Costume DLC. Would you like to see it?


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Nov 26, 2018
What do you think about adding new costumes to the game through DLC. I know its very unlikely to happen but it would be very cool if we had more costumes that would actually change the character model instead of just changing colors ( A perfect example would be Wedding Mario or Meta Ridley).
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Nov 26, 2018
Depends. Is it going to replace color alts?
I wouldnt think so. Some of the color alts are pretty good themselves. I think the dev team would just make additional costume slots instead of replacing existing ones. Besides what kind of DLC would replace the original content of a game.


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Dec 16, 2018
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I wish they’d give us a little mac from super punch out alt. I mean we kind of have one but he look’s nothing like the snes one. He need to have no t-shirt, more blonde.


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Dec 17, 2018
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I really want the tinted helmet yellow and black Olimar skin back. It was so good! I'd pay a buck for that.


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Mar 7, 2014
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I'd totally pay for Alph-style costumes for other characters. We could get **** like Proto Man for Mega Man, Though I guess if they wanted to go that far they might as well just do echoes, haha.

Otherwise, I'd love seeing alternate versions of certain characters who have gotten redesigned over the years. Like getting an Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess alt for Link. Or Pit's classic design. Or the original Donkey Kong. Or Naked Snake. Or any of Samus's other suit designs. Or the original 12's N64 models. Or Melee designs for certain characters. The possibilities are endless really. I doubt I'd buy them all, but I'd love to see it.

Also, I'll never pay for a recolor/retexture.
Jun 30, 2018
Absolutely want to see unique costumes added in, even obscure ones. Only condition would be, as others have said, for them to be free or cheap. I'm thinking maybe like 10-15 costumes for $5 or something.

In particular, as a fan of the various Mario RPGs, Mr. L Luigi, Shadow Peach, Shrowser, and Rookie Bowser are some fun ideas. Also, can Pac-Man have a Ms. Pac-Man? Seems a tad obvious to me.

P.S. Sonic really needs some more proper alts, not even costumes. It would be nice to see Shadow, Tails, etc. colorations instead of blue, blue-gray, and blue-black kind of variations.


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Sep 17, 2014
I'd pay for series packs of costumes, but as Nah Nah said, only if they're cheap. I'd say $4-7 is a good range for that kind of DLC.


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Dec 4, 2018
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-Hoodie outfit with the baseball cap underneath facing forward and, chain necklace. High top socks and addidas for ness.
-A special super-hero costume with a cape for C falcon.
-Robe/pimp outfit for Dedede with two dices hanging from his hammer handle with a cane like tip.

Plz. Id buy twice.

Edit: i know they arent traditional outfits.
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May 1, 2018
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YES! YES! Here are some outfits that should be included as DLC!

The Top #10 Alternate Costumes I Want To See In Super Smash Bros Ultimate (As Alternate Costumes And Not Included As Echo Fighters/Clone Characters) (As Future DLC)!

#1. Ness- Either Robot Ness Or Ness Wearing His Pajama's (Both Are From Earthbound/Mother 2)

#2. King K. Rool- Either Him Wearing His Boxing Outfit (From Donkey Kong 64) Or Baron K. Roolenstein (From Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!)

#3. Cloud Strife- Either His Appearance From Kingdom Hearts 1 Or Cloud Wearing A Shinra Guard/Soldier Outfit (From Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

#4. Chrom- Either Great Lord Chrom (From Fire Emblem: Awakening) Or Knight Exalt Chrom (From Fire Emblem Heroes)

#5. Simon Belmont- Either Him Wearing His Red Knight's Armor (From Castlevania II: Simon's Quest) Or His Appearance From Castlevania Chronicles (The 2001 Playstation 1 Video Game)

#6. Isabelle- Either Her Wearing A Yellow Rain jacket and Hat (From Animal Crossing: New Leaf) Or Isabelle Wearing Her Green Kimono (As Seen On Her #215 Amiibo Card)

#7. Sonic The Hedgehog- Either Sonic Wearing Link's Green Tunic (From The Sonic Lost World Zelda Zone DLC Map) Or Classic Sonic (From Sonic Generations)

#8. Captain Falcon- Either His Retro Appearance From The F-Zero SNES Instruction Manual Comic Book Or Captain Falcon Without His Helmet (From F-Zero X)

#9. Bowser- Either Moon Wedding Bowser (From Super Mario Odyssey) Or Dry Bowser (From New Super Mario Bros.)

