. But yeah pajamas are the classic so
Captain Falcon: Retro Falcon would be neat. Maybe even Maskless Falcon? ...nah, probably not.
Jigglypuff: Igglybuff idk
Peach: Wedding Peach.
Daisy: I’d say Sports Daisy but I think that might change her physics and hitboxes too much to make sense so I honestly have no idea.
Bowser: Wedding Bowja.
Ice Climbers: Polar bear themed suit like in Project M?
Sheik: Hyrule Warriors/OG OoT based design
Zelda: TP Zelda
Dr. Mario: Not gonna lie. I have absolutely no idea.
Pichu: Pichu Libre. I know that’s never been a thing, but **** you, it sounds adorable.
Falco: His design from the Star Fox Assault concept art.
Marth: Taking another Page from PM, Sigurd.
Lucina: Like Daisy, a wedding dress would probably screw over the physics. Lucina with mask always on is obvious but a tad too simple for presumably paid DLC. So, that leaves us with only one option: Bunny Girl Lucina. You know you want it.
Young Link: Theoretically you could just have Young Link wear any of his masks. Or you could give him Fierce Deity face painting and color? Or tweak his design to be more like Majora’s Mask? Or get him in Tingle’s suit? Or even have him wear Majora’s Mask? Lots of ideas here.
Ganondorf: Demise? TP Ganondorf? I want to say HW but that isn’t repped in the game at all so I’m hesitating.
Mewtwo: Easy, the armor.
Roy: Awakening DLC design.
Chrom: Tokyo Mirage Sessions design, probably my most wanted one on the list.
Game & Watch: Might be a harder sell, but maybe redo Game & Watch’s animations to look like previous games as opposed to how he transforms into other G&W games in Ultimate? ..Yeah I don’t have anything better.
Meta Knight: Morpho Knight.
Pit: Three Sacred Treasures Pit. Or Great Sacred Treasure? Classic Pit maybe?
Dark Pit: I have no idea, so I have to by default go with Raiden’s sombrero disguise from Metal Gear Rising but on Dark Pit.
Zero Suit Samus: Young Samus from Other M.
Wario: Wario Deluxe from Gold.
Snake: Naked Snake.
Ike: For these characters that have two major costumes, I’m gonna cheat and put one for both. For PoR Ike, his Lord costume. For Radiant Dawn, his Vanguard costume.
Pokémon Trainer: Pick your favorite Trainer I suppose. They could go with Sword/Shield if they wanted to promote, or maybe even the Let’s Go trainers. Male and female variants. Pokémon would probs just get new colors tho
Diddy Kong: I feel like a yellow-eyed, shadowy Diddy based on the Brawl Subspace would be neat. But come on, you all know we need Diddy with the shades from DKC2, it’s obvious.
Lucas: Pretty easy Pigmask alt is pretty easy, but I think it would be really cool to see Lucas jacking his brother the Masked Man’s clothing and mask, it’d be neat to see the people who want him in get a bit of a consolation prize in the same way it was to see X be an alt for Zero in MvC3 lol.
Sonic: Boom Sonic? Riders Sonic? Live action Sonic? (oh god no)
King Dedede: The best I can come up with is altering him to make him look more like his Kirby 64 appearance. Masked also comes to mind but that’s his FS sooo
Olimar: Louie is obvious, and has been requested for a long time, but **** that, aight? I’m going costumes here, Alph already is a character switch, and I’m determined to stick to keeping the characters the same. So, what do I have in mind? ..Fo both Olimar and Alph, no clue.
Lucario: Also no clue.
ROB: Ancient Minister would be a fantastic one to see.
Toon Link: A popular one would be his Outset Island garb, but I’d personally rather see him in his Conductor getup.
Wolf: Brawl Wolf would be my pick, though I’d also like a Starlink themed alt.
Villager: New AC Villager I guess.
Mega Man: Protoman, Bass, literally any of the Mega Men in his final smash, there are so many good picks here. Alternatively, you could go with Copy Robot from Mega Man 1 and 3, but it would have to be Archie design to have any difference and idk if they could get the rights
WFT: No clue.
Rosalina: Cosmic Spirit, easy peasy.
Little Mac: The main dude from Super Punch-Out.
Greninja: Ash Greninja, But you can actually see him? Idk?
Palutena: Easy Medusa clothes/color swap.
PAC-MAN: Ms. PAC-MAN Easy. I feel like people have waited two games to see this one materialize.
Robin: Soren? Christmas Robin from Heroes?
Shulk: You could go with Zeke from XC2 maybe? Or Zanza idk?
Bowser Jr.: No clue.
Duck Hunt: B A N J O
Ryu: Evil Ryu costume.
Ken: Street Fighter V costume.
Cloud: KH would be cool, but Dissidia EX would be a tad more realistic.
Corrin: idk??
Bayonetta: Any of the Nintendo costumes from 2.
Inkling: There’s like an infinite pool of possible Inkling alts. So by default I gotta go with the Spongebob Splatfest t shirt for female and Patrick for male
Ridley: Mecha Ridley.
Simon: Redhead Simon. Not Judgement version tho
Richter: Dracula X Chronicles based design.
K. Rool: Kaptain K. Rool.
Isabelle: Clothes swap with Tom Nook?
Incineroar: T O N Y T H E T I G E R
Piranha Plant: Make the Chain Chomp mod real
Joker: Dancing All Night costume. Yes, DLC for a DLC.
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