#10. Dark Samus- Either Her Metroid Prime 2 Concept Art (Spiky Armored Dark Samus) Or 3 Eyed Visible Skull/Skeleton Dark Samus (Her Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Concept Art)


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Jan 18, 2019
I wouldnt mind paying for costume bundles. Imho everyone should have had at least one major costume change. Pacman to mspacmac, twilight ganondorf, weddingday bowser, punchout donkeykong, etc
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Aug 13, 2001
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Sure. IMO, 8 costumes per character each time. Little Mac would love it. I'd love to see more Captains as costumes for Olimar, as full alts. Bowser Jr. is harder to say. There's a lot of options. You could do things like the Mecha Koopa-like design for everyone, or just give each of them 2 full alts. Mario has a ton of costume types missing as is. He could have silver and golden clothing as a reference to Metal Mario and Gold Mario. Fire Mario is somehow gone(though I forget if Ice Mario is there). Maybe add in Flying Mario as well. Tanooki doesn't work due to the item, though. But there's stuff from Super Mario Land as well.


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Aug 24, 2018
I'm intrigued. What are these "weird" ideas? I'd be game for nearly any costumes.
Let's start.
Lucas should have a Jimmy Neutron costume
Female Robin should have a professor McGonagall costume
Male Robin should have a Jace Beleren costume
Mario should have a Chef Boyardee costume
Ridley should have a Nicol Bolas costume


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Feb 19, 2015
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Let's start.
Lucas should have a Jimmy Neutron costume
Female Robin should have a professor McGonagall costume
Male Robin should have a Jace Beleren costume
Mario should have a Chef Boyardee costume
Ridley should have a Nicol Bolas costume
Oh Lord... this is like asking for Goku in Smash.

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Dec 10, 2018
No, we all want N64 Pikachu, Melee Fox (and Falco as a bonus costume), and Brawl Meta Knight as costumes.

Let's start.
Lucas should have a Jimmy Neutron costume
Female Robin should have a professor McGonagall costume
Male Robin should have a Jace Beleren costume
Mario should have a Chef Boyardee costume
Ridley should have a Nicol Bolas costume
As someone who mains Lucas and loved the show Jimmy Neutron, I WISH you were in charge of costumes. also you should add a Robbie Rotten one to Lucas as well, both work good.
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Jan 16, 2019
Not for DLC but maybe even go as far as the near-future where I said numerous times that if the Fighters' Pass for Ultimate is over, we would probably have a Smash Ultimate DX in again the near-future but anyways here some ideas (and ideas I heard across other fans) I have for characters (not all)
:ultmario:: Shirtless Mario, Tennis Aces, Sailor Suit, Bridal Gown, Revenge of Pipe Ooze,
:ultluigi:: Builder (Super Mario Maker 2), Tennis Aces, Parade Luigi, Mr. L, Dirk Drain-Head, NES Open Golf, and Dr. Luigi
:ultpeach:: Nurse Peach, Dr. Peach, Peachette, Sunshine Peach, Wedding Peach, Mario Golf Outfit, and Shadow Queen
:ultdaisy:: Dr. Daisy, Sports Outfit, and Swimsuit Daisy (Mario & Sonic)
:ultbowser:: Wedding Bowser and Dark Bowser (more of an alternate character like Alph or the Koopalings)
:ultdoc:: Scientist Mario
:ultrosalina:: Fire Rosalina, Sports Outfit, Early Concept Art (Galaxy), Guitarist Rosalina, and Swimsuit Rosalina (Mario & Sonic)
:ultpiranha:: Bone Piranha Plant
:ultdk:: DK94 design and Boxing Gloves (Punch-Out!!)
:ultkrool:: Mario Super Sluggers Outfit
:ultlink:: Shirtless Link, Gerudo Veil, Trainee Tunic,
:ultsheik:: HW Sheik and OOT Sheik
:ultzelda:: Maiden Zelda (Link to the Past remake)
:ulttoonlink:: Engineer, Outset Island Cheer Outfit (TriForce Heroes), Lucky Loungewear, Ninja Gi, Sword Master Suit, and the Tri Suit
:ultsamus:: Power Suit, Phazon Suit, Fusion Suit, Dark Suit, Light Suit, PED Suit, and the Varia Suit (Metroid: Samus Returns)
:ultdarksamus:: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Design (with Helmetless Samus)
:ultzss:: Justin Bailey
:ultyoshi:: Pirate Yoshi (Mario Party 2)
:ultkirby:: Classic Kirby
:ultmetaknight:: Classic Meta Knight and Samurai Meta Knight
:ultkingdedede:: Shogun DeDeDe
:ultfox:: Star Fox 64 Fox and Sunglasses Fox
:ultfalco:: Star Fox 64 Falco
:ultmewtwo:: Armored Mewtwo
:ultpokemontrainer:: Classic Red and Pokémon Masters Red
:ultpokemontrainerf:: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Green and Winter Leaf
:ultsquirtle:: Fire-Ring Squad
:ultivysaur:: Build-A-Bear Hat and Scarf
:ultcharizard:: Armored Charizard (Lucario and the Mystery of Mew)
:ultlucario:: Halloween Costume
:ultincineroar:: Masked Royal
:ultness:: Pajamas (obviously)
:ultlucas:: Commander Lucas and Earthbound 64 Lucas
:ultfalcon:: F-Zero Comic Captain Falcon and Bart Lemming (F-Zero: GP Legend)
:ultmarth:: Pantless Marth and Wedding Marth (Heroes)
:ultlucina:: Spring Lucina, Kimono Lucina, and Modern Lucina
:ultroy:: Binding Blade Roy, Awakening Roy, and
Love Abounds Roy
:ultchrom:: Spring Chrom and Astronaut Chrom
:ultike:: Valentines Ike, Brave Ike, Lord Ike, and Vanguard Ike
:ultrobin:: Christmas Robin
:ultrobinf:: Summer Robin
:ultcorrin:: New Year's Corrin, Hoshido Noble, and Dream Prince
:ultcorrinf:: Summer Corrin, Nohr Noble, and Dream Princess
:ultpit:: Classic Pit
:ultpalutena:: Classic Palutena
:ultwario:: Pirate Wario (Game & Wario), Vampire Wario, D.I.Y. Wario, Shirtless Wario (Mario & Sonic), Snapped! Wario, and Thief Wario
:ultshulk:: Heavy Armor Shulk
:ultsnake:: MGS1 Snake, Polygon Snake, Old Snake, and Tuxedo Snake
:ultsimon:: Simon's Quest Armor
:ultrichter:: Symphony of the Night Richter and Dracula X Chronicles Richter
:ultsonic:: Sonic Boom design, Race Outfit (Sonic Adventures 2: Battle) and Sonic Riders Outfit
:ultbayonetta:: Dress (A), Schoolgirl (B), and Umbra Gekka (C)
:ultbayonetta1:: Old Costume, Umbra Komachi (B), and P.E. Uniform (C)
:ultjoker:: Summer School Uniform, Winter Casual, Summer Casual, P5DSN, P4DAN, and the Swimsuit
:ultmegaman:: Rock costume (MegaMan 11) and Formal MegaMan (RockMan Complete Works)
:ultryu:: Battle Outfit, Alpha Ryu, SF1 Ryu
:ultken:: SFV Ken, Alpha Ken, Cowboy Ken (SF4)
:ultpacman:: Super Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures), Pac-Land Hat, and Summer Pac-Man (Merchandising 1990s)
:ultcloud:: Crossdress Cloud, Crisis Core Cloud, and Kingdom Hearts Cloud
:ulthero:: Alef (DQ1), Rek (DQ6) or Nine (DQ9), Female Erdrick (DQ3), and Sophia (DQ4 Heroine)
:ultbanjokazooie:: Project Dream Banjo (With Dragon Kazooie), and the 2nd Project Dream concept art Banjo
:ult_terry:: Female Terry, Mark of the Wolves Jacket, , Cheerleader Terry, Japanese Clothing Terry (Fatal Fury Special 1993 summer postcard), Steampunk Terry, Village Vanguard

and yes this is a mouthful of words but that's just me and also if there are some costume that you're confused about here's some
Revenge of Pipe Ooze
Dirk Drain-Head Luigi
Fire-Ring Squad Squirtle
Build-A-Bear Hat and Scarf
Winter Leaf
Halloween Lucario
Masked Royal Incineroar
Modern Lucina
Astronaut Chrom
Race Outfit Sonic
Formal MegaMan
Summer Pac-Man
Super Pac-Man
Project Dream Banjo
Second Project Dream Banjo design
Japanese Clothing Terry
Village Vanguard Terry
Steampunk Terry
Cheerleader Terry
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Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
Absolutely! Here is my costume wanted list:

:ultkrool:: Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool

:ultzelda:: Skyward Sword, Hyrule Warriors, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Breath of the Wild

:ultganondorf:: Twilight Princess, Hyrule Warriors

:ultbowser:: Dry Bowser, Dark Bowser

:ultmewtwo:: Mecha Mewtwo

:ultlink:: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Hyrule Warriors

:ultkingdedede:: Masked Dedede

:ultbanjokazooie:: Dragon Kazooie

:ultfox:: Assault, Adventures

:ultfalco:: Assault, Adventures

:ultwolf:: Assault, Brawl

:ultdk:: Boxing gloves

Rie Sonomura

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Jul 14, 2014
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Idk if it counts as a costume, it’s more an “effect” but what Hero’s trailer did with the WoL Dark Realm aura on various characters, even those canonically found in the Light Realm? I’d like to be able to use that, and the Light Realm aura (aquamarine) on any character of my choice outside of WoL. Maybe even the full body Phantom Fighter effect when Galeem and Dharkon summon phantom fighters too